Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 55 Misunderstanding

Chapter 55 Misunderstanding

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The atmosphere in the room seemed to solidify. (Free of all the novels Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu are big eyes and small eyes, no one talks anymore.

Lu Qingjiu holds a soft nine-tailed, like holding a hot potato. After a long silence, Lu Qingji feels that he should still say something, so he trembled and said: "Moon Fox?"

The eyes of Baiyuehu moved from the face of Lu Qingjiu to the huge tail. His expression became serious and seemed to be thinking about something.

"Yuehu, you're fine!" Lu Qingji looked at Baiyuehu's dignified dark color and was a little panicked. "Are you injured? The place to connect the tail..." He said, letting go of the tail and reaching out to Baiyue Fox. Check if the body of the White Moon Fox has been injured.

Bai Yuehu escaped the hand of Lu Qingjiu. He said: "Well... it is falling."

Lu Qingjiu: "Is it lost?" He was a little dumbfounded. He did not expect Bai Yuehu's attitude towards this matter to be so understated.

"What should I do if I lose it, will it grow up?" Lu Qing wine squinted at the soft tail that was still lying in his hand. There was always a feeling of smashing himself, and he repeated the words. Once again, "Can the president come out? Will it?" He heard that the gecko can have a long tail. Can the tail of the fox be regenerated? ?

Bai Yuehu: "..." His expression is very complicated, and it is complicated to know that Lu Qingji is in the mood.

"Hey." Bai Yuehu said, "Will?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Brother, can you say something that you can say?

"Sleep, it's not a big deal." Bai Yuehu finally said this to the end of the matter. "If you fall, you will fall, and it will be fine. If I go out, let it stay with you at home." It is."

Lu Qingji’s head was dizzy, but he didn’t know what to say. What the white moon fox said is an understatement, as if the big tail in front of the furry is an insignificant object, not a part of his body...

Lu Qingji Road: "I... I know."

Seeing Lu Qingjiu’s big blow, Baiyue Fox is very rare to reach out and pity to touch the skull of Lu Qingjiu. The expression of that gesture is quite like the usual look of Lu Qing wine and Yin Xing. If you change your mood, you will probably see that the cute little pets who have little knowledge of their own homes are shocked and confused, so the master reaches out and touches the pet's head to show comfort...

"Sleep." Bai Yuehu said, "It's all so late."

Lu Qingji Road: "What about this tail..."

White Moon Fox: "Let's make an ornament at home?"

Lu Qingjiu: "???"

Baiyue Fox apparently found that this practice overwhelmed Lu Qingjiu and added: "I am joking. After two days, I will go back to Ann."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." OK.

Although this big tail left the body of Baiyuehu, it is still very warm, and it is like holding a ragdoll with temperature in its arms. Of course, the texture of the tail is much better than ordinary rag dolls - it is a senior Ragdoll.Lu Qingji, who used to sleep with his tail on weekdays, had a nightmare in this night. He dreamed that he had strayed into a dense forest and lost his way inside. The woods are dense, and the stacked canopies cover the sunlight that you want to inject. Lu Qingjiu walked inside and walked, how could he not go out, the sky was going to be dark, and after the sun fell to the horizon, there was a terrible change in the woods.

The surrounding branches began to change strangely, becoming long and soft, like a twisted arm. When Lu Qingji saw this scene, he panicked and turned and wanted to escape. No matter where he fled, there were branches everywhere. These branches surrounded the Luqing wine group and finally wrapped up in Luqing wine. Lu Qingji made a scream. I found the tactile sensation of this branch...clearly the hairy big tail!


Hearing his cry, Yin Xing, who was doing things outside, got a head in his head: "Lu Qingjiu, are you awake?"

Lu Qingjiu: "... um."

"Do you have a nightmare?" Yin Xun is cleaning the cabbage he wants to eat at noon.

"Yeah, White Moon Fox?" Lu Qingjiu asked.

"Feed the chicken in the yard." Yin Xun said, "What's the matter, do you want him to come over?"

Lu Qingji shook his head and said no, he looked at Yin Xun's face. After hesitating for a while, the little voice: "Yin Xun, you come in, I ask you something."

Yin Xingdao: "Why do you have a mysterious look?" Although he said so, he still entered the house and took it to the door.

"I want to ask, is, what is the tail for the fox?" Lu Qingjiu asked.

Yin Xunyi said: "How come this question suddenly?" He remembered that Lu Qingjiu often slept with the white moon fox tail, thinking that he was worried, and said, "Tail? It is an important part of them, it will only Touch someone you trust."

Lu Qingjiu: "So... will the fox tail fall?"

Yin Xun thought that Lu Qingjiu was wrong, and asked again: "What? What?"

Lu Qingjiu saw the appearance of Yin Xun’s unclear, and he knew that he definitely did not know. He sighed and shook his head and did not continue this topic.

Yin Xun thinks that from the morning of this morning, Lu Qingjiu has become strange. Often sitting alone in a daze, daze in a daze, the problem is that Lu Qing wine also likes to stare when he is in a daze

Looking at the white moon fox. If you just look at it, you can see the part of Lu Qingji... It’s actually the ass of Baiyuehu! !

The first time I noticed this detail, Yin Xun thought that he had read it wrong, but after his repeated observations and careful study, he determined that he had not misunderstood Lu Qingjiu. His childhood friend seems to have some kind of feelings about the white moon fox - otherwise how to explain that he stares at the ass of everyone's white moon fox every day!However, if you think about it, it seems that it is not impossible for Lu Qingji to be interested in Baiyuehu. After all, Baiyuehu looks so beautiful. They are living together with several big men. The girls in the village are either young or It was a 50-60-year-old aunt. He saw Jiufeng still happy a few days ago. It’s no wonder that Lu Qing’s wine will be tempted by Baiyuehu, and the point is that Lu Qingjiu does not know the true identity of Baiyuehu. He probably thought that White Moon Fox is just a beautiful fox.

A few days before Yin Xun, he saw Lu Qingjiu watching "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio". If he remembers it correctly, there are many love stories between humans and foxes in that book! Although it seems that there is nothing good to end...

"What are you looking at?" Yin Xing was thinking about it, and there was a cold questioning beside him. He was a spirit, but he saw the white moon fox staring at himself. Yin Xun was shocked. Just now, he followed the eyes of Lu Qingjiu and stared at the ass of Bai Yuehu. He was now in a daze and was discovered by Baiyue Fox. Yin Xun hurriedly took back his eyes and explained: "No, nothing."

White Moon Fox glared at him coldly and got up and left.

Yin looked at the back of Bai Yuehu and felt that it was not quite right. He thought about it and found a more horrible thing.

How can the white fox's keen sense of six feel that someone is staring at his ass, but now Lu Qing wine has been watching for so many days, but Bai Yuehu has no reaction at all, he only looked at his eyes. White Moon Fox is going to kill his eyes and warn... Difficult... Is it...

Yin Xun looked at Lu Qingji with horror. Is it true that the two of them are already in love? ?

Lu Qingjiu: "...What is your mentally retarded expression?"

Yin Xun: "Lu Qingjiu, do you want to fall in love?"

Lu Qingjiu: "I don't know how to be born in love?"

Yin Xun: "..."

The sigh of Lu Qing wine sighs: "Actually, there has been a problem that has been bothering me for a few days."

Yin Xunyi heard that Lu Qingjiu was looking for his own emotional counseling and was busy: "You said, you said."

Lu Qing wine hesitated: "That is... oh, forget it, you don't understand it." Before Yin searched, he didn't understand the fox's tail. It seems that he doesn't know. . Lu Qingji left with a sad face, leaving Yin Xun almost not yelling at him. What happened to Lu Qingjiu on this dog day, what did he say he didn’t understand, yeah, he did not talk about love. But I haven't eaten pork. He hasn't seen pigs running yet! Wait... He seems to have never seen a pig running... Hey, he’s too bad.

Yin Xun was also depressed by the words of Lu Qingjiu, so the atmosphere at home was even heavier. When he was eating, he saw the white moon fox face expressionless, Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun sighed beside him.

This kind of day continued until the end of the blizzard. Lu Qingjiu was planning to talk about Baiyue Fox on this matter, but the family had another guest.Lu Qingjiu has never welcomed guests so much. This guest is just a timely rain, which can perfectly explain the doubts of Lu Qingjiu. Yes, the person who came is the father of the little fox, who looks like a big fox in the Shandong dialect.

It is said that Su Yan is coming to pick up the little fox to go back to the New Year. This is still ten years away from the year, saying that he wants to pick up his son in advance.

Only when he saw his son’s hair being cut like a poodle, the expression was distorted when he was playing with the two pigs in the yard, but it quickly returned to normal, but Sake is still noticed.

Lu Qingjiu was planning to apologize, and he heard Su Yan come to the sentence: "Nothing, more refined than his grandmother."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." How bad it was before the rest.

Su Yan suddenly said: "Do you know why he is called a rest?"

Lu Qingjiu: "...for what?"

Su Yan said: "When his mother is pregnant, he is watching an animated cartoon."

Lu Qingjiu understood, he said: "Does he have a friend called Su Peiqi?"

Su Yan nodded.

Lu Qingjiu was almost not caught by the saliva. I thought that your fox couldn’t really pay attention to it. I just took the name. He really couldn’t imagine a peerless beauty who introduced himself to the expression of others when he called Page.

Xiao Su is obviously not very happy to go back, seeing that his dad is kneeling on the ground and picking up his ass. This position is still learned with Xiaohua. It is said that when the Kang family used this posture to express resistance and disgust. Of course, Su Yan is not a Kang family, so when he saw the breath, he was on fire. He picked up the fox scorpion and angered: "Who did you learn from his mother? What is this ass? I don't believe that Laozi will give you an ass."

Xiaohua saw that his younger brother was bullied, and bite on the foot of Su Yan, angered: "You stink down the little fox, I bite you!"

Su Yan: "..." He was actually smashed by pigs.

Lu Qingjiu quickly hit the round field and explained the identity of both sides. After learning that Su Yan was the father of the little fox, Xiaohua had no regenerative gas, but still said that family education cannot be swearing or use force.

Su Yan decided to give up and quarrel with Xiaohua, and his face was gloomy and stood still.

Lu Qingji quickly greeted: "咱

Let's go into the house, it's cold outside. ”

Su Yan smiled and said: "Okay." He was really afraid that he would stay outside and would pick up a pig.

The two entered the house, Lu Qingjiu said: "You take off your hat, it's all snow, and it's wet when you snow the hat." Su Yan came wearing a thick wool hat. The other person in the hat is estimated to be quite earthy, but it has become a fashion item on him, which is probably the power of the face value.

Su Yan heard a little hesitation. When he saw Lu Qingjiu had no malicious look, he reached out and took the hat off.

Lu Qingji looked at Su Yan’s head and stayed. I saw Su Yan’s head bare. The beautiful black hair disappeared before, and the whole head was round like a boiled egg, although it’s still pretty. But the problem is...Lu Qingjiu: "Hey, shave his hair."

Su Yan said: "When you gamble with someone, lose, shave your hair, it will take two years to grow up." He reached out and touched his light head and laughed at himself. "Nothing, occasionally changing a hairstyle." interesting."

Lu Qingjiu: "Hey..." He thought of something. He didn't dare to continue this topic. He quickly said the key point. "Mr. Su, I have something to ask you."

"What is it?" Su Yan said.

"Does the fox's tail fall?" Lu Qingji asked.

"Tail?" Su Yandao, "It will fall, but it is very special when it falls. What happened? Is there a fox that has lost its tail in front of you?"

It is certainly impossible for Lu Qingji to tell the story of Baiyuehu’s tail. It’s just vague that he has a friend who has encountered such a thing. He also asked Su Yan carefully, in what case the fox’s tail will fall.

"The fox is dying, and the tail is gone." Su Yan said.

Lu Qingji was shocked when he heard it: "What?"

Su Yandao: "What?"

"The fox will die when he dies?" Lu Qingji nervously said, "After it is lost? Is there still temperature in the tail?"

"There is temperature, the tail can be saved in another way, it is also a skeleton." Su Yandao, "You won't really see it? The fox tail is the fox's essence, it is generally not displayed in people. In front of him, unless he trusts you very much, treat you as a good friend... Lu Qingjiu?"

Lu Qingjiu is not good for the whole person. He recalled the expression of Baiyuehu’s night, and the whole person stunned. If Su Yan didn't lie, it was that Baiyue Fox really had an accident. In fact, he had always suspected that Baiyue Fox was a fox. It was only the nine furry tails that were the best evidence. Now the tail suddenly fell... ...

Lu Qing wine smiled bitterly.

Su Yan saw the face of Lu Qingjiu more and more ugly, and quickly opened his mouth and comforted: "It is the normal state of life and death. It is not necessary to care too much. The foxtail is detached, which means that the fox is dead, not too painful..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Thank you, I know."

Su Yan said: "Then I will go first, and I wish Mr. Lu a happy new year in advance."

"You are also happy new year." Lu Qingji also said.

Su Yan just finished standing up, and Yin Xun, who went out to do things, came back. He pushed the door in a big way. After entering the house, he saw Su Yan, took off his coat and shook off the snow above. He said: , Rare, Mr. Su, is this going?"

Su Yan did not speak, and the eyes were stuck on the jacket that Yin Xun took off.

Lu Qingjiu: "..." He really guessed it.

Yin Xun didn't know what happened. Seeing Su Yan staring at the beautiful white snow sly, I thought it was Su Yan's acquaintance. I was happy to introduce it: "Is Mr. Su looking at this jacket? This jacket is me. Friends bought from the city shopping malls, usually expensive, or a discount when the promotion, more than three thousand dollars."

This is what Lu Qingji said to Yin Xun casually. He didn't expect Yin Xun to be so well-behaved, but he remembered it without fail.

Su Yan: "How much?"

Yin Xun: "Three thousand!"Lu Qingjiu, standing behind Su Yan, even heard the sound of Su Yan's teeth. He looked at the bare head of Su Yan and felt bungee. He silently removed his gaze and pretended that he was watching the scenery.

"Okay, three thousand." Su Yan obviously wants to say a lot of words, but in the end he only pulled out such a sentence from his mouth, then turned and left, and his head did not return.

Yin Xun didn't understand what happened. He was shocked by Su Yan's expression. He whispered: "How is Mr. Su's expression so embarrassing, will he think that I am showing off the rich? I really didn't pass through. Three thousand clothes, it’s hard to meet a person who knows the goods. If you are not happy, let’s say it all...”

Lu Qingji didn't talk, just patted the shoulders of his friend, and sighed long.

Su Yan’s white hair was worth only three thousand. He was not swearing on the spot. Lu Qingjiu felt that he was well cultivated.

The little fox was also taken away by Su Yan. Su Yan finally said that he would send it back when the year was over. Lu Qingji did not know why he was so persistent and must put his son here, and from the past he and In the dialogue of Bai Yuehu, he seems to have paid some price...

After Su Yan left, the room calmed down.

Lu Qingji thought of what he had just said, the reason why the fox had finished his tail, and his heart became uneasy again. Yin Xun was eating roasted sweet potato on the side. Seeing Lu Qingji’s look was wrong. He asked: “Wine, you are awkward, what is your mind?”

Lu Qingjiu said: "I have something to say to Bai Yuehu."

Yin Xun licked the sweet potato and smashed it. He 瞪

Big eyes: "You...want to say it?" Is it that Lu Qingji has seen his mind and intends to confess with Baiyuehu? However, the attitude of the Baiyuehu family to treat lovers is not very friendly. What they like most is to put all the favorite things in their stomachs...

Lu Qingjiu said: "Yes, I am going to ask." He feels that no matter what the truth is, at least he must know whether Baiyuehu is really in a state of physical condition. Before some things happen, he has a good preparation and does not have to be like Facing the embarrassment of the death of a loved one.

"But, you..." Yin Xun wanted to persuade Lu Qingjiu, but he didn't know what to say. He said, "Do you really think about it, may you die?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "It is because I may die, so I have to ask." Yin Xing also knows this, but he is not confused, he is sad, Bai Yuehu really wants to...

Yin Xun was shocked by the firmness of Lu Qingjiu. As a mountain god, he has seen a lot of life and death, whether it is other animals or humans. At this time, he was touched by the calm temperament of Lu Qingjiu. Road: "Well, let's go, no matter what the result, I will try my best to help you, but I want to be present when you say it!" At least before the White Moon Fox swallows Luqing, try to get some time for him!

Lu Qingji Road: "Go."After the two reached a consensus, they looked extraordinarily heavy. Lu Qingjiu thinks about what is wrong with Baiyuehu’s body. Yin’s thought is that he can make a friend like Luqingjiu. It’s a blessing in life. It’s just that everyone has a way to go. He can’t take the land. Sake makes a choice.

The wind outside was a bit big. Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun didn't close. The eyes of the two men passed through the curtain of snow and looked into the distance.

The white moon fox came back, carrying a fresh green onion, and the green onion was smashed. Because of the cold, the blood had solidified on the **. White Moon Fox entered the yard and was a little surprised to see the house not closing. He walked in and took the door with his hand and said, "What happened?"

Lu Qing’s lips moved, and he said: “Su Yan took the rest of the breath.”

"Oh." Bai Yuehu nodded and was not very interested in this matter. He said, "Do charcoal grilled platters at night, it is delicious."

Lu Qingjiu finally took the courage and decided to clarify the truth with Baiyuehu. He said, "Do you like to eat the rice I made?"

Yin Xun heard the words and grabbed his pants nervously. He knew that the most important question was coming. This is the foreshadowing of Lu Qing wine!

Bai Yuehu looked at the dignified expressions of the two men, groaned and nodded: "Well?"

Lu Qingji took a deep breath and Yin Xun was ready to go to prevent the White Moon Fox from suddenly embarrassing. Then he heard this very reliable friend seriously and seriously said: "Then why don't you tell? I am going to die."

White Moon Fox: "Well?"

Yin Xun: "Hmm????"

Lu Qingjiu said: "I just asked Su Yan. He said that the fox has finished his tail and is a sign of death. - Reclining, Yin Xun, can you not lick my hand, I will be handcuffed by you. broken!"

Yin Xun’s terrible death: “You are not going to confess with White Moon Fox?”

Lu Qingjiu: "Hey? Are you talking about??"

Yin Xun: "..." lying trough, the original death is not Lu Qingjiu himself! ! ! His mother's white moon fox wants to really scatter the fire, and it must be reluctant to eat Lu Qingji to eat and eat him!

Yin Xing screams: "Lu Qing wine you this pit goods!"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Yin Xun, what is the madness of this rabbit scorpion? Just said that he wants to be his solid backing, and now he is so vulnerable that he will defect the enemy. ! Gd1806102

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