Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 43 Cows

Chapter 43 Cows

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Zhu Xi has always been an activist. He said that he had to move his hand immediately. He sent the water from Luqing’s Sakai to the bottle and sent it back to his colleague. He told the colleague to wash the head with this water. If the effect is not obvious, drink it again. (Free full-text co-workers should say good.

Lu Qingji asked Zhu Xi when he went back. Zhu Xi replied that he was not in a hurry. It was not too late to wait for a colleague to tell her that she would return to the company.

About two days later, the colleague who received the courier called Zhu Xi.

At that time, Zhu Xi was helping Lu Qing wine to feed pigs. I have to say that even the pigs in the Lu Qing liquor family are much healthier than many people. They are all fresh vegetables and meat stewed together. Zhu Xi sniffs this smell. If you are already full, you really want to taste two.

When the colleague came to the phone, Zhu Xi directly pressed the hands-free. She hadn’t spoken yet. She heard the person on the other side of the phone excited and screamed: “Hey, hey, you are my reborn parents! ”

Zhu Xidao: "Hey?"

Colleagues said: "I have long hair, I have long hair!!!" He yelled, and the trembling voice made people feel his excitement even through a distant phone.

Lu Qingjiu was feeding the florets, and they heard that the sound was also stopped.

"You calm down and say slowly." Zhu Xi was hurt by his jealous brain.

The colleague said: "Do you want to see me now!"

Zhu Xidao: "Video? OK."

Then the colleague sent a video invitation, and Zhu Xi took it. She picked it up and saw that the colleague of the original Mediterranean hairstyle had a ponytail at the moment, and she was excited to pounce on the front of the mobile phone camera. With my own hair: "I am not beautiful, can't you look good?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." A man with a beer belly asked this question a bit irritating.

Zhu Xi’s reaction was similar to that of Lu Qingjiu, and the expression was distorted for a moment, but she had a good relationship with this colleague, so she simply smashed it out: “A beautiful fart, how can you leave such a hairstyle, you can’t go to the barber shop first? ”

Colleagues angered: "Just kidding, I am so easy to grow hair, you let me cut?? You want my life."

Zhu Xi: "..." She could not refute.

Colleagues walked in front of the video and described in detail the specific process of his long hair. In fact, it is quite simple. It is about receiving the bottle of water that Zhu Xi sent to him. Then, according to Zhu Xi, after bathing and changing clothes, I put the bottle of water on my head. After smearing it, it didn’t work, but when When he woke up, he found that his head was actually a black and beautiful hair.

Zhu Xi listened to his colleague's description and thought thoughtfully: "Then you give the rest of the water to other people and try it. I want to see if other people have any effect."

"Okay," said the colleague. "I will give Xiao Huang a try tomorrow. Hey, where are you now?"

Zhu Xi said: "I am playing outside, and I will go back in two days."Colleague nodded, and Zhu Xi asked him to give her a feedback after the water was used by other colleagues, and then hung up.

"Great, I didn't expect the effect of well water to be so good." Zhu Xi was very surprised and punched in front of Lu Qingji. "I have seen a road to making money beckoning towards you."

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "It's better than this, you help me get a Taobao shop, I will give you a share."

Zhu Xi understands the meaning of Lu Qingjiu, but she just wants to make money with her, but she still refuses. After all, she thought of it at the beginning, she wanted to make the day of Lu Qingji’s life more convenient. Lu Qing’s family had so many mouths waiting for dinner. However, she said: "No, you can get it yourself. This water is different from other things. You don't need any transportation. You can find a courier company to cooperate, but you must remember to pack the water."

Lu Qingjiu: "What is the packaging?"

Zhu Xidao: "The higher the grade, the better, and each bottle of water can not be put more, it is best to use only one person, I think, I just designed a bottle for you?"

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "Then I have to pay you."

Zhu Xi haha ​​laughed.

In the company, the two do not work in the same piece. Lu Qingjiu is responsible for the operation. Zhu Xi is the design. Of course, although the work content is different, it still has the same hair loss. After all, as long as the docking party is not satisfied, they have to rework. Redo, it is normal to work overtime at 11:2.

After doing the work, Zhu Xi took out his ipad and started designing the drawings. He also planned to talk about the making of the bottle with the glass factory in Luqing.

In order to treat Zhu Xi, Lu Qingjiu made a big meal. He let Bai Yuehu kill the fighting chicken in a yard and took out the beef in the refrigerator and thawed it.

There is a cock and nine hens in the fighting chicken. The hens lay the next egg every day. The eggs are much larger than the eggs that Luqing wine usually sees, and most importantly, almost all of them are double yellow eggs. The color of this egg yolk is particularly good. It is a beautiful bright yellow. The scrambled eggs or tomato and egg soup made with this kind of egg are also very delicious, which is completely incomparable to ordinary eggs.

Of course, the taste of the egg is good, and the taste of the chicken is definitely not worse.

Lu Qingjiu stewed the mushrooms and chickens that had been picked up in the mountains before, and they were not cooked. The full house smelled the tempting aroma of chicken soup.

The foxes are the most like to eat chicken, the little fox is scented by the scent of the scent, squinting at the kitchen door and looking at the stove, Lu Qing

The wine looks funny, but the best laugh is the rain serge on the fox neck. She has now used the fox's hair as her own nest. She shook it inside and probed the outside. Lu Qingji knew that she should be like this. Hungry, so I went to get her sugar into her arms. After she took it, she carefully held it and disappeared into the fluff of the little fox.

I gave the little fox a piece of chicken to solve the problem. Lu Qingjiu made beef stewed potatoes and pickled pork. I also thought that when I went to the town tomorrow, I remember to buy two kimchi jars. It was cool this day, it is suitable for kimchi. The season, otherwise if the day is too hot, the jar is easy to bloom.The chicken soup is as delicious as Lu Qingjiu’s imagination, but this time it’s a little bit less. Everyone hasn’t had any fun, but Luqing’s wine is going to take out a few eggs to let them hatch the chicken, then kill two Eat it.

"It's too cruel." After listening to Zhu Xi, he said, "When can I send one over the slaughter?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." You are really fickle.

In the evening, Bai Yuehu went out for a trip. When he came back, he asked Lu Qingjiu if he wanted to drink milk.

Lu Qingjiu was inexplicable: "How come suddenly mentioning milk?" However, Baiyuehu said that it reminded Lu Qingji that they could buy cows and milk at home. Although the boxed milk can be bought in the town, but there is fresh that has just been squeezed out.

"My friend sent me a cow." Bai Yuehu speaks amazingly. "If you want, I will get it back."

Lu Qingjiu looked suspiciously and looked at Baiyue Fox: "Is it really a cow other animals?"

Bai Yuehu is silent for a moment: "The milk is almost the same as milk, and it will be fine."

Lu Qingjiu was amused by the words of Baiyuehu. He nodded and said, "Well, the family just missed the cow, and it’s okay to raise it. Is that thing grazing like a cow?"

Bai Yuehu said: "Give it grazing." The meaning of this statement is obviously that the grazing can also be done, so that Lu Qing wine does not bother too much.

The next day, Baiyue Fox came back from the door as if he had said that the cow was very strange. The cow was black, but there was only one huge eye on the face. The long look of the eyelashes looked like A little cute.

Zhu Xi happened to be in the house and saw the burdock: "How can this cow have only one eye?"

White Moon Fox said next to it: "It is disabled."


Zhu Xi: "Disability? Is there such a disability?"

White Moon Fox: "I said it is disabled, it is disabled."

In the face of the bad eyes of Bai Yuehu, Zhu Xi’s desire for survival made her give up the bottom line and said: “Okay.”

Lu Qingji smiled beside him: "What do you think of it? It’s fine to drink milk."

Zhu Xidao: "It’s also..."

After taking the cow home, Lu Qingjiu Yinxu gave it something to eat, and then he and Zhu Xi went to the glass factory in the city, ready to order a batch of glass bottles to come back.

The process of ordering the glass bottles was quite smooth. After the drawings were given to the boss, they said some of their own needs. After the deposit was placed, the defendant could pick up the goods next month.

Order a glass bottle, Zhu Xi and Lu Qing wine remember to choose several high-end packaging boxes on the Internet, it is best to find manufacturers to customize. After the initial preparations, the two discussed the pricing. Lu Qingjiu is relatively close to the people. He said that there are three hundred and one bottles. Who knows that Zhu Xi was shot on his shoulder and said: "Let's do it." The profit of the three hundred and one bottles is too low. This unique thing should have the price it should have." She used a finger to compare five.

"Five hundred?" asked Lu Qingjiu.

“Five thousand!” said Zhu Xi. “You said clearly when you sold it. You don’t have a full refund of your hair! And you sell one hundred bottles a month, and each account is limited to one bottle.”Lu Qingji Road: "Five thousand is too dark."

Zhu Xi shook his head: "Where is the black, you don't ask how much the hair transplant surgery costs, and this hair transplant surgery does not guarantee 100% success. Five thousand people give bald hair a thick hair, and everyone can't get it."

Zhu Xi said that it does make sense, and Lu Qingjiu does not want to spend too much energy on the Taobao store. He returned to Shuifu Village to make his life slower. If he is particularly busy, he will lose more. Therefore, Lu Qingjiu agreed with Zhu Xi’s proposal and decided to set the price to 4999, which is a difference of five thousand yuan.

With the help of Zhu Xi, the Taobao shop of Lu Qingjiu opened smoothly.

Zhu Xi’s holiday has ended. She has to return to the company to continue to work. Lu Qingji asked her what arrangements were there for the National Day. Zhu Xi smiled and said that she must work overtime on National Day, and it is estimated that it will be New Year’s Day next time.

Lu Qingji took her to the train before returning home. After returning home, she saw Yin Xun sitting in the yard and sulking. He is not like Baiyuehu. What mood has always been placed on his face? Hearing the voice of Lu Qingjiu’s return home, the committee screamed and said: "Wine, I am afraid that I will wait for the cow." ”

Lu Qingjiu said: "What is it?"

Yin seeks: "I don't want to feed him anything."

Lu Qingjiu: "Don't eat?" He remembered that Baiyuehu seemed to say that it was to feed the grass. "What about the moon fox?"

"I don't know." Yin looked for his nose. "He just seemed to be called out by someone."

Lu Qingjiu: "Since it does not eat grass, then feed something else?"

Yin Xun said: "What to feed?"

Lu Qingji thought for a moment: "I remember that cows like fruits very much. Isn't there a bought apple at home? Try it?"

Yin seeks: "Where, let's feed the apple, is it so extravagant?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "The apple is so sour, you are not unwilling to eat it." Apple was bought from the town a few days ago. It is different from the one grown at home. This apple looks red but just eats it. It’s boring and boring, not to mention Yin, and even the white moon fox that has never picked up the mouth is not interested. Originally, Lu Qingjiu was intended to feed the little black flowers. It doesn’t matter if it is eaten by the cows.

Yin Xun and Lu Qingjiu took the apples to the cowshed, and the cowshed was next to the pig shed. Fortunately, the little black flowers were asleep at this time. Otherwise, seeing Lu Qingji using their apples to feed the cows must be a little emotional. .

Lu Qingjiu fed the apple to the mouth of the cow. The cow squinted at the apple. He opened the mouth and bit the apple. He licked the apple and swallowed it. After eating it, he pouted, the watery face on his face. The eyes are also eyeing the other apples in the hands of Lu Qingjiu, apparently still want to eat.

Lu Qing wine simply put it on the ground in front of him, watching it happy and smashed, the only big eyes on the face bent a curved arc, coupled with the long eyelashes, looking really cute of.

Yin Xun stood by and looked at the oxen and apples. The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life: "This person can't be single for a long time, and he has been looking at the cow for a long time."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." is still a cow.The calf was full, and after a nap, he fell into the cow circle and looked tired and wanted to rest.

Lu Qingji also turned his head and looked at Yin. "Let's go, let's go back to rest."

Yin Xun nodded.

Bai Yuehu didn't know what to do. He didn't come back one night. The next morning, Lu Qingji saw him go in from the outside of the yard at six o'clock.

Lu Qingjiu was packing dumplings to eat this morning and said hello to him: "Come back."

"Yeah." Bai Yuehu said, "Is there something to eat?"

"Yes." Lu Qingjiu said, "You should take the fruit pad first, and the dumplings will wait for a while."

Bai Yuehu said it is good.

After Lu Qingjiu cooked the dumplings, he took the pot to the cow ring and prepared to squeeze some milk. The cow was quite awkward and stood in the same place to let the Luqing liquor milk. The milk on the market now looks thin, because it is broken and disinfected, but there is no such problem with its own milk. Lu Qingjiu remembers that the milk he drank when he was a child was the freshest one. After the milk was boiled, there was a thick layer of milk skin. The mouth was full of milky taste and very fragrant.

After going to the city, Lu Qingjiu never drank this kind of milk. Now I see it again, but I miss it.

Just when milking, Lu Qingjiu felt that this milk had a different aroma from ordinary milk. He smelled it carefully and found that the milk had a light aroma of apples. At first, Lu Qingji thought that he had misunderstood himself. When he returned to the house with milk, the newly arrived Yin Xun came to the sentence: "This milk is so sweet, how can there be apple flavor?"

"Really? I thought I was wrong." Lu Qing was also a bit surprised.

Baiyuehu did not react. He asked: "Have you fed him an apple yesterday?"

"Yeah." Yin asked. "He refused to eat grass. We fed him and ate some apples."

Baiyue Hudao said: "That is normal."

Lu Qingjiu has heard this and returned to the taste. The relationship between the cows and the cows is really different. Whatever the taste of the milk, Yin finds that the goods also understand, and wants to feed the cows to eat some chocolate. Lu Qing wine was ruthlessly stopped.

After all, chocolate is poisonous to many animals, so I went to feed it. In the event of an accident, Lu Qingji decided to check the habits of the cows before deciding what to drink.

After the milk was cooked, there was no smell at all, and it was full of rich milk. Some people who are not used to milk are not accustomed to the milky taste of milk, but the milk squeezed from the cattle is mellow but not greasy, but with the fragrance of an apple, it is very delicious.

So today the life of everyone in the family has improved, although not much, but each person and each animal has a cup of apple-flavored milk.

Lu Qingji took a look at the place where the cows should pay attention, but the more they looked, the more we felt strange. He looked up and asked Yin Xun: "Wait a minute, wait for the cows in our family to be male or female. what."

Yin Xun replied: "Public."

Lu Qingjiu: " it really public?"Yin Xun did not forget the taste of milk. Instead, he did not notice the strange appearance on Lu Qing’s face: "Of course it is public, I saw his xx, the thief is long."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." What the hell are you looking at all day and night, not afraid of long needle eyes?

Although Yin Xing has also seen cattle, the cows in the village are all cultivated land, and they are rarely used exclusively for milk production. He has not seen it any more. Seeing the expression of Lu Qingjiu’s face, he asked: " What's wrong? Alcohol?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "..." He stared at the information in the phone for a long time and did not speak.

Yin Xun didn't understand what was going on, and when he came over, the more he saw his mouth open, the more his chin would fall down: "The trough, the trough, what the stuff is."

I saw the material in a very detailed explanation. There is no such thing as a public cow. The milk that can be produced is a lactating cow. So if it is a bull, it is impossible to be a cow. So now the problem is coming, their home. Whether the cow is a male or a mother, if he is a public, why can he produce milk, if it is a mother, what is going on with an organ under his arm.

Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun

Looking at each other, I feel that the taste of milk in my mouth has become subtle. Lu Qingjiu did not entangle himself, but walked silently to the yard and sat down beside the rest of the White Moon Fox. "Yuehu."

Bai Yuehu blinked at Lu Qingjiu: "Well?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "That... that is... the cows of our family, whether it is public or mother."

Bai Yuehu: "Public." He was calm and calm, as if there was nothing wrong with it.

Lu Qingjiu said hard: "What about the public, can you still produce milk?"

Bai Yuehu blinked his eyes, as if he didn't understand what Lu Qingjiu meant.

Lu Qing wine can only say: "Isn't milk production all cows?"

Bai Yuehu said: "Not necessarily."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Who said that the milk is all done by the mother, if you want, I can let you produce milk."

Lu Qingjiu’s expression was distorted, and he quickly said that he didn’t have to use it, he asked casually.

Baiyue Hudao said: "The cows are public, but all of them can produce milk, the milk is still very good, very popular, how, you don't like it?"

Lu Qingjiu did not slow down in the fight that he could produce milk.

Baiyuehu seems to have misunderstood the meaning of Lu Qingjiu. He blinked his eyes: "If you don't like it, let's kill the meat. Although the meat is more ordinary, it doesn't have to be at home."

Lu Qingjiu said: "No, no, his milk is very good. I and Yin Xun also like it very much. I don't have to kill the meat."

Baiyue Hudao said: "Let's do it, you like it." He obviously didn't understand the shock of Lu Qingjiu. For him, male milk production is normal, so he has not been able to go from start to finish. Understand what Lu Qingji is shocked.

Lu Qingjiu lost his soul and went to the cattle circle. He saw Yin Xun’s licking his buttocks and his face was happy. He was feeding the cows and eating chocolate. The cows also ate the taste, and the short tail was shaking like a dog.Yin Xun heard the footsteps of Lu Qingjiu and said with joy: "Alcohol, we can drink chocolate milk!"

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Yin seeks: "Why, is it clear? Is he a bull or a cow?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Bull."

Yin Xun said: "Oh."

Lu Qingji thought he would say something, but Yin searched and then turned his attention back to his beloved cow. Lu Qingji finally couldn’t hold back and said: "You don't want to ask why the bull can also Is it milk?"

Yin seeks: "I don't think so much."

Lu Qingji was curious: "Why don't you want to?"

Yin seeks: "Because I have resurrected since I died, I found that some things can't be explained by scientific logic, and compared with my body, the bulls that can produce milk don't seem to be special..."

It was said by Yin Xun that Lu Qingji was dumbfounded and found that he was overreacting. He said: "It is also right."

Yin Xun said: "And it is a good cow to control his bull cow."

Lu Qingjiu picked up his sleeves: "Let's go, let me squeeze some milk, let's eat crispy fresh milk in the afternoon tea."

Yin Xun heard the words of his cute tiger teeth and said: "You go to cook, I am milking, and this chocolate just eats, it is estimated that it will take a while to get milk."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Okay, but you remember to be light, too hard to hurt the cow."

Yin Xun: "Reassured, I must be gentle."

Lu Qingjiu listened to Yin Xun’s words, and inexplicably felt that their conversation seemed to be a bit...subtle.

Forget it, or go cook, Lu Qing wine quickly turned around before he had a more strange idea. Gd1806102

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