Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Chapter 50

The second half,

When Lei Ming was false,

The sigh of the teenager never stopped.

His brow is wrinkled,

There is a soldier who will come forward,

Bring Chen out of the cabin.

Sitting in a cabin with a bunch of brothers,

Chen continued to sigh.

Let’s not say if that method really makes beautiful.

Even if it is true,

He won't do it either.

Can't try it.

A big pendant can't be done,

Still have a couple,

He is not black||hole.


This word is quite novel, why do I think of it,

Chen snorted again.

I seem to think of something, and I forgot about it.

Forget it, ugly, this is not his real world, the body is not his own,

all fake.

I am afraid that it will hinder the task.

After all, people are visual animals,

The eyes are running in the front of all senses.

Lei Ming can look at him,

Another eye, no disgusting escape,

Didn't start playing him, it doesn't mean he is willing to be friends with him.

Chen held his hand and held his head. "Hey..." What to do,

The pit is dug by myself.

It’s all stone, and I can’t swallow it in my stomach.

He sighed again, "Hey..."


There is something wrong with this little thing. If it is not finished, the Major General will not know where it is evil. Bring the people to bring it, and now bring back the Lei family.

That night, Lei’s study room, Lei Ming folded his legs, sitting at the desk, tapping the table with a finger.

Chen was called again for a while. He changed his legs and changed his postures. He talked to you less often. Don’t look at me without saying a word, it’s a bit horrible.

The sound of the tap stopped, and the sound of Lei Ming sounded lower than usual. "You, that's what it was like since childhood?"

Chen did not respond at the same time, "Which?"

Lei Ming coughed and looked at his pants, while sticking out two fingers with a blank expression.

Chen and Xiaoran, I really don't blame him. He also accidentally got two pendants, but he didn't adapt.

Of course, when you leave the world, you will not adapt.

"Yeah." Chen was very upset. He grabbed his head and whispered, "The Major General, I was like that since I was a child."

Lei Ming seems to be asking casually, "Cause?"

Chen shook his head and said, "I only know that my brothers are different from me. I dare not tell them."

Lei Ming tightened the lower jaw line.

Then there was a low pressure in the study.

Chen instinctively strained his nerves. He looked at the man with a bad eye. I can understand your pain.

With two big pendants, I haven’t done anything in these years. One is afraid of scaring people to death, and the other is afraid of putting people into |

It is not easy either.

Lei Ming’s abrupt mention, “Your parents and big brother are dead, and the second brother has done one | slave | | li |.”

Chen is not clear yet.

Lei Ming’s eyes squint, his eyes can reveal the most real emotions of a person, and the child has no sorrow, as if things are not related to himself.

Chen’s eyes are pumping out, and I’m probably showing my feet again.Strange, how can this person stare at it, he can't help but guess, Major General, have you ever been ugly?

Lei Ming suddenly got up from the chair. He walked around the desk and walked toward the child step by step.

When the breath of the man approached, Chen took a step back.

He looked up and found that the man looked at his own look weird and couldn't tell what it meant.

Chen is awkward, not think that I am the brother you have lost for many years?

Major General, although we both have a pair of pendants, but the age difference is so large, at most the same family.

I don't know how long it took, Chen found that his body was not quite right. He grabbed his neck and always felt itchy.

Slowly, Chen’s breathing became rushed, and a very thin layer of red began to appear in his eyes.

Lei Ming whispered, "Go out!"

"Yes, Major General."

Chen turned and walked away, and he didn't stop for a moment. After he went out, his body didn't seem so itchy.

The illusion? Chen looked back at the door and should be taking a shower.

The door was covered, and Lei Ming’s face was puzzled. He licked his forehead and didn’t know what happened. He lifted his foot and kicked the desk.

The next day, the head of the group personally came forward and asked Lei Ming to lead a team to perform an S-level mission. When he left, the servants showed an ugly face to Chen.

Although Chen has been reducing his sense of existence, he is still ridiculed by various cynicism and swallowed.

He has a new harvest this time, and the skin of the person can let others automatically display a lot of things.

The skin is not good-looking. Whoever controls your inner beauty is ugly, good or evil.

Chen had no water in his room. He endured it. He was thirsty. He opened the door and accidentally saw a handsome male servant hit another younger servant who was a little younger. What?

The smashed maid shook his shoulders.

Cry in a small voice.

Chen didn't want to gossip, but he had to ask the individual where the kitchen was. He was not thirsty and hungry.

I was brought in from yesterday and I have not eaten anything.

Chen picked up the fruit plate on the ground and put the fruit in it. During the period, he secretly hid several clothes in his clothes. He asked him kindly. "Is it okay?"

After being hit by the servant who was hit, he was stunned and snatched the fruit plate and stumbled and ran away.

Chen shook his head and shouted, long handsome, giving you a knife. If you don't care, you will see it, long ugly, and bandage it. You will not be grateful, but will also dislike it.

I really don't know what to say.

Chen had not found any food and drink. Several servants came over. The former said, "Go and rub the ground again."

Chen has another face, "I wipe the floor?"

The man servant is 80% of the managers here. His attitude is very arrogant and his nostrils are very big. "Not you, is it me?"

Chen did not move, and turned a deaf ear.

They came up together and surrounded him.

I don't know who pushed Chen again, his head back to the edge of the wine cabinet, the big bag can't run away.

"There is a bottle of wine there is more than your life, do you want to die?"

Chen was too lazy to argue with these people. He just left, and there was laughter behind him."It’s so ugly, I’m so embarrassed to come out and see people. If I am, I will bury myself.”

"That's ugly, it looks disgusting, and I don't know what his aunt thinks. If he is born, he should throw it on the garbage star."

"You said, will the young master come back..."

"Do not worry, when the young master managed this kind of thing, he did not explain when he left, it does not matter."

"The young master took such a small | slave | | Li | back, I was scared."

"No, but my father went to other planets to play, or I was scared of problems. I don't know what to do..."

Chen and Tongtong are inaudible, what messy things, fuck, the world's | female | | sex | even the eight women to this point, he really can not understand.

Not | servant | | people, do not have to work? Really idle.

Chen stepped up the stairs and went upstairs. He touched the back of his head and there was a big bag. Fortunately, there was no bleeding.

Is it rubbing the floor...

Chen rolled up his cuffs and started, but this ghost place is too big, it is already outrageous, and the floor is almost wiped out.

After he wiped out a layer of perfunctory things, he became a dead dog. The whole person fell to the ground and could not wipe it.

"444, I swear, I will no longer have any requirements for people and things in the mission world, random, and random at the future."

The system is quite comforting. "You grew up."

"..." Yeah, yeah, you are big.

Chen then fell asleep on the wall. He was awake, sneezing and sneezing, his head was groggy and not very good.

When the men waited by his side, they covered their mouths and noses with their hands and hurried.

Chen is blind, lying, I am just a little cold, not | 瘟 | | epidemic | good? You are one by one, as for?

He returned to the room and found that nothing was left on the bed. The used quilt sheets and pillows were all thrown away.

Yes, this is for him to roll.

Chen and Chong laughed at them, OK, you are many people, you are powerful, especially powerful and powerful, I can’t beat, I roll.

However, he||mother|, let Laozi eat something, the heart is too poisonous, Lei’s servant is like this, I am afraid that Lei Ming does not know, he is aware this time.

In a strange city, there are cars flying around the top of the head. The average life expectancy of the people here is two hundred years old. It is good.

Chen did not do anything else. The best thing is to make fun of it. He is squatting on the side of the road and thinking about the body for a few days.

A little girl ran over, and Chen quickly lowered his head, pretending to be tidying his legs, fearing to scare the child.

A piece of bread was handed to him, accompanied by a soft voice of ||糯||糯, "Brother, give it to you."

Chen and Yan, he said, it is still good for children, not to divide people into so many levels.

He smiled. "Thank you little angel."

The little girl shyly pinched her finger, and a young woman hurried over, pulling her hard, squatting and walking, teaching her daughter in her mouth, and taking her head."Mom buys bread for you. If you mess with others, even if you give it to someone who is weird, do you know that if you grow up, will you eat people?!"


Big sister, I don’t want to eat people. Chen opened his mouth and tried to return the bread to the little girl. I thought about it and didn’t call it out.

He took it, and the child’s mother must not want it anymore. It’s a waste of it in the trash can. It’s better to enter his stomach.

Chen looked around and chose a more remote, undisturbed corner. The big mouthful of bread was very hard, like a weeding paper.

This is already a good income for people to eat, and better, it can be eaten by high-class people like Lei Ming.

After eating the bread, Chen went back and leaned on his arm and slept. "44, give me a sleep song, I need some comfort."

In the next second, the soft tone will ring and the whole world will be peaceful and beautiful at this moment.

Chen is still satisfied with his sleep.

Three days later, Lei Ming completed the task and returned with a wound. When he entered the door, he asked where the man was.

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The author has something to say:

Will change, now is the first ugly, the back is the first beauty, good night baby

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