Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Extra (one) winter mysterious thing

Extra (one) winter mysterious thing

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Winter is a monotonous season. (free full novel

As soon as the snow fell, all the colors were replaced with pure white, and looked up and between the heavens and the earth.

The most feared season of people in ancient times was winter.

Because the chilling winter represents silence and death, no plants, no animals, everything is in a deep sleep, only cold and hunger.

Unlike the vibrant spring days, the hot and lively summer days, and the harvesting autumn days, winter is a season of fear and awe.

Winter God always knew this and accepted everything calmly.

"You said why they are afraid of you." The naughty Chunshen held his chin and looked at his gentle-hearted friend. "It is our best to be clear about your temper."

Winter god smiled and said it might be because everyone is afraid of cold.

Chun Shendao: "Why don't you be afraid of summer? Zhu Rongming is the worst temper."

The god of winter is not talking, just looking up, at this time, when the ice is melting, the human world is flourishing. People took off their heavy winter clothes, came out of the warm house, began to cultivate, multiplied, and once again restored their vitality.

Without paying attention to the yelling of Chunshen, Dongshen got up and left, his back appeared a bit lonely, and Chunshen could only sigh.

After the separation of the two circles, the aura of the human world has become increasingly weak, and there are fewer and fewer traces of non-human beings.

However, the cracks left by the separation of the two circles were still a huge problem. There were ten cracks in the year, and the guardian cracks were the Yinglong and the female prostitutes. Later, the cracks gradually merged, and the remaining channels were less and less, and only one left.

For this reason, this channel has become the focus of attention of the two circles, the last chance of the candle dragon.

The candle dragons are also dragons, but they are different from Ying Long, and they are in charge of the underworld. The candle dragon likes to eat, it is ** strong things, the most favorite to swallow the stomach, the least like, but also swallowed the stomach, and Ying Long is somewhat similar. But Ying Long and their biggest difference is that they will control their own **, just like 敖闰 and his lover, obviously like the pain of the apex, but still not willing to eat. If you change the candle dragon, I am afraid that even the bones that have been swallowed will be gone.

Winter god does not like the excitement, he prefers to be alone, but it is similar to the quiet winter.

His friends are afraid of his loneliness, but he often comes to talk with him, and the days go by.

The Four Seasons God is supported by the son-in-law, and also maintains the passage of the two worlds. Nowadays, the blood of the guardian is getting weaker and thinner, and it is really a headache.

Fortunately, there was still some hope at that time. All the four seasons of God were not too worried, but the threat to the dragons was a disease called pollution. So Dongshen found a gap and entered the outside world, trying to find out the pollution. What is the dragon family?In the outside world, the Yinglong family is almost extinct, and they choose a partner who is particularly picky, so the breeding situation is very bad. The candle dragons are just the opposite of them, and there is only one requirement for picking a partner: live. Therefore, the number is large, but although the quantity is up, the quality is down, and the dragon's veins are becoming weaker and even begin to drain.

Winter God has seen it, and it is easy to get rid of the five candle dragons.

The outside world is very big, and it is a hundred times bigger than the human world. In this world of strong people like clouds, he is only a weak four seasons god, so he is very careful. The more he probed, the more he was puzzled. He found that there was no difference between Candle Dragon and Ying Long to some extent. If you must say that they cannot control their own **.

If you want to eat, you will eat. If you want to be angry, you will be angry. If you want to kill, you will kill. You will not consider the consequences of the slightest. They are just like the newborn child, and they have only the purest part of their nature. Morality and feelings cannot restrain them. Only powerful forces can make them surrender.

In the body of the candle dragon, the winter god faintly understands the essence of pollution - the uncontrolled instinct.

This made him think of the human world.

The human world is very attracted to the candle dragon. Since the separation of the two worlds, they have always wanted to come from the passage, even at the expense of organizing several powerful offensives, and the gods of the human world are overwhelmed. At the beginning, Dongshen did not understand why they were so obsessed with the human world. Later, he finally understood, and the ** was attracting the candle dragons.

Unlike non-human beings who are purely power-dependent, human beings are more cowardly and more complex. Their gathering places are very close and numerous, but the ** of every human being is amazing. These ** are good or bad, but they are all the food that the candle dragon loves.

In particular, humans have no power to fight back. Those hot weapons are just like plastic toys in front of the hard armor of the candle dragon.

Therefore, the candle dragons are eager to enter the human world, and now, their last chance is in front of them. The last passage of Shuifu Village, if it disappears again, means that the two circles have never had any chance of integration, which makes the candle dragons become restless and uneasily planning.

Winter God felt the rushing undercurrent of calm water waves.

But this is not the worst. The worst thing is that he got an image after he placed the tree elders in the opposite world.

The tree family has a very special way of inheritance, that is, the generation within the family, sharing all the memories and knowledge gained. The memory and inheritance of other races may be lost, but the tree family does not. This also makes the tree-aged elders, usually full of wisdom, which is the result of the power of the family. The most powerful places of the tree are not their memories.

It is counted.

The tree family is rarely counted, but every one must be accurate.

The tree that Dongshen found was the patriarch of the tree family. It offered to raise the most worrying thing for the winter god.

"The image is not very good." The old tree speaks slowly and calmly, but it is like an old man. "No...accurately speaking, it is very bad."Winter god sits on the branch and frowns slightly: "What solution?"

Laoshu said: "Their blood is about to be cut off."

Winter gods live.

The old tree said: "The most up to two generations... This is already the best result."

If other people say this, the god of winter will certainly question, but the old tree is spoken.

"Is there any way to crack it?" After a long silence, Winter God can only ask.

"No solution, no solution..." The old tree's words made the winter god's heart cold. It said, "Xuan Ming, this thing... no solution."

The winter god jumped out of the trunk and circled the old tree. He raised his brow and had not spoken for a long time.

When the old tree sees it, it can only comfort him. He said that there is a law between the heavens and the earth. Some things are not obtained by force. Moreover, the integration of non-human and human boundaries may not be a bad thing, perhaps a human opportunity.

"Opportunity?" Dongshen said, "The human body is now so weak. If the two realms really blend together, they are just a dish in the mouth." Human beings are very resilient races, and the old trees do make sense. They may find vitality from them, but the premise of discovering vitality is to fall into an irreparable death. Winter gods dare not think about how many people will die in the end.

The old tree sighs, but it is said that there is no way to say the blood of the guardian. From the point of view of the elephant, the guardian will disappear completely. As for how to disappear, the elephant is not so specific.

The winter god was silent for a long time, suddenly looked up and touched the old tree: "Then you will help me to count another one."

Laoshu said: "What do you want to count?"

Winter god spit out a word from his mouth.

The old tree smelled a big change: "You..."

Dong Shendao: "I just want to know, there is no way to crack."

The old tree sighed, and then the winter god was counted again, but this squatting down, his lush foliage began to quickly yellow, until the entire canopy spread. When the winter god saw it, he called the old tree to stop, but the old tree did not speak until the end.

"There is a way to do it." He said, "It’s really my life to look at the secrets. This time the image is very simple, just four words."

Dong Shendao: "Which four words?"

Old tree road: "Break and stand."

The god of winter stunned: "When you break it, what do you mean, does it mean that the two worlds must merge?"

The old tree does not understand.

The winter god thought for a long time, but he suddenly thought of something. He was shocked. "I suddenly remembered that there was a passage that was broken..."

The old tree wondered: "Well?"

Winter God said: "The passage was broken by the candle dragon, but the two worlds did not merge."

Old tree road: "How come?"

Winter God said: "It was because the guardian at that time repaired the broken part. After that, the passage disappeared..." He laughed. "It is indeed broken and standing."

The old tree smelled a bit stunned: "You want to..."

Winter god licked the old tree with his cheek, saying that old man, I may have to leave for a long time, don't think about me, wait for me to finish all these things, then come back to talk to you.Let's go and let the old tree go. The decades of the Terran have been nothing but white, and it may be that the Winter God has already dealt with it and came back to chat with him.

Winter God returned to the human world, and at this time he already knew what he needed to do. He found a lover of jealousy and told her about the fact that their blood would be cut off.

It’s just that the winter god said it is more subtle, and said that if you leave here, it is possible to stop the accident.

"This is true, they really will have an accident?" Fang Ruhui is anxious, she and the god of winter have known each other for several years, knowing that although this god is in charge of the harsh winter, it is the best temper, and will not take this kind of It’s a joke, "What should I do?"

"Leave here before pregnancy." Winter God said, "The only way to save your child is to do so."

When Fang was like Huixin, she began to try to express her wish to leave Shuifu Village. At that time, Yan and Fang, such as Hui Zheng, were in love. The two men were glued like paint, and Fang Ruhui felt something about it. Naturally, they would not be willing, and they had any accidents with their children.

This was just the beginning. Afterwards, there were some accidents in Fang’s family, which made her feel better about leaving. But she didn't realize that when she said she was going to go, her temper would become irritable, and even some could not control herself. This kind of violent temperament became more and more intense until it was determined that it was contaminated.

It was a sunny afternoon. Fang Ruhui was lying in the yard. She heard the familiar footsteps. When she opened her eyes, she saw a face that was completely different from her face. The black hair of her lover. It turned red, and there seemed to be a flame burning in the eyes.

"Do you want to leave me so much?" The open-faced lover, with a white tooth in his mouth, said, "I have eaten you, are you not going to leave?"

Fang Ruhui was scared, she knows awkwardly, and knows that he is not joking at this time.

"Why have you always wanted to leave me?

? "Hey, "Is it not good to stay here forever?" ”

Fang Ruhui had not had time to answer, but the sound of the air broke out outside the house, but the winter god arrived, and after some fighting, he drove away.

Fortunately, at this time, there is still some ambition, and there is no fight with the god of winter, but the wolf is leaving.

"What happened to him?" Fang Ruhui asked.

"He was polluted." Winter god said, "Your state is also wrong. I helped you find a doctor..."

Fang Ruhui knows that she is pregnant.

At that time, although she knew the word pollution, she did not know that the original contaminated dragon was this appearance. From the beginning to the end, she did not understand why she was polluted. Everyone was full of stunned, but only the god of winter knew the reason.The dragons who originally fell in love with humans are really easy to be polluted. Winter god is sitting on the branches and thinking. He looks at the humans who are chasing and chasing under the trees, and suddenly understands why they don't like winter. The snow is soft, frozen together, but it will become hard ice. Just like the god who controls the winter, he should pity the world like the gods of the four seasons, but after learning the tragedy caused by himself, there is no grief. I even started to plan what I should do next.

Such a god should not be liked.

Winter god laughed.

After the accident, the winter god disappeared, and the other four seasons gods could not find him anyway, but at least he knew that he was still alive, and he was relieved.

Fang Ruhui wished to give birth to a woman, but after she grew up, she sent her out of Shuifu Village, and she would not let her stay here again.

It disappeared with the god of winter, and he also came back once, on the day that Fang Ruhui produced.

On that day, the clouds were covered with clouds, and Fang Ruhui heard the beasts from the air. She was holding her child weakly, thinking that she was coming back to visit her, but she did not expect that it was his ruthless attack. If the Four Seasons God has been watching alongside, I am afraid that she and her children will enter the awkward stomach.

At this point, Fang Ruhui completely stunned his heart.

However, despite this, the days still have to pass, and the children grow up day by day, but they have never seen their father. Fang Ruhui is also used to such a day, she finally vaguely understands why 敖闰 will become like this, because she always wants to leave Shuifu Village.

As a tenant, you can't go. So he felt that Fang Ruhui wanted to leave himself. So every day, every year, feelings gradually accumulated and eventually broke out.

After Fang Ruhui wanted to understand, it was ridiculous at first. She did not think that the dragons were such a fragile creature that they were so difficult to control their own. Later, she only felt pain, because she couldn't think about it. When she was with her, how much self-control was made, she did not show her strong and fearful **.

But fortunately, she at least understood, and never stepped out of the water.

Fang Ruhui still remembers the words of the winter god, of course, sometimes there will be some doubts about this, but the winter god does not have a reason to harm her. And this prophecy, until the child grows up, even marry and have children, the grandson was born, Fang Ruhui will throw it behind. But she did not think that the prophecy was actually achieved.

It was a sunny summer. Fang Ruhui’s daughter came back to Shuifu Village to visit her. Although her daughter always wanted to take her mother out of this remote mountain village, she had been rejected by her mother. They all came back to visit their mother.

Fang Ruhui received a phone call a few days ago and learned that her daughter is coming back today. She is very happy. She has prepared a lot of food as usual, waiting for them to come back.

But in the end, she only heard a loud bang, but she did not wait for anything.

The daughter died and died in the mouth of her lover. Her lover swallowed the crystal of their love into her stomach.When Zhu Rong said these things, he has been very cautious in choosing the wording. He is still observing the expression on Fang Ruhui’s face. It seems that he is afraid of stimulating her too much. Fang Ruhui is calm from beginning to end, and finally Say something: "I know, thank you."

"You... don't be too upset." Zhu Rong said.

Fang Ruhui smiled and rolled his hair to his ear: "Well, it's not sad."

I wish you a dull.

However, it is not difficult to say that Fang Ruhui’s body has begun to weaken rapidly. From this incident to his death, it is only two years.

Her grandson Lu Qingji returned to Shuifu Village to help her host the funeral. He did not know that while the funeral was going on, there was another person who looked at him secretly.

"Are you still leaving?" Friends Yin Xun asked carefully.

"Well, I have to finish the study." Lu Qingjiu said, "I don't know after..."

"Oh." Yin Xun tried to comfort his good friend. "Then you must refuel, you must take care of your body, or you will know that you will be sad."

Lu Qingjiu’s words showed a tired smile. I don't know why, I always refused to leave Shuifu Village. Even when I was seriously ill, I was not willing to go to other places for treatment. At that time, my parents had an accident. He was thinking about going back here to accompany him, but he was degraded to study. The reason is tough to refuse.

"You have to finish the university at least." He touched the hair of his grandson, and his tone was full of kindness. "Is it a waste of your mother and my old bones in the small mountain village." Father's efforts."

The beggar said that Lu Qingjiu can only say that when he finishes college, he will come back to accompany him. It doesn’t matter if he does not leave Shuifu Village. Let’s

I have been here all my life.

The rumor is a smile, she said: "Is it bad outside, come back to do something, you have a good time, you are happy, as for not going out... that doesn't matter."

Lu Qingjiu heard the words, but he thought that he must come back. Later, he graduated from college and wanted to come back. However, he did not agree with the death and death. Lu Qingjiu wanted to grind it and let him leave Shuifu Village, but he did not expect that he had not made a result, and he had already left.

Without accompanying the old man to leave, it was the last regret of Lu Qingjiu in this life. This regret continued until he returned to Shuifu Village.

Winter God quietly waited for this to happen. He looked at the cockroaches being polluted. Fang Ruhui’s daughter died tragically. Fang Ruhui died and Lu Qingjiu returned to Shuifu Village. It was like a strange reincarnation. He said to the people around him: "If I didn't do this, wouldn't it all happen?"

The child beside him didn't seem to understand the meaning of his words. There was some ignorance between the gods, the god of winter... No, it was Xuanyu accurately, and he laughed: "Okay, you still don't understand it, but it doesn't matter, You will understand soon."

I don't know when it started, the winter god is also polluted. He didn't even realize when he was polluted, why he was polluted, he was a thin god, and only a strong love for human beings drove him to do all this.Is it that this feeling is too hot, and it leads to the pollution of my soul? Xuan Yu did not understand, and simply did not want to.

Fortunately, he quickly found a solution to the problem of pollution. He divided his soul into two, letting the part controlled by the ** exist as a true winter god, while he himself stripped the power but saved it. memory.

As long as the two worlds merge, human beings will rely more on him. He can protect human beings and let them no longer fear themselves. As for the time when they don’t believe that they can’t be resurrected, they’re never in the winter god’s consideration.

Unsurprisingly, the soul completely occupied by ** made what Xuanyu expected. He left the side of Xuanyu and chose to cooperate with Candle Dragon.

Xuan Yu has no power, the body begins to become weak, and only appears in the coldest hours. He felt a little ridiculous. It was not only the dragons, but even the gods were full of **. This kind of ** is the source of pollution. Even if it is only a small point of unwillingness, after infinite amplification, it will be full of the power of destruction.

Fortunately, everything is in accordance with the development of the Xuanyu plan, Lu Qingjiu is still back, like the fate arrangement, returned to Shuifu Village.

At this time, Xuan Yu also understood the meaning of the old tree, why the guardian will sever the generation of Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qingjiu is actually in love with Ying Longyue, and the two are the same as males. Naturally, there is no possibility of breeding offspring. Even Lu Qingjiu thinks that with the singularity of Haoyue, as long as the possibility of a little bit Sex will be ruthlessly obliterated, and the moon will not be reasonable to consider the point of human inheritance.

"Ah, it’s really interesting." Xuanyu walked in the snow, but enjoyed the feeling of the cold snow fluttering on his cheek. His mouth was a gentle and compassionate smile. "Lu Qingji, what will you end up with? Choose it."

He has always been a tolerant person and will not force people to make choices. Lu Qingjiu can choose to save the world, or he can choose to leave with Baiyue Fox. Of course, the final choice of Lu Qingji also determines the destiny of mankind.

There is a golden light flashing on the horizon, and there is a red dragon to spy on it. Xuanyu stands in the snow and sees a blue ice butterfly dancing and rushing toward it.

He closed his eyes and smiled at the corner of his mouth, but it was even more brilliant. Gd1806102

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