Chapter 174

Chapter 174

Chapter 174


The door was opened,

The door frame hit the wall vigorously.

Screaming, crying,

The people inside did not react at all.

Still squatting on the wall,

The blood of the gathering collapsed.


a strong face,

Hold the boy’s wrist,

Whisper, "Chen and,

what are you doing? ”

Chen is still muttering to himself.

Still the three words, he lowered his head, shredded and smashed down, a drop of blood beads holding his hair, and the next second trembled,

Pulling a blood flower on the ground,

Then there is another drop,

In the middle of the blood flower, the color of blood red was diluted.

It is not blood, it is tears.

The thin lips were tight together, and he took out the scorpion and rubbed the blood on the boy’s face.

The low-dumb voice reveals a convincing power.

Wrapped in gentleness, "Your dad is fine."

Chen’s expression was faded, and his backhand was hard to grasp. “Really?”

Severely nodded, "Well."

Chen was still holding a strong force, and he suppressed the cry. "Is my dad out of the operating room?"

Strictly said that there is no time, "fast."

Chen stared straight away. "You don't lie to me?"

Severely wiped out the blood of his eyebrows, "Do not lie to you."

Chen grabbed a fierce finger and loosened it. The whole person seemed to be alive. He couldn't imagine that Dad was unacceptable because he had an unexpected result. He couldn't face it.

Li Yan took Chen to deal with the wound on his forehead.

Chen was very cooperative, his hand was held tightly, and he was looked at by doctors and nurses. He did not struggle.

After handling the wound, Chen returned to the chair outside the operating room. He leaned against the back of the chair and looked at the void. He said, "Gig me, if I go out, I will look at me a little. Watch me. Dad, when you walk in the community, you can pay attention to it. If you look back and see if anyone follows, this will not happen."

Roughly patted his hand, "Don't blame yourself."

Chen sighed, how could he not blame himself, he was very self-blaming, his heart was uncomfortable, his grievances were useless, he could only blame himself, so that he could feel better.

"My dad told me about Lao Pang that day. I started telling him about the same thing about || sex||love. Every time he was very disgusted, it was very repulsive, even angered me, I turned out to be I didn't notice what I exposed, and it caused my dad's review, and I was not alert."

Chen held his head again. He ate a lot of medicine during this period, which would affect IQ? Let his brain react slowly? No, it’s his own problem. He opened his mouth and smiled and sighed. “Hey, I think I’m no different from a mental retardation.”

Severely frowning, and pinched the juvenile's palm.

Chen grinned again. I thought about several ways to get out of the cabinet. Now it’s good, I don’t have to think about it, so I suddenly went to this step and was caught off guard.

Oh shit.The phone in the pocket made a shock, and Chen saw the caller ID. It was Hu Wei. Eighty percent was the account of tomorrow’s announcement. He pressed the answer button. “My dad fainted and told you to fix it for me.”

Hu Wei just over the shower, poured a glass of wine for himself, prepared to drink and drink after the phone call, adjusted the state to go to sleep, he heard Chen said, his face immediately changed, "How is the situation now? ”

Chen looked at the door of the operating room again. "Not yet."

Hu Wei said, "Is Li Ge?"

Chen said that he was there. He heard Hu’s request and did it. He gave the mobile phone to the man next to him.

Holding the mobile phone with sternness, I don’t know what Hu Wei said to him on the phone. There is no expression change on his face, and the bottom of his eyes is also a wave of disdain.

The sight of the inquiry was taken back from the man, and Chen slammed his hand. He was not sure if Hu Wei mentioned himself and revealed something.

Hang up the phone and give the phone to Chen, and then take a pill from Chen’s pocket.

Chen and Yan, he subconsciously reached out to grab, he did not grab the bottle in the hands of men, the tone is very rushing, "What are you doing? Give me the medicine!"

Put the pill bottle into your jacket pocket. "From tomorrow, I will give you medicine on time. You can't eat it the rest of the time."

Wen Yan, Chen’s face was filled with anxious color. He stood up and robbed. He almost went crazy. “No, why should my medicine be placed there? You will give it to me, you will give it to me. ”

Strictly clamped the boy's hand, and after the cut, the voice was cold, "obedient!"

The man’s swearing made Chen fight a cold war again. He slammed back into the chair and pulled his head and said, “Is Hu Hu told me about taking medicine? I also know that the dose can only be used. Short-term suppression, after a few times will be bad for the body, but I can't control it."

"I really can't control it. It's very strict. When my headache is up, my brain is like a steel needle." Chen pointed at the temple. "From here to the other side, it hurts too much. I want to The steel needle came out, but I couldn't touch it. I also thought about cutting my head..."

Liely put the boy in his arms, his arms were tightened again and again, and he leaned down to the bones. He lowered his eyelids, and there was a distress and panic.

Chen was tightly held, he

Unmoved, the face was buried in the man's chest, and the clothes quickly became wet.

The corridor was quiet, and the tiny whimpers in the throat of the teenager were so clear that they were rolled up by the floating airflow and then floated up and down.

Dissipating the suppressed emotions, Chen sucked his nose, touched the paper towel to the strict, and wiped the tears in his chest. "You take it, I will listen to you later."

Strictly did not move.

Chen took a closer look, only to notice that the man’s hand on his lap was slightly trembling. He licked his mouth and held the person in his arms. Conversely, he felt that it was no big deal. “I told you to cut the head. Open, that's just that I casually said, I won't do that, I am very afraid of pain, and that bloody, the brain tissue is turned out, the brain spray is everywhere, and the death is too ugly.""It's okay, I'm really fine, don't worry."

Strictly still did not move.

Chen sighed, my brother said, you know, I can't see you at all, the head is not hurt, but the heart hurts, when it hurts, he pats the man's back, "My dad is still in the operating room. I also hope that if you don’t expect others, you will point to you, and you will be calm and calm."

Li Yan slammed Chen again and his fists slammed into the wall.

Chen was shocked and nervously hugged the man's arm and hurriedly examined the wound on his hand. Every joint was bleeding.

For a moment, Chen’s anger was on his head. “What are you doing here?”

Slightly and faintly, "Distressed?"

Is not this nonsensical? Chen has been in the past, his eyes are still red.

Strictly raised his eyes and raised his eyes. "Then you know, I saw you broke your head. When you heard that you had a headache and wanted to cut your head, what was it?"

Chen opened his mouth and couldn't say a word.

Strongly reaching out, the middle finger's fingertips pressed the gauze of the young forehead, and the strength was very light, just like his volume. "Chen, don't treat yourself with that indifferent attitude."

Chen pinched his fingers and dared to admit his mistake. "I'm sorry."

Li Yan did not let him go, "The next headache, don't stare at me."

Chen and immediately um, everything promised.

Li Yan did not let him manage the wound in his hand. "Tonight's thing is the meaning of heaven. Even if it is not tonight, it may be tomorrow night, late night, any day in the future, you, me, your dad will Faced with this situation, this is inevitable, not your personal responsibility."

Chen’s messy hair, “know it.”

What fate, everything is arranged, fate is destined, people have their own lives, these truths he understands, except for idiots and children, other people also understand, but can fully see through, really accept, very few, anyway, he can't.

He is a laity, an ordinary force, going to an ordinary school, reading an ordinary profession, a little different, is a long handsome, like a man.

This is not a big crime of innocence. There is no need to make such a big one. Chen silently prayed and grabbed the man's big hand. "My dad didn't come out, we got better, and one by one made a wound."

He pulled the man up. "Let's go, first pack your hand, and we will blow up and come back."

Strictly said, "No banding."

Chen yelled at him and said, "I dare not bandage, I dare to tear the gauze on my forehead."

For the individual, in such a bad way, the threat is severe, the fart benefits are not conceived, and if you are not good, you will see bloody scenes, but when used by a specific person, the effect is turned upside down.

Strictly eat this set, with his intentions.

The two men blew, calmed down, one was no longer anxious, one no longer felt flustered, as long as they were together, what drugs could not match each other's hug, a look.

When it was nearly zero, Chen Weidong was introduced to the operating room, and the doctor took him back from the ghost gate for the second time.Chen stood still in the ward with Li Yan, and did not speak until the doctor opened his mouth and broke the repressed death. He said that although the patient has been out of danger, he still has to take care of it. What symptoms will occur and wait for the patient to wake up. Then set.

After the doctor left, Chen wiped his face again and said to Li Yan, "It’s not early, go back."

Lily told him to go to the hotel with himself.

Chen refused. "I don't go, I have to look at my dad here."

Li Yan said, "There are doctors and nurses, I have asked, your father will not wake up at night, and the fastest tomorrow."

Chen was half-caught out of the ward.

The hotel is not far from the hospital, and did not drive drastically. He and Chen walked past. At this point, the pedestrians on the street were scarce. One or two passers were passed after a while. They were all in a hurry and rushed home to rest.

"I let the butler take the clothes, you go to the hotel to take a bath and sleep, don't touch the water on your head."


Chen put his hand in the pocket of his casual trousers. After a few seconds, he took it out and moved it to the side. He touched the man's hand and held it. "We are now officially out of the cabinet."

Strict, "Well."

Chen spit out a sigh of relief, and he suddenly screamed, "No, what about the blessings and Xiaojin? There is no one at home, they will be afraid."

Strictly asked, "Have they eaten?"

Chen said that he had eaten it. Dinner was about the same time as he was. He was growing up in the body, eating more, pulling more, and being very lively. Xiaojin’s appetite was very small, and his eating was very elegant, like a giant son.

Strictly said that there is no

Things, "This is all a bit, they should all be sleeping."

Chen added, "Okay."

The atmosphere was quiet, only two breathing sounds, footsteps, and the sound of the engine brought out by the car, seemed a bit fuzzy.

Chen has flashed a clip in his mind. If he can't catch it, he will disappear. He is a little embarrassed and his spirit is in disorder. Should he take medicine? By the way, the medicine is in a strict state, and it cannot be eaten casually.

A big hand pressed Chen’s hair, and his thoughts came back, resisting dependence on drugs.

After arriving at the hotel, Chen went to bed with Li Yan, and they slept together. Some of them did not play before going to bed.

The next day, Chen went to the hospital early. Chen Weidong didn't wake up. He was lying in the hospital bed last night, with his eyes closed and his body with multiple tubes.

The doctor took the next person to check the room. After the inspection, he confessed to Chen and waited for the patient to wake up and call the nurse.

Chen is relieved, that is, Dad can wake up.

In the Office of the Dean, several directors were called over to discuss the situation of Chen Weidong. The Dean intervened from time to time to come up with different ideas.

Strictly sitting on the sofa, with long legs stacked, he has already expressed his attitude. He is very gentle from beginning to end, and there is no hardship. No one will go to death, but Chen Weidong can’t be at this time. He doesn’t want the teenager to bear the unwarranted crimes for a lifetime. Can't walk out.

More than nine o'clock, there was a microblog on the Internet, the content involved a big man, the blogger was deleted after the completion of the blog, but was still turned out, causing public opinion on various platforms.When it comes to the big man, most media don't dare to participate, and a few hit the abacus of the fire.

Chen received a phone call from Hu Wei, only to know that Dad was sent to the hospital last night. His photos with the strict hand were taken, and unexpectedly caught in the dive|| regulation||

Hu Wei spent a lot of time in the entertainment circle. When the big winds and big waves saw it, he ignored it and casually stretched it. In the long and boring gossip news, the artists came out and there was a lot of trouble. There is no relationship with him.

But this time is his person, it can't be an attitude.

Chen has no thoughts and energy to do things with the keyboard brothers on the Internet, Weibo does not want to land, the company has a professional public || Guan, whether it is his agent Hu Wei, or the company owner Lin Fuxing, or even his Little assistant, who knows more than he knows.

What he has to do is obey the arrangement and not add chaos.

Hu Wei gave Chen another analysis of the current development trend, and also said that he himself felt that the two options were feasible. In advance, he made a strong agreement. "One is to hold a press conference as soon as possible before the public opinion deteriorates. You will take this opportunity to come out. After a hundred, there is no need to cover it again. Second, you choose to talk to one of the company's own passionate female artists, and then arrange your last show, and the paparazzi will shoot in and out of the place to find the trusted media. As soon as I preached, I will mix the matter with the truth and mix the water."

The attention of the audience is limited. While focusing on one thing, another must be ignored.

Chen added, "The first one."

Hu Wei asked, "Have you thought about it?"

Chen nodded again. He regretted it now. He shook his head and slashed his head. It was not as good as listening to the strict, and the showdown with Dad was so small that it was smaller than the fright of being hit by the father on the spot.

Hu Wei said, "Since you have decided, what will happen, you have to be mentally prepared. Also, your relatives will definitely see the report now. Your dad is not awake. They can only be yourself. Handle."

He added, "Chen, in this entertainment circle, it is common practice to have a fall. Your idol has also fallen, and it is very miserable. Why does he have today's status and have such influence in the music industry? That's because he got up and didn't get lost. Some people can't get up when they fall, so they can only kneel on the ground and become a stepping stone for others."

"What I want to say is that life is alive, don't care too much about other people's opinions, have a clear conscience, and try to be yourself. This will do."

Chen has done this bowl of chicken soup. "I understand, thank you."

He put his phone in his pocket and remembered what he was up to, and he shut it down. He didn't want to hear the disgusting voice in the shock of his relatives.

Chen thought about it, the phone was turned off, Hu could not contact him, he would go to the strict, what big things should not be delayed, as for the buddies and classmates, after reading the conference, basically will know the answer.

The only thing he is worried about is that he hopes that the uncle will not be in the premise.Even at that birthday banquet, I really found out that he had a very strict relationship with the one that he said, but if he heard the matter in person, he would still be angry.

When the old man gets angry, he is in trouble.

Chen had a headache. He was going to look for it. The door of the ward was pushed away from the outside and people came in.

Strictly open, "Do you promise to develop a cloth meeting?"

Chen had already expected it. Hu Wei had already said hello before he told him the two choices. He said, "You don't interfere, let me come this time."

The sharp brow is locked.

Chen seriously said, "I am strict, I will not have problems, believe me."

Strictly thin lips and straight, can not refuse to say, "I will take a chance, if not, I will deal with it."

When you deal with it, things are not big things, but big things. You have already told you that you should not do bad things and be a good person. Chen gave him a look, "Hey."

On the day of the conference, Chen Weidong still did not

Wake up, Chen did not blame himself, dressed very casually, like a student who just went to college, he said to Li Yan, "My dad does not know when he will wake up, can you look here?"

Raise your eyebrows sharply, "You don't want me to go?"

Of course, I don't want to, if you go, it will be messed up, and Chen coughs. "I only have my dad. You are the one I trust the most, and I will give him care."

I didn’t go through the words of juveniles, judging whether there was any meaning of entrainment, picking up a magazine and opening a page. “The driver will send you to Hu’s residence.”

That is to promise not to go.

Chen took a kiss on his face. "I am leaving."

Li Yan did not raise his eyes. "Chen, you can choose the first one, I am very happy."

When I stopped, Chen snorted and looked back at the man for a while. "I really have to leave this time. I will definitely get this done, my dad will hand it over to you."

The hospital has paparazzi guards and lurks. They didn't expect Li Bo to arrange a normal dusty van for his lover. It was very inconspicuous and smoothly opened.

Hu Wei was waiting at the residence, and Lin Fuxing was also there. When Chen arrived again, they set off for the company.

On the way, Hu asked Chen how the wound on his forehead came. He was told by Chen in a few words. He couldn’t say that he was doing it himself, and he would be treated as a neuropathy.

Hu Wei did not ask much, just repeat Chen and again, be sure to calm down, calm down, don't panic, don't swear on the spot, and can't beat people. He secretly cast a look at Lin Fuxing for a win.

Just before Chen did not come, they bet that Li Yan would not come out personally.

Hu Wei’s understanding of Chen’s personality with his young Zhang’s character, he will face it himself, will not let the strict intervention, and he will hide behind him. Lin Fuxing does not believe that the other party cannot make a serious decision.

So I was beaten.

The press conference was held in the company. There were many media reporters present, all of which were first- and second-line. The scene of the commotion continued for a while and disappeared.Chen sat in the seat again, squatting in front of the microphone to adjust the position, fucking, watching the excitement before, now he became a lively, this feeling, how to say it, than | exercise | | egg | still disgusting.

He grabbed the broken hair in front of his forehead and tried to block the gauze on his forehead. He didn't want to be too conspicuous.

After the process is over, a male reporter stands up and speaks sharply. "Some people say that you are relying on the dive|| regulation|| is superior, what do you think?"

Chen laughed again. "I just took a movie, the online drama "The Fifth World". Am I in the upper position?"

The male reporter is pressing hard, "So you think that you didn't think about the situation when you talked with Mr. Li at the beginning. Should you propose a role for popular IP, not a network drama?"

Chen smiled, OK, buddy, I remember you. "I don't have to say that, I think the media friends who are doing it are all right, and I haven't heard it. Don't put your brain to the head." Up, huh?"

Still the reporter, "Do you think that there is no unspeakable transaction between you and Mr. Li, is true love?"

Don't you force it, he|mother||, if you push Laozi, do you believe that Laozi rushed from the table to bite you? Chen's muscles on his face||The meat is pumping, he leans back, his left leg is on his right leg. "Joke, I am really love with him, why tell you, who are you?"

The face of the male reporter was innocent, and I didn’t expect Chen to fight back. I thought that a new person would be held again, and I would not dare to do it. "You..."

Chen hangs his eyes and smiles.

The scene once fell into an uncontrollable situation, but it was stuck at the edge of the line, and no media left the scene.

Chen is not a question and answer, some questions are okay, like a question, the reporter is still really asking questions, and some are owing, and his face, he wants to take off his sneakers and throw it out.

The back of the Hu is a sweat, "paper towels."

The little assistant said, "Nothing."

Hu is low-heeled. "If you don't have it, you can take it again! This will tell me?"

The little assistant grievances ran away.

Hu is pulling the neckline, Chen and Chen are again. You are really good. I have prepared the manuscript for you. You are useless at all. "Fu Xing, let the press conference be suspended."

Lin Fuxing, who is next to him, has a good taste. "No need, Chen is not very good at this."

Hu Wei, "..." Are you sure your brain is not broken?

Lin Fuxing put his hand in his pocket and smiled and said, "There should be an alternative in the entertainment circle. It’s all that, it’s boring."

Hu is powerless to refute, the emperor is not anxious.

Chen is not upset, and others don't want to be cool. He can't give a good face, let's play.

After several reporters who have raised questions, there is a spit in the mouth. | This is a woman in her thirties. It may have been hurt, maybe who is out of the cabinet. In her words, she reveals the hostility of the same || sex||love, hateful, "Your father had a cerebral hemorrhage operation last year and has been recovering very well. This time because of your hospitalization.""If you continue to be with Mr. Li, your father will not agree, then what are you going to do? Suppose your father and son with your father? Don't you think you are too selfish?"

Chen added, "I refuse to answer your question."

The female reporter’s face was stiff, “So you are the default?”

The default fart, I have to force Laozi to swear, Chen sneered, "Today's press conference is my personal launch.

The purpose is to announce my feelings to the outside world, and to give a statement about the photo. I don't understand why I have to call my family. Can you give me an answer? ”

No one in the media spoke.

Chen grinned again. "The aunt, you mentioned my family. I will talk about it here. I will try my best to get his consent and pray for forgiveness, but this has nothing to do with the rest, including the outside world. I don't need to ask for approval from any of you."

"You are holding a microphone in your hand, not a knife. Don't always think about going to the heart of your heart. It's very bad, lacking morality." Chen's face is more obvious, very sunny, without a hint of haze, like a The boy next door is not malicious. "Of course, most of my older brothers and sisters are still very good. We have something to say."

Among the reporters in the audience, several of them had conflicts with Chen, and their faces were very ugly.

Artists in the public and the media, unprecedented.

Some people think that Chen is stupid, and he will offend several media at once. He will definitely be chased and killed. This is a self-seeking death. More is to re-examine his relationship with the big man. Hard enough, not a simple trading relationship.

Maybe it’s not a statement, it’s not insignificant, but another reason.

At the end of the conference, Chen was on the sofa, and Hu rushed to the hand. "Don't talk, let me quietly take a moment in my heart."

Hu Wei let the little assistant go to Chen and pour water. "You shouldn't do it, you did it all, it's awesome."

Chen Zai, "...a prize."

He drank, "Is nothing wrong with it?"

Hu Wei said that the following things were handed over to the company. "Yes, Lin Bo."

Lin Fuxing holding his arm lifted his chin. "Chen, congratulations, you come out, go back and help me to tell Li."

Chen pulled his mouth again, and where did he come from? Dad was still lying in the hospital. If Dad agreed, say yes, you got married early, that is hi.

No, that is a dream.

Chen went back to take a bath and went to the hospital. When he came over, he wore a hat and a mask. No one recognized it and did not touch any relatives.

The conference was not sprayed, the dog|| fart is not, but it has won the support and encouragement of a large number of young people. Nowadays, the gay circle is no longer so small, and many are unexpected.

Being able to be yourself is a winner.

This point, even the first-line stars can't do it. If you want too much, you can't let anything go, and you can't bear to throw away anything.

Zheng Shuai was the video he saw on Weibo. He called Chen and did not get through. He called Wang Yao. The two communicated on the phone. They were very shocked and doubted about life.The buddies are the same ||sex||love, they don't know, the buddies are high-profile out of the cabinet, facing the comments of the world, they know, too unreal.

Zheng Shuai said, "The old Pang's phone can't get through, I don't know what is going on."

Wang Yao hesitated, "It’s not going to be him..."

Zheng Shuai said, "Fart, even if we are both, Lao Pang is not, you don't want to think about how many girlfriends he has had in school."

Wang Yao said, "Yes, I told you, my coach, I can't read it under Weibo. I'm asking about it, lying down, one by one, eating salty radish."

Zheng Shuai said that he is the same, directly ignoring.

Before hanging up the phone, Zheng Shuai still couldn't help but ask, "Pharaoh, do you think grapefruit is disgusting?" After all, people around him have the same || sex||love with Ai||Zi|| As long as it is the same || sex|love, it will mess || engage, sick.

Wang Yao said, "What is disgusting, he is like you, not all in love, the object is male."

Zheng Shuai said, "You can think so, I am relieved, I thought you would..."

"Where, I am the kind of person? When you do surgery as a person||Demon, I still treat you as a brother."

"Go it, hung up!"

On the other hand, Pang Yilong sat in front of the computer, his expression on the face was indescribable. He watched the video of the conference over and over again, thinking that he was wearing the glasses with the grapefruit. He didn’t expect it, the other party had a big head. It is a character who can't afford to be sinned by their family.

The grapefruit would know the kind of person. Pang Yilong shook his head. He looked at the teenager in the video and smiled. "I haven't known you for three years..."

In the lower right corner of the computer, there is a husky avatar in the beat. Pang Yilong knows that it is Zheng Shuai. He paused and took the mouse and clicked on the avatar. There is a line in the pop-up chat box.

Zheng Shuai: Mom, what about you? The grapefruit has made a big move!

Pang Yilong touched the lighter and the cigarette case. He smoked the cigarette and swallowed the computer screen. There was no plan to reply. The stealth that was originally hung, Zheng Shuai thought he was not there. The excuse was there.

A vomiting expression was thrown over, Zheng Shuai: I know that you are online, Lao Pang, and let the dance leave for a while, you should almost come out!

Pang Yilong held his head and smiled. "Let's dance..."

If Zheng Shuai mentioned this person's name, he couldn't remember it.

After half an hour, Pang Yilong typed and returned to Zheng Shuai: I just saw the video.

Zheng Shuai is in front of the computer, and immediately returned: What happened to your mobile phone? Change the number?

Pang Yilong: Yes.

Zheng Shuai: ...

Pang Yilong said that he wants to go abroad, can not use the domestic number, he does not want to contact Chen and related people, it is best to forget the university time, so Zheng Shuai Wang Yao will not contact


Zheng Shuai threw a look at the poop.

After a while, he asked: Did you know that grapefruit is gay?

Pang Yilong slammed the keyboard with a cigarette: Yes, I already knew that I am also, there is a smile behind.

Zheng Shuai had no news, and his head was gray.Pang Yilong suddenly thought, gay is a feeling for men, he is not, sad, but also ridiculous.

A few days later, an interview appeared on the Internet and was published by the largest media. The interview was only three minutes long. The content was that the other protagonist of the door was announced to come out as a XX consortium, instead of The shareholder of the entertainment film company, the camera finally stopped on the ring of his ring finger, and the teenager wearing the pair at the press conference.

The ring quickly became popular on the Internet. Many "professionals" said that it was worth much. It was the same as the real one. It was actually silver.

At the press conference, the five media that wanted to take the fire in the fire all closed down overnight. As for the reasons, the peers knew that they were secretly glad that they did not do so, and they escaped.

For about ten days, Chen Weidong woke up.

Chen talked with Li Yan, first took his father back to the strict one, can avoid relatives, and help his father's physical recovery.

There is no opinion on it.

The ward was replaced by a large and bright room. When Chen Weidong didn't even look at his son, he closed his eyes and was indifferent.

Chen did not even announce any notices. The mobile phone has never been opened. He is always on his father. He turns over his body every day, massages his arms and legs, and talks with him, although he does not receive any response.

"Last night rain last night, come out in the morning, chasing a Samoyed ran, and it fell into the pit, and when the mud came back, Xiaojin abandoned it and refused to let it close."

"Dad, you see the housekeeper, it is the one with white hair. He walks without a voice. I am scared every time. I listen to it. Li Yan said that he is an internationally renowned photographer. Waiting for your health. Let him take a picture of us and wash it out and put it in the album."

"The scenery around is very beautiful, right, there is a lake behind, Dad, you can go fishing, just fishing, I have bought you a pair of fishing gear, the quality is particularly good, really, you get better soon."

"I think so. This season is a good time to fish. Dad can catch at least ten in a day. At that time, we can cook small fish, braised or steamed. If you fish more fish, raise it. eat slowly."


"There are still herring in the lake..." Chen’s words stopped shortly. After he stunned, he smiled and smiled, his eyes were red. "Dad, you are willing to talk to me."

Chen Weidong said, "Go out."

Chen is also spoiled. "Don't, for a long time, you are listening to me. I think you must have a lot to tell me, Dad, you said, I listen."

Chen Weidong said, "Your father, I have nothing to say."

Chen’s smile on his face was stagnation, he was ugly than crying, and he was forced to cheer up. “Dad, how can you say nothing to me? You should point me at my nose, hit me, let me kneel. Mom confessed in front of me, saying that I am not a thing, confused with a man, what is not good, but become the same || sex||love, also lie to lie to you, deceive, lie to classmates."

He rubbed his shoulder. "I was wrong..."Chen Weidong thought that his son had opened the door. He heard the other party say the next moment. "But I have no choice. I tried to turn back. It is useless. Dad, I have no turning back."

"Give me out." Chen Weidong's chest is ups and downs, " give..."

Chen is scared and keeps him sighing. "Dad, don't be excited, you don't want to listen, I won't say it, really, I promise not to say a word."

The quilt on the chest of Chen Weidong has a darker color and an area that is getting bigger and bigger. He knows that his son is crying but he has not looked up.

Just then, the noise at the door disrupted the sadness in the room.

Strictly pushed the door in, and his eyes signaled Chen to go out again.

Chen wiped his eyes, shook his head sharply, don't make trouble, stay alone, you are fierce.

A sharp brow wrinkled.

Chen swallowed and was forced out by the extremely low air pressure.

He was not forced to go far outside, and he was eavesdropping outside the door. Mom||Forcing, the sound insulation of this door was so good that nothing was heard.

Just when Chen was ready to go to the next door to try it, there was a crisp sound, and his eyelids jerked, not good. Just now he took the water cup and put it on the bedside table. It must have been smashed by his father. It is.

Where will the cup go? Chen’s eyes were wet, he pumped himself, hit the head on the wall, fuck, you are stupid || Force, when I came out, I didn’t expect to take the cup away?

When the housekeeper came over, he prevented Chen from pumping himself again. "Mr. Chen, do you need medicine?"

Chen shook his head again. "Housekeeper, do you have a cell phone?"

He is also a word that blurted out, the housekeeper should not have, usually almost all of the ghosts, the cheesy thing of the mobile phone is completely different from his temperament.

A black mobile phone was handed to Chen and was still the latest model. He didn't want to buy it.

Chen has a complicated look and puts his mobile phone in his hand. It’s my eyes. I can’t see the steward. You are the king of the vulgar team.

He fixed God, relying on the wall to open the mobile phone, the Internet to enter the two words, come out a lot of pages, some talk about my experience of coming out of the cabinet, there are blood and tears, and some are asking questions, seeking advice from the high person one or two .

Going to hospital for medical treatment,

It’s Chen’s current situation. He flips everything online.

The novel comes from life.

I am sure that I have to bear the anger of my father. I am such a baby son. He feeds him with a handful of urine. Hey, raise a big one, he counts on him to give Chen home an incense, I am waiting to hold a big fat grandson. As a result, my son was turned away by you. This account is not calculated with you. I swallow this breath? Absolutely swallow! You are squatting first, I will say it again!

The above is the plot of Chen and brain.

According to the routine in the novel, he is also on the scene, with the stern squatting, being beaten together, crying and saying dad, please fulfill us, beg you! When you are finished, you will start to gimmick. If you want to be louder, it will be louder and better.

The housekeeper sees the expression of the teenager for a while, it is difficult to guess what he is thinking.

Not to mention the housekeeper, Chen did not know himself, he was crazy.

"Housekeeper, are you going to call Dr. Wang and Dr. Liu?""It has already been played, and it will arrive in five minutes."

"That's good."

Chen returned the phone to the housekeeper. "How much is it?"

The housekeeper said a number.

Chen touched the upper and lower mouths. "Buy expensive, you buy now, you can lose five or six hundred."

Butler said it doesn't matter, he bought it when he first went public, most people didn't, I have, cool.

Chen Zai, "..." is good.

I don't know how long it took, the door opened, and the sternness came out. The black shirt he wore, if it wasn't bloody, he couldn't see the blood on his shirt.

Chen asked Li Yan where he was injured. He was trying to check his arm and saw the blood behind his neck and flowing down his head.

Strictly hold the anxious teenager, "Nothing."

Chen has been in the past. "You have a mouth on your head. Is this still okay?"

He groaned on the man's head, "Is it smashed by a glass?"

"No, my dad is lying, you are standing. When the cup comes over, you can avoid it."

Strictly said, "I deliberately."

Chen Zai, "..." You are so direct, I don't know what to say.

In the novel, when the bitterness is counted, the dead end will be opened. He asks for the exit. "My dad agreed?"

Strictly said, "No."

Chen was slobbered, and it seems that the novel originated from life, but also higher than life, or added a fairy tale component.

"How did my dad tell you?"

"Leave my son."

"anything else?"

"Don't think about ruining my son."

"Okay, don't say it, I almost got it."

Chen went to one side and let the doctor clean the wounds, washed away the blood, opened his hair, and revealed that the wound was deep and needles were needed.

He looked at it with a glance, as if his head was also injured, in the same place, it hurts.

In the evening, Chen sat in front of Dad’s bed and wanted to say a lot, but he didn’t know how to open his mouth.

When he talked with his father in the afternoon, he was afraid, and he was afraid that his father would be unconscious, or that the person like Li Yan would be ruined and bloody.

Chen Weidong suddenly said, "Dad looks away."

"It’s not a businessman. It’s like killing an individual. It’s like killing an ant.”

Chen brushed his head again. "Dad, why are you saying this?"

Chen Weidong said, "Son, how much do you know him?"

Chen didn't know much about it, but he was sure that he would not be sorry for him.

Chen Weidong said, "I will not agree. I am here, unless I die, or I will not change a word."

Chen’s emotions showed signs of getting out of control. No, he had to find a strong drug to eat. He stood up and ran out.

There was a sigh in the room.

On the 16th, Pang Yilong went abroad, and Chen went to the airport to send him. If he promised, he would do it.

Pang Yilong did not mention the boiling door that came out during this time. He looked at the boy in front of him deeply. "Pomelo, hold it."

Chen hugged him, the kind between the brothers.

Pang Yilong whispered, "Good brothers for a lifetime, goodbye."He turned his back, cried as he walked, went to him||Mom||The good brother, I knew that I wouldn’t bow at the beginning!

There is a banquet in the world, there are scattered, scattered, and so on.

Chen’s cockroaches went back and disappeared. He had to take care of his father and ask for forgiveness. He also wanted to get his father’s fulfillment and blessing.

After drinking a glass of juice, Chen went to the room to go online, using his master book. Just opened it and did things, and crashed.

He reinstalled the system and went to open a few disks that were rarely moved. I wanted to clean it up and delete the things in the early years of the disease.

E-discs are action movies, roughly estimated to have hundreds of them, Chen has seen them, and each memory records his glory days.

He casually read one, can not help but feel that the previous movie is good-looking, the actors are performing with heart, using the soul to perform the emotional ups and downs of the character.

I don’t want to be a movie, it’s too fake, and it’s not cute at all.

After reading an action movie, Chen reluctantly wanted to write down the impulse of 10,000 words immediately. He decided to look at it at night, especially in several courts. It was awesome and the story was good.

He is in the E disk

After a round trip, delete a movie with a few screens, go to the F disk, things are very mixed, there are videos, photos, personal resumes, some downloaded software, and a lot of text, messy.

After deleting it for a while, Chen’s mouse inadvertently stopped on a text, showing the time last June.

Chen snorted again. At that time, he had written the text? I don’t have any impressions.

Is it the same as the ring, but also his missing memory?

The heartbeat was a bit fast, and Chen poked the text again. His eyes were a little big, and after a moment he tore the scorpion and shouted outside the door. "Strictly, you are coming over-"

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The author has something to say: Good night.

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