The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 36: The Call of the Spirit!

Chapter 36: The Call of the Spirit!

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Isn't it really?

Ye Xuan thought, too, how much a stock of a sect will be, how much more than a person's body, do not know how many times stronger.

Two hundred pieces of ink Dan may be a price for a person, but for a martial art, it is really not much.

"But what does this avoiding water beads do?" Ye Xuan could not help but ask.

He only needs to be infuriating, then the lake can be automatically avoided, breathing is still free and smooth, what do you do with this water-avoiding bead?

Xiao Yu lowered his voice and said: "The young master of the pool should know that there is a spiritual vein in Baihua Lake, and all the sources of aura of Qinglan Mountain, which is my big promise, are the spiritual veins. It’s hard to estimate, so the first pool owner, in order to cover up, cast a big lake to cover up the spirit, so that I won’t be spy on others.”

"There is this!"

Ye Xuan only knows that there is a spiritual vein in Baihua Lake.

I don't know how big this spirit is.

"So, on weekdays, ordinary disciples are banned from entering Baihua Lake. They have no way to spy on the huge veins under Baihua Lake. Only the masters of the past generation and the most core disciples know this secret and are eligible to enter the flowers. At the bottom of the lake, go to the vast veins to cultivate!"

Xiao Yu said that in the end, he changed his voice into a god.

"And this water-avoiding bead, on the surface, is a key to avoiding the water droplets. In fact, it is the key to open the big circle around the huge veins. I will hand this water-avoiding pearl to the pool owner, that is, let the pool owner hold the water-proof beads. Going to the deepest part of the vast spiritual practice, so that the pool master breaks through the cultivation, there will be many odds!"

Ye Xuan condensed his brow.

In the original Baihuachi, there is still such a secret.

Must be the master of the pool before they can enter this vein.

The seemingly ordinary water-avoiding beads are actually a big battle that opens the veins.

"In this case, I went to the deep veins of the Baihua Lake to practice!" Ye Xuan nodded.


Xiao Yu explained the matter to Ye Xuan. After half a day, Ye Xuan went to the third six peaks of the Qinglan Mountain where Baihua Lake is located. It is also a forbidden place. There is an elder who guards this place, but Ye Xuan is the owner. Naturally, it is logical to enter it.

Baihua Lake is full of majestic aura.

In the Baihua Lake of Nuo Da, it emits a strong mist.

"This is Baihua Lake!"

At this time, on the sixth peak of the Qinglan Mountain in Nuo Da, a young boy jumped out. The boy fluttered his wings and slowly fell in front of Baihua Lake.


Ye Xuan saw the appearance of this hundred flower pool, suddenly a cry and laugh.

"A lot of flowers..."

On the lake, there are many petals that look different.

The entire Baihua Lake was dyed with a layer of color.

This is an ordinary Baihua Lake.

As soon as the petals are sprinkled, it is known that this is the place where women bathe.

At first glance, the beautiful scenery is eye-catching, and the scenery is beautiful. Just looking at the Baihua Lake, people can't help but think of a beautiful woman who is bathed in this Baihua Lake."When you arrive at Baihua Lake, you can clearly feel that the aura of Baihua Lake is different from the outside world!" Ye Xuan took a deep breath, astringent, breathless, and did not know how much stronger than the Baihuachi.

Fortunately, this female monk without a hundred flower ponds in Baihua Lake bathed.

Otherwise it is really troublesome.

Ye Xuan did not undress, took a look, and opened it.

next moment.

I sighed.

The lake was scattered, and Ye Xuan suddenly fell into the Baihua Lake.

Until the depth of ten meters of the lake, you can also see the petals of water.

"How many petals did the female disciples of the Baihuachi sprinkle in the pool..." Ye Xuan secretly thought that as soon as he entered the water, countless petals came to him.

The air is in the air and the lake is automatically dispersed.

Ye Xuan went deep into the 100 meters.

Those petals are still sporadic.

The fish, the lake plant, caught his eye,

"This Baihua Lake is really deep enough!" Ye Xuanyi frowned, has been deep into the 100 meters, Baihua Lake has not seen the head.

Another deep into the 300 meters!

"It’s finally over!"

Ye Xuan’s feet touched the ground, stepping on the calm stones in the lake, step by step toward the front. He didn’t know where the spiritual veins were, but he could rely on the intensity of the aura to distinguish, the more forward, the reiki The more intense it is, this means that the spirit is ahead.

"The aura at the bottom of the lake is so rich!" Ye Xuan took a deep breath.

More than a few times stronger than the lake.

I walked about the effort of a cup of tea.

The aura is more and more awesome.


Feel the existence of a large array.

Ye Xuan stopped.


He looked at his eyes and could only see a dark and incomparable vein like a dragon. He hovered over the bottom of the lake. He couldn’t see the details. He wanted to come because of the big circle around the spirit, which made people even enter the lake. It is also impossible to see how big this spirit is.

"The source of Reiki is the spiritual pulse, and the greater the spiritual pulse, the stronger the aura that is born by this spiritual vein. I only feel that the aura here is extremely majestic. In the deepest part, there is a feeling of faintly unstoppable breakthrough!" Ye Xuan thought.

Take a storage bag.

Avoid water beads.

Infuriating, manipulating, taking photos into the big array.


next moment.

There seems to be an earthquake at the bottom of the lake.

Then, the water at the bottom of the lake opened up a waterway. This waterway just led to the entrance of the spiritual vein. When Ye Xuan looked at it, he recovered the water-avoiding beads and entered it along the waterway.

When the water-avoiding beads were retracted, the big array was rumbling again.

“After entering the big battle, the aura is rich and rich!” Ye Xuan glanced around the veins and found a large-sized fish. He could not help but sigh: “There is plenty of aura, even the size of the fish is bigger than the outside world. A lot of ordinary fish, the waist is thicker than a person!"

As he walked forward, Ye Xuan became closer to the spirit.

So that...

Gradually see this thread.

Ye Xuan was shocked.

"This thread..."

"so big!"

Ye Xuanzhen eyes wide open, he was surprised, there is nothing strange!

"This!"Ye Xuan still has some understanding of the Lingmai, and there are only fifty feet of the pulse, which is ordinary, and the five-footed spirit is the finest.

However, in front of this spiritual pulse, Ye Xuan could not see the head at all.

The minimum is also a thousand feet long!


Ye Xuan is hard to imagine.

Perhaps a thousand feet for a cultivator, you can finish in a short time, but the spirit of a thousand feet, but it is the exact monk!

Always walk the waterway to the head.

Ye Xuan stepped out of the veins.

"The outline of the stone wall is very strange!" Ye Xuan looked around for a week, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com thought about it.


Ye Xuan looked around and walked toward the spiritual path.

About a time of tea.

Ye Xuan finally came to the end.

"There is no way to go forward. This should be the deepest part of the spirit."

"The aura here is stronger than the outside world. I don't know how many times it is used to retreat to the realm of impact. It's best!" Ye Xuan took a deep breath.

He has been away for so long.

Can be judged.

This spiritual pulse has a minimum of two thousand feet.

No wonder, no wonder that the rumor that the rumor has reached the top of the maritime environment, did not dare to sing the matter, moved a large lake to cover up the existence of this spirituality, and used the needle to isolate the aura. In order to help the Baihuachi to avoid the disaster.

Blessed is a good thing.

But Fuda can't digest it, it's not a good thing.

"It’s better to practice the impact of the solid environment here!" Ye Xuan smiled, and immediately sat on the water stone.

Absorb the aura.

Close your eyes.


Impact solidity!

However, it is at this time.

"The strength does not exceed the solid state, and it is eligible to enter the "Three Passes of Yundi Cave". It has been a thousand years, and it is really difficult to wait for some of the five mysterious positions. Children... Come on, don't resist!"

A long, old voice suddenly appeared.


When Xuan Xuan was shocked!

Who is Yundi?

Who is the old voice!

I didn't have time to think. The next moment, his body seemed to be manipulated by a pair of magic hands. The body could not help but be dragged by the force of the pull.

I saw that the stone wall that had already reached the end, suddenly turned into a black vortex.

The body of Ye Xuan is instantly integrated into the vortex and disappears.

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