Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 61 Jiang Weihuan

Chapter 61 Jiang Weihuan

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"Do you feel like you are going to die?" Lu Qingji was a little surprised at what Jiang Buhuan said. Free full novel (

"Yes, I can feel that death is getting closer and closer to me." Jiang Buhuan said, "The nerves on the body are tight, as if there is an irreparable accident that happens accidentally. My friend, after I contacted them, I agreed to go to Shuifu Village to find out the reason.” He said that he had a chill in his body. “But, but... there was an accident on the way. Their car drove down to the cliff..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Why are you coming to Shuifu Village to find the answer?"

"Because everything started after leaving here." Jiang Buhuan was excited. "You are the only normal person I have ever seen in the village. I want to ask if you know anything about this village. That old house..."

Lu Qing wine frown: "I don't know anything."

Jiang does not rejoice but does not believe: "I beg you to tell me, I really don't know what to do, if I can't find the reason, I can't solve this problem, I really will die!!"

Lu Qingji thought of something, he said: "You said that you call later, your friend did not come with you?"

Jiang Buhuan said: "Yes, they don't even remember to have come here with me."

"Then have you ever thought about one thing." Lu Qingjiu said, "Isn't your friend coming here?"

Jiang did not express his expression.

Lu Qingjiu: "Maybe the purpose of the people you came here is... Of course, this is just my personal guess."

Yin Xun eats strawberries while holding his ears and listening to the two people chatting. He heard a chill in the words of Lu Qingji, and muttered: "How can this be more horrible? There are so many ghosts in the world."

Lu Qing wine turned his head and glanced at him, then said: "You go to clean the wells in our backyard."

Yin Xun: "..." Mom, how did he forget that there was a female ghost lady in the backyard of their family who would support all of them.

Jiang did not understand what their dialogue meant. In desperation, he reached out and grabbed the arm of Lu Qingjiu. He said, "I beg you to save me. You have lived here for so long. It’s okay, I definitely know. what."

Lu Qingjiu said: "You are calm."

Jiang did not calm down, but he couldn’t calm down. Grasping Lu Qingjiu was like grabbing the last straw.

Just as the atmosphere was getting worse, the white moon fox sitting in the distance was gently opened. Although his voice was very small, Lu Qingji still heard it clearly. Bai Yuehu said: "You stay The next three days."

Lu Qingjiu heard a glimpse of it, and Yin Xun thought that he had an illusion. He just hated Jiang Beihuo’s White Moon Fox. How can he leave Jiang Buhuan at this time? What is the relationship with White Moon Fox?Jiang Buhuan is also very eye-catching. At a glance, Bai Yuehu’s status here is not low. He heard the words and expressed his gratitude, saying that he is willing to pay a high accommodation fee, as long as he can live here to find a solution. In fact, after entering the yard, he felt a rare kind of relaxation. Although it was terrible to be stared at by White Moon Fox, it was much better than the feeling that he might lose his life at any time. .

Lu Qingjiu did not care about Jiang's resilience. He just wondered what the reason was. After a few words of conversation, Bai Yuehu actually left Jiang Weihuan.

"Do you bring your luggage?" Lu Qingjiu stood up. "I will take you to the room. You should take a rest first." Jiang Weihuan’s dark circles under his eyes are particularly obvious. Fortunately, he looks good and wears dark circles. It looks a bit like a smoky makeup.

"Thank you, thank you." Jiang Buhuan quickly thanked.

There are still many rooms in the house. Lu Qingji took Jiang’s luggage and went to one of them. After entering the house, he simply said how to use the bathroom and toilet at home. There are also some precautions, such as not going to the backyard. Don't tease the chickens at home.

Jiang Buhuan sat on the bed and listened. From the outside, he only had the look of twenty-two. This age should have been in the university. Just into the entertainment circle, he grew up a lot faster, and his face was less childish.

After Lu Qingji arranged him, he planned to leave. Jiang did not whisper and said quietly: "That... sorry..."

"Well?" Lu Qingji turned back.

"I haven't eaten in a day, can you give me something to eat?" Jiang Buhuan is also the first time to find someone to eat, a little embarrassed, cough, "I can pay."

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "The money is not needed, you will wait for me, I will give you." There is no leftovers in the house. Lu Qingji had to go to the kitchen and took two tomatoes to give Jiang Buhuan a cushion.

Jiang did not see the tomato but showed a terrified expression: "This... can this be eaten?" Bai Yuehu’s horror eyes that he had smashed were still vivid.

"Nothing, eat it." Lu Qingji comforted. Since Bai Yuehu left him, it must have been eaten at home. Although his fox is not protective, he is still very reasonable.

"Thank you, thank you." Jiang did not reveal his moving look. He took the tomato and slammed it up and looked really hungry.

Lu Qingji turned and left the room and returned to the yard.

White Moon Fox still sat there to continue to eat strawberries, and the lips were red. He saw Lu Qingji come over. The first sentence was: "I don't want to give him the tomatoes I planted."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." He just praised the moon fox

It’s reasonable to say, “What does that give him?”

Baiyue Fox Road: "Is Yin Xing not planting vegetables?"

Yin Xun suddenly looked up: "Ah?"

Baiyue Fox: "Give him the vegetables he has grown."

Yin Xun: "...Do you discriminate against me from his mother? What happened to my kind of food?"

White Moon Fox is cold and indifferent: "You eat it yourself."Yin Xun instantly smashed. He is not like a white fox. He is a good vegetable grower. All the vegetables he grows are a malnourished look. The carrot is so big as a small finger. I don’t know how these years depended on it. These dishes are alive.

Lu Qingji laughed. After laughing, he remembered the business: "Yes, why are you leaving Jiang Buhuan?" According to Bai Yuehu’s attitude towards Jiang Buhuan, he should be tempted to stop the river and not go away. Why did you take the initiative to leave Jiang Buhuan?

Baiyue Hudao said: "He has a strange smell on his body."

Lu Qing Liquor: "Strange smell?"

"Yeah." Bai Yuehu said, "It's very special, so I want to watch for a few days."

Lu Qingji nodded and understood the meaning of Baiyuehu. It seems that Jiang’s things are really special, and even even evoked the interest of Baiyuehu. This is somewhat interesting.

With the agreement of Baiyue Fox, Jiang Buhuan successfully settled in Lu Qingjiu's home. According to Yin Xun, he finally replaced himself and became the person with the lowest status in his family. It may not be as good as the chickens in the front yard.

However, although Bai Yuehu said that he would not let Jiang Buhuan eat his own dishes, Lu Qingjiu still didn't mean to let people stand by and watch them eat. This was too embarrassing to be stared at eating.

Jiang Buhuan also knew that he was not welcome. He sat carefully on the table and did not dare to open the food while holding the bowl. He only caught the food in front of him, for fear that he would eat more and be driven out by Baiyuehu. It’s a real life.

The next day, Zhu Xi was coming, Lu Qingji drove her from the train station in a small truck.

Knowing that they are not good at buying things here, Zhu Xi specially brought a large bag of snacks for Lu Qingjiu, and also handed two boxes of fresh cherries and mangoes. These are the things that Baiyue Fox and Yin Xun have not tasted. Lu Qingjiu has already imagined the expression of happiness when both families saw fruit.

"Hey, a lot of things." Sitting in the car, Zhu Xi and Lu Qingji chat, "I am tired of mentioning, but sake, the honey you sent me is too fragrant, and I will send you some extra time next time." ”

"Yes, no problem." Lu Qingji Ying. The honey bee at home is still very fast, and it takes a few more days to get a few cans to bring Zhu Xi back.

"Right, there is a guest at home." When the car was about to arrive home, Lu Qingjiu remembered something and reminded Zhu Xi.

"Oh." Zhu Xi did not realize what this guest meant. She thought that it was the relatives who came over to the door, and there was a flaw, and she did not recognize her life.

The truck was parked, Lu Qingji took things and Zhu Xi entered the house. As soon as he walked into the yard, Zhu Xi was shocked by the person who appeared in front of his eyes. She even thought that she had an illusion and reached out and tried several times. I have to make sure that this is true: "Where, lying, how can I see that Jiang is not rejuvenated, am I dreaming??"

Not only did he see Jiang Buhuan, but he even saw him carrying a broom and sweeping the chicken in the yard with Yin Xun...

"Not a dream." Lu Qingjiu said, "I just didn't tell you, there is a guest at home."Zhu Xi screamed: "But you didn't say that the guest is Jiang Buhuan!!"

Lu Qingjiu: "Is it still too late?"

When he hadn't finished speaking, Zhu Xi rushed out with excitement and began to circle around his idol: "Jiang Buhuan, Jiang Buhuan, is alive Jiang Buhuai!!"

Jiang Buhuan was exposed by Zhu Xi, and to be honest, when he arrived at the village, he almost forgot his identity as a star. Not only did he not feel that he was popular, but he was even afraid of being dismissed and led to be driven out of the house. It can be said that it is like a thin ice, in order to prove that it is valuable, but also with the scalp in the case of broken arm and carefully clean the yard together. At this time, Zhu Xi’s screaming enthusiasm was actually something that made him accidentally uncomfortable...

"Are you alive??" Zhu Xi was in front of him.

Jiang Buhuan: "Living..."

Zhu Xi continued to scream: "My mother, it is really alive, I will talk!"

Jiang Buhuan: "..."

Lu Qingjiu looked at the interaction between the two people and couldn't help but laugh. He said: "Jiang Weihuan, you don't have to follow the sweeping floor. Isn't the hand injury not healed?"

Jiang did not responsibly say: "Small injury and minor injury."

Yin Xun, who was next to him, had already left his broom in his hand and rushed to the snacks brought by Zhu Xi. His eyes snorted and said: "What is this, is this the legendary mango? I have never eaten it." ”

Lu Qingji Road: "Go, I will strip you two."

Yin Xun nodded like garlic.

The mangoes brought by Zhu Xi are all good big green awns, which are directly transported by air from the tropics. The flesh is more, the sweetness and moisture are very good. This kind of tropical fruit is unlikely to be produced by itself. It can only be bought from outside, and the worst thing is that the city is small in scale and there is no expensive imported supermarket. The quality of the fruit in the online store is difficult to guarantee.

Here, Yin Xun buried his head in the mango, and he was very interested in it. There was still a passionate pursuit of the stars, and Jiang Buhuan was so confused that she almost didn't put the chicken on her feet.

After the return of Bai Yuehu, I saw the noisy yard. Lu Qingjiu was originally responsible

He would not like it, but obviously, the cherries and mango brought by Zhu Xi attracted most of the attention of the two foodies. Then it became the white moon fox and Yin Xun sitting next to the fruit, Jiang did not resurgence sweeping the chicken, Zhu Xi can not wait to turn himself into a harmonious picture of chicken.

Lu Qingji’s expression is satisfied with his old father who looks at his children’s harmony.

Since Zhu Xi came to play, the family routinely had to make a big meal. Lu Qingjiu had already prepared fresh ingredients and bought a lot of seafood to make a hearty lunch.

Boiled shrimp, beef stew, Kung Pao chicken, spicy cabbage fried five-flowered, mushroom stewed chicken soup, seaweed, sea-boiled lettuce, and a large bowl of vermilion braised pork, the whole table is full.Braised pork is the specialty of Luqing wine. The meat is scrambled to remove most of the oil, and it becomes soft and soft. It is filled with rock sugar and soy sauce and various spices. After cooking for half an hour, the meat is completely flavored. Chewing in the mouth is almost the entrance, and with the rich layering of pork belly, you can plan a few bowls of rice.

Zhu Xi was happy to sit next to Jiang Buhuan and still chatting with his idol.

Probably eating the fruit of Zhu Xi, Bai Yue Hu also gave Jiang a little face, did not stop him from eating. Jiang Buhuan is officially tasted the craft of Lu Qingjiu. He ate a bit of braised pork, revealing a stunning color, and praised: "It's so good."

Lu Qingjiu said: "It's good meat." The meat was brought back by Baiyuehu. I don't know what meat it is. Anyway, the taste is much better than pork. There is no smell of pork.

"Where." Jiang Buhuan thought that Lu Qingjiu was modest. The longer he stayed here, the more he found that several people living here were unfathomable.

Needless to say, Baiyuehu said that the appearance is not like a mortal. When Jiang is not 12 years old, he enters the entertainment circle. Their family members are doing this, but they have seen so many big-name stars, but he I have never seen a man with such a delicate appearance as the White Moon Fox. I can imagine how popular it would be if the White Moon Fox also entered the entertainment circle.

Zhu Xi, who ate the food made by Lu Qingji, also showed a happy expression. She said, "Yes, Jiang Buhuan, why do you want to live here?"

Jiang Buhuan: "... vacation." He can't say that he is afraid of death.

Zhu Xi: "Do you know Baiyuehu?"

Jiang does not resink: "I don't know, I didn't do the show here before, it's all by chance..." He said it was vague.

Although Zhu Xi feels a bit strange, but did not go deep into it, after all, which star is not a bit strange.

After the meal, Jiang Buhuan volunteered to brush the bowl, but was stopped by Zhu Xi, saying that she still went. After all, Jiang Buhuan still hung a hand on his neck, how to brush it.

"You go to rest." Lu Qingji knew that he was still worried about being driven out. "At least for a few days, nothing will happen."

Jiang did not smile.

Lu Qingjiu said: "I have to go to the town again. Just now the seed shop owner said that there are new saplings. This time there are mangosteen seeds, which are specially made for me."

They basically don't plant mangosteens, and they don't eat much, but Lu Qingjiu likes this kind of fruit. Although it has less flesh, it is sweet and sour and delicious.

"I will be with you." Yin Xing raised his hand.

"Also." Lu Qingjiu said, "Come on by the way to get some equipment back, and do barbecue in the yard at night." It is very interesting to eat barbecue when there are many people, and the weather is so good in the spring, warm during the day, at night. It's not cold, occasionally a breeze screams, and can smell the light floral fragrance.

If it was before, Lu Qingji really didn't dare to put Bai Yuehu and Jiang Buhuan alone at home, but now with a passionate Zhu Xi, the atmosphere should not be too embarrassing.Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun bought the saplings and went to the side to rent barbecue equipment. He thought about it and bought the iron shelf from the boss. He thought that there was a place in the house anyway, just put it at home, afterwards. When you want to eat a barbecue, you don't have to take a look at the town.

Yin Xun was thinking about the dishes to be eaten at night, and his happy eyes were smashed.

Bringing things to the yard, Lu Qingjiu began to prepare for the barbecue at night, the meat is to be cut and marinated, and the ingredients are all prepared in advance, but there are many people in the family. Things are also very fast, Lu Qingjiu is not very hard.

Everyone is chatting while doing things, and also eats the snacks brought by Zhu Xi, which is like a spring tour. Spring is a season of soothing mood. Lu Qingjiu also picked up the newly opened peach blossoms near the village and wanted to brew some peach blossom wine.

After a busy afternoon, the preparations were almost ready. Lu Qing wine burned charcoal and started to barbecue.

The most prepared is the beef skewers. The thin slices of the beef are cut and prepared with bamboo skewers. Then they are placed on a fire and grilled. After roasting, sprinkle with chili noodles and chopped green onion. The whole yard is cooked. Then the seductive charcoal aroma.

A hundred skewers of beef, Lu Qingjiu handed them to them, and by the way, grilled garlic eggplant, lactone tofu and the like that took a long time.

While eating a barbecue, while drinking a little wine, the atmosphere in the yard is particularly pleasant.

Jiang Buhuan had injuries on his body. He couldn't drink alcohol. He opened a bottle of Coke and accompanied Zhu Xi. He seemed to be in a good mood. He had a little more smile on his face and less confusion.

Lu Qingjiu Shun brought the fox scorpion and the small flower black all over the house. Jiang Buhuan did not recognize the fox, thinking that the fox was a poodle raised only by Lu Qing...

Lu Qing has a small amount of rice, and he is almost full with a grilled corn. Zhu Xi’s drink is a bit sloppy, pulling Jiang Buhuan to listen to him telling the story of the past, Jiang Weihuan can only helplessly

Talked to her about the gossip of the entertainment circle, what a star celebrity b star, what c star and d star have long divorced and so on...

Yin Xun was also full, feeling his round belly sitting next to digestion, Bai Yuehu continued to eat, Lu Qingji strongly suspected that all these things were finished and filled with his huge stomach. Hey, I don’t know when I can make White Moon Fox eat once. Lu Qingjiu is a little regretful.

About 10 o'clock in the evening, the barbecue dinner was over. Lu Qing was busy for a day and was a little tired. He handed over the work to Yin Xun and Bai Yue Hu, took a shower and prepared to rest early.

Today the moon is curved, but it is very bright. The stars in the sky are densely covered, and you can see the white clouds floating in the air. This is a rare sight in the city, and at this time he is sitting at the window and can see at a glance.

Lu Qingji yawned and went to the bed to lie down. In less than a few minutes, he slept deeply.He thought he would sleep as long as he did before, but in the middle of the night, Lu Qingji was rarely awakened. He felt a kind of horrible fear. After opening his eyes, he didn't even dare to turn on the lights. And tried to control my breathing and didn't want to make too much noise. This is a sixth sense of being a creature. He buried his head in the bed and heard his heart pounding.

"Whw...when..." There seems to be something going out of the window, and it is making a deep gasp, but when you listen carefully, it seems to be just your own illusion, and the breath is just a breeze.

Lu Qingjiu was very shocked. He wanted to know what was going on, and there was nothing outside the window. Therefore, Lu Qingjiu endured the fear, slowly, slowly heading out the bedding, eyes looking out the window, but found that the window was dark, nothing could be seen, no moon, no stars, no clouds, Only endless nights.

Lu Qing wine saw the piece of black, and even suspected that it was a problem with his own eyes for a second, but he quickly reacted why the window was black - something was stuck in his window, covering Lived the moon and the stars.

Then, Lu Qingji saw the most horrible scene he had seen in his life. He saw the black flash of the window flashing. At this moment, Lu Qingji finally realized that it was a huge block on his window. The black eyes, the eyes only need to use the pupils, it is enough to cover the entire window, the owner of the eyes, at this time is peeping into the house, apparently has found the Lu Qing liquor in the bed.

Lu Qingji held his breath. He didn't know what was in front of him, but obviously, no matter what, in front of that thing, he was like an ant.

"Ah--" a scream of screaming screams, the sound of Jiang Buhuan, the screams let the monsters outside the window slowly move away, apparently causing its interest. It blinked, then began to move slowly, removed the huge eyes, and returned the moonlight and the stars to Lu Qingjiu.

Lu Qingji watched it leave and disappeared outside his window, but he didn't dare to think about where the monster went, and why Baiyue Fox didn't respond. Was it that White Moon Fox didn't hit the monster in front of him? Will the White Moon Fox be injured? Or have you encountered something more terrible? Lu Qingji’s heart suddenly became messed up. He bit his teeth and resisted the natural fear in his bones. He climbed up from the bed and carefully pushed the door open, squatting and walking towards the residence of Baiyuehu. Gd1806102

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