Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 88 Dragon Boat Festival

Chapter 88 Dragon Boat Festival

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The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival that still has strong characteristics in modern times. Free full-text novels (eat scorpions, row dragon boats, drive five poisons, and do a lot of things. Lu Qingjiu started preparing early, bought herbs hanging at his door, bought hazelnut leaves and glutinous rice, wrapped in A variety of tastes of the scorpion.

At the Dragon Boat Festival, Zhu Hao ran to Shuifu Village during the holidays. Since she tasted the most natural food in Shuifu Village, she never forgot the wonderful taste. She almost ran to this place. There are colleagues in the unit who don’t know the truth. They started her joke with Lu Qingji and asked if she was secretly in love with Lu Qingji, otherwise she was so reluctant to go to the backcountry. For this kind of statement, Zhu Xi expressed great disdain and said, "You will laugh at me now. When you bring me honey and hair to the back, don't cry and ask me."

As soon as I heard honey and raw hair, the people in the unit changed their attitude towards Zhu Xi instantly, and they pleaded with Zhu Xi adults to have a large number, and don’t care about them. I don't blame them for snobbery. I don't need to talk about it. I can't grab the online rush. As for the honey, the taste is not only good, but also the beauty effect. No matter how many acne on the face, apply a layer of honey to sleep, the next day acne will be gone. And if it is a skin without acne, after applying this honey, the skin will become smooth and soft, and even the wrinkles will fade a lot.

Because the beauty effect of this honey has been warmly loved by the company's female compatriots, the Dragon Boat Festival is going to work overtime, but the top executives of Zhu Xi have made an exception to her, just to find such a small jar of honey. Go home and please your wife.

Zhu Xi also got a three-day holiday and returned to Shuifu Village with snacks and fruits from big bags.

Sitting on the small truck of Lu Qingjiu, Zhu Xi and Lu Qingji chatted about the sky. This colleague and her words reminded her of one thing. This Luqing wine is twenty-seven, and has not yet made a girlfriend, Shuei There are so few villagers, and I don’t know how to solve his lifelong events.

"It has been solved." Lu Qing wine eyes do not squint look at the road ahead.

"Ah?" Zhu Xi took three seconds to reflect the meaning of Lu Qingjiu's discourse. He suddenly opened it. "Resolved, what does it mean? Who are you in love with, why don't you say it to me?"

Lu Qingjiu is very calm: "You will know when you go."

Zhu Xi suspiciously observed the expression of Lu Qingjiu: "I remember that there are no young girls in Shuifu Village. They are all aunts and aunts. Are you..."

Lu Qingjiu is a bit helpless: "Not aunt."

Zhu Xi: "Where is the aunt, isn't the aunt a grandfather, then you are too alive."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Zhu Xi: "Big Brother, don't talk, I am a little scared."Lu Qing liquor can't be laughed, but he doesn't want to talk to Zhu Xi, just let her see it. Zhu Xi was very embarrassed all the way, afraid of Lu Qingjiu doing something hunger and food. After all, she can't accept her friends and a big man in her fifties to have a twilight love...

When I arrived at home, Yin Xun helped to bring the big bag of things that Zhu Xi brought to the car. Zhu Xiji quickly asked Yin Xun and said, "Hey, Yin Xun, I heard that Sake is in love."

Yin seeks: "Yes."

Zhu Xi: "How old is his love object?"

Yin Xun originally bent over to mention things. Hearing this expression was a bit strange. He said: "You ask what to do."

Zhu Xi said: "I am not worried about sake, I am afraid that he is looking for a young age... There are not many young people in this village. Besides you and Lu Qingjiu, I really didn't see other young girls."

Yin Xun thought about it. To be honest, he really didn't know the age of Baiyuehu, but since Baiyuehu came to the human world at the time of the Luqing wine cellar, it should be the same as that of the generation. People, so he didn't think much about it, he said what he thought.

Zhu Xi: "..."

Yin Xun: "... Zhu Xi, what is your mouth so big?"

Zhu Xi’s difficult hand reached out and raised his chin. He said: “How old are you talking about Lu Qing’s love?”

Yin Xun: "I didn't say it, he married the generation."

Zhu Xi: "How big?"

Yin Xun: "... Anyway, it is bigger than Luqing."

Zhu Xi’s consciousness is vague, and an old face with a sloping face has emerged in her mind. She barely stabilized her mind and revealed a smile like a cry. She said, “Well, no matter what kind of decision is made by sake, I am... …support him."

Yin Xun looked at Zhu Xi inexplicably. He thought that Zhu Xi had long known that Lu Qingjiu and Bai Yuehu were in love. After all, Zhu Xi was a good friend of Lu Qingjiu, and he always knew that there were unusual objects in his family.

With a box of small pineapples, Zhu Xi slowly walked into the yard, and his eyes slowly looked around for a sigh of relief. She did not see the old man who was imagining, sitting in the yard with a kind smile, which made her suffer a lot.

"You sit, I will pour you a cup of milk." Lu Qingjiu picked up his sleeves and planned to cook. "I stewed braised pork at noon, and made a stingray. Do you still want to eat?"

Zhu Xi’s words and stops.

"How?" Lu Qingjiu issued a strange question. "You are still polite with me? Moon Fox, you help me to get an apron, and yesterday I washed the one that was hanging in the backyard."

Bai Yuehu got up and went to the backyard.

"Sake, you honestly and I said, fall in love with you.

People are not particularly old. "Zhu Xi decided to showdown with Lu Qingji," so you don't want to tell me? ”

The first reaction of Lu Qingjiu was to deny it, but after thinking about it, I found out that the age of Baiyuehu was really big, so I spent a few seconds, I don’t know what to say."Sake, even if you make up, you can't do it." Zhu Xi only made the silence of Lu Qingji the default, and suddenly he was heartbroken. "This... these three legs are not easy to find, people with two legs are not Is it everywhere? Look, we don’t have much money at home, but it’s enough, and there’s a house and a land. It’s not difficult to ask a wife. Why bother, my mother, fifty or sixty years old. How can you go to the aunt?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "He is not a 50-60 year old aunt!"

Zhu Xidao: "Oh yes, Yin Xun said, it’s your ancestors, you have to have a seventy."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." You add a zero after the seventy, right?

Baiyuehu took the apron from the backyard and happened to walk behind the Luqing wine. The natural movement was intended to help Lu Qingjiu. After hearing Zhu Xi’s words, the movements on his hands were slightly ignored, and I didn’t know what I thought.

"Seventy? Is it bigger than seventy?" Zhu Xi understood the meaning of Lu Qingjiu's expression. She felt unacceptable when she arrived. She felt that 70 is already the limit she can accept, but now Luqing wine is hesitant to answer. Is it true? His lover is an old lady of 80? Then she really had to faint on the spot. This is not a question of freedom of love and freedom. It completely broke the limits of human ethics...

Lu Qingjiu: " calm down first, listen to me."

Zhu Xi tears: "I don't listen, I don't listen. How can you find a 10-year-old woman? If you really don't like a girl, isn't the boy good? You look at the white moon fox, long. Shui Ling, are the lights not the same?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Hey..."

Zhu Xi: "The chest is slightly flat, the bottom is slightly larger, but the skin looks very smooth."

White Moon Fox: "..."

"Really, do you really think that White Moon Fox is good?" Lu Qingjiu couldn't help it, and laughed directly.

Zhu Xi still didn't understand what Lu Qingji laughed, thinking that he didn't take his own words seriously: "Don't, I am serious, you see that Baiyuehu will also grow the land, and it will not be too good. It really got the hall, the next Got the kitchen... It’s much better than the old lady.”

Lu Qingjiu: "How old are you to accept the oldest?"

Zhu Xi heard the words very vigilantly, looked suspiciously at Lu Qingjiu, thought for a while, stretched out three fingers, and then stretched out and feared that his request was too harsh, and the weak one extended another one: "Just... can't be more than forty."

Lu Qingjiu: "So strict?"

Zhu Xi: "Where, I can be my mother at the age of 50! This is strict, Lu Qingjiu, you are sober."

Lu Qingji laughed, and the tears of laughter came out. While laughing, he patted the shoulders of Baiyuehu and said, "You can't do so much better than me."

Bai Yuehu looked at Zhu Xi with a faint gaze. She didn't know if she should thank her for recommending herself, or she should hate her for such a demanding age range.Zhu Xi heard the words of Lu Qingjiu, and then looked at the look of the two people, and they also tasted it. They wondered: "Hey, what happened, you two... Is it..."

"Well, no kidding." Lu Qingji stood up straight and pointed to Baiyuehu. "I am falling in love with him."

Zhu Xi: "..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "He is not a human being. It should be said to be bigger than my own. As for how old it is, I don't know."

Zhu Xi: "..."

Lu Qingji Road: "Do you have anything else to ask?"

Zhu Xi looked up and down the white moon fox, and finally stunned for a long time, and said: "He is not a person, then he is you, you have to talk to me."

Lu Qingji thought for a moment and decided to help Bai Yuehu sew on his defensive vest: "Fox."

"Oh oh, that's the kind of fox in Liaozhai. No wonder it looks so good." Zhu Xi was a flash of light. "Is it the same family? Ah... The prototype of Baiyuehu is definitely furry."

Lu Qingjiu: "Hey... count?" At least the ears are still hairy.

Zhu Xi smiled brilliantly, laughing like a mother who looked at her older son to solve her personal problems: "That's great, great. It's great that there are no old ladies in their 80s."

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "Well, ask what kind of milk you want to drink, I will give it to you."

Zhu Xi’s swinging hand indicates that she is not interested in milk. Now I want to know more about Baiyue Fox. After all, the white moon foxes that have come here are very cold. She didn’t have much chat, and I know Lu Qing’s wine. Fall in love with him, naturally want to know more.

Lu Qing wine had no choice but to make a sound. He got up and helped Zhu Xi get the milk.

After Zhu Xi came to the house, the family was a lot of fun. Lu Qingjiu made a good meal on the big table and also got a few bottles of wine. Everyone eats and talks, and the atmosphere is fun. After dinner, Zhu Xi went to see Qinyuan, who produced her favorite honey in the backyard. When she learned that Qinyuan had a work system that did not work overtime, she said that she was envied by capitalism every day. Exploitation, these three days of vacation are still based on their honey.

So Lu Qing wine is so eye

Looking at the crushed social animal Zhu Xi and the few hateful Qinyuan, I exchanged the contact with passion.

Yin Xun whispered next to him: "How can I not see Zhu Xi being so passionate about me?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "That is your acne method is wrong."

Yin Xun: "Ha?"

Lu Qingjiu: "If you eat the rice you cook, you can eliminate the acne without diarrhea. She also has this attitude towards you."

Yin Xun suddenly had no words and right words, and there was a kind of illusion that he saw the world’s shackles.

The hundred-year-old White Moon Fox washed the bowl and sat in the yard as slowly as before to prepare for the lunch break. Lu Qing wine leaned on his side and asked him the recipe for the evening.

Zhu Xi saw the warm picture of the two people getting together, wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, saying that Lu Qingjiu had finally grown up and knew that he had abused the dog.Yin Xun’s question: “Do you abuse dogs? What dog?”

Zhu Xi pity: "Silly boy, of course, is a single dog like you."

Yin Xun: "..."

Evening dinner, Lu Qing wine bag, the Dragon Boat Festival, of course, still want to eat the most suitable for the holiday food. After the meal, Lu Qingjiu washed the stone shovel that had not been used for a long time in the house, got it in the yard, and put the steamed glutinous rice into the sarcophagus, and planned to do something. Their Dragon Boat Festival here, not only eat scorpions, but also the custom of eating cockroaches, using cockroaches to force the glutinous rice into a viscous liquid in the sarcophagus, and then into a small group. The simmered cockroaches can be steamed and eaten with soy noodles. You can also wrap a layer of egg liquid on the outside, then fry them in a small fire and sprinkle with thick brown sugar. The mouth feels soft and soft, and when you bite it, you can pull out the slender silk, which is a kind of sweet food that children especially like when they are young.

However, when Lu Qingjiu was a child, the price of glutinous rice was relatively expensive, and the body was not too good, so it was only when the Dragon Boat Festival was eaten.

Lu Qing wine cellar hammered the glutinous rice into a group, Yin Xun originally wanted to be the person who turned the glutinous rice, but was refused by Lu Qingjiu, saying what to do if he accidentally hammered his hand.

Yin Xun moved and said that it doesn't matter, he basically has no pain. Lu Qingji ruthlessly said: "I don't mean this. I mean if your hand is mixed into the cockroach, we will eat it and diarrhea."

Yin Xun: "..." Lu Qingjiu, you have changed.

Zhu Xi is a girl's family. The big man can't let her come, so the last thing is still on the white moon fox. He reaches for the glutinous rice and Lu Qing wine comes to hammer. Lu Qingjiu started to be very careful, but it didn't use this tool for a long time. I accidentally took it to the white moon fox. When he was in a tight heart, he saw the white moon fox frowned. Channel: "Not good."

Lu Qingji nervously said: "It's okay, the hand is okay! I should be light..." When he hadn't finished talking, he found that he had a piece of cockroaches in his hand, and the white fox's long slender handcuffs were all No, even a red mark does not exist.

"It's broken." White Moon Fox is innocent, and the tone is a little bit cautious. "It doesn't matter?"

Lu Qingjiu: "...nothing, let's continue."

Then, Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu are more careful - they are afraid to hammer a few more times in the hands of Baiyuehu, and they haven't come out yet, and they are already broken.

When the beating was almost the same, the sky was completely black, and Yin Xun yawned and said goodbye to them. Lu Qingji also went to wash and went to sleep with a white moon fox.

The next morning, Lu Qingji got up early, and fry the egg liquid prepared last night to be golden on both sides, and then prepared the soy noodles and brown sugar. The scorpion also steamed a lot, sweet and salty. Lu Qingjiu also let Yin Xun go to the soy milk. After all the food was prepared, everyone sat down at the table to eat.Zhu Xi is full of praise for this, unlike the machine, the artificial is more flexible, the rice is also used in good rice, the chewing in the mouth is all rice, with thick brown sugar and fragrant soy noodles, Zhu Xi eat Can't stop.

Lu Qingjiu has eaten a meat dumpling. This year's meat is very special. The meat inside is full of fingers. The most wonderful thing is fat and thin. The fat is completely heated and heated. Soaked in the glutinous rice, bite a bite, you can feel the gravy filling the entire mouth.

But glutinous rice has always been the most full, fist-sized scorpion, Lu Qing wine to eat two is full, Zhu Xi ate a lot of sputum, hard and support a scorpion down, and finally completely soft on the chair, shaking his head He said that he can't eat, and then she has to kill herself.

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "You are a little bit, don't break your stomach."

Yin Xun eats the scorpion, and he does not forget to ridicule the white moon fox. He said that the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival is to eat the scorpion, draw the dragon boat, the dragon boat is gone, can you use the dragon to make up for it...

White Moon Fox slowly put down the chopsticks and said softly, "Do you want to try it?"

Yin Xun: "... brother, I will make a joke."

Lu Qingji laughed next to him.

After dinner, everyone went to do everything. Lu Qingjiu planned to clean up the house and do a general cleaning. In the Dragon Boat Festival, there is a habit of going to five poisons. In folklore, the lunar calendar in May is the season of five poisonous breeding. At this time, it is necessary to clean the corners of the home to prevent the poisonous insects from breeding at home. From a scientific point of view, June is when the rain is relatively abundant, and the climate is relatively humid. There are indeed conditions suitable for mosquito breeding.

Lu Qingjiu was in charge of the front yard, Yin Xing was responsible for the family, and as for Baiyue Fox, he took Zhu Xi to the ground to plant the land.

Lu Qingji took the broom, sweeping the dust and cobwebs in the corner of the wall, and was working on his head, but he heard the door pass.

There was a loud knock on the door.

"Who?" asked Lu Qingjiu.

"Is the White Moon Fox?" There was a voice from Zhu Rong outside.

"Come in, he is not there, just went to the ground." Lu Qingji, "What's the matter?"

When he had just finished speaking, he saw Zhu Rong push the door in, wishing Rong Rong something in his hand, his face was very dignified, and his body had a strong bloody smell, because he wore red clothes, so he also I don't see any traces of bleeding, but Lu Qingji still noticed that there were some traces of wetness on his clothes.

"I have something to say to Bai Yuehu." Zhu Rongdao, "He is in the ground?"

"Yes." Lu Qingji saw what Zhu Rong had mentioned. At first he thought it was a piece of wood, but after carefully watching it, his expression was solidified... It was actually a narrow dragon claw. It was put in the hand like Zhu Rong, and the red blood on it slowly slipped down and dripped in the black land.

"This... what is this?" Lu Qingji has a bad feeling in his heart.

Zhu Rong looked at Lu Qingjiu: "Do you know the true body of Baiyuehu?"

Lu Qingji nodded.

"Of course, I should recognize what this is." Zhu Rong's cold answer.Lu Qingjiu: "Is it a dragon claw?! Is that prisoner?"

I don’t want to talk, but sometimes silence is also an answer. Lu Qingji thought of the last time he saw his grandfather, or a few months ago, when he seemed to have something to remind himself, but he was interrupted by the coming Month. However, he did not expect that when he saw his grandfather again, he was wishing to melt here, and Zhu Rong was actually a broken master.

Zhu Rong knows Lu Qingjiu’s expression and knows the truth. He faintly said: “Although he is your grandfather, but he also abandoned you and eaten your parents, why should you give him feeling?"

Lu Qing wine frowns, not words.

"He can refute, but no." Zhu Rongdao, "So it must be done to admit it." He sighed slightly. "But, I said it with you. It doesn't make sense." He turned and left.

Lu Qingjiu stood behind him, but his eyes could not be removed from the dragon claws for a moment. He had seen the dragon claws of Baiyuehu, beautiful, clean, sharp claws like sharp blades, revealing the coldness of the forest. But the one that Zhu Rong was carrying was full of large and small scars, and even two claws were split from the middle, which was obviously hit hard. Inside the finger joints, there are dust and stones, which reminds Lu Qingji of the scales that Bai Yuehu has not cleaned for a long time.

"He...has it been caught?" Lu Qingji couldn't help but ask this question before Zhu Rong left.

I wish you a good meal and turn back: "Do you want him to be caught?"

"I don't know." Lu Qingji replied.

"No." In the red eyelids, it seems to be burning with flames. His voice is cold, like the cold wind whistling, the people blowing the cold, "but I would rather he was caught earlier."

Lu Qing wine frown.

"He will continue to die if he continues to escape." Zhu Rongdao, "He refused to come back, and refused to hurt people. He could only be injured again and again." He glanced at his still bloody claws, and he was self-deprecating. I laughed. "This time it’s a paw. Next time, maybe it’s a leader.”

Lu Qing wine is silent, I don't know why, the words of the people in front of me are so vicious, but Lu Qingjiu, but he feels his chilling expression, revealing an indescribable mourning - as if watching the miracle fall in the eye. Gd1806102

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