Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Qin Feng finished the operation,

Qiao Mingyue appeared,

I took the time.

Chen took the money clip of Qin Feng and slid it out.

I bought myself a bottle of cola.



I was really scared to death just now. ”

"Oh, I didn't see it."

"Chat will not,

At first glance, you are no friends. ”

Chen is drinking Coke,

"The scene,

That | gun | forest | bomb | rain, that black | kill | hand,


It’s not so cool to make movies. ”


Which little devil said that he was scared to death?

In the ward, the atmosphere was quite strange.

Qiao Mingyue stood by the bed, and there was a little swelling on his left face. He was beaten by Qin when he was out of the warehouse.

"Second Lord,

Did Peng Peng catch it? ”

Qin Feng half eyelids,


Qiao Mingyue’s tone is a lot easier.

"That's good."

He licked his lips, "Two Lords,

I am also injured when you are injured this time. ”

"If it wasn't for me, I would go out to eat with Chen..."

Qin Feng suddenly said, "You are raised abroad,

Everything is fine. ”

Qiao Mingyue’s face was instantly white.

He is clenched,

It turns out that this person has already known it, but it does not matter.

"If you want to take it away, go back and pack it up."

Qin Fengyu is warm and indifferent, "I will spread the news, you have no relationship with me."

Qiao Mingyue, he is not a second man, he is safe, no need to face danger, but after hearing this sentence, his heart has come together.

For a long time, Qiao Mingyue laughed bitterly. "I know."

"Second Lord, thank you for taking care of me."

He opened the door and tears rushed out of his eyes and wet his face.

Chen handed over a paper towel, "smear the nose."

Qiao Mingyue sneered, but he couldn’t say anything in his mouth.

Chen looked at his swollen face. "What is the meaning of being a substitute for a dead person? You have a reputation for being a face. It is not good to live a life you want."

Qiao Mingyue’s face was gloomy. He lost to a seller and was comforted by the other side.

"With less falsehood, the life I want is taken away by you."

Chen glanced at him and said, "You obviously don't like the bird that Qin Feng's family raised. It is too big and too fierce, and he has found a pocket cute."

"I wish you good luck anyway."

Qiao Mingyue’s body was shocked, and he couldn’t hate the person who took his position.

"Congratulations, it's so easy to get what I haven't been able to get through so many years."

Chen thinks haha, is it easy? When Laozi is half dead, you are not seeing it.

In the evening, Wang Shu took the food and came over. Chen said that he would go back with him.

There was a voice in the ward, "There is rain in the coming week."

Chen’s face is weird, there is rain and rain, how big is it, as for such a formal proposal?

He came to the door and reacted. He lied before saying that he was afraid of thunder and rain.

"Second Lord, can I not go away, just sleep here?"

Qin Feng frowned, "Okay."Chen sneaked his mouth, put it, and then loaded it, and you were sure to be stupid in your heart.

The rain was on the third day, and the thunder was deafening. Chen and Hu Qin were together, not to mention that it was quite like a pair of old wives and wives.

After a while, Chen squatted in the quilt and took the hot sweaty feet to the outside to cool.

After a while, Chen took the arm on his waist and slowly got out of bed and turned over the egg yolk to eat.

The swaying look of the legs, like the fear of thunder and fear of becoming a ball.

There is murderous! Chen Youzhen’s turn back, no abnormalities, his voice of eating is reduced to a minimum.

Eat four egg yolk pies in one breath, half a bottle of cola, Chen lay back, continue to hold the old man, eat enough, and soon fell asleep.

Qin Feng opened his eyes, the twilight was clear, and he was afraid of the rainy night, and in this world, no one should know.

He stared at the people under his eyes, the little liar, who are you? Who sent you to me?

The sleeping man scratched his belly, his mouth opened and he snorted.

The suffocation of Qin Feng’s eyes faded, and he hooked his lips. Since it’s here, I won’t let you go.

For the next two months, Chen and his brothers both slept with Qin Feng, and the whole wife was the same as his wife, and his wife was nothing. He became a pig.

Chen’s life attitude is optimistic and easy to infect people around him. Qin Feng feels that he is much younger and will unconsciously laugh with him and make trouble together.

After leaving the hospital, they have nothing to look at the sunrise, look at the dusk, watch movies, and do games.

When Tang Hao came over a few times, he was all with spicy eyes. He was emotional, oh, the second is no longer the second one.

The media did not dare to report Qin Feng unless he instructed.

One day, a news headline, with a second man and a young hand in hand

Photo of the lake.

The golden fire is gone.

Xiang Xiang was rated as the best employee of the gold, Guo Qiang said that the person on the top of the prince is our golden.

Even Xia Hong has one more title, the fellow of the best employees, those who have not met themselves in their lifetime, and then retreat to the next bumper, his business is good.

Once the year passed, Qin Feng’s evil thoughts were only 0.01, and Chen was ready to leave.

His preparations were prepared for more than three years, and 0.01 was still there. Chen’s anxious mouth was bubbling. This is a bug, this is definitely!

"444, my first mission was lost, dragging on for so long, even the decimal point."

"Oh, sorry, this is the rule."

Chen smiled and said, "My dearest 4 classmates..."

The system is repeated.

Chen was angry again. "You really hate it."


"Hey, there will be momentary evil thoughts in everyone's heart, and there will be moments when evil thoughts completely disappear."

"I don't understand."

Chen is angry, "I don't want to hear you."


Chen found someone in the study. "Second Lord, what do you think of your current life? Is there any dissatisfaction?"

Qin Feng looked up from the file.

Chen held his hand on the table. "I want you to be happy."

Qin Feng raised his eyebrows. "I am very happy."Chen approached him and took off the glasses on his nose. The maintenance was good. The nose was the nose and the eyes were the eyes. "Can you be happy again?"

Qin Feng’s lazy back, “Look at your performance.”

Chen jumped into his lap.

Then even the chairs trembled, and the blue ribs of the forehead of the Qin seal were stretched, "| fart||shares|moved away."

Chen Youzhen, "I will not move if I move away."

Qin Feng put people on the desk and bullied them...

Downstairs, Wang Shu called the next person's soup to be cold, hot again, and cool. When there were footsteps on the stairs, the soup couldn't remember how hot it was.

As the sun sets, the flowers and trees are dyed orange.

Qin Feng went to the dog house, with only three to the garden.

Chen is scared and squats backwards. "Go away and walk away!"

The three big white rabbits are surrounded by Qin Feng, and he is convinced.

Qin Feng waved, "Come here."

Chen shook his head into a rattle and didn't die. In the past few years, he returned to see the three big ones, all of them scared to think of urine.

Qin Feng said, "The people I recognize, they will also recognize."

So hanging? I don't believe that Chen can't take a backache and run away.

Qin Feng ordered, "Come back!"

Chen ran as he ran, "Don't!"

Seeing the youth running without a shadow, Qin Feng’s eyebrows, "I can’t be lawless..."

Wang Shu and a few of his men looked at the sky, not your favorite.

After another year, Chen felt that he would wait for another job, and he should be prepared to give the old Qin to the 50th birthday.

On the day of the early summer, on the way back to the concert, Chen Youyi fell asleep on Qin’s leg, and a mechanical voice appeared in his head. “Hey, the mission is completed, leave the countdown, ten minutes.”

He blinked and slammed.

Qin Feng touched the movements of the young hair, and the tenderness of the eyes still existed. "How?"

Chen sat up again, grabbed his face, pinched his fingers, and put his hand in his pocket. "That, Qin Feng, I want..."

Something fell in his pocket. He bent over and groaned, accidentally picking up something under the seat, and his pupils shrank.

Sitting back, Chen added, "Old Qin, I am thirsty, I want to drink Coke."

Qin Feng looked at him, "Now?"

Chen nodded again. "Yeah." Now, my heart beats so fast, so nervous.

Qin Feng called the driver to buy.

Chen played a small temper, and his mouth sighed. "I want to drink what you bought for me."

Bouncing his forehead, Qin Feng opened the door and went out, "waiting in the car."

Chen made an excuse to let the driver get off the bus. He immediately sat in front, drove the car away from the city center and parked in the suburbs.

|Frozen|Bomb|Start countdown, ten, nine...

Lowering the window, Chen looked at the blue sky and white clouds of the world. He was thinking, saving lives and winning what he was doing.

嘭 - car | explosion | | fried |

Chen’s soul floated to the city center. He saw Qin Feng standing in front of the car. A bottle of Coke and mobile phone fell to the ground. People were stupid.

It should have been received news that the car was loaded with | fried | | bomb |, his little liar turned into ashes.

Chen floated on the top of Qin Feng, watching him stand still, his body swaying and falling to the ground.Floating around him, Chen wants to sigh, but how does the soul sigh?

After leaving the countdown, there was less than a minute left. Chen drifted away again, and suddenly floated back, and hugged Qin Bao.

You must be strong, no matter what happens, we must face the world with a smile.

When Chen’s soul was involved in the next world, the sound of the system sounded. “Hey, the database has been counted, and Mr. Chen has accumulated a good value of 10 million.”

He laughed, hahahahaha I sent it!

- - - - -

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The author has something to say:

(≧▽≦ ≧▽≦ grapefruit drove the car away from the city center, saved many people including Lao Qin, so there are so many good values

- Thank you little angels

Ye Xiaoxiao Xiaoli threw a mine

A bald head throws a mine in the distance

Flying violets threw a mine

Natsume boulder throws a mine

Jingxia threw a mine

Jingxia threw a mine

Natsume boulder throws a mine

The last world threw a mine

Throwing a mine under the chrysanthemum

I also threw a mine in the fire.

Green socks threw a mine

Yuan Yan threw a mine

Delicious dumped 1 mine

Fan Baili threw a mine

Suddenly, silver dyed and threw a mine.

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