Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 78 Gale

Chapter 78 Gale

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Because of the ridiculous thing, Lu Qingji feels that he seems to understand the unknown side of Baiyuehu. (Free full novel, so I went home and quickly made a big meal for his family's fox, and then looked at the white moon fox with a pitiful look.

Yin Xun still didn't know what happened. He looked at Lu Qing's father-in-law's love and flooded his face. He asked: "What happened? How to get back in the city?"

Lu Qingji Road: "You don't understand..."

Yin Xun said: "I don't say I understand?"

Lu Qing wine looked at Yin Xun, privately found a place and Yin Xun said that he and Bai Yuehu met, of course, later said that Bai Yuehu may go to the trash can, Yin search After the end, I shot a thigh: "How did I not think of it!"

Lu Qingji thought that he did not expect Baiyuehu to go to the trash can. Who knows that the goods came: "There are trash cans that can be turned over, what am I missing?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Are you serious?

So far, Lu Qingjiu did not want to understand why the mountain gods and dragons recorded in other books are so arrogant, let alone the small things of eating, and even use the hand to cover the cloud for rain, but their home Two small poor meals are a problem. If you don't get it, you have to be with the trash can. It is simply terrible.

Lu Qingji thought of it and erased a tear from his own eyes.

After a while, Lu Qingjiu was paying attention to Lele. He also told Hu Shu that this was a bad thing and the bees would not attack the Garden Kindergarten again.

After Hu Shu’s listening, he naturally asked why, obviously he still wanted to find out the murderer.

"Don't ask why, this is not something you can manage." Lu Qingji decided to lie. "There is a lot of it, but they are coming to seek revenge. Now the enemy has already reported it, so it will not come again in the future." ”

Hu Shu heard but only wanted to smile, saying: "Lu Ge, although you said so, but we always have to close the case ... this ... this ..."

Lu Qingjiu: "Oh, this is not easy to do, how normal it is to be stung by bees, and it is definitely because of the honey honeycomb!"

Hu Shu is speechless.

"You said it is not." Lu Qing wine finished the Hu Shu, still feel a little embarrassed, so he greeted him free to eat from home, said that the weather is good, they do the open-air barbecue.

Hu Shu thought about it and thought that Lu Qingjiu said that it was a bit reasonable. He did not continue to struggle, so he should have gone down.

On the other side of Zhuang Le’s mother, she also handled the whole thing cleanly and neatly. She adhered to the style of a strong woman. After making a decision, she did not drag on the water. First, she reported the police and prepared the wound on Zhuang Le. The case, then fired their own babysitter. Of course, this is only the beginning. The mother’s anger did not stop. She obviously did a lot of other private arrangements, but she did not tell Lu Qingjiu, but Lu Qingji listened to Hu Shu, and Zhu Rongrong was taken out of the hospital by Du Qinghong. Sue, and spent two or two years in prison with two other accomplices.Many years later, Lu Qingji occasionally saw Zhuang Wenshi once. He and Du Qinghong were married to Zhu Rongrong after divorce, but when he divorced, Du Qinghong did not let him take away any property, so the life after marriage seems to be unsatisfactory, and even It’s awkward.

When Lu Qingji saw him, he was quarreling with Zhu Rongrong on the roadside. The two men were very embarrassed, because a little trifle even almost moved their hands. Lu Qingji looked far away, if it was not for Bai Yuehu, he reminded him. I didn't even recognize the man who was the Zhuang Wenshi I had seen in the garage.

But now Lu Qingjiu does not know so much.

After returning to Shuifu Village for a few days, Lu Qingjiu received a call from Du Qinghong. On the phone, Du Qinghong expressed gratitude to Lu Qingjiu and said that he would like to thank the children with their children.

Lu Qingji agreed, and he would like to see the state of Zhuangle anyway.

So in a few days, Du Qinghong took Zhuang Le to Shuifu Village and held a gift box in his hand. When she came down from the car, Lu Qingjiu saw the cockroach sitting in the back seat, and the Lele hand looked good.

After Du Qinghong entered the yard, he was a little surprised and praised: "A beautiful yard."

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "He is taking care of him." He refers to Baiyuehu.

White Moon Fox sits on a rocking chair and is indifferent to the visitors, even the eyelids are not lifted. However, although he looks very lazy now, he still works very neatly when he is doing things. For example, the yard in front of him is Baiyuehu.

There are green vines on the grape shelf, and the fruit trees that are already very dense are planted near the wall. Although there are chicken nests and rabbit nests in the yard, they are not dirty or even excreted. This is also thanks to the training of the White Moon fox. The rabbit and the chicken are all in the toilet, and the fern is fertilized.

Stone tables and chairs are placed in the middle of the yard, just covered by the shadows of the vines. The sun shines from the cracks in the leaves, breaking into mottled light and shadow, and the temperature is just right.

Coupled with the beautiful white moon fox lying on the chair, the style of the entire yard is beautiful like a painting by a famous artist, so that Du Qinghong, who used to see the world, couldn't help but look at it more.

Du Qinghong said seriously: "Mr. Lu, I am here to thank you. If it weren't for you, I am afraid I have not found the same thing about Lele. I hope that you can accept my gift. It is not a very valuable thing, it is my point. Just what you want."

She seems to be some wine and tonic, Lu Qingjiu would have liked to quit, but see Du Qinghong’s face Lu Qing wine does not take her away,

Finally, it was accepted.

"Since all come, let's have a meal." Lu Qingjiu greeted.

"Then trouble Mr. Lu." Du Qinghong is also welcome.

"I can just call my name directly. I don't have to be so hospitable." Lu Qingjiu said, "You sit in the yard, I will give Lele some snacks."

Du Qinghong smiled and sat down in the courtyard.I used to live in the city and saw the leisurely pace of life in the village. I was a bit envious of my heart, but I liked it. I really want Du Qinghong to live here, I still feel uncomfortable. However, Zhuang Le obviously likes it very much. He pulls the parasites and runs around the yard, either touching the rabbits or teasing the chicks. Lu Qingji took the washed strawberries and apricots and placed them in front of the stone platform.

“Sake...” Du Qinghong, who was so called at the beginning, was still somewhat uncomfortable, but when she saw no change on Lu Qing’s face, she quickly got used to it. She said, “I have something to ask you.”

Lu Qingji Road: "Please say."

Du Qinghong said: "Is... I think Lele, something went wrong."

Lu Qingji understood it as soon as he heard it, but he asked carefully: "What?"

Du Qinghong looked around and determined that Lele was not there. He whispered: "He always talks to himself, and I am worried that the previous events have had a great impact on him."

Lu Qingji thought about it, he said: "Du Jie, do you believe that there are strange things in the world?"

Du Qinghong is a glimpse.

"Is it like a mountain god?" Lu Qingjiu made a wording and observed the expression on Du Qinghong's face. If Du Qinghong's expression showed a negative emotion like disgust, he would immediately end the topic. But fortunately, Du Qinghong does not seem to contradict this topic. He just whispers: "You may not believe it. I saw those things when I was young, but when I was older, I couldn’t see it... ah, it sounds a bit stupid. What?"

Lu Qingji laughed when he heard it: "So you believe that there are these things in the world?"

Du Qinghong: "I believe, what happened?" She was also a wise man. She immediately thought of something and her expression was awkward. "Don't those who are stung by bees because..."

"Yes." Lu Qingjiu, "To tell the truth, if the group of people were smashed by bees and made things big, I might not find this." I don't know how long Lele will suffer. .

Du Qinghong heard this and fell into silence.

Lu Qingji thought that she was worried about what she was trying to explain, but she saw Du Qinghong sighed with relief: "It turns out that Lele is not talking to himself, that would be great."

Lu Qing Liquor: "Hey?"

Du Qinghong said: "What does the mountain god look like, is it a child? How do you know it with Lele?" The mother apparently accepted the ability and became curious immediately after learning the truth. "Can I see it?"

Lu Qingji looked a little headache and looked at the white moon fox sitting next to him.

Baiyue Fox felt the eyes of Lu Qingjiu, raised his eyelids, stood up from the chair, and then walked to Du Qinghong.

Du Qinghong still didn't understand what Baiyue Fox wanted to do. He saw Bai Yuehu raise his hand and then used his fingers to bounce on his eyebrows. She felt a slight pain, and then the world in front of her seemed to have a subtle change that was hard to describe in words. If you have to say it, it is like the picture in front of you is all refreshed.

"Lele." Lu Qingji called the name of Lele.Then Du Qinghong saw his son ran out of the backyard, holding a very cute little boy. She saw that the little boy still didn't understand, and said: "This is your family's children. ?"

Lu Qingjiu: "This is a child who will help your son revenge."

Du Qinghong's eyes widened in surprise. In her imagination, the mountain god must be the kind of bearded grandfather, actually such a lovely child.

"Mom." Zhuang Le is still not used to getting along with his mother, standing next to him and yelling.

Du Qinghong said: "You... is the mountain god who avenged my son?"

A sneak peek, I did not expect Du Qinghong to see myself. He raised some worries in his heart. He wanted to say that he did not follow Lele all the time. He was gently held by Du Qinghong: "Thank you, if there is You help, Lele is still being bullied."

"No, not so polite." The face of the cockroach was red again, and the eyes began to drift around. Obviously, I was not used to the scene.

Du Qinghong said: "I can see these when I was a child, but I can't see it when I was older. I still wonder if I was thinking about my childhood. How long can I stay in this state?"

Baiyue Fox Road: "Half hour."

Du Qinghong sighed and sighed, and there was some sorrow between the looks. Since work, she has neglected a lot of things, and even naively thought that it would suffice to give Zhuang Le a rich enough living environment. Now think about it, she has missed a lot. But fortunately, it is not too late, at least there is a chance to save.

Then, Lu Qingji went to the kitchen and left the yard to Du Qinghong's mother and son. In fact, Du Qinghong’s love for Zhuang Le, Zhuang Le can still feel, or he will not blame his mother from beginning to end. It’s just that Zhuang Le has been too sensible to suppress himself and forget to tell his mother how he feels.

The reason why Lu Qingji wants Du Qinghong to accept the existence of the larvae is that he does not want to see the larvae continue to live alone in the park, and eats the food every day by turning the trash can.

Lu Qingjiu made a hearty meal because of the guests.

At lunch, I also made a dessert for children and little Lele. He wanted to make honey cakes. But I heard that the cat does not like honey, but changed the taste and made a chocolate-flavored lava cake.

Du Qinghong expressed a high praise for Lu Qingjiu's craftsmanship, especially the sweet and sour pork ribs in front of her, which even her eyes showed a stunning color. The ribs are the selected pork chops, which are also sprinkled with a layer of white sesame. The meat is very tender and delicious. The sweet sauce is wrapped in the meat. The taste is salty and sweet, making people want to stop. There is also a spicy chicken diced taste is also very good, the chicken is fried and dried, chewing a special fragrant, because the special fried, even the bones are crisp, not very spicy, but enough fragrance.

“It’s so delicious.” Du Qinghong said, “The chefs I specially invited at home don’t have this craft.”

Lu Qingji laughed: "They are pigs and chickens raised at home, and the taste is naturally much better than the outside."Du Qinghong said: "You can be too modest. The things we eat are also special, but there is no such taste." She ate another piece of chicken and was blinded by the delicious taste of the chicken. " too delicious……"

Lu Qingjiu is very happy to be praised for cooking, especially watching the appearance of two little dolls. Although the proud arrogant did not express it, the little belly that was bulging still told Lu Qingji that he was very satisfied with the meal.

"Are you short of bees?" The smack wiped his mouth after eating, "What strange things are in the beehives in your backyard."

Bai Yuehu stunned and glanced at the giraffe: "It is a bee."

If other people say this, the arrogant has long refuted it, but what he said is the white moon fox, so after a long time, he said: "Okay, the bees are bees... then you put two more The beehive is in the backyard."

Lu Qingji Road: "You want to send me honey?"

The arrogant pendulum is obviously not to be seen with honey. "Send it and send it to you."

Lu Qingji: "Thank you."

When the three people had eaten, they had to leave. Lele took the initiative to hold the hand of the worm, and went to the back seat with the worm. Du Qinghong couldn't see the guinea at this moment, but she knew that her son didn't feel much because of his psychological problems, and said that he didn't mind the singer accompanying Lele.

Lu Qingjiu stood at the door and watched the three of them leave.

"It’s good to have a reptile." Lu Qingji said, "At least don't worry that Lele will be bullied by others."

Yin Xun stood next to him but he was not very interested. He had learned the whole story from the mouth of Lu Qingjiu. Although he smiled very brightly when he saw Lele and the guinea, he sighed softly.

“You are not happy?” Lu Qingjiu noticed the change in his friend's mood.

"You said," Yin said. "If one day, Lele can't see the proud insects, what should I do?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Yin Xun said: "If at that time, the guinea pig must return to the park again and turn his trash can..."

Before he finished, Lu Qingjiu reached out and patted him on the shoulder: "If Lele can't see him, isn't there us?"

Yin seeks: "But... you are also human."

Lu Qingjiu: "Who said that I am a human?"

Yin Xun did not know the love and hate of Lu Qingjiu's elders. The face that Lu Qingji said was stunned: "You are not a person? Are you the only precious human in our family??" This family is not a human being. A unique seedling of Luqing wine.

Lu Qingji shook his head in grief: "I am not."

Yin Xun: "What are you?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Tell you a secret. In fact, I have a quarter of the Dragon family."

Yin Xun: "..."

Lu Qingjiu: "My grandfather is a dragon, aha, didn't you think?"

Yin Xun spent the whole place in the place for two seconds, and then his expression was distorted: "Where, when did you know when you fuck, why not tell me earlier, such an important thing -"

Lu Qingji Road: "Is it important? Where is it important?"Yin Xingdao: "Of course it's important! For example..." He said half of it was broken again, because after thinking about it, he found that it really is not very important. After all, Luqing liquor is the same as an ordinary person. Where is it? Not like a dragon.

Lu Qingji sighed: "Look, I said that this is not very important."

Yin Xun: "Then you are not a human being. Isn't there a single person in our house?"

Lu Qingji nodded.

Yin Yangsheng sighed and said that their family finally lost the last piece of pure land. Lu Qingjiu was too disappointing. As the only human representative, he did not hold his identity.

Lu Qingji: "I'm sorry?"

Yin Xun shook his head and went home with a look of Lu Qingji who was too disappointing.

Lu Qingjiu is crying and laughing. After closing the door and Baiyuehu plans to add two beehives in the backyard tomorrow, with the promise of a proud insect, the family will have real bees. Qin Yuan, who is doing five rests, said that he was very gratified. He still wanted to ask if he could add an annual leave, but under the cold eyes of Baiyuehu, he could only shrink back and continue to succumb to pretending that he was bee. But to be honest, their head is too squinting in front of the real bee, how to see how it is out of place.

The next day, Lu Qingji went to the town to buy two new beehives and placed them next to the Qinyuan beehive. After about two or three days, the two beehives moved into the bees and began to build nests for honey.

It is about the cause of the cockroaches. These bees are not aggressive to people. Even if they are close, they will not swear. Even when they are collecting honey, they don’t need to wear professional facilities. However, unlike the honey of Chinyuan, their honey tastes more intense, similar to the normal honey taste, and there is no magical beauty effect of Qinyuan honey. Although it can't be used to apply a face, it is good to eat.

Lu Qingji also learned from Du Qinghong that she took the reptile back home and re-invited two aunts to take care of Zhuangle. With the last lesson, Du Qinghong let go of part of the work and spent more time with his son. This is a perfect solution.

The only thing that was more distressing was Hu Shu, who was a policeman. They were confused from beginning to end. They didn't understand what happened and they didn't find the murderer.

For the truth, Hu Shu even mentioned a few pounds of roast pork to Lu Qingji’s family, and wanted to hear Lu Qing’s wine leaking.

However, the mouth of Lu Qingjiu is more strict than the river otter. How do they come, except for the loss of a few pounds of pork.

However, the investors in the Garden Kindergarten said that they did not want to pursue it again, and this matter was completely over.

With the arrival of the summer time, the weather began to get hotter.

All the trees in the yard grew with lush foliage. The rabbits that were bought before were raised for a few months, and they became fat and furry, and they looked very cute.

Yin looked at the rabbit's soft ass, and his face was full of happiness, and they were so cute.

Lu Qingjiu: "..."The rabbit meat is really delicious, but it seems to be cruel when it is killed. The white moon fox has a knife and falls off, directly peeling off the whole rabbit skin, and then handing the rabbit meat to Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qing wine burns the rabbit meat, which ensures that the rabbit's meat is in the most elastic state and tastes good. When Lu Qingjiu made rabbit meat, Yin Xun stood next to his eyes and asked what Lu Qingjiu was going to do.

Lu Qingjiu: "Cold rabbit, you go to peel off some peanuts."

Yin Xun nodded and went happy.

Lu Qingjiu put the rabbit in the pot and fry it with hot water, while preparing the ingredients for the rabbit. He stood on the edge of the window and was cooking his head down, but suddenly he felt a strong wind blowing outside the open window. The wind blew and even the fire on the stove was wiped out.

There seems to be something mixed in the wind, just blowing on the face of Lu Qingjiu, bringing a cold touch. Lu Qingji raised his hand and rubbed it on his face. It was discovered that this gust of wind was mixed with dark red blood, just taking a drop on his cheek. This blood does not seem to be fresh, with a strong smell of stench. It makes people feel very uncomfortable.

If Baiyuehu is there, he must know what happened, but he happened to go to the ground at this moment. Lu Qingjiu couldn't ask. He could only rinse the blood on his hands and face, and then closed the window. But the wind was still blowing, and the blowing window creaked. Lu Qing wine looked out, and there was a trace of uneasiness in his eyes.

After Yin Xing peeled off the peanuts, the wind had stopped, and Lu Qingji said casually: "The wind was so big."

"What kind of wind?" Yin searched.

"Isn't it just windy?" Lu Qingji asked.

“Wind?” Yin Xun did not understand the words of Lu Qingjiu. “No, I have been sitting in the living room and peeling peanuts. I didn’t see any wind.”

Lu Qingjiu heard a slight brow: "Is it..."

Yin seeks: "What is it?"

"Nothing." Lu Qingji shook his head and opened the subject. "When the white moon fox comes back, I will ask him." gd1806102

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