Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Extra (3) 尹 寻

Extra (3) 尹 寻

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For Yin Xun, the life of Shuifu Village is very dull. (free full novel

Going out early and returning late, planting a field that is not very good, and the relationship with neighbors is not salty. This is exactly the case, Yin Xun has almost no sense of belonging to this place, even if he was born here and never left. When I was young, the memory of the mountain god was blurred. The description of that person was almost always from the mouth of my grandparents. When the mother abandoned himself as a monster, Yin Xun had already understood his destiny. He was destined to never leave here and leave the place where he was similar to the prison.

Because of physical problems, Yin Xun can't do cooked food, so most of the time, he is eating raw things. What potato sweet potato tomato cucumber, dug out from the ground, put it in your mouth and put a few mouthfuls to fill the hunger, although not hungry, but it is not very good. Occasionally, the harvest is better. If you can get more dishes, he will catch the trucks of others in the village, sell them to the town, and buy some delicious food.

Fortunately, there are enough foods on the mountain, so Yin Xun will not be starved to death, but the most frustrating thing is that he will not die. He is different from ordinary people. His body is full of strange jelly-like objects. He has a low pain and will recover automatically from time to time. Although I don't know what it is, Yin Xun also understands that he is definitely not the same as ordinary people.

Calm like a water-like life makes people desperately desperate. Just when Yin Xun thought that he would live like this in his life, a miracle suddenly came – Lu Qingjiu came back.

Lu Qingjiu is a good friend of Yin Xing's childhood. All his memories of happiness are related to Lu Qingjiu. Yin Xun was ecstatic when he learned that Lu Qingji wanted to return to Shuifu Village and no longer left. When I was young, those happy memories came to my heart again. Yin searched for the food that Lu Qingji gave him. The first time I felt the empty heart, it seemed to be filled with something.

After that, it was full and happy, and the family gradually became more and more lively. Pretending to be a white fox of the fox, it was used as a pig to feed, a group of fighting chickens in the yard, and bees and female ghosts in the backyard.

Yin Xun was addicted to this seemingly ordinary life. He never knew that it was such a small glimpse that he was used as a cage.

For the first time, Yin Xun did not want to leave here as before. Although he occasionally feared that Lu Qingji would leave, his heart continued to suffer for many years, but it was miraculously smoothed.

The cemetery is still a cemetery, but the crow that is parked on it is not called, because the person he calls has already returned.As for the love between Baiyue Fox and Lu Qingjiu, Yin Xun has been in a sincere and fearful mood. He got the inheritance of the previous generation of mountain gods, so in his memory, the horrible creature of the dragon family should have been extinct. Now looking at the spirit of the White Moon Fox, if he can, he simply wants to leave the White Moon Fox for a hundred thousand miles. After all, the dragon is such a horrible creature, and in his eyes, it is just the reserve grain of the Seychelles. However, Lu Qingjiu was indifferent to the horrible atmosphere of the dragons, and even... still talked about love with the dragons.

When I first knew about this, Yin Xun’s whole person was almost not scared. His first reaction was that Lu Qingji was eaten by the dragons. However, after discovering that Baiyuehu did not have this plan, he began to worry. Something else.

The origin of this concern is due to a movie inside the computer.

It was a sad accident. Both he and Lu Qingji saw the contents of the film, and they were instantly shocked by the wonders of human body.

"Do you think it is feasible?" Yin asked his friend, "This is terrible?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Nothing, I will be gentle to him!"

Yin Xun; "..." He was silent for three seconds and decided not to break the beautiful reverie of Lu Qingjiu. Although Bai Yuehu looked beautiful, he couldn't think of it.

After that, as expected by Yin, the morning of the day, Lu Qingjiu disappeared, and it only appeared in the living room in the afternoon. What appeared with him was a white-faced fox with a slap in the face. Yin Xun’s eyes slid down a drop of sympathy, but he still pretended to be shocked. He said that the wine, how your feet are smashed.

Lu Qingji’s gnashing of his teeth said nothing, but he accidentally fell awkwardly and let Yin Xun not worry.

Yin Xing stared at the bad eyes of Bai Yuehu. He understood what was faintly in his heart. He did not dare to ask more questions and quickly shifted the topic.

But since then, this incident has become the heart of Yin Xun, he began to think, two men together, really happy? Just judging from the screen, how does this behavior look so painful?

This problem has plagued Yin Xing for many years until he and Lieutenant became friends.

The relationship between Yin Xun and Shao Shao has grown by leaps and bounds, after the accident of Lu Qingjiu. When the two circles merged, Shuifu Village did not need the mountain god. Yin Xun finally realized his wish and left Shuifu Village.

Only when the long-awaited thing finally became a reality, Yin Xun found that he was not as happy as he had imagined. He saw the scenery outside and tasted the food outside. His mind was about the old house that had been run down in his home, and the amazing cooking of his friends.

Although I went to a lot of places, Yin Xun will go back to Shuifu Village every once in a while to help Xiaohua Xiaohe deal with the chores that can't be done at home, clean the room and the yard, and let the house keep the appearance of the landing.

When Lieutenant knew that Yin Xun was back, he sent a message to him and invited him to come to the house to eat.

Originally, Yin Xun was a little scared. After the last time, the second lieutenant revealed a pair of coveted models of his own.kind. However, Yin Xun remembered that the behemoth had not eaten half of it when he ate half a meal. He felt that he was not so weak, at least not all of it would be eaten.

Moreover, the Shaolin is also the old knowledge of Lu Qingjiu, and it is no problem to see it.

With such thoughts, Yin Xun went to the appointment.

Lieutenant prepared a large table of food for Yin Xun. He smiled and invited Yin Xun to sit down and stared at him with a smile.

Yin Xun was stared at a bit creepy. He carefully took a bite of food on the table and said, "Do you have anything?"

Lieutenant said: "Nothing, just want to talk to you."

Yin seeks: "Oh."

Less and less: "Do you eat yourself and have a diarrhea?"

Yin looked at his eyes: "No."

Lieutenant: "So only if you eat someone, will you have a diarrhea?"

Yin Xun nodded.

Lieutenant came with interest, his eyes almost solidified on Yin Xun's body, his voice slowed down: "I want to try."

Yin Xinggang wanted to ask the Shaohao what he wanted to try. He was pinched by his man sitting next to him, and then a gentle kiss fell. Yin looked at his eyes and wanted to retreat, but he was held down by the younger brother. Back of the head.

"Breathing." I don't know how long it took. Yin Xing even had the feeling of lack of oxygen. The man in front of him only retreated slightly, and spit out two words with a smile in his tone.

"You, you, you--" Yin Xun was scared and almost fell to the ground without rolling, and it took a while to slow down. The whole face was red, and he couldn’t speak. Come. Although in Shuifu Village, he and Lu Qing wine chanted every day and wanted to fall in love, but in his impression, love is not all talking with girls, although there are examples of Lu Qingji and Baiyuehu, but How can Yin Xun compare himself to a dragon?

The younger man laughed. He was beautiful, and the tattoo on his chin followed him with a smile. It brought a charm that made people unable to look away. His voice was low. The fingers were rubbed on Yin’s lips: “It seems to be fine.”

Yin Xun quickly stood up and stepped back. His face was extremely scared. The words in his mouth finally said: "What do you do, how can you chase your loved ones! Your loved ones are responsible!"

Lieutenant said calmly: "I can naturally be responsible."

Yin Xun; "..."

The ensign said again: "It seems that there is no problem in kissing." At least there is no pain in the stomach.

Yin Xun’s cheeks, which were stared at by Shaohao, were about to burn. He took courage and made an angry look: “How can you do this without my consent!”

The ensign is full of innocence: "Sorry, I haven't resisted for a while, I must have asked you next time."

Yin Xun still wants to say something more, but in the eyes of Lieutenant, he is actually a guilty conscience. He hasn’t said anything for a long while, but he rarely sees him, it is a gentle help. He pulled the stool back and motioned for him to sit down.

"Have you talked about love?" asked the younger.

Yin Xun shook his head.

Shaohao said: "Want to try?"Yin Xun looked at the ensign: "Although I want to try it, it is definitely not with you." He can remember that this person used to look at his body and lost his own finger to save his purity. body.

This is not okay, and the expression of a small envy is distorted. It is obviously a picture of the diarrhea that almost died in the toilet. At that time, he even thought that Yin Xun was deliberately engaged in him, but afterwards Observing, he discovered that this hill god is really stupid.

The more I saw it, the more interesting it was. After I heard a lot of news about Yin Xun from Zhu Rong, the second lieutenant did not understand what happened to him. It was actually more and more interested in Yin Xun.

For Yin Xun's refusal, Lieutenant did not mind at all. Wen said: "If you think it's not bad, you can try it first, and..." He deliberately sold it.

"And what?" Yin Xun really got hooked.

"And, you have never talked about love. If you meet someone you like, you don't know how to chase." With less eyes, a purely seduce of the hill god who didn't understand anything in front of him, "Let's try." test."

Yin Xun looked suspiciously at the ensign: "How do you try?"

Shao Shaodao said: "You don't want to go out and go around, I will accompany you."

Yin seeks: "Will you accompany me?" To tell the truth, if the ensignment is other methods, Yin Xun will definitely refuse it immediately, but this method, Yin Xun is somewhat hesitant, although the travel of one person is casual, but in the end Some loneliness, if someone is with you, naturally it is a good thing, can...

"Your bird garden doesn't matter?" Yin asked.

Shao Shaodao said: "The passage between the two circles has been blocked. The non-human beings who can threaten the birds can't get through. I am also a waste of time when I am here. It is better to go around." His tone is sincere. "In addition, the world of mankind has indeed changed tremendously in recent years. It is time to reconsider."

Yin Xun is still hesitating.

The second lieutenant has already thrown a bigger bargaining chip. He said that he knows foreign countries very well and that the language is not difficult. If Yin Xing is willing, he can help Yin find a good passport and the two will go to other countries to see.

Yin Xun was finally moved by the conditions of the second lieutenant, but he still maintained the last reason, and the three chapters of the deserved law, saying that the Lieutenant could not force himself by force during the trip, and they must respect each other.

The younger one should be down, the look of a gentleman, if not just he

Strong kissed Yin Xun, Yin Xing is afraid to believe.

The journey began like this. Yin Xingben thought that when Lu Qingji came back, it was the end of the trip, but he did not expect that the end of himself and the ensign, but the end of their lives. Gd1806102

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