Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 41 Autumn Wind

Chapter 41 Autumn Wind

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Listening to the words of Baiyuehu, Lu Qingjiu really dared not think about how the foxes of his family came over in the past days, and now it’s hard to live a life that can eat hot meals, but to save his life. I ate this delicate body. (free full novel

Lu Qingjiu felt more distressed, and quickly comforted Bai Yuehu to say that he would give him a good meal after returning. The spicy crab steamed crab came to the same pot and was full. When Baiyuehu listened to Lu Qingjiu, it felt better. From the ground up, let’s go, let’s go home.

Then the hand holding Lu Qingji walked in the direction of coming in. Lu Qingji said while walking: "You just eat her, she will be very angry, and...we have to eat her why Knocking on the door?" The point is that she really put the two of them in after the door is knocked out. I think he feels a little sorry for the rain.

Baiyue Hudao said: "It is not her who opens us."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Who is that?"

Baiyue Hudao said: "Nature is the person who made the mausoleum." He explained it briefly. Lu Qingjiu then understood how the Yushi’s graveyard was going.

Yu Shiyi is different from her husband Yu Shi. She is a strange man, and her husband Yu Shi is a god. If the rain teacher is in charge of positive power, then the rain teacher is in charge of negative power. She is proficient in cursing and can communicate with the poisonous snake. Although it represents the power of the sun, the style of acting is a sinister hang.

Later, after her death, Tianlian was a hundred days old, and the people had no grain. When the rainman saw this scene, he knew that it was the resentment of Yushi’s resentment. In order to alleviate the resentment of Yu Shi, he built this tomb and placed her in it, suppressing resentment.

Only later, Pang Ziqi broke into the place, touched the organs in the tomb, and was also contaminated by the resentment of Yu Shi, and lived on the line.

Lu Qingjiu understands this. It is not Yu Shiyi who opens the door to them, but her husband Yu Shi.

The two arrived at the tomb that came in and heard the sound of rain coming from outside. Lu Qingjiu was prepared, and took an umbrella from his bag and held it on the top of the two.

After they left Shimen, they reached the flat on the slope. Lu Qingji walked behind. When he climbed up, he was shocked by the people in front of him. I don't know when, there was a man in Tsing Yi outside the cemetery. The man's face was wearing a mask, covering the upper half of his face, revealing a beautifully shaped lips. His eyes were as beautiful as the lake. At this time, I was quietly watching Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu.

The man’s hand is also holding an umbrella, which has been seen in the umbrella of the Qing Dynasty wine – the umbrella that was held by the woman who followed Pang Ziqi. It seems that he is the person who buried the rainman and is also the rain teacher in the mouth of Baiyuehu.

"Long time no see." The man opened his mouth and his voice was clear.

"Long time no see." Bai Yuehu said, "You are late." Late means that your wife's body is gone.

Lu Qingjiu thought that the rain teacher would at least show anger when he listened to Baiyuehu. Who knows that he blinked and smiled: "I said what I said."Baiyue Fox Road: "What?"

"When she died, I asked A Ming, saying that I can let you come over and help me, and eat her body, so that afterwards, A Ming said vowed that you must be unwilling." "Because it looks like it's hard to eat..."

White Moon Fox interrupted him coldly: "It is not difficult to eat, especially difficult to eat."

"Then you haven't eaten yet." The rainman smiled. He smiled and the rain in the sky was even bigger. He slammed on the umbrella and made a crisp sound.

Lu Qingjiu stood by and listened, but did not expect that things would be such a development. He thought that the rain teacher was seeking revenge as a family member. Who knows that the laughter is the same as the flower, and he sent the white moon fox to the banner. .

Seeing the white moon fox face is not good, the rain teacher also knows that the joke is just right, he said: "Since you come to Tanggu for a thousand miles, I naturally have to do the friendship of the landlord..."

White Moon Fox raises an eyebrow.

"Please, please." The rainman made a gesture of asking.

The white moon fox took the hand of Lu Qingji into the rain curtain.

The rainman saw the movements of the two, but revealed an intriguing expression.

Lu Qingjiu was led by Baiyuehu, and the rain curtains of the places where they went were getting bigger and bigger, and some even could not see the surrounding scene. But what surprised Lu Qing wine was that the rain did not wet his body. Instead, when you are about to touch his clothes, it is like being stopped by something and slipping in the other direction.

The rain covered the sight of Lu Qingjiu. He could only follow the steps of the White Moon Fox until it crossed a certain limit. The original rain was so big that it stopped.

Lu Qing wine put down an umbrella and saw another world.

In the sky of this world, there is a huge river floating in the river, and the river is clear and blue, like the eyes of the rain teacher. The swimming fish in the river is also clearly visible. These fish are colorful, and the swimming in the river seems to form a gorgeous rainbow. There are also drifting water plants and round pebbles in the river. The beautiful dreams are like dreams.

Lu Qingjiu simply looked at it, until Bai Yuehu gently pulled his hand, he only returned to God.

This seems to be the world of the rainer, and the whole world is wrapped in water.

The ground is also water, and it is still swaying with the breeze, but the water is separated by something. Lu Qing wine can walk on it. He saw several huge black fish in the water. At least five meters or so, the appearance of the body swimming, people inexplicably gave birth to a few fears.

"Please, please." On a stone bench and a stone bench, the rainman who sat down made a gesture for the two.

Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu are sitting opposite the rain guard.

The rainer's hand was stroking in front of him, and several fine porcelain plates appeared on the stone table. The porcelain plate contained white fish, which looked very delicious. In addition to the fish, there are some things that Luqing wine does not know, which looks a bit like jelly and is watery and transparent.

Lu Qing wine looked at the white moon fox, Bai Yuehu nodded and could eat, then reached for the chopsticks and caught a piece of fish.Lu Qingjiu is actually more interested in the jelly, but he still tasted the fish first. The fish tastes very amazing after the entrance. The meat is delicate and fat, with a hint of sweetness. There is no smell of fish at all. It is all delicious.

Lu Qingji praised: "It's delicious!"

The rainer bends his eyebrows; "I like to eat more. Since the moon fox went to the water house, I haven't been here to eat for a long time."

Lu Qingjiu said: "I used to come often?"

Yu Shi said: "Where he eats, he goes there. When he finishes eating things, he will leave, because this is still fighting with many people."

Baiyue Hudao said: "If you were not afraid of me, would you let me in?"

Rain Master: "Is this not letting you in?"

White Moon Fox: "Not because of your unpalatable wife."

Rain Master: "..."

Lu Qingjiu listened to the two talking and some wanted to laugh. It seems that Yushi and Baiyuehu have a good relationship. They used to be friends. He swallowed the fish and put a piece of transparent jelly into his mouth. Seeing the appearance of this thing, Lu Qingji thought that the taste would be similar to that of jelly. After the entrance, it was a bit stunned. This thing is actually the taste of meat. It is very sticky in the mouth, and the taste is very delicious. It tastes a bit like fish. But there is no fish.

"It's delicious." Lu Qingji once again praised.

"It's delicious." Rainmer laughed. "This thing is called too old. If humans eat it, it can be extended."

"Is this too old? But is it too fat to be too old?" Lu Qingji asked with surprise.

"That is too old after the world is polluted." The rain teacher said, "It is too old to be born, it is transparent."

Lu Qingji nodded. He knows that he is too old. This kind of thing is called meat ganoderma in the folk. It is something that looks like meat. It is said to be fungi, but in fact it is very different from fungi because it is microscopic. Analysis, you will find that there is protein in animals, and put too old in a humid environment, it will continue to grow up, as if it is alive. There are many rumors about the age of the people. Lu Qingjiu once read a saying that Xu Fudong was in the past, in order to find too old for Qin Shihuang.

Lu Qing wine ate another piece, could not help but be convinced by this taste, praised again and again, but Bai Yuehu's interest is not big, the rain teacher smiled and asked him why he did not eat, he did not give a face to say a greasy.

The rain teacher didn't care if he heard the words. He only advised Lu Qing to eat more, saying that it was good for people to eat.

Lu Qingji nodded to him, but he ate and ate. He felt that this thing seemed a bit familiar. He paused for a while, thinking for a while, finally remembering where he had seen it, his chopsticks, with an incredible expression To Baiyue Fox: "Moon Fox..."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Well?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "I remember, you seem to praise that Yin Xun's meat is good..."

White Moon Fox blinked and looked innocent: "I didn't eat him."

Lu Qingjiu said: "I am not saying that you eat him, I mean... Yin Xun will not be all..."

Baiyue Fox Road: "This is it."Lu Qing wine trembled and put down the chopsticks in the next moment. He said that Yin Xingming is water. Why Bai Yuehu will be interested in him, he finally understands that it is not water, meat, and meat. This sentence is quite reasonable.

"This... How did this meat Ganoderma come?" Lu Qingjiu asked weakly, "Can it become a person?" He always has the illusion of horror that he ate his own friend of waste.

“How?” The rain teacher didn’t quite understand the reaction of Lu Qingji. “Do you have a friend who is a meat ganoderma?”

"Yes." Lu Qingji nodded.

"Oh, this is not to worry." The rain teacher doesn't care. "Meat Ganoderma is just a food, but because of the special material, you can use it to rebuild the body, so if you don't guess wrong, your friend once died. What?"

This is true. According to Yin Xun, when he fell into the puddle, his life was gone, or the strange man gave him a second life. It seems that the man rebuilt Yin Xing with meat and Ganoderma lucidum. The body allowed Yin to survive.

After thinking about this, Lu Qingjiu was relieved.

After the two men finished eating the things in front of them, Bai Yuehu got up and said goodbye. The rain teacher did not mean to retain, and watched the two leave.

Baiyuehu led Lu Qingjiu from the rain curtain to leave the world of Yushi. After returning to reality, he brought Luqing wine back to the old house.

"Yin Xun, we are back." Lu Qingji called at the door of the yard. They went out for a day, and did not know if Yin Xun had a good look at the meat in the pot.

Yin Xun heard the sound rushing out of the room, "You are back."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Is the fire off?"

"Closed." Yin Qiu said, "I also tasted some meat, it is delicious."

Lu Qingji laughed: "It’s good to eat stew at night."

After all, the hard white moon fox licked the mud, Lu Qing wine also wants to treat their own fox.

Zhu Xi gave Lu Qingjiu the next day to express, and the next day Lu Qingji went to the town to get the courier back. In the express delivery, the hairy crabs are tied with ropes. The male mothers have them. If you look at them, you will know that they are very fat.

Yin Xun did not eat crabs, standing next to his eyes and watching, said that this crab is really delicious, it looks like a bone.

"Of course it's delicious." Lu Qingji smiled. "Let's eat crabs at noon. I steamed half, and the rest made spicy crabs."

"Good." Yin Xun is very happy.

The white moon fox is not interested in crabs, and nothing happens.

The dead crab can't be eaten, so Lu Qing wine is directly put into the pot and steamed a pot. The rest are cut into half for making spicy crab. He added a lot of potatoes to the spicy crab. Accessories such as onions, when the crab is tired, can change the taste.

When Lu Qingji made crabs, he gave a call to Zhu Xi and thanked her for the gift.

Zhu Xi giggled on the phone and said that if she wanted to eat, she said that she would go to Lu Qingjiu for two pounds. Lu Qingjiu was not polite with her, and said with a smile.The crab became a golden yellow in the pot, and Lu Qing wine picked the crab-specific ingredients. Put the onion ginger in the ingredients, then roll with a small amount of hot oil, and add the vinegar for crabs in the oil. The ingredients made in this way are especially delicious, and the crab is a perfect match.

Not to mention the spicy crab, but did not open the lid to give off a strong aroma, the hook of Yin Xun has been around the probe to explore the brain.

When Lu Qingji went to the town to take the express, he also went to the store to buy some local-made rice wine. The crab was cold and the food was not good for the stomach. The ginger tea and the yellow wine are excellent drinks with crabs. They are tea. Not very interested, Lu Qingjiu hit a yellow wine.

Lu Qingjiu let Yin Xun move the table to the yard and enjoy the crab while enjoying the moon.

Yin Xun could not wait, he set the table and chairs, and the three sat down at the table.

The crab in September is already very fat. When you open the shell, you can see the rich crab yellow, and the juice of the oil goes down the shell. Lu Qing wine licks his fingers and teaches Yin how to peel the crab. . Crabs can be directly eaten with sauce, and crab meat can be peeled off with a small amount of pliers, placed in the empty shell that is peeled off, and so much more accumulated, and then suffocated.

Eat delicious crab yellow crab meat, drink a warm yellow wine, the breeze also carries the sweet fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus, Lu Qing wine once again grateful for the choices he made.

Fortunately, he came back and returned to the village called Shuifu.

Bai Yuehu stared at the crab and did not start, his brow slightly picked up, it seems to be considering whether to eat with bones. In the end, Lu Qingji still felt distressed that he had licked the mud of the mouth, and simply helped the white moon fox to handle the crab, and put the crab yellow crab meat into the mouth of Bai Yuehu.

"Eat." Lu Qingji smiled.

The white moon fox came over and swallowed it. The frowning brow stretched out instantly. He opened his mouth slightly and said: "It's delicious."

“It’s delicious?” Lu Qingjiu said, “You should eat spicy crab first, and I will continue to peel you.”

White Moon Fox nodded.

If the steamed crab eats the savory taste of the crab itself, the spicy crab will be a bit heavy. The crab meat inside is contaminated with spices. The taste changes from light to spicy and spicy, and the white moon fox catches one. Some of them are not very skilled at the beginning. He seems to have discovered that the bones will affect the taste of the crab. Although it doesn't matter if you eat it, it is still awkward to spit out the bones.

Yin Xun soon mastered the cockroaches of eating crabs, and he ate fast, but he didn’t have the appetite of Baiyue Fox. He was almost full when he was six or seven, but he obviously didn’t eat enough, he looked at the land. Sake, said: "I still want to eat."

"Eat, this is not so much." Lu Qingjiu cooked all the crabs.

"But I can't eat it." Yin Qiu said, "This crab obviously has no meat, but why is it so swollen?"

Lu Qingji laughed: "If I like it, I will let my friend send me some messages in two days. Don't be stupid, you are not Baiyuehu."Five or six crabs are full, but for Baiyue Fox, the meat of five or six crabs is not enough for him to sew, but he did not let Lu Qing wine continue to strip him, but he told Lu Qingji himself. eat. Before the White Moon Fox didn't want to start, it was purely lazy, and it really started. The crabs that were peeled off were all too clean. He was so strong that even the meat inside the pliers could be crushed directly.

Lu Qingjiu did not forget to point out his little fox and black pig. The little fox did not need to peel the shell when eating crabs. The sharp teeth licked the shell and smashed the shell, and even the bones were swallowed. It is really similar to the lazy White Moon Fox.

Autumn is the season to enjoy the moon. The weather is not hot or cold. The semi-circular moon hangs in the air. In the next few days, it is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is time to eat moon cakes.

Moon cake can be bought in the town, but Lu Qingji decided to do it himself. He has not personally made moon cakes. He plans to make some lotus yolks, make some fresh moon cakes, and there is still a small oven in the house. Go to the city tomorrow to buy one, and then take a look at the situation of Pang Ziqi in the hospital.

The life here is much more interesting than before. Lu Qingjiu drank a warm yellow wine and a layer of blush on his cheeks. He was slightly drunk.

Yin Xun went home after eating, and he and Bai Yuehu were left in the yard.

White Moon Fox slowly peels its crab meat with its head down, slender fingers are dexterous, and will be white-flowered crab

The meat was peeled off into the crab shell a little.

After he stripped it, he looked at Lu Qingji, who was smiling and smiled. He raised his hand and fed the crab meat to Lu Qing’s mouth.

Lu Qingji saw it and said: "No need..." He was full.

The white moon fox did not move, and the arm was slightly lifted, indicating Lu Qing wine to eat.

Lu Qingji laughed, but he was still favored by Baiyue Fox. He only thought of what he thought when he took the crab. He turned to look at Baiyuehu. If he remembers it correctly, this is the first time of Baiyuehu. He shares food. Lu Qingjiu also knows that wild animals are the most vigilant when they eat, and the character of Baiyuehu’s food-protection, as long as it is in his bowl, it is impossible to give it to others. The action was too natural, and Lu Qing was almost unaware of the difference in this peace day.

Lu Qing wine ate crab meat, about because this is the crab that Bai Yuehu personally peeled, the taste is exceptionally good, Lu Qing wine laughed.

Baiyue Fox Road: "What are you laughing at?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "I laughed. I didn't think that I was a breeder and I had a good day."

Baiyue Fox raised his eyebrows: "Hey?"

Lu Qingji laughed and said nothing.

Bai Yuehu did not understand what Lu Qingjiu’s smile meant. He did not notice any deviation in his behavior. He did not feel that he had anything wrong with sharing food with Lu Qingjiu.

"Sleep." After eating the last crab, Lu Qing was also a little sleepy. At this time, the night was dark and the wind was a bit cold.

"Well, you go first." Bai Yuehu said, "I will clean up the table."Lu Qingji nodded, got up and stretched out, and went into the house to wash and sleep. When he was lying on the bed, he saw through the window that Baiyuehu was looking down at the table in the yard. But in my mind, I couldn’t help but think of what Pang Ziqi had said to him. "The beast is a beast. Although he is dressed as a human being, once he is stimulated, he will be fierce." - Then what happens, the rabbit is forced to bite when it is forced, and the White Moon Fox is not without self-consciousness. Beast, he knows who he is, knows what he is doing, and even to some extent, self-control has been stronger than many humans.

Lu Qingji yawned as he thought about it, and his deep sleepiness came to his mind. He closed his eyes, but for a moment he fell into a sweet dream.

The next morning, the sky was high and the sky was clear.

Lu Qing wine planned to go to the hospital in the city center to see Pang Ziqi after breakfast.

Yin Xun is crying like a bear child and wants to go with Lu Qingjiu. Lu Qingji can only promise it.

So the two sat on the small truck and went to the city. After a few hours, they arrived at the hospital in the city center. They went outside the ward and didn't go in. They heard Pang Ziqi roaring in anger again: "I am him. Mom is going to die, can you not harass me? Please be personal -"

Lu Qingjiu: "It seems that he is in good spirits."

Yin Xun nodded: "It’s much better than the spirit of a few days ago..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "The Rain Master should have not followed him." He said this and then pushed in. However, after he saw Pang Ziqi in the ward, his expression solidified for a few seconds.

I saw Pang Ziqi sitting in the hospital bed and quarreling with the living dragon. The rainman who was squatting on him did not disappear, but there was a thumb-sized villain sitting on his shoulder with a look of dissatisfaction. That little man... It’s a narrow version of the rain teacher.

Seeing this scene, Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun looked at each other and saw the same bleak look in the other's eyes. Gd1806102

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