Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 72 Black umbrella

Chapter 72 Black umbrella

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After a few rounds of mahjong, it was almost time for lunch. (Free of all the novels, Lieutenant said that he has prepared a box and invited several people to go.

Lu Qingjiu is not interested in the things that they eat on the weekdays. Only a few lieutenants led them to leave the bird park directly, returned to the human world, and then greeted several people in the car and drove to a very stylish hotel in the city center.

Lu Qingjiu was stupid in the car: "Don't you eat at home?"

Shao Shaodao said: "I will not cook, and the family rarely fires."

Lu Qingji was a little surprised: "Then you eat outside every day?" Although the food outside is delicious, it will be greasy every day.

Lieutenant said: "It is not outside every day, most of the time. If you are in trouble, you will eat with the birds."

Lu Qingji: "What does the bird eat?"

Lieutenant smiled and said: "Everything is eaten." He said, looking at Yin Yin quite deeply, and Yin Yin, who was sitting next to him, couldn't help but shrink his neck and wanted to narrow his sense of existence.昊Retract your eyes and continue, “Like mature fruit, or some small mammals.”

Lu Qing Liquor: "Healthy?"

Little man nodded.

Lu Qingji sighed in the heart that this white emperor was too hard.

A few people arrived at the hotel entrance, and the second lieutenant took the car and led them in. He was obviously a frequent visitor here. Even the waiter at the gate met him and asked him to call Mr. Sheng Bai.

This place is called Wan Bird Pavilion. Lu Qingjiu has not been here. However, I heard that it is a membership-based shop. People who want to eat and eat it normally can be introduced by insiders. According to the identity of the Lieutenant, Lu Qingji suspected that the owner of this shop was a lieutenant.

The dishes were fixed before, and a few people started to serve after they sat down, but the younger sister just sat down and his face was a bit wrong. Lu Qingjiu was about to ask questions, and he saw him stand up and hurriedly said: "I went to the last The toilet." After turning around, I saw that the back was quite awkward.

Lu Qingjiu only thought that the ensign would only solve the physiological problem, but who knows that in the next hour, he would basically stand up on the bench for two minutes and stand up again, his face is getting greener, and finally he is not Back in the box. Lu Qingjiu looked at the scene inexplicably and felt a little familiar, so he turned his suspicious eyes into Yin Xing, who was very guilty.

"What have you been doing just now?" Lu Qingji asked.

Yin seeks: "No... nothing."

Lu Qingji: "Why did he diarrhea?"

Yin Xun pretend to calm down: "Maybe because he is weak."

Lu Qingjiu has a ghost if he believes. He observed the expression of his friend and determined that he was hiding something: "You honestly and I said that when you and the Shaolin went out, you would not have cooked. Give him something to eat?" Yin Xun's craftsman, but he was deeply touched, eating a meal for a day, no vagueness. Also, the toilet in this place is a toilet, otherwise it will feel that your legs can be amputated."No." Yin Xun said, "I have nothing to cook for him?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Really not?"

Yin seeks: "No." He put his gaze on the rich dishes in front of him and swallowed.

Lu Qingjiu was so determined to answer Yin Xun's answer, he did not continue to ask questions. He obviously couldn't think of it. Yin Xun did not do anything for the Shaohao to eat. He just slammed himself into a piece and gave him a taste. Of course, such a large piece, the effect is naturally exceptionally good, and the ensign may live in the toilet for a few days.

The lesser people live in the toilet, but it does not affect their desire for food. It must be said that the taste of these dishes is really worth the expensive price. All the dishes are very fine, and unlike the home cooking, each of these dishes A process is the best choice after careful polishing. Take the boiled cabbage in front of it, the soup is clear, the taste is delicious, the cabbage is sweet, and it is not a good thing to eat. Although this dish Luqing wine knows the general practice, it has never been tried because it is too cumbersome. It is only after the small bowl of clear soup bottom, at least through the complicated process and control system.

Bai Yuehu and Yin Xun were very happy to eat, completely forgetting the owner of the treat. Lu Qingjiu still had a little bit of conscience left. When he ate almost the same time, he went to the toilet. He asked very carefully that he needed to send some paper.

The ensign of the ensign from the teeth is no need to thank you.

"Are you eating something wrong?" Lu Qingji saw him in a terrible situation and couldn't help but feel pity. "Do you need me to buy some medicine for you?"

"No," said Shao Shao. "Ordinary medicines have no effect on me."

Lu Qingjiu: "Oh... then we ate almost, you see..."

Lieutenant: "...the single has been bought."

Lu Qingjiu: "Great, thank you for your hospitality."

Lieutenant: "..." He knew that he still wanted to pull for so long. He suddenly asked for the situation for Lu Qingqing. It turned out to be almost eating, worried that he did not pay the bill. The younger man sitting on the toilet took a deep breath and was about to stand up and go out. As a result, he just opened the door and felt his stomach tumbling and was forced to sit back again. He desperately held his hand on his knees, carefully recalled what he had eaten today, and finally remembered the soft touch of Yin’s fingers... it would not be...

I sighed a little and sighed.

Sitting on the tabletop in front of the rice table, the belly is rolling

He sneezed, he rubbed his nose and muttered if he had a cold.

“The mountain god will still catch a cold?” asked Lu Qingjiu.

"That's not right." Yin Xun said, "To tell the truth, I feel that there is no difference between ordinary people and people except that they can eat."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Put away your proud little expression, can you be eaten what is something to be proud of? !

Although the ensigns were still trapped in the toilet, they still asked them to eat such an expensive meal. When the three people got together, they went into the toilet together and said goodbye."Mr. Bai, we are going to go back." Lu Qingjiu, "I have more time to play next time."

The voice of the ensign was across the toilet door, which sounded a bit stuffy: "Okay."

Yin Xun whispered with Lu Qingji: "Welcome to play."

Lieutenant: "Must come." These three words, he was told by his gnashing teeth, and Yin couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

The three people were full and satisfied, and they left with satisfaction. Then they took a taxi back to the villa of Shaohao and drove their own small truck to return home. It’s just that the little housekeeper is a bit confused. Obviously, I didn’t want to understand that the guest came back, but the owner did not see it.

After seeing the beautiful bird garden and eating a big meal, Lu Qing wine was in a very good mood. After a good afternoon's sleep, he got up from the bed and planned to send some steamed buns and steamed buns to dinner. However, when checking the materials, Lu Qingji found that the domestic shallots were used up.

Bai Yuehu was also in the courtyard at this moment. Lu Qingji thought that it was not far away, and he did not bother him. He planned to go to the ground to pick it up.

Shallot is a commonly used ingredient, and everything can be used, so it is very fast to consume. It is good to plant a lot in their home. When you want to eat, you can take a pair of scissors and cut it. It is very fresh.

Walking on the road, Lu Qingji thought about transplanting the shallots into the yard like a leek, and it was more convenient to pick it up.

Today the weather is still very good and the sun is shining. This kind of weather is very comfortable for ordinary people, but it is not a good thing for the farmers who depend on the sky. The rain is too little, the crops in the field are growing slowly, and they are irrigated every day. Will affect the harvest.

This has been going on for a few months in the spring, only after three or four rains. If there is a white moon fox at home, I am afraid that Lu Qing wine has to be distressed. The irrigation water here is from a very distant reservoir. If the water level of the reservoir is too low, it will have to find another source of water. It is just a small creek in the village of Shuifu, and I don’t know how to get it. In the past, Lu Qingjiu did not grow the land himself, and did not understand this. It was only after hearing the sigh of the old Li family next door that he understood the importance of spring rain to the farmers.

When Lu Qingji returned to God, he realized that he thought too far. He had already walked to the ground and saw a row of small green onions.

This onion is much more fragrant than the onion sold in the market, especially for making onion with tofu. It is also a must, the tofu is also the home's own point, the bean is overflowing, cut into pieces and then mixed with the shallot, drop the sesame oil Put some salt, fresh and delicious.

Lu Qingjiu took out the scissors, bent down and cut a small onion, picked a ripe pumpkin, pulled out two nests of Chinese cabbage, picked up some red and bright peppers, all put them in the bamboo basket they were carrying. Start slowly and go back.

Every time I come to the ground, Lu Qingjiu will be shocked by the talent of Baiyue Fox. This piece of neat green vegetable seedlings is covered with red peppers and yellow pumpkins. It is neat and beautiful. At first glance, it looks like It is like a flower.The pumpkins in their homes are a bit big. Lu Qingjiu has specially chosen a small one. Such a pumpkin can eat two meals. If there is time in the afternoon, you can also make some pumpkin cake with bean paste to solve the problem.

Lu Qingjiu was walking forward, but noticed that there was a black object in the middle of the road. After a closer look, I found out that it was a black umbrella, so I was lying quietly on the side of the road.

Whose umbrella? Lu Qing’s footsteps stopped, and the umbrella was in front of him, and he could reach it with a bend. Umbrellas look ordinary, the kind of black umbrella that can be bought on the market. Lu Qingjiu was going to pick it up and ask if anyone in the village had lost it, but his hand had not yet extended, and he noticed a detail on the umbrella.

The black umbrella is moist, and the surface of the umbrella is still stained with rain. The water house is almost raining for a week, so who will bring such a black umbrella out? Lu Qingjiu had a bad hunch. He thought of the rain sergeant, so he slowly stepped back toward the back and circumvented the umbrella that looked very strange from the side.

After Lu Qingji walked out of the distance, he looked behind him, but saw that the umbrella was still lying in the same place. It seemed that there was no reaction. He was relieved and wondered if he was too much because he saw these things. Sensitive, I saw that the black umbrella slowly and slowly stood up from the ground, just like someone supported it. Then, with a click, the black umbrella was directly opened. Lu Qing wine clearly saw that the black umbrella actually appeared. There are countless eyeballs, these eyes still have blood-red nerves, and the black pupils directly look at Lu Qingjiu.

"Ah!!" Lu Qingjiu was scared out by this scene. He reacted very quickly. He threw the basket and turned and ran.

Behind him, there was a weird sound. Lu Qingji turned to look at it and found that the black umbrella was rolling toward him like a wheel. The nerves of those eyeballs stuck inside the black umbrella, with the rolling of the black umbrella. Also formed a circle.

"White Moon Fox, White Moon Fox! Help, help!" In the face of survival, Lu Qingjiu is faster than rabbits. Fortunately, their home is very close to home, Luqing wine sprinted to the doorstep. Panting into the yard, I saw the heart hanging behind the white moon fox just put down.

"What's wrong?" Bai Yuehu saw Lu Qingjiu's breathless look.

"I saw an umbrella on the side of the road--" Lu Qingjiu said hard. "There are all eyeballs in the umbrella, and they are chasing me."

Baiyue Hudao: "Eyeball?" He thought for a moment, as if he had thought of something, slightly frowning, "Where?"

Lu Qingji: "It’s just outside."

Baiyuehu got up and walked to the door, but did not see anything. The empty country road did not have the black umbrella and eyeball in the Luqing wine mouth.

Lu Qingjiu stood behind Bai Yuehu and gave a head: "How come?"

Bai Yuehu turned to look at Lu Qingjiu: "Would you like to see?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Go... look, the food I just picked is still on the road."Bai Yuehu stepped out of the yard, but what Lu Qingji was puzzled was that the black umbrella that had just chased him had disappeared and disappeared with the basket he had left on the side of the road.

"Nothing." Lu Qingjiu, "What is that?"

White Moon Fox shook his head: "I don't know."

Lu Qingji: "What is he chasing me?"

Bai Yuehu sighs: "It is not a good thing to chase you."

Also, watching the horror of the umbrella, how to look is not like a good thing, although the umbrella is gone now, but Lu Qingjiu still has a lingering fear.

Baiyue Fox Road: "You go back to the yard, I need to pick vegetables, what do I need?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "I will go back with you." Don't go back to the road and see the thing again.

I picked up the food again and the two went back. Lu Qingji always watched the surroundings, but obviously the thing didn't want to meet with Baiyue Fox until she entered the yard, and Lu Qingjiu did not see it again.

"Don't go out these days." After arriving home, Bai Yuehu licked Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qingji nodded, and it should be the shackles of Baiyuehu. He didn't have the powerful fighting power of Baiyuehu. If he really encountered something strange, running is the only way to survive.

In the afternoon, Yin Xun also heard about the things that Lu Qingjiu encountered. He was also a bit worried, but he still opened his mouth to comfort Lu Qingjiu, saying that there is a white moon fox, and certainly no problem.

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "I know, I am just curious about what it is, what is the eyeball inside."

Yin seeks: "It is definitely not good anyway."

Bai Yuehu heard the words, and the mouth was slightly sucked.

In the afternoon, there was nothing to do, Lu Qingjiu steamed the pumpkin that was brought back, and took out the salted duck eggs marinated in the winter. He planned to make pumpkin egg yolk cake. Yin Xun helped me to help her face and put the pumpkin and flour together. The practice of meringue is more complicated. The folding times and heat of the dough are the key. Lu Qingjiu is the first time to do it. The skin made is slightly thicker, but it is good enough. The fat in the egg yolk will overflow out, with sweet bean paste, which is fresh and salty.

Yin Xun and Bai Yue Hu have always been very enthusiastic about small snacks. The three people ate sweet food and soon forgot the unpleasantness of the morning.

Lu Qingjiu planned to go to the town to buy some lemon and passion fruit for lemon chicken claws tomorrow, but because of the fact that he had to delay it, he said this thing to Baiyuehu, and Baiyuehu thought about it. Said that he went to the town to help Lu Qing wine to buy, Lu Qing wine to stay at home.

Lu Qingjiu was very reassured about Baiyuehu. After watching him go to the small truck, he returned to the yard.

Yin Xun just ate a few egg yolks, and then sat in the yard to rest. Lu Qing wine looked up at the sky and found that the morning sun was covered with black clouds, it seemed to be raining. .

Spring rain is as expensive as oil, this is a heavy rain that everyone has been waiting for for a long time.Lu Qingjiu collected the things that had been basking in the yard, and the weather was good in the spring. He bought some things like cowpea kelp, and he planned to store it after drying. These things can be kept for a long time, in winter. It is also a good material to bring the stew.

This season, the tangerines are also mature. Lu Qingjiu bought some food at home. After eating, the skin is dried and can be used to make dried tangerine peel. Chenpi can be used for soaking water or as a spice. Put a little bit in the food to remove most of the astringency and greasy.

Lu Qing wine almost collected things, and the rain in the sky came down.

Unlike the intense rain in summer, the spring rain is as soft as silk, and the sound is gentle, slowly falling on the ground, bringing out the sound of rustling.

The air began to fill the atmosphere of the earth, Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun sat at home, chatting and watching the rain outside.

"Is there a white moon fox without an umbrella?" Lu Qingjiu remembered something.

"Is he not going to have an umbrella?" Yin Xun said.

"No," Lu Qingji said. "He bought things in the town. He couldn't separate the rain as before." If it was seen by humans, then Baiyue Fox would not have to be onlookers.

"Oh, yes." Yin Xun did not think of this, and reached out and touched his head. "But this rain is small, it doesn't matter if it is drenched."

Lu Qingji didn't talk, just got up and went to the bathroom to take a dry towel and put it on the table. When he thought that Baiyuehu came back, he would wipe his hair directly.

The rain gradually became a little bigger, and the dry land turned into a moist color, and the low-lying places formed a puddle. Lu Qingjiu suddenly remembered something: "Hey, is the hive in the backyard forget to cover the tarpaulin?" Before cleaning up, he took the tarpaulin from the hive and washed it. He forgot to hang it back. It was raining. Wooden hive is very

Easy to get wet.

"I will go." Yin seeks, "Is the linoleum in the kitchen?"

"Yeah." Lu Qingjiu, "By the way, let's take a piece of honey out and make a cake tomorrow."

Yin Xun nodded and touched the umbrella and went out. Lu Qingjiu still wondered if there was anything else that he had forgotten to recover, but he heard a scream of Yin Xiao in the backyard.

Lu Qingji was shocked and said in his mouth: "Yin Xun!" He didn't even have time to take an umbrella and rushed directly to the backyard. When he rushed over, he picked up the wooden stick placed in the corner as a weapon for self-defense.

"Ah, ah--" Yin Xun is still screaming miserablely.

After seeing Yin Xun in the backyard, Lu Qingjiu took a breath of cold breath and saw that Yin Xun’s head was wrapped in a black umbrella. The umbrella seemed to have life, and Yin’s The head is completely wrapped inside, and no matter how Yin Xing struggles, he can't get out of it.

Lu Qingjiu put down the wooden stick and began to help Yin Xun to tear the black umbrella, but no matter how hard it was, the black umbrella was firmly stuck on Yin Xun’s head. Yin Xun began to struggle very hard, and then the action gradually became smaller and smaller. It is no strength.

Lu Qing’s people were insane. He rushed to the kitchen and took the scissors, only to find that the material of the umbrella could not be broken with scissors."Yin Xun, Yin Xun, you insist, I will call Bai Yuehu immediately, and you will stick to it." Lu Qingjiu is full of water, and I don't know if it is rain or anxious sweat.

"Wait." Yin Xuan’s muffled voice came out of the umbrella. "I found this thing seems to have no effect on me."

Lu Qingjiu: "...ha?"

Yin seeks: "Besides being invisible." He conditioned his head and tried to scratch his head, but he touched the surface of the black umbrella. "I don't have to breathe anyway, it seems like nothing is wrong."

Lu Qingjiu: " it really okay?"

Yin Xun stood up from the ground: "I have nothing wrong with it."

Lu Qingji: "But you are not invisible?"

Yin Xun: "I am a mountain god. In fact, as long as I want to think, I can see it without my eyes. It's just that I don't like to open this ability. After all, I always see things that I shouldn't have seen."

Lu Qingji: "What other feelings do you have?"

Yin Xun: "...sense? No feelings." It doesn't hurt.

Lu Qingji took a deep breath: "What about your mother's name like a chicken that has only been killed?"

Yin Xunqi: "Isn't this scared?" He straightened himself up. "If you are suddenly caught in such a thing, don't you call it?"

Lu Qingji thought that I had no chance to call it. Anyway, people were killed for up to two minutes.

Yin seeks: "Is it done now? Just let it be on my head?"

Lu Qingji sighed: "Make it together, wait for Baiyue Fox to come back and let him take it for you."

Yin seeks: "That line, it still rains, you go ahead, I will put the oil on the paste."

Lu Qingjiu: "No, let's go in together." His heart really can't be stimulated anymore.

Yin Xun's action was neatly covered with tarpaulin, which proved that he really saw it. After he got the hive, he entered the house with Lu Qingjiu. Lu Qingji took a towel and wiped a face, and looked at Yin’s head, which had become an umbrella.

Yin Xun: "What do you think of me? Is this umbrella good?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Friends, why is your focus always so strange?

Baiyuehu bought everything, and once he entered the house, his expression solidified. He looked at Lu Qingjiu and looked at the person with the umbrella on his head next to Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qingjiu seems to know what Baiyue Fox is thinking and made an introduction: "This is Yin Xun."

White Moon Fox: "...What is this shape? Is it necessary to have an umbrella when the brain is in the water?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Yin Xun: "..."

White Moon Fox, you are really talented. Gd1806102

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