Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 58 Nightmare

Chapter 58 Nightmare

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Although the people in the program group were full of confidence, they quickly suffered setbacks in other villagers. (The free novels went into the courtyards of other villagers, and they were rushed out without any openings. Some people didn’t have such bad attitudes, but they didn’t lend them anything, and they didn’t even want to talk to them. Just put your hands on it.

"What happened? This group of people." The star of the show was also the first time he encountered such a situation. He complained at the village with the only borrowed rice bag. "Don't borrow something, how can you be so bad?" ”

"Maybe they are too biased, don't watch TV, don't know you." The staff advised, "otherwise it will not be this attitude." The person in front of him is a popular student in the entertainment industry. The name is Jiang. Not resounding, the popularity is very high, wherever the fans are crowded, this originally thought of going to a remote place to avoid fans, but who knows that people here do not buy it, even the program can not do it. .

"What should I do, Xiao Huan?" said the staff. "Otherwise, let's go back and discuss with the director if you want to change places?"

"Hey, I still don't change it." Jiang Buhuan said, "Do they have land? You take me to the ground to see."

The staff nodded.

Then the group went to the ground.

Just after the spring, most of the spring crops have just planted, and only the tender buds emerged, obviously not to eat. However, there is a special place in the land. Jiang Buhuan even saw the freshly grown tomatoes in the inside. The size of the tomato fist is red and it looks delicious. He said: "It’s weird, why is there a tomato in this place?"

The staff said: "I don't know, did you use a greenhouse?" He also felt strange that the family's land was incompatible with other places, and it was obvious that every vegetable grows very well.

"I tasted one." Jiang did not pick up one of his hands, and wiped it into his mouth and took a bite. When the mouth went down, he showed a stunning color. This tomato is so delicious, it tastes better than many special tomatoes. It has a very strong fruity taste, and it is sour and sweet. It can be eaten as a fruit. "Good food."

“It’s delicious?” the staff curious.

“Very delicious.” Jiang Buhuan said, “This tastes so good. I have never eaten such a delicious tomato.” He said that he also picked one of the staff.

The staff took a sip, and then they did not reveal the same amazing expression. The tomato is really delicious.

"Just pick this up." Jiang Buhuan said, "I will talk to the family later, and wait until the show is over and give them the money for the tomato."

"Go ahead." The staff agreed.

So the group picked up a bag of tomatoes and some other dishes, and went to the place where they were happy to go back. They didn't know what they had done irreparable.Lu Qingjiu thought that they would return to find themselves if they couldn't borrow anything. But they didn't see the group of the show that night, and they thought that they had spent some way talking about the villagers in the village and didn't care about it anymore.

Who knows that the night, the white moon fox scorpion that came back from the ground exudes a low air pressure, and the expression of the eyes is gloomy to the extreme.

"Holl, what's the matter?" Lu Qingjiu, as the parents of the family, naturally wants to care about the physical and mental health of the members of the family. "How are you so upset?"

White Moon Fox is cold and cold: "I have twelve fewer tomatoes, one less cabbage, and two cucumbers."

Yin Xun was scared by the atmosphere of Bai Yuehu and had already hid in the house. He spent two eyes watching the fun.

Lu Qingji immediately understood, he said: "They went to your field?"

Bai Yuehu said: "Yeah."

Lu Qingjiu raised his brow. He knows the character of Baiyuehu's food-protection. He also feels that these people's practices are not suitable. He said: "I will talk to them."

"No need." Bai Yuehu coldly said, "They are leaving."

Lu Qingjiu: "Is it going?"

Bai Yuehu: "If you don't leave, just wait for death." He is serious.

Lu Qingji Road: "But..."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Well?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "They don't look very good." Most of the star hairs that come are dyed, and it will be poisoned if they eat.

White Moon Fox Emei seems to agree with Lu Qingjiu. Usually, he only eats things he likes, such as fat mandarin fish, green onion, and, for example, Lu Qingji, which looks delicious in front of him. Of course, the latter he is a bit reluctant, after all, eating is gone.

"And they are all stars. If they die, will the police find their homes, such a large group of people." After carefully thinking about Lu Qingjiu, it was not appropriate to eat them.

Baiyue Fox Road: "Yeah." He naturally has a way to let this group of people disappear unconsciously, but the words of Lu Qingjiu also make sense, mainly because the group of people looks really not very delicious, and he is now living on the standard of living. Naturally, I don't want to eat so much junk food.

Just don’t know if Jiang Buhuan, who is positioning himself as a popular lover, feels how to behave when he is said to be junk food...

"And I feel that they are a little strange to come to Shuifu Village." Lu Qingjiu said, "It seems like someone has deliberately brought them over."

Bai Yuehu did not speak, but Yin Wei, who stood on one side, said: "It is very strange. They did not contact the people in the village before they came, but they all know the village very well. Is it the Liu family and they said? ?"

Lu Qingji felt that things were a bit guilty.

"And in the house of Liu's family, there are many dead people." Yin seeks, "Their four brothers, three of them died in the inside. Later, the only remaining child was unexpected. We are all Said that the feng shui is not good..."Lu Qingjiu vaguely remembered this. At that time, he was still very young. The big brother of the family had an accident. It seemed that he accidentally fell from the second floor when he was repairing the house. Originally, the height was not high, and he jumped directly to the most. But the man actually broke his neck.

"Listen like a ghost story." Lu Qingjiu.

"Yeah, it’s scary." Yin Xun’s mountain god is also very unpromising. "Later Liu family moved away, and the house was empty. No one went in."

In fact, this empty old house is quite a lot in Shuifu Village. Young people are going out to work. Most of the rest of Shuifu Village are old people. Like Lu Qingjiu, who lived here since childhood, and finally chose to come back. It is even rarer.

Lu Qingjiu said: "I hope nothing happens." Although he doesn't like the noisy program group, he doesn't hate to think that they are out of life. He plans to find a time to talk to the group later. Let them not pick the dish of the White Moon Fox, otherwise the fox of his family is really angry, and he can't stop it.

After entering the spring, it was not so early in the dark. At seven o'clock, the sun was still hanging in the sky and dyed a brilliant red glow. A winter insect disappeared and a crisp tweet was heard in the grass on the side of the road.

Lu Qingjiu took Yin to the Liu House and saw the bright light in the Liu House. There were all kinds of shooting equipment in the yard. Several stars gathered around to eat, and the staff standing around were shooting.

Lu Qingji knocked on the door and everyone’s eyes fell on him.

"Sorry, I can't just come in here." Seeing the villagers, someone immediately stopped.

Lu Qingjiu didn’t mean to go in, just said: “I didn’t plan to come in. I want to ask, did you pick the cucumbers and tomatoes in my house?”

"Yes, we picked some." Someone immediately answered, "But we didn't pick up much. If you sell it, how much is a pound, we will exchange it for you."

"No need." Lu Qingjiu, "I will do it this time, please don't pick it up next time."

"Do you have so many tomatoes in your home?" But some people are dissatisfied. "Can we buy at market prices? Or it can be higher than the market price."

Lu Qingji smiled and didn't get angry: "The tomatoes are grown for the family." This year, with the income of raw hair, he does not plan to sell vegetables. The extra tomatoes can also make ketchup and make tomatoes. Dry, eat too much, plus the white moon fox that bottomless stomach like, no need to worry about eating.

"That sells us a little." The person who spoke was obviously very interested in the tomato of the White Moon fox, and still persuaded, "We don't want much."

"No." Lu Qingji refused with a firm attitude. He said, "Tomato is not for sale. If you want to eat, please go to the town to buy it."

"What are you doing so arrogantly, isn't it a few tomatoes?" The man saw Lu Qing wine not eating softly. It seemed to be a little angry and angry. The tone brought some anger. He still wanted to say something but was held down by his shoulders. ."Sorry, I picked it." The star who came to the rice during the day showed half of his face behind him. It was Jiang Buhuan. "I don't know if it is your home. I still want to give you money when the show is over." Since you are not happy, even if it is how much, I will pay it first."

Lu Qingji Road: "No, these are for you to eat." He raised his hand and pointed to the old building behind them. "Do you know the history of this house?"

"History?" Jiang is not a glimpse.

"This house has died five or six people before." Yin Xun was on the sidelines. "It’s all died in an accident. It’s also a sinister house. Who is it to contact you to let you live here?”

Jiang Weihuan heard some mistakes: "I don't know, these are all logistics."

"I suggest that you move out early." Lu Qingjiu said, "This house is really unlucky." After he finished, he and Yin went away, leaving the subtle staff and stars.

"What are they talking about?" Another female star who made a show with Jiang Buhuan also came over. Her name is Wu Ya. She is a singer from a talent show. It is very delicate on weekdays. Huan also came, she will never go to the wilderness to do this show.

"He said that this is a murderous house." Jiang Buhuan said a sentence.

"Haunted house?" Wu Yayi rounded her eyes. "Really? Don't you not let them deliberately scare us."

Jiang Buhuan said: "Is it true? I don't know if I ask the director."

The two of them quickly asked the director if they took Lu Qingji, but the director looked blank and said that he did not know about it.

Jiang Buhuan said: "Strictly guide, then who is renting your house?"

"I haven't seen anyone." The director said something amazing. "It was the house that the logistics team found. We didn't see each other. The homeowner sent the key directly."

Jiang Buhuan said: "What about the people who found the house?"

The director said: "It is a temporary worker who has resigned. This is a matter of two months ago. What happened?"

"Don't you think this is a bit strange?" Wu Ya was also a little scared. She entered the village and felt that it was not the same as the rural life she imagined. All the villagers saw that these outsiders were watching. Monsters seem, no one wants them to enter the house, even if they enter

In the house, the villagers faced their questions and looked at them indiscriminately.

As if in Shuifu Village, they are all transparent...

"Yeah, very strange, except for the young man, there are no other people in the village who care about us." Jiang Buhuan said, "Otherwise, let's change places, and when it comes, isn't there two policemen blocking us?" ?"

"The schedule is too late." The director said, "Don't worry about the two of you. There are ghosts in the world. Even if there are ghosts, so many people, the ghosts will be scared away."

Wu Yaqiang laughed: "It is also oh..."

Jiang does not see the director and can only give up, they have to stay in this village for a month, this just came in, the atmosphere is so strange, the next program does not know whether it can be done.After everyone had finished eating, they simply packed up and planned to go to bed.

Jiang did not sleep in a master bedroom next to the corridor on the second floor. Although the building is very old, there is a good place, that is, the room is very large, almost every staff has a separate room. Although the house was cleaned again, there was still a smell of dust that made people feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Weihuan is the window to the left. Through the window, you can see the courtyard on the first floor.

The yard had not been cleaned up, and it was covered with clumps of weeds. This was the task that the director left for them tomorrow, but at this time it seems that the whole house is desolate and terrible.

Jiang Buhuan felt a little uncomfortable and wrapped his bedding around.

Besides, Lu Qingjiu and Yin searched back home, and also grabbed a spicy beef wire in the evening to comfort his sulking fox. This dish is used to eat snacks, stir-fry dried chilli and beef. The fried beef is dried and fragrant and chewy. The pepper is edible. It is not very spicy, but it is especially fragrant. It is also covered with a thick layer of white sesame. Good food for the wine.

After the moon fox ate something, it seemed to be better, and it went to sleep.

Lu Qingjiu was also a little sleepy. After washing, he went to bed and reached out and touched the wooden box on his bed. There are still dozens of days of his birthday. At that time, I didn’t know the wooden box, what kind of changes would happen...

The night of Lu Qingjiu is the end of the day, but Jiang Weihuan and the night of the program group are just the beginning.

The night shrouded the entire village, and the Liu House extinguished the last light, restoring the silence and darkness of the past.

When Jiang didn't sleep until midnight, he felt a little cold. His thick bedding was useless. The whole quilt was like a hail. The frozen people were panicked.

He opened his eyes and saw the old walls in the room.

The village is very backward, the walls are just rough stones, not even coated.

Jiang couldn't stand it, and he sat up from the bed. He wanted to look for a few more clothes to wear on his body. When he walked to the door, he heard an incredible sound... The sound of the water is the wave. Beat the sound of the sea,

Jiang did not stunned. He even thought that he had an illusion, but the voice was so real that he couldn’t deceive himself.

What is the sound? With such doubts, Jiang did not move slowly and walked to the edge of the window. When his eyes saw the outside scene through the window, the whole person stayed in the same place.

Without a dilapidated corridor and a ridiculous small courtyard, there was an endless sea in front of his eyes.

The waves were raging, and the dark reef was slammed hard. There was a thin mist on the black sea. In the fog, there seemed to be something moving slowly.

Jiang Buhuan looked at the scene and the body began to tremble. He twisted his arm and felt severe pain, but the pain did not awaken him from this illusion. The sea was still in front of him. The sound is still pouring into the ear canal.Above the sea, the looming thing gradually appeared in front of Jiang Buhuan. He saw a big ship. There were many people standing on the boat. Their bodies seemed to be very stiff and their faces were covered with fog. I can't see it at all.

Jiang Buhuan felt the fear for the first time. He was completely in front of the window and watched the big ship sail into the distance.

There seems to be something in the central area of ​​the sea, but the fog is too strong, the sky is too dark, and the river is not clear. The only thing he can see is the big ship, and the waves that are surging under the big ship. The salty and icy sea breeze slammed on his face, and Jiang did not hear the sea, and there was a high tweet. He has never heard such a cry before, if it must be described, it is somewhat like the blue whale's low-pitched, ethereal and distant, while people feel beautiful, but also some fear.

The sound of the sound must be a huge animal, perhaps a fish, maybe a whale, maybe something else... Jiang is not thinking about it, he saw a huge black figure and jumped out of the sea. . How big is that thing, he can't describe it in words, only know that one of its side fins covers the entire sky. The original big ship became like a toy under the backdrop of this behemoth. The behemoth leaped from the black ocean and fell heavily. The provoked waves swallowed the big ship directly, and the people on the ship disappeared.

Where is he, what are the sights outside the window? Jiang Buhuan fell into a huge gloom. He picked up his watch and saw the surface. The hour and minute hands and the second hand stayed on the number of 12 and no longer moved forward.

The night is silent, and the ears are full of noisy sounds. The night is noisy, except for the waves, you can hear all kinds of strange noises. Have

The roar, the humming sound, the huge impact, and even the cry of humanity. Jiang Buhuan seems to have entered another world. He is always in a sight he has never seen before, and his ears are all voices he has never heard before.

The cold made him shrink into a ball, fear consumed most of his strength, his consciousness gradually blurred, shrinking to the corner of the wall, desperately closed his eyes.

At that moment, Jiang Buhuan really thought that he could not spend this long night. Until the next day, a huge knock on the door and shouts awakened him from his sleep, and he opened his eyes blankly and found himself sleeping on the chilly wooden floor for one night.

"Jiang Buhuan, you are fine!" Someone called his name outside the door and knocked at the door. "Are you inside?"

Jiang did not get up from the ground and felt his body seem to be falling apart. The first thing he did after he got up was to look in the direction of the window, but he saw the familiar small courtyard and the yard. There is a lot of grass, and there are huge waves in the sky.

Determined that he had returned to the original place, Jiang Buhuan was relieved. He went to the door and opened the door. He saw his agent standing at the door and staring at him with a strange look: "Are you okay? How is your face?" So bad?"

"I want to leave here." Jiang Buhuan said directly. "I will not do this show."The agent stunned: "What do you mean? Why did you suddenly say this?" He responded. "What happened last night?"

Jiang did not shake his head, did not speak, he could not tell the agent himself to make a terrible dream. But is that really a dream, is there really such a real dream? Jiang Buhuan can't answer this question, but he doesn't want to know the answer. He just needs to know that he has to leave the village.

The agent still knocked on the door outside, and Jiang did not care about him, and began to pick up his luggage.

"Jiang Buhuan, what are you doing? Do you know how much to lose the contract? If you don't do it, you won't do it?" The agent thought that his artist had a bad temper because of the harsh environment, but he was angry. There was also a noise on the first floor.

He looked down and saw that Wu Ya had packed up her luggage. She ignored her dissatisfaction and wanted to leave. Her face was white and scary, and her eyes were hung under her eyes. The whole person’s expression was like evil. Yes, it makes people feel flustered.

"I want to go!!" Wu Ya's voice is sharp, she lost the sweetness of the past, and became a little nervous. "Leave here, I will die!! Let me go!!"

The agent looked at her appearance and suddenly panicked. It would not be a problem in this village. Otherwise, why did Jiang Buhuan and Wu Ya become here after a night? !

Wu Ya’s attitude is more determined than Jiang’s reluctance. With a thin body, she broke free from the blockade of several people, and pushed away from the door. The director stood in the same place and his face was blue.

But what he didn't expect was that Wu Ya was just the beginning. Several artists in the program group said that they wanted to quit the show.

"You always have to give me a reason!" The director of the angry pole asked.

"I had a dream yesterday." A good-tempered artist replied, "I dreamed that the dead people in the graveyard at the end of the village all climbed out."

"This is how much you see horror movies!" The director did not believe.

"I really want to comfort myself." The artist laughed like crying. "But I obviously came to this village for the first time. How can I know in my dream that there is a graveyard at the end of this village?"

The director's face was instantly white. Gd1806102

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