The Thrilling Sword

By Night Cloud Peak

Chapter 34: 1 Governance!

Chapter 34: 1 Governance!

(Collection! Collection! Collection! It feels good to collect it!)

I have to say that the female repairs of this hundred flower ponds are all masters of delicious food, food, color and fragrance are the most important, and it is obvious that these female monks can apply these ingenious techniques to their own skills. Any one of the meals made is full of color and flavor.

"You - you are when I am a pig?"

Ye Xuan is telling the truth.

He is not obsessed with food, but everyone likes food. Gu Yuanjing is still not able to eat a list of fireworks. It is natural to eat.


so much.

How to eat?

Even pigs don't eat it.

The English dance suddenly changed his face, and he was anxious to talk, but the words were in the mouth, but the eager half sentence could not be said.

Those women are also anxious.

I was afraid that there was something wrong with it, and I was tempted by Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan smiled and said: "Well, I am not so easy to get angry. What are you worried about, let alone you are for me. Come with me in the house!"

After saying this, he turned and entered the house.

"Is the pool owner promised to cure?"

"It seems... it is promised!"

These female disciples behind you look at me and look at you. I look at you and look at each other for a little meeting. They are jumping and jumping out of joy. They are holding a jade bowl and rushing toward Ye Xuan’s yard. past.


"I didn't touch the grass on your scars yesterday?" Ye Xuan asked.

The English dance nodded like a chicken and glutinous rice. "The pool owner, I haven't touched it at all!"

"That's good!"

Ye Xuan took a storage bag.

A large bottle of twenty or so small bottles appeared in his hand. He used the infuriating control to put these bottles filled with different colors of grass liquid on the table.

Xiao Yu saw that Ye Xuan took out so many medicine bottles at once, his eyes were rubbed, and his eyebrows asked: "The pool master, yesterday, you made medicine, did you do one night?"

When Ye Xuan was taking medicine yesterday, she was also around.

Ye Xuan spent two hours before he made five bottles of grass.

Finally she left.

But today, I took out more than twenty bottles at a time, and it was clearly made overnight, otherwise how could it be made so much.

"Okay!" Ye Xuan smiled and did not mention more on this topic.

But the female disciples next to them don’t think so.

They are stupid. When they heard Ye Xuan’s prescription for the night, they also guessed something.

The English dance asked: "Pool... The pool master you have expected that we will come today, so - so the grass that we made for us last night? So much so much? We..."


Ye Xuan nodded uncomfortably.

"Pool master..."

The female monks next to them were silent.

At the same time, there are also some guilt and self-blame.

When I heard that Ye Xuan was the head of the pool, which one of them was not dissatisfied? Why do you want a man to be a pool owner? The rules of Baihuachi for many years are all women's pool masters, and in the Baihuachi, men are forbidden. Why is Ye Xuan the master?

No one is convinced in my heart.

What's more, Ye Xuan's repair is so unremarkable.

but……They are so despised by Ye Xuan, but Ye Xuan still helps them to make grass liquid overnight. Obviously, even if they don't come up with these best foods, Ye Xuan will not leave room for them to help them. They will take out their own delicious dishes. It is the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.

In the heart -

How could it not be guilty?

"Pool master..."

One by one, the woman is biting her lip and it is difficult to open her teeth.

Xiao Yumei stunned and looked at the purple-leaf Ye Xuan, who had a hand-held hand, and had a lot of thoughts in her heart. She felt that she had to re-examine the boy.

The brain is smart, but it is so generous.

Moreover, the spirit of making grass liquid overnight and preferring to lose time in her cultivation is enough to admire her.

This young boy is very ruthless to the enemy, but he is so caring for his own people. She thinks of a sentence that Ye Xuan said on the day.

"The disciples of Baihuachi are dissatisfied, I will let them serve. I may not necessarily be a qualified pool owner, but not necessarily a qualified person!"

This sentence can be said to completely ruin the temperament of Ye Xuan, and today, that sentence appears to the fullest.

I will let them serve!

Strength can only be used by one person.

And as the pool owner, where is it so easy to be convinced?

Moreover, Ye Xuan is not only convincing.

But -


Xiao Yu took a deep breath and she found that this young boy is not only a very bad thing, but also a good thing.

"Pool master..."

Those female practitioners are still in the jealousy.

"Okay!" Ye Xuan shook his head: "Do not talk so much nonsense. One by one, I will apply this grass to your wounds. You will come again on the second day! As for the rest, you don't have to say more. It!"

He knows what these female disciples of Baihuachi want to say, and how they may not know about this, but now it is useless to say that, the more they are in the high position, the more they want to put their hearts on the broader side. Things, he did not do less.

The English dance and the female disciples are all grateful to see Ye Xuan.

"Pool master, I support you!"

"Pool master, I also support you!"

"Pool master, I support you!"

"Well, you are not in a hurry, I am still anxious. I wasted my spare time in the evening. I want to waste it today?" Ye Xuan said with a smile. When he spoke, he opened a straw bottle and said: "You Come first!"


The female monk who was in the spot suddenly got a surprise, and she was first hit in the first place and quickly ran to Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan applied this grass liquid to the scar of this female monk little by little.


Xiao Yu carefully looked at Ye Xuan to help these female monks to smear the scars on his face. His eyes were clear and clear. There was no such thing as a slight sigh. He only felt that his eyes were full of seriousness and care. Just like yesterday, once he entered the state, It seems that I can't stand the trouble.

She has seen the outstanding disciples of the medical family.

Those disciples, all of them are proud and arrogant, and it is difficult to ask for a living god. If you go to the door, it is also a good word. If you say something wrong, you will turn and leave.

And when helping the female monk to heal, there is such a seriousness in that eye.Sometimes I even rub my nose on my face.

And this boy in front of me.

At a young age, he has superb medical skills and a bright brain. Even the phoenix tree is subdued by him. In a few simple days, he will admire the door of the Baihuachi.

She looked at it for a while and learned a lot from Ye Xuan's hands. UU reading only felt that this kind of careful work should not be done by men, and I feel that Ye Xuan is very tired.

Bendao: "Chi master, I will help you!"

Ye Xuan shook his head and said: "No, this can be sloppy. If it deviates slightly, it will lead to a decline in efficacy!"

"Do not worry, I am measured!"


Not to mention, this kind of careful work, women have a natural advantage, Xiao Yu just looked at it for a while, it is easy to get started, although a little oysters, you can seriously concentrate on it, but it can also completely make up this oyster, Help Ye Xuan share a lot.

Time flies, when all the scars of these female monks are smeared, the spiritual herbal liquid produced by Ye Xuan yesterday is almost empty.

Lying on the bed, sweating.

This is not physical work, but it requires too much concentration. The ultimate cost is not physical strength, but brain power. After such a long time, he is also tired, and almost sweat is soaked in clothes.

The female monks have already left.

Xiao Yu also left.

Ye Xuan took a slow breath.

Just when he just wanted to get up.

Xiao Yu entered the house. She held a jade bowl in her hand and carefully placed it on the table. "You just didn't eat the food prepared by the sisters because you are not hungry. Are you always hungry now?" You like to eat porridge, I will do something for you!"

"Wind fruit porridge?"

Ye Xuan was a happy time.

"Do you need me to feed you?" Xiao Yu blinked and smiled.

"No need!"

Ye Xuan didn't want to be so awkward. He just heard the porridge of Fengguo, and suddenly stood up and gorged with a jade bowl.

Xiao Yu looked at Ye Xuan's appearance, and suddenly smiled: "I have never seen a man who looks like you are eating like this!"

"They are them, I am me!"

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