Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 103

Chapter 103

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The park near the company is usually overcrowded in the afternoon. (Free full novels include aunts dancing in the park square, mothers who push children to play in the park, and occasionally some students with drawing boards. In short, the entire park is very lively.

It’s just that the weather is too hot today. There are no people in the park. Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu went to the old tree and sat down on the flower bed next to the old tree.

The scorching sun shines through the lush foliage of the old trees, and makes mottled light and shadow on the ground. Lu Qing wine touches the trunk of the old tree and calls for the name of his friend.

The old tree has never responded. When Lu Qingji was in a hurry, Bai Yuehu stood up and said that he went to other places first, and gave time and space to Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qing wine looked blank and didn't understand why Moon Fox did this. Bai Yuehu explained: "It may feel my breath and dare not speak."

Lu Qingjiu: "Ah?" He didn't even think about it.

"Nothing, you talk." Bai Yuehu said, "I am waiting for you at the gate of the park."

Then he turned and left.

After Baiyuehu left, it took about five or six minutes. After Lu Qingjiu, the sound of the old tree really sounded, but there was some trembling in the voice: "Liquor, you, are you okay?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "I am fine."

Laoshu said: "How come you and the dragon are back, so terrible creatures..."

Lu Qingji said that I not only returned with the dragon, I also fell in love with the dragon, of course, he did not dare to stimulate the old tree, just explained that the white moon fox is not the same as the general dragon, the temper is very good, and never I have done something to hurt him.

The old tree is not arguable about Lu Qingjiu. It is only a strong expression that the dragons are very dangerous creatures, and from the perspective of memory inheritance, there is nothing good for humans who have made good friends with the dragon.

Lu Qingjiu just smiled and listened. The old tree also made some determination from his silence. After a long sigh, he did not continue the topic and talked about other things.

For a year, for the longevity of the old tree, it is just the effort of the finger, just different from the previous years, the old tree has accompanied his partner, as if life has become interesting, not like the previous one. Bored. Lu Qingjiu was somewhat worried about Laoshu and Wusong, but now it seems that the two are still getting along well, and they have let go of their hearts.

Speaking of Wu Hao, the old tree seems to have opened the words, saying that he is a knife and a tofu, although the mouth is not good, but in fact very understanding, spent a lot of time to chat with himself, with such a partner I am very happy. However, the fly in the ointment is that after Wu Hao can hear him, he can also hear some other non-human creatures to speak, and even see them occasionally. This situation will add a lot of trouble to Wu Hao.Lu Qing wine quietly listened to the old tree, and felt like he had returned to the most difficult time of the past few years. At that time, he just entered the company, and he was not familiar with other colleagues, but he knew the old man. The tree and the old tree are especially fond of chanting, and the scent of the Qing dynasty has an umbrella on a rainy day, and the cold days are added to help the Luqing wine to survive the worst years.

At this time, the old problem of the old tree was committed again. After chanting for a long time, I realized that I had too many words. I was a little too embarrassed. "Oh, you don't remind me. I said this for an hour." ""

Lu Qingji smiled: "Nothing, you said, I am willing to listen."

The old tree whispered: "No, don't let the dragon wait."

Lu Qingjiu: "It doesn't matter." He finally came back and believed that Baiyue Fox could understand his occasional waywardness.

The old tree said: "You really don't plan to come back?"

"Not coming back." Lu Qingjiu is very sure, "but I come to the grave every year, we can see it every year."

The old tree snorted with regret.

Lu Qing wine looked at the mobile phone, and now it is almost the dinner time agreed by Zhu Xi. When he gets up, he plans to say goodbye to the old tree, saying that he has finished his meal, and then come over to accompany the old tree for a chat.

The old tree is awkward, and there seems to be something to say.

"Is there anything I want to tell me?" Lu Qingji asked. "You say, I listen."

Old tree road: "Is..."

Lu Qingjiu: "Well?"

The old tree said: "Do you remember the phenomenon that I gave to your parents?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Remember naturally." It is also a coincidence that if the old tree did not count on his parents, he would not return to Shuifu Village, and would not know Baiyuehu.

Laoshu said: "Do you think this is the right thing?"

"It's quite accurate." Lu Qingjiu, "My parents, really did not die from accidents."

The old tree was silent for a moment, but the voice was a little low. He said: "In fact, a few days before you came back, I also gave you a trip."

Lu Qingjiu: "How?"

The old tree said: "Not very good."

Lu Qingji sighed: "It's bad?"

Laoshu said: "I don't understand much..." He groaned. "The elephant said, "Let you stay away from the water, but you can say that life is in the water. Isn't this contradictory?"

Lu Qingjiu: "What do you say?"

The old tree read out the scorpion: "When the mountain is poor and the water is intrinsic, the village of Liu is difficult to stay in the future, not into the water, it is inevitable, and the landscape is difficult." This image is different from the general ,. The verses calculated by the methods unique to their people,

Hidden in poetry, this method generally consumes a lot of vitality, so the old tree will rarely count. At present, it has only been counted three times, twice for Lu Qingji and once for Wu Hao.

After the previous calculations were over, it was only after the completion of the calculations, the old tree felt fear, and he had a sense of crisis that he was sneaked into the road. The old tree did not understand why Lu Qingji had a relationship with Tiandao, until he saw Baiyuehu, who came back with Lu Qingjiu, to understand why.The dragons are born in accordance with the heavens. They accurately say that they are the races that maintain the heavens. The Luqing wines that are related to the dragons are naturally inextricably linked with the heavens, so this is probably the last time he was fortune telling Lu Qing wine. It is.

Lu Qingjiu read his own vision and felt that there was an unknown atmosphere inside, but after reading it carefully, I felt a little confused. The front image seems to be saying that the next road is very difficult to walk, but the last few words suggest that the vitality is there.

Lu Qing wine tasted for a while and said: "I know, then I will be careful."

"Yeah." The old tree chanted. "You have a good temper, you must have a good report, and you won't have an accident."

Lu Qingji laughed and snorted.

When he saw that time was almost up, he bid farewell to the old tree and went to the park gate to pick up the White Moon Fox.

Bai Yuehu asked them what they had talked about. Lu Qingjiu told the white moon fox that the old tree was counted. Bai Yuehu frowned and listened to silence.

The two kept the strange atmosphere in this way and went downstairs to the company, just happened to meet Zhu Xi downstairs.

Zhu Xi saw that both of them were silent and wondered: "What are you two, why don't you talk?"

Lu Qingjiu: "It's okay, isn't it asking you to ask me to eat?"

Zhu Xi said: "Hah, you come less, I have already thought about it, there is a white moon fox, we must go to eat buffet."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." seems to make sense.

Zhu Xi took up her sleeves and said that she had already inquired about the famous self-help in the city a few days ago. She chose a good price and good taste, and waited for them to come. Lu Qingjiu accepted the challenge.

This buffet is not the same as the last Japanese meal, it is hot pot and barbecue, in the middle is a hot pot, next to the barbecue plate. The food here is also fresh, cooked and raw, all taken by yourself. After they were seated, they were quickly filled with all kinds of food in front of them, and the waiters passing by were exposed to the hustle and bustle, probably worried about their waste.

However, soon, the doubtful look turned into a stunned look, because the plate next to the food began to decrease rapidly, Lu Qingjiu and Zhu Xi soon became full, and both of them began to feed the white moon fox, one hot pot One person barbecue, Bai Yuehu is responsible for eating with chopsticks.

"My mother, Baiyuehu is too big for this food." Zhu Xi was amazed. "There are so many big stomach kings now, I see that he is also a way out for eating and drinking..." White Moon Fox looks like this, Coupled with this huge amount of food, how to see how to eat the new darling of the broadcast.

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "If you want to make a meal, you have to find something to eat first."

Zhu Xi said: "Is this not self-help?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "There is no such thing as a meal. Every day, you can't eat the self-help boss."

Zhu Xi looked at the appearance of the white moon fox, and felt a bit reasonable. To be honest, Bai Yuehu was eating this way. She really doubted that he would be dragged into the blacklist by the restaurant owner next time.As the plates next to Baiyuehu piled up, the eyes of the people around him became more and more surprised. Even some people picked up their mobile phones and prepared to take pictures. Lu Qingjiu was not good, and he quickly called Baiyuehu to leave, afraid to Continue to eat will be surrounded by people in the restaurant, and it is time to finish business at 9 o'clock.

When the three people walked, they seemed to be very guilty about the thief who stole something. Even their eyes didn't dare to look around and quickly left the restaurant.

When he got outside, Lu Qingji asked Zhu Xi if he wanted to eat a cone to eliminate food. Zhu Xi happily agreed. Baiyuehu still has some unsatisfactory appearance. Lu Qingji has a cheeky face and touched his belly. He still feels that there is no bulging hand. Several pieces of abdominal muscles are clearly shaped under the t-shirt, and there is no softness at all.

Lu Qingji touched his stomach again, feeling that his stomach had a small piece of his stomach. He had a feeling of vomiting slightly according to the key points, and quickly took over his hand.

“Let's find a place to sit and eat, right?” Zhu Xi suggested. “There are several good bars in the neighborhood.”

Lu Qingjiu: "Do you still play now?"

In the past, when I was in a lot of work, Zhu Xi liked to soak in the bar, drink and drink, and I was lucky enough to meet a few cute little brothers. Sometimes she is drunk, Lu Qingjiu will help send her home, because this time, Lu Qingjiu will swear Zhu Xi, let her pay attention to safety when she goes alone.

"No." Zhu Xi shook his head. "It’s getting older, I can’t move it. Now I have to add a beer. Oh, I think there’s a red bar in the bar. It’s super delicious, go?”

Lu Qingji thought about it anyway, it’s still early, and when I go back to the hotel, I have nothing to do, so I should be down.

The three of them walked toward the bar. Zhu took a sweet tube and picked up the phone. Well, after half a day, he hung up and said: "Wu always knows that you are coming, and I want to come over for a drink, you mind. ?"

Lu Qingji Road: "Wu Hao?"

Zhu Xi said: "Yes."

Lu Qingjiu: "Well... let's do it." He also wanted to talk to Wu Hao about his current situation.

When chatting with the old tree in the afternoon, he learned from the old tree that Wu Hao was in a bad state recently. It seems that he was always disturbed by nightmares. Because the old tree could not leave the park, he did not find out the reason for a while, and he was worried. Lu Qingji thinks that Baiyuehu is here anyway. It is better to let Baiyuehu help Wu Hao to see if he can find the reason.

Zhu Xi said that Wu Hao said that his temper has been much better since Lu Qingjiu left, and he is also awkward, and the atmosphere in the team is much better.

Lu Qingji thought that this might be a happy event.

Entering the bar, Zhu Xi ordered the drinks and snacks. This time she chose a quiet clear, the atmosphere was quiet, a singer with a guitar sitting in the middle of the stage singing a small song that no one had ever heard. Lu Qingjiu drank the red jujube beer that Zhu Xi said. He didn't expect the taste to be much better than he thought. He always felt warm in his mouth.

Zhu Xi was eating potato chips and said: "Wu Hao is here."Lu Qingjiu looked at Zhu Xi’s line of sight and saw Wu Hao. He changed his suit and wore a white shirt and a cowboy. The tall and straight posture attracted a lot of people’s attention. Of course, they are here. The best thing to look at is the White Moon Fox, although all the attention of the White Moon Fox is on the fruit plate in front of it.

"I haven't seen you for a long time." Wu Hao sat down beside Lu Qingjiu and greeted him warmly.

"Wu hasn't seen you for a long time." Lu Qingji smiled.

Wu Emei: "Don't take me to joke, whoever resigned or who is yours, call me Wu Hao."

Lu Qingji smiled and responded.

I don't know if it is my own psychological effect, or the light here is too dim. After Lu Qingqu has looked at Wu Hao, I feel that his face is not good-looking. The eyes are blue and green. It is quite awkward. Lu Qingjiu Road: "Why, is it not good to rest recently? How can it look so tired?"

Wu Hao pinched his eyes and said helplessly: "Yeah, I haven’t had a good rest recently." He said, looking at Zhu Xi.

Lu Qingjiu understood the meaning of Wu Hao and said: "She knows everything, just say it." Wu Hao is probably worried that Zhu Xi does not know those non-human things, so he gave Lu Qingji a look.

Wu Hao heard a sigh of relief. He raised his hand and unbuttoned his shirt. He sat on the sofa without maintaining his upright posture. "I can't sleep recently, I always hear something in my ear. Speaking."

Lu Qingjiu: "Looking?"

"Yeah." Wu said, "It is a human voice, and I can't hear what I am saying, and I am mentally weak."

Lu Qingjiu said: "What is the specific law?"

Wu Haodao: "I also said bad, anyway, just like talking to my ear."

Lu Qingjiu ate the white moon fox and fed the apple to his mouth: "When is this sound usually?"

Wu Hao said: "Before I went to sleep, I was fine on weekdays, but as long as I slept..." He sullenly stunned. "I also asked the old tree. It said that it could not understand."

The ability to hear non-human speaking content is good or bad for him. The advantage is that he can communicate with the old tree unimpeded. The downside is that he will be forced to hear a lot of voices that he does not want to hear. Sometimes he will get into trouble. The provoked thing.

Lu Qingjiu: "Is this sound only in your home, or when you sleep in other places?"

Wu Hao said: "Everything is more loud at home." His expression is helpless and mixed with pleading. Obviously, Luqing wine is regarded as a savior. "Sake, you must help me, this voice again. I can't handle it, I have to be mentally divided."

Lu Qingjiu: "Moon Fox, what do you have?"

Baiyuehu is still struggling with the fruit plate. Hearing the question of Lu Qingjiu, he reluctantly put down his toothpick and looked at Wu Hao.Wu Hao was chilled by the cold eyes of Bai Yuehu. He was the first to see Baiyuehu. When he sat down, he noticed the unusual gas field of Baiyuehu. He was still considering it. Do you want to say hello to Baiyuehu, but if you don’t have the meaning to introduce Lu Qingjiu, you will simply do it. At this time, Baiyue Fox stared at him with a bad look. He actually had a sense of crisis in the back.

"Ah... I forgot to introduce it." Lu Qingjiu, "This is my boyfriend, called Baiyue Fox."

Wu Hao lived. It seemed that he was shocked by the introduction of Lu Qingji. He was quiet for a while and then whispered: "Are you gay?"

Lu Qingji Road: "It should be."

Wu Hao: "Then you used to..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "I only found him when I met him."

Bai Yuehu stared coldly at Wu Haodao: "What is the problem?"

Wu Hao quickly shook his head and said that there was no problem at all. He also saw that he had to help him with this month. Don’t say that Baiyuehu is a man. Even if Baiyuehu is a grass on the side of the road, he has to say two. People are really very good...

Lu Qingji smiled and let Bai Yuehu not scare Wu Hao, Bai Yuehu regained his eyes.

Wu Hao felt that his back was wet. He didn't know what happened to him. He obviously used to see a lot of big scenes, but he was so scared that he was so scared by his eyes. It seems that the survival instinct engraved in the bones tells him that he must not move. If he moves, he will be bitten off his head...

"I don't see any reason." Bai Yuehu said, "The smell on his body is very messy." He lifted his eyelids lazily. "Go to a place where you shouldn't go."

Wu Hao’s smile.

Lu Qingji quickly asked where Wu Hao went, Wu

I have to say a few words, I can’t be fooled. I said that after he understood the non-human dialogue, he found a very interesting place. Everywhere, the place will open a market. Non-humans will sell a lot of gadgets at the market. After he found out, he worried that the old tree would not let him go, he concealed it, and he went sneaking a few times. There were no accidents in the past few times, but after he came back last month, he started in the ear. There was a strange voice, and he did not dare to say to the old tree. He could only hold on to the scalp. He planned to find a time to go to Shuifu Village to ask Lu Qingjiu, but he heard that Lu Qingji would come back in August, so there would be no past.

After Lu Qingjiu and Zhu Xi’s listening, they all showed a look that you would really die.

Zhu Xi is very rude to say: "Wu, I don't see it, do you have such a childlike heart?"

Wu Hao coughed and his face was very embarrassing. He said, "Is this not curious?"

Zhu Xi: "Can't be curious."

Wu Haodao: "Hey..."

Zhu Xi: "Well?"

Wu Hao said: "You asked me about the cleansing seaweed, I bought it from that market."

Zhu Xi: "..." She was silent for half a minute, and whispered a sentence. "Wu, I will take it to me in the next time?"

Wu Hao: "Oh."Lu Qingjiu is really unable to listen to it, saying that you two are almost on the line, what kind of cleansing seaweed can be used to change?

Zhu Xi’s goods are still whispering, saying that the cleansing seaweed is particularly easy to use. It’s all gone with a blackhead. It’s a beauty artifact with the honey from the Luqing wine house. The sisters and sisters in the company are all rushing to Unfortunately, there is only a small can...

Lu Qingjiu heard the groan in her tone and laughed at the time.

Wu Hao came to the strength, and introduced a few interesting little things, what to sit on the giant comfortable cushion, what can be done after the smell of the sachet, what can never eat the apple ah ... land Sake clearly noticed that when he introduced the endless apple, the white moon fox eyes sitting next to it lit up very clearly, and the inside began to flash a little star called expectation.

Lu Qingjiu: "...It’s almost ok, are you selling Amway, or are you solving the problem?"

Wu Hao quickly shut up and said that he was to solve the problem.

"Others, let's go to your home to see those little things?" Zhu Xi has begun to flex his muscles. "Don't you say that the situation at home is the most serious? The source must be at home!"

Wu Hao: "...Go?" He looked at Baiyue Fox and Lu Qingjiu.

Baiyuehu did not speak. Lu Qingjiu already knew the idea of ​​his family's foxes at this time. He had some helplessness in his tone: "Let's go, take a look."

Zhu Xi: "Yeah!"

Wu Hao: "Yeah!"

There is no yeah in the white moon fox, but the shiny eyes have already come out for his mouth.

So the four settled their accounts and went out to sit on the small truck of Lu Qingjiu. Wu Hao sat in the back seat and asked the sentence when Lu Qingjiu bought the car. It was quite new.

Lu Qing wine is very straightforward to say that this car is not bought, it is an animal.

"What changed that?" Zhu Xi excited. "Is it a horse?" Just like the white dragon horse painted in the comic book.

Lu Qingjiu said: "No."

"What is that?" asked Zhu Xi.

Lu Qingji Road: "Yes."

Both Zhu Xi and Wu Hao were stunned and seemed to be digesting the name.

Lu Qingji was afraid that they didn't understand it, and he explained it intimately: "The common name is the noseworm."

The next moment, the car rang out with a sharp scream: "Ah, ah, shut up, don't say it again, I don't want to listen!!! I don't want to listen!!!" gd1806102

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