Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 49 Appetite

Chapter 49 Appetite

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"Sake, your face is so red. Free full novel (" saw the Lu Qing liquor shrinking in the quilt, Yin Xun surprised, "Do you have a fever?"

Lu Qingjiu’s head was a bit heavy. For a time, he couldn’t understand Yin’s words. He just stared blankly at Yin Xun.

Seeing the appearance of Lu Qingjiu, Yin Xun knew that he must have been ill. He hurriedly said, "I will take a thermometer, you will wait a while." Then he ran to the place where the medicine chest was placed in the living room.

Bai Yuehu’s hand was placed on the forehead of Lu Qingjiu. The cold temperature in his hand made Lu Qing’s wine want to be closer, so he naturally used his forehead to lick the back of the white moon fox. .

The white moon fox is gently smeared on the red cheeks of Lu Qing wine by the action of landing sake, and feels the burning temperature on the skin of Lu Qing wine. Ordinary humans are really fragile, and low temperatures can cause problems in their bodies. White Moon Fox quietly looks at Lu Qingjiu, and his eyes fall on the neck of Lu Qingjiu. The neck has always been the most vulnerable part of human body. As long as you bite it down, you can hear a bang, and the person in front of you will completely belong to him. From then on, you don’t have to worry about losing yourself because of other boring reasons. he……

When Yin Xun came in with a thermometer, he saw Bai Yuehu licking his lips against Lu Qingjiu. His black scorpion was covered with a touch of red. Although it was not clear, it was enough to make people feel scared.

Yin Xun’s heart was shocked, and he shouted loudly: “Lu Qingjiu!”

Baiyuehu turned his head. It seems that the sound of Yin Xun was pulled out from a certain state, and the red color in his eyes began to fade rapidly and returned to the darkness of the past.

"I took it." Yin Xun pretended not to see the strangeness of Bai Yuehu. He went straight to the front of Lu Qingjiu and stuffed the thermometer into the mouth of Lu Qingjiu. "You first contain it."

Lu Qingjiu was so confused that he didn’t know what happened. He contained a thermometer and muttered, "Is it a fever?"

Yin Xun said: "It should be." He scratched his head. "Really, I haven't been sick for a long time..."

Lu Qingjiu is also a bit helpless: "Yeah, here I am an ordinary person."

After the body temperature is measured, thirty-nine degrees, it is really a fever. Fortunately, when preparing winter supplies, Lu Qingjiu prepared a lot of commonly used drugs, which is to avoid accidents. According to the instructions of Lu Qingjiu, Yin Xun took the medicine and gave it to Lu Qingjiu, while Bai Yuehu prepared a few ice towels for Lu Qingjiu and put him on his forehead.

"Hey, how suddenly I fell ill." The voice of the voice was still with a nasal sound. Lu Qingji was sick and squashed on the bed. "I haven't had a fever for a long time."

“Is it too tired?” Yin Xun said, “still because I accidentally melted the snow?”

Lu Qingji shook his head and said that he didn't know that the illness has always come suddenly. If you know the specific reasons, you may not be sick.He used to feel cold, but after the fire burned, he felt too hot. He wanted to open his quilt and was breathed, but Yin was stopped. Yin Xun said, "Don't, you first 捂Sweat, it will be more serious if you catch cold."

Lu Qing wine is a little uncomfortable: "But it's hot..."

Yin Xun persuaded: "Tough."

When the two talked, Bai Yuehu always sat quietly. He was obviously not very good at the fact that human beings were sick. It seemed to be a little helpless.

Lu Qingji was so awake and asleep, and when he felt a little better, the sky was completely dark. Yin Xun asked Bai Yuehu to go to the kitchen to pour the glass of Lu Qing wine, and he gently gave Lu Qingjiu Waking up.

“Hey?” asked Lu Qingjiu.

"I want to go home and continue the incense." Yin trembled, "Tomorrow will come."

Lu Qingjiu felt the unusual meaning of Yin Xun's words: "...What?"

Yin Xun's state of mind is serious: "Sake, I will leave when you are alone. When you are alone with Baiyue Fox, don't fall asleep, try to be awake."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Ah? Why?"

Yin seeks: "He likes you too much."

Lu Qingji heard this and stayed for a while, still did not understand why Yin Xun suddenly said: "What?"

Yin Xun said: "You don't know, they have a habit, they just want to swallow their stomachs. You didn't see the look of your eyes when I just entered the door. I am really afraid that he will take you. Swallowed." Although it was unbelievable, but Yin Zai’s serious expression was telling Lu Qingji that he was really not kidding.

Lu Qingjiu said: "I... I know, let's go."

"Try not to fall asleep." Yin Xing was a little anxious. "It should be okay to endure this night!"

Lu Qingji nodded, it should be under the enthusiasm of Yin Xun.

When the two had just finished speaking, Bai Yuehu went into the house with a cup of water. He fed the water to the mouth of Lu Qingji and watched him drink it a little.

Yin seeks: "That... I will go first, see you tomorrow morning."

"Yeah." Lu Qingjiu finished drinking water and felt that his body was a little comfortable. "See you in the morning and pay attention to safety."

Yin Xun waved his hand and turned away. Just when he was walking, his eyes were telling Lu Qingjiu. He was still worried about whether White Moon Fox would make irreparable things.

Yin Zai, who had the most words, left, and the room was quiet. Lu Qingji leaned on the bed. Because of illness, his face was paler than usual, but his lips were rosy and bright, and he looked extraordinarily delicious.

Lu Qing wine is white

Moon Fox stared at something uncomfortable. He found a topic and wanted to open the attention of White Moon Fox: "What do you eat at night?"

Baiyue Hudao said: "No food."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Why didn't you eat? I didn't lick the chicken soup."

Bai Yuehu said: "Not hungry."

Lu Qingji thought that since he was not hungry, don’t look at me with this kind of eyes. It seems that he should swallow me in one bite. He thought of the words that Yin Xun just said. It seems that Yin Xun is a little exaggerated. One can't get it, Baiyue Fox really has the possibility to eat him.Lu Qingji was aware of this potential danger, but miraculously, he was not too scared, but felt a little funny.

Lu Qingjiu said: "What if I am a little hungry?"

White Moon Fox Emei: "I will give you some chicken soup."

Lu Qingjiu said: "You give me a chicken soup to make a meal, then grab some pickles and put them inside."

Bai Yuehu nodded and went up simply and neatly. After a while, he brought back what Lu Qingji wanted. The chicken soup is hot, and the soft rice is soaked in it. It is actually sprinkled with a layer of green chopped green onion. The small bowl next to it is filled with neatly picked pickles. It can be seen that the white moon fox is using the mind. .

Lu Qingji took the bowl, picked up the food with a spoon, and slowly sent it into his mouth. The soft and delicious taste of the chicken soup calmed his hungry stomach. The pickles were crisp and refreshing, and there was a little bit of Luqing’s favorite spicy oil. After eating for a while, there was a little sweat on the tip of my nose, and I felt a lot better.

"You really are not hungry?" After the Lu Qing wine was finished, put the bowl down.

White Moon Fox shook his head.

Lu Qingjiu: "Is it really not hungry?"

Bai Yuehu said: "Not hungry."

Lu Qing wine blinked. In fact, he didn't quite believe that Bai Yuehu said that he was not hungry. After all, every white moon fox eats a lot, but perhaps because he eats so much, so he is hungry and slow?

Lu Qingji thought about it and felt a little cold. He said: "Is the charcoal underneath? Is it going to be destroyed?"

Bai Yuehu glanced at it and frowned slightly: "The fire is very big."

"Then why do I still feel cold..." When I was burnt up, I couldn’t do anything hot, but it was a little cold now. Lu Qingji wrapped her quilt, but it didn’t work. "It's so cold."

White Moon Fox: "Is it cold?"

Lu Qing wine nodded heavily.

Baiyue Fox thought about it and sat down beside Lu Qingjiu. Then nine furry tails came out from behind him and wrapped up the Luqing wine in front of him. The temperature of these tails is higher than that of ordinary people. When the people are wrapped up, Lu Qing wine feels like they fall into a soft and warm cotton, and they can't help but feel comfortable.

Bai Yuehu looked at Lu Qingjiu who was trapped in the fur and said: "Is it better?"

"It's so comfortable and soft." Lu Qingji touched the tail of Baiyuehu's tail. "It's much better... Are you not cold?" This weather, White Moon Fox is wearing a thin coat, Lu Qing wine looks at both I feel that the neck is cool.

"Not cold." Bai Yuehu answered.

The body has recovered its warmth, and with the drugs that have just finished eating and treating high fever, Lu Qingjiu told himself to try to stick to it, but he couldn’t help but began to get sleepy.

The brain was groggy and yawning. Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu had a chat without a ride, forcing themselves not to sleep.

White Moon Fox sounds softly: "Are you sleepy?"

“Slightly...” Lu Qing’s wine blinked. “A bit sleepy.”

Bai Yuehu said: "Sleep and sleep."

Lu Qing wine is vague: "If I sleep, would you eat me?"Bai Yuehu did not expect Lu Qing Cocktail to ask directly. He heard this sentence, but he smiled. He said: "I try to control it."

"Just control?" Lu Qingji helplessly, "Can't you give me a guarantee?"

Bai Yuehu frowned and frowned. "You can't give a guarantee. You look so delicious." He reached out and gently clicked on the chin of Lu Qingji, then slowly slipped and finally stayed in the land. Sake on the throat that swallowed slightly, "I try my best."

Lu Qingji laughed: "Grieved you."

Bai Yuehu did not speak and licked his lips.

Lu Qingjiu wants to stick to it, but he really can't keep going. The eyelids are just fighting. He even makes sure that he can sleep directly by closing his eyes for three seconds. Lu Qingjiu, who had been fighting hard for a long time, chose to compromise. He didn’t want to, but he really couldn’t keep going. The moment before his eyes closed slowly, Lu Qingji saw the red in the eyes of Baiyue Fox. Light... He probably... really want to be eaten, Lu Qing wine fell asleep.

He slept very comfortably, and the furry tail wrapped the Luqing wine firmly, making him feel like he was sleeping in a soft cloud. His disease seemed to be cured, and the heavy body began to become light.

However, this feeling of comfort did not last long, and the pain awakened Lu Qingjiu from the dream. He opened his eyes blankly and felt someone lying on his body. The heavy weight made him unable to get up.

The feeling of being pierced by the neck, which made the neck item, made Lu Qing wine sober. He realized that someone was buried in his shoulder and was biting his neck - no doubt, this person is Baiyuehu.

"Moon Fox..." Survival wants Lu Qingji to make a difficult voice. He uses his hands to resist the shoulders of Baiyuehu and wants to push him away from himself. The gap between human and non-human appears at this time. Full of help, he

Exhausted the strength of the whole body, but the white moon fox does not move.

"Ah!" I felt that the skin on my neck was bitten, and the bright red blood dripped on the pillow. Lu Qing wine screamed and screamed, "White Moon Fox - Stop Hands -"

Hearing the sound of Lu Qingjiu, Baiyuehu’s movement stopped, and he slowly looked up and looked at Lu Qingji under his body.

Lu Qingji saw the face of Baiyuehu, although the expression was the same when it was peaceful, but the red blood on the lips made him a sly charm. He called him: "Sake."

Lu Qing wine thick / heavy asthma / interest, he said: "White Moon Fox, are you hungry?"

Baiyue Hudao said: "No hungry."

Lu Qing wine swallowed: "No hungry, what do you bite me?"

"Are you afraid?" Bai Yuehu suddenly asked him, his hand touched the bitten wound on the neck of Lu Qing wine, dipped a little blood with his index finger, and then contained the inlet, slowly sucking, then the corner of the mouth It reminded me of a smile, "It’s as delicious as I imagined."

Lu Qingji forced himself to calm down. He said: "You...want to eat me?"

Baiyue Fox Road: "What do you think?"Lu Qingjiu said: "I don't think you want to eat me."

The white moon fox does not speak, but quietly gaze at the eyes of Lu Qing wine, seems to be judging what.

"If you want to eat me, definitely swallow it, why bother me?" Lu Qingji, "Is it?"

Bai Yuehu was silent for a long time. When Lu Qingji began to slide over the cold sweat on his back, he nodded and said, "Yes."

Lu Qing wine was relieved.

But when Lu Qing wine was loose, Bai Yuehu leaned back again, approaching the neck of Lu Qingjiu, and then seriously took the blood from the skin that he had bitten through to clean it. His serious attitude reminded Lu Qingji of his appearance when he treated precious ingredients... he was reluctant to waste.

Lu Qingji can only lie in bed, and the action of Baiyuehu does not dare to stimulate him. The things that happened just now made him determine that Baiyue Fox really wants to eat him, even the belt bones, there is nothing left.

I don't know how long it took, just when Lu Qingji even suspected that he was about to fall asleep, the action of Baiyuehu stopped.

He got up and looked at his traces on the neck of Lu Qing wine. He turned his head and said, "Would you be afraid of me?"

Lu Qingji Road: "No."

"Why not afraid?" Bai Yuehu said, "I want to eat you."

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "Just think about it and never do it."

Baiyue Fox Road: "You really are not afraid of me?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Hey...not very scared."

Bai Yuehu observed the expression of Lu Qingjiu and determined that the person in front of him was not lying, but completely left from Lu Qingjiu. Lu Qingjiu clearly realized that the problem just seemed to hide the danger of human life. If he was really afraid of Baiyuehu because of this incident, he would hide his eyes in his confrontation, perhaps in the next moment, in front of him. This man who is not as beautiful as humans will turn into a prototype and swallow him.

Bai Yuehu does not like people afraid of him, he does not need to live with people who are afraid of him.

Fortunately, Lu Qingjiu, as he showed, was not very afraid of Baiyuehu, so he fortunately escaped.

The white moon fox rose from Lu Qingjiu, but the nine furry tails were still wrapped around Lu Qingjiu. Lu Qing wine reached out and touched the wound on the side of his neck. He accidentally touched a tooth print.

Lu Qingji thought of something and his expression was serious.

Baiyue Fox Road: "What are you thinking about?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "That... is the fox a canine?"

Baiyue Fox Road: "Well?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Is it necessary for a dog to bite a rabies vaccine?"

White Moon Fox: "..."

"But you seem to be biting in a human form." Lu Qingji tangled. "Is it because I was bitten by someone, or was it bitten by a fox?"

The two had big eyes and small eyes and had not spoken for a long time.

In the end, Lu Qingjiu gave up first, saying that there should be nothing. He also asked Bai Yuehu once had the experience of biting other people.

"No." Bai Yuehu said very bluntly, "I never bite."Lu Qingji just wanted to smile, and he heard that he was very ruthless to add: "I have always swallowed it."

Lu Qingjiu succumbed: "Why are you biting me?"

Bai Yuehu said: "You look so good, it is a pity to swallow it."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Who knows that you just woke up when you tasted something."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Why are you so sorry in tone, if I didn't wake up, is it true that I am here today? ! It seems that Pang Ziqi’s words still have some truth. There is no logic in the beasts...

Lu Qing Liquor is weak: "What do you think is the taste?"

Baiyue Hudao: "It's really fragrant."

Lu Qing wine was crying and laughing when he was on the scene. He did not expect that Bai Yuehu actually learned this.

In the rest of the night, Lu Qingji didn't dare to sleep too much, but Baiyue Fox didn't seem to have a mouthful to him. When the sky was bright, Yin Xun rushed from the home with the wind and snow, and saw the intact Lu Qing wine in the room and let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Lu Qingjiu opened the white moon fox and let him give it to himself.

I have already hit the hot water, and then I told Yin Xing what happened last night.

Yin Xun looked at the teeth on the neck side of Lu Qingji and was shocked and said: "Where are you not afraid?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "...may be burnt, not particularly scared."

Yin Xingdao: "It’s too horrible. I may pee on the spot." Biting the neck is equivalent to being bitten by the lifeline. As long as the white moon fox adds a little gravity, the fragile neck will make a squeaky sound, so clean and neat. The broken, but also lost Lu Qing wine so light.

Lu Qingjiu: "What are you afraid of, are you not doing water?"

Yin Xun: "Although my body is made of water, my heart is crystal clear, soft and brittle."

Lu Qingjiu made a vomiting expression, and Yin Xun showed a shy smile and continued to disgust Lu Qingjiu.

After Lu Qing wine spit out, he said: "But then, he likes me and wants to eat me?"

Yin seeks: "Yes."

Lu Qingjiu always felt that the logic was a bit wrong. He wondered: "Then he didn't eat me. Does it mean that he doesn't like me so much?"

Yin Xun thought for a moment: "I think he likes you too much, so he didn't eat you." In fact, he quite understands Baiyuehu's mind, usually okay, this Luqing wine will give people a sickness. The feeling of fragility makes them think that human beings are so easy to lose. If you lose yourself, you still have to be sad. It is better to put them in your stomach in advance, so you never have to worry about being separated. However, what Yin Xun did not expect was that although Bai Yuehu opened his mouth, he actually restrained his appetite and put aside Lu Qingji. When he came over today, he was really afraid to see white in the house. Moon Fox is a person, the bed is empty...

Lu Qingjiu feels that he can't understand the group of non-humans, but it doesn't matter if he can't understand it, as long as he is still alive.

Over there, Baiyuehu also took hot water. Lu Qingji washed his face with hot water in the room, but he felt that he was still slimy and wanted to take a bath."You still take a shower?" Yin Xingdao, "I am afraid that you will have a relapse after bathing." He just measured the body temperature of Lu Qingjiu and returned to normal level, but now the weather is too cold, and the physical condition of Luqing Liquor is not Great.

"What should I do?" Lu Qingji, "I can't always get tired of it."

"You can wipe the body with hot water. This room is so warm, it doesn't matter if you take it off." Yin seeks.

"Let's do it." Lu Qingjiu did not force him. He didn't dare to regenerate his illness. He was sick and he was guilty of sin. There is also a fox with a mouth screaming at the side, this time just leaving a tooth print, next time if He didn't wake up, who knows if he can open his eyes again...

Lu Qingji simply wiped the upper body in the room, mainly to clean up the sweat stains left on his body. He rubbed and rubbed and suddenly remembered something: "Right, little fox scorpion?" He remembered when he slept yesterday. Still at my side, after waking up, I have disappeared. It will not be the White Moon Fox...

In the face of Lu Qing wine's gaze, Bai Yuehu frowned: "Look at what I do, it has so little meat, I am not interested in it."

Lu Qingji whispered: "I don't really have much meat."

Yin Xun and Lu Qingji nodded together: "Yes, you see Lu Qing wine is bones."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Nothing, you still have room for development."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Thank you for your fancy, but forget it.

Baiyue Hudao said: "It sleeps outside with two pigs, very good."

Lu Qingjiu was relieved. In fact, he also felt that Baiyuehu should not eat the little fox scorpion. After all, they are all of the same race - perhaps. However, it seems that Yin Xun has long known what Baiyue Fox is. Lu Qingjiu did not open his mouth to ask. After all, Bai Yuehu was reluctant to eat him because he liked his craft, and Yin Xun obviously didn’t have such good luck. .

The worst thing is that Baiyuehu eats half of Yinxun. On the second day, Yinxun can grow up. It is the best object for recycling. Gd1806102

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