Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Captain Zhang called Zheng Ze back.

"tell me your opinion."

Zheng Ze said,

"Based on preliminary identification,

The time of the victim’s murder was between 9:00 and 10:00 pm. ”

"The time period,

Simple in the hospital,

He not only has a head injury,

The leg is also broken,

It is impossible to walk independently. ”

"And from the perspective of hospital monitoring,

He has been in the ward,

The nurse has been there three times, and Gu Sheng has never left. ”

"You can't explain anything."

Captain Zhang said,

"He is a company boss,

You don't have to do it yourself. When you go out on a phone call, someone will sell for him. ”

Zheng Ze walked back and forth, "Zhang team, we have to rely on evidence to speak!"

Captain Zhang took the table,

"This is what I want to say to you."

Zheng Ze’s figure is a meal.

"I just said that,

They are all evidence of absence. "He rubbed his hair,

"Zhang team, there is one more thing,

The hospital has been diagnosed, and now it has lost its memory and nothing is remembered. ”

Captain Zhang is squinting.

"So you want to tell me,

These cases, is this calculated? ”

Zheng Ze said in a half-hearted voice, "The case that just happened, the modus operandi is the same, and the victim is one of the workers in the factory 20 years ago."

"So I infer that if this is a deliberate revenge for twenty years, the deceased is likely to be the last object."

Captain Zhang took the cup and took it to the table. "What about the evidence? I only need evidence."

Zheng Ze muttered, "I will go to the appraisal department to see what's new."

Captain Zhang called him. "Let's find time to go to the hospital."

Zheng Ze did not look back. "Know it."

He stayed in the appraisal department for one night, and at dawn he washed it and went to the hospital.

In the lobby on the first floor of the inpatient department of the hospital, Chen Yougang was full from the cafeteria. He saw Zheng Ze all the time. He didn't want to say hello, but he had already seen him, and he strode over to him.

"Zheng Ge, so early."

"Early," Zheng Ze took Chen's shoulder. "Is it good to be old Jane last night?"

Chen added, "It's good."

Zheng Ze noticed that his left cheekbones had a bruise. "How do you get it?"

Chen lost the road. "The seniors don't know me."

Zheng Ze frowned. "With Zheng Ge, Zheng Ge will ask you a statement."

Test me? Chen made a bit of emotion. "I wanted to wipe him off last night. He smashed the pot."

Zheng Ze sighed, "It's hard for you."

Chen grinned again. "Zheng Ge, will the seniors never think of it?"

Zheng Ze said, "No."

Chen Youzhen took his head. "It's all my fault."

Zheng Ze said comfortably, "Things have already happened, and you should not be too self-blaming."

Chen whimpered and said, "The schoolmaster just fell to the mountain to save me."

"If I usually exercise more, I will not be so careless, the schoolmaster..."

Zheng Ze said, "Don't think so.""That was an accident. No one wants to see that scene, and it can't stop it."

Chen did not speak, and he blamed himself.

Zheng Ze touched his hair. "Old Jane will not look at you."

Chen added, "The senior is a good person."

Zheng Ze, "...yeah."

Chen suddenly looked up and looked at it. When the other person’s eyes asked, he shouted. “I’m a bit strange. It’s true that Zheng Ge didn’t shave today.”

Zheng Ze sighed, "I still shave, it’s good to be able to blink."

The two talked happily to the ward.

Simple to watch TV, is a blind date program, women's squid show, men's suits and ties, the scene is quite formal.

Zheng Ze’s fruit basket in his hand was on the table. “Old Jane, how is it today?”

Simply put, "I don't know you."

Zheng Ze coughed his life and introduced himself. "My surname Zheng, Zheng Ze, is your good brother."

Simply look up and down, "Is it?"

Zheng Ze was in the police last night ||The game was over, the clothes and pants were rumpled, and there was a smell of smoke, like a young and decadent youth.

He buckled the open coat. "Yeah, Xiao Gu can prove it."

When Chen did not speak, he simply said, "I don't know him. Why should I believe if I say?"

It is also true to say this.

Zheng Ze took a look at Chen and Chen also looked at him and said that he could do nothing.

"Old Jane, look at this."

Zheng Ze took out his mobile phone and turned to the gallery to take a few photos. It was once taken to a simple new restaurant.

Chen looked at it again and suddenly remembered that he also had something to prove.

There are cameras at home, a lot of them lost | | Forbidden video.

Simply looking at the photo, "I don't remember."

"Nothing," Zheng Ze said.

"Your head is hurt, slowly nursed back, will remember."

Simply take his cell phone and watch it for a while, saying, "It’s ugly."

Zheng Ze did not figure out, "Ah?"

Simply put, "Your hat."

Zheng Ze, "..."

Chen turned his head and laughed. Look, I said, he is now bad.

When Zheng Ze said something about the past, Chen stood at the door and called the system in his heart. "444, do you say that simple is really amnesia, or is it loaded?"

The system says, "You can try."

Chen added, "I have tried 800 times."

The system said, "I have been trying so many times and still don't know the truth. You are stupid."

Chen, "..." Can you talk well?

He scratched his face and succeeded. Whether it was true or not, he had to be careful to wait. Nothing could be lost anymore, and the heart could not bear it.

"Little Gu has been with you last year."

Chen heard Zheng Ze mention himself, and quickly collected his mind and secretly listened.

"You are still living together." Zheng Ze said, "Before the accident, your feelings are very good."

I simply looked at Chen’s direction. “He said that I was injured to save him.”

Zheng Ze nodded. "That's right.""You went to climb the green hill that day, it rained when you went down the mountain, Xiao Gu didn't stabilize, you pulled him back, but he fell."

Simply put, "He is a man."

Zheng Ze said, "Yes."

Simply put, "I am not interested in men."

Zheng Ze, "..."

Chen Zai, "..."

Forget it, people have lost their memories, forgive him.

The simple body is getting better every day, but his memory has not recovered.

Zheng Zeyi came over when he was free, and Chen was still inseparable, even though he did not give him a simple smile.

The little nurses at the nurse station were both distressed for Chen, saying that Jane’s boss was too cold-blooded and that people were not good.

Zheng Ze will hear similar arguments every time he comes, he sighs, it seems that Lao Jian is really forgotten.

Otherwise, it will not be so good for people.

Zheng Ze was outside the ward and went through the half-covered door to see everything inside.

The young man is cutting his nails for his brother, and the other face is indifferent.

After watching it for a while, Zheng Ze did not go in, but turned and left.

Chen noticed the footsteps. He took the nail clippers off and blew the simple index finger to blow off the little foam.

"Okay, it's all cut."

See the trimmed nails, then look at Chen again, "Thank you."

Chen and Yan, he laughed. "Hey, this is the first time you said thank you."

Simply put, "Don't laugh in front of me, it's hard to see."

Just don't leave, Chen continues to sway his shoulders and laugh, don't mention how happy he is.

Simply frowning, not taking care of it.

Chen laughed and burst into tears. "Really, I don't think you remember it."

He grinned. "You don't know, how much you hate."

Simply ask, "How much annoyance?"

"It can't be said for three days and three nights," Chen said. "Let's say, you have a problem with this person's character."

Simply put, "Zheng Ze said that you like me."

Chen blurted out. "Who said that I like you?!"

Simply put, "Oh, that's what I forced you, I wishful thinking, unrequited love."

What is the ghost of unrequited love, Chen turned his eyes, "not forced, it is me..."

He stuttered, simply said, "Yes, I like you, OK!"

Simply put, "I like a person who is poor, then you are not good."

Chen is speechless.

What's wrong, how is it my fault?

Suddenly said, "Gu Sheng, you kiss me."

Chen is not clear, so he did it, and his mouth touched the man's mouth.

Simply put, "I don't feel anything at all."

Chen blinked. "You are not saying that you are not interested in men, then you should be disgusting."

Simply put, "It is a bit disgusting."

Chen Zai, "Do you want to brush your teeth?"

"No need." Simply put, "We just touched it, no wet||kiss."

Hey, I know wet?|Kiss, okay.

Chen went to wash an apple and ate on the sofa.

Simply put, "I have to rest."

Chen is holding an apple. "You rest yours, I don't talk."

Simply put, "You are making noise."

Chen went out with a black face.In the afternoon, Assistant Zhang came over with several senior executives of the company, reporting changes in the company's stock, ongoing projects, and plans to bid.

I don’t remember it, so I just finished listening. A company went bankrupt and went bankrupt. It has nothing to do with me.

Chen held his chin again. "Hey, it seems that it won't take long, and Mingrui will be finished."

Simple frown, "Why are you still here?"

Chen added, "Schoolmaster, I promised you, this year, next year, every year after that, I will be with you."

He smiled. "Where are you, where will I be?"

Simply put, "I don't remember now, you can go."

Chen rushed to the bed and said, "I will not leave the seniors!"

Simple side, "just do you."

Chen looked at his infusion bottle again. "I am going to call the nurse to change it for you."

The nurse came in very quickly and was a very young girl.

She is different from other nurses. She doesn't feel like a simple boss. When she talks to Chen, she will blush and take a bite of Mr. Gu.

Chen is embarrassed to return, and his face is redder than a nurse.

This is in the eyes of outsiders, they are a kind of subtle relationship that can't tell the truth.

The simple tone is cold, "Go out all."

Chen made a look at the nurse, hurry up, the Lord is not happy, and may have to get angry later.

Out of the ward, the nurse couldn't help but say, "Mr. Gu, why are you mad at him here?"

Chen turned his head again, "Well?"

The nurse bit the lower lip into a shallow print. "The patient's attitude towards you is very bad."

"That is that he is injured and uncomfortable." Chen added, "He is a very good person."

The nurse stopped talking. "My colleague said that she saw you and the patient, you are together..."

Chen is blind, sister, you should not look at me, your eyes must have problems, have time to wash your eyes.

"I am a pair with him."

The face was white and the nurse was gone.

Chen went back to the ward. "Schoolmaster, do you want to drink water? I will pour you a glass of water."

Simply put, "The little nurse just said it to you."

Chen took the cup and poured it. "It seems to be there."

Simply put, "Long is good, you can consider."

Chen rushed at him and laughed. "I like men."

Simply put, "You are the same | sex | love."

Chen added, "You are too."

It seems that I can't accept the fact that I become the same ||sex||love, simply close my eyes and not talk.

Chen stared at the simple look for a long time, and fell asleep at the trampoline.

When he woke up, he still groaned there, and there was no plot in the main character of the TV to hug the bed or cover the quilt.

The simple incense of the boss’s boss.

Chen joined in, poked his eyebrows, pinched his nose, touched his lips and scratched his chin.


In addition to a sigh, Chen did not make another voice.

The progress of the mission is cursed again, huh, huh.

A few days later, Zheng Ze appeared in the hospital, and he also took the long-legged girl Sun Qian who had just returned from a business trip.Next is the process of recognizing the pro.

Sun Qian’s emotions seem to be out of control. I can’t believe that my friend’s accident happened and my life became a blank piece of paper.

"You should ask the top doctors in the country to check again."

Zheng Ze said, "Don't talk about the domestic ones, even the foreign ones have come over."

What Sun Qian still wants to say is simply said first, "Ms. Please go out."

Chen looked at Sun Qian again, her expression was aggressive.

Sun Qian can't smile. "Speak several times, my name is Sun Qian."

"Sorry, I can't remember." Simply put, "The smell of perfume on your body affects my sense of smell."

Chen went to see Sun Qian again. She had no expression, and 80% was tears in her heart.

Zheng Ze took Sun Qian, "Don't keep up with Lao Jian, he doesn't even know who he is."

"I will come again tomorrow."

Sun Qian took a call and walked on high heels.

The atmosphere in the ward is still not very good.

Zheng Ze sat in the chair and asked Chen that the money was not enough.

Chen said that it is not enough.

The man Jane boss has lost his memory. The passwords of those silver||行||卡| don't remember.

There are three safes in the house, and Chen is sad for him.

Zheng Ze took out the wallet and handed a card to Chen. "There are 30,000 pieces here. You should take it first, not enough for me."

Chen did not say that if he was wrong, he would accept it directly. "Thank you Zheng Ge."

Simply put, "I will pay you back."

Zheng Ze smiled. "What else, my dad’s surgery money, or you gave it to me, the number is much more than this."

Simply put, "I didn't have the impression of that."

Zheng Ze sighed. "You don't have an impression. I can't just wipe it out."

"Xiao Gu, take care of the old Jane, have something to call me."

Chen waved his hand and put the trousers in his pocket.

Simply put, "I am the boss of a big company, no money?"

Chen added, "Yes, you are rich, but it is a pity that you don't remember the password."

Simply don't talk anymore.

On the day of simple discharge, Zheng Ze drove over and took him back to his residence.

Chen also slipped into the back seat, holding two big bags, a pair of eyes turned and turned, playing a small abacus.

The car was quiet and nobody spoke.

During the period, Zheng Ze took a phone call and mentioned what witnesses, fingerprints, and inspections were used. He swept his rearview mirror.

Both of the back seats are sleeping with their eyes closed.

When he arrived at the residence, Zheng Ze did not leave. He helped clean the house. "Xiao Gu, do you usually ask the aunt?"

Chen is also dismantling the sofa cover, with

The mouth said, "The senior said that I didn't have a job, I didn't have any education, and I was still idle at home. I asked me to wipe the floor and do some chores, so it wouldn't be too boring."

Zheng Ze’s brows are wrinkled, and his heartache is Chen. It’s not simple.

Chen is still pumping his mouth, and you also believe that Zheng Lao Ge, you are a stupid child.

"Zheng Ge, I am going to see the senior."

Chen found a man in the room, standing at the window and not moving, I don't know what to look at.

He went to the drawer and took a video camera and clicked on one of the many videos.There was a painful pleading in the room, with a crying, people listening, and feeling pitiful. There was another voice in the background. The smile was very exciting and very exciting.

Looking back briefly, Chen gave him the camera.

For a moment, simply ask, "Why should I shoot this kind of thing?"

Chen did not think about it, "because you are a pervert."

Simply move your eyes from the video to the youth.

Chen added, "I mean, the seniors like to watch me sprinkle | | urine, urine pants, I feel very cute."

Simply put, "So disgusting, where is it cute?"

Chen agreed very much, "Yes."

Simply put the camera in your hand, turn off the video, and "throw it."

Chen added, "You have several cameras. I only know this. Others don't know where you are hiding."

Simply ask, "Why should I hide?"

You asked me, I know, Chen said, "I may be afraid that I know, I am not happy."

Simply put, "I shot all shots, I am afraid that you are not happy?"

Chen Zai, "..." OK, I admit, I don't understand your world.

Zheng Ze at the entrance of the door retreated to the back, and his face was shocked by the difficulty of concealing. The old Jane was quite normal. He even had that kind of hobby. Well, I really couldn’t see it.

Wouldn't it be that it is not good to go to the kidneys?

Zheng Ze was stimulated, did not drink a bite of water, and left after wearing shoes.

In the room, simply said, "I want to eat."

Chen has turned the phone of the hotel.

Simply put, "I don't want to eat takeaway."

Chen looked at him again. "What do you want to eat?"

Simply put, "eat."

Chen Zai, "..." ancestors, waiting.

He went to the opposite supermarket to buy the food back, and began to grow.

I don’t know when to enter the kitchen. "You used to cook for me?"

Chen brushed the pot again, "Do it."

He said, "Make it for breakfast, bring it back to me for lunch, I will do dinner, you will kill."

Simply silently said, "It seems that Zheng Ze is right, we really live together."

Chen and Ma Li wiped the pot and poured oil into it. "Schoolmaster, you will tell me that I love you every morning and night."

Simply put, "I am not sick."

Chen added, "I don't know, I won't say you, you don't agree."

"And, you like my urine most. You said that my taste is particularly good."

Simply go out.

Chen and Xiao can't get the spatula anymore. If you pretend, I will accompany you, you really lose your memory, and I will accompany you.

A month later, Zheng Ze caught the murderer and was a mentally ill person. He turned out to be a small foreman in the factory twenty years ago.

According to the visit, the person’s behavior was a bit motherish and his character was weak, and workers often laughed at him.

Every reason is a fight between workers 20 years ago.

There has been no clue before. Recently, it seems that God has taken the handle, and the evidence has surfaced a little bit, and the case has become clear.

Captain Zhang sat in a chair and had tea, and a cup of tea bottomed out before he asked, "How is he?"Zheng Ze realized in a dozen seconds that he meant who he was. "It's still the same."

He stunned, "Zhang team, you won't still..."

Captain Zhang waved his hand and didn't let people say it. "No matter what, simple amnesia, I don't know anything."

Zheng Ze said, "The case has already finished the team."

Captain Zhang leaned against the back of the chair. "Yes, it’s over."

He said, "Go out, give you a vacation, and spend time with your dad."

After Zheng Zedao thanked him, he went to find the simple one. "Old Jane, the case is already closed. I don't have any busy work on hand, or we will drive to A city this weekend."

Simply put, "No."

"I have already bought a ticket and I am going abroad."

“Go abroad?” Zheng Zeyi said, “When did you decide?”

"The first two days," simply said, "I don't remember anything, the company can't manage it. If you stay here, it's better to change a city and start a new life."

Zheng Ze thought for a moment, "also."

He asked, "What about Xiao Gu? Are you carrying?"

To put it simply, "I don't feel anything about him. I don't remember what it was. He wants to go wherever he goes."

Zheng Ze said, "What about others?"

Simply put, "Sleep in the room."

Zheng Ze went to his eyes and was really sleeping. The quilt blindfolded his head.

He sat back on the sofa and said, "Old Jane, then I will send you to the airport."

Simply say no.

Zheng Ze patted his shoulder, "that

I wish you a good trip. ”

On the morning of the 3rd, the simple appearance at the airport, Chen chased him with a backpack, took a ticket in his hand, and flew with him.

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The author has something to say:

I am coming, sorry, it’s late.

There are no three tomorrows, I will make a bigger one. It is the end of the world and the beginning of the next world. They should have the ending, there will be, and I will say good night to you earlier today.

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