Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 40 Troublesome Things

Chapter 40 Troublesome Things

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Knowing that there is a monster on his body, Pang Ziqi’s face is not very good, but the focus now is not on him, but on the rain. (Free of the whole novel, Lu Qingjiu did not know how to do it for a while. He couldn’t go to Shandong to plan the grave of Yushi’s tomb. Besides, when he passed, Pang Ziqi might have already It’s cold.

The person above mentioned by Pang Ziqi came very quickly. He arrived at the hospital around 6 o'clock in the afternoon, just in time with Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun who were preparing to leave.

The man was dressed in a priest's clothes, holding a whisk in his hand, and holding a goatee, a pair of sacred bones.

It’s just that Pang Ziqi obviously felt worse after seeing him. He said, “How is it?”

"Oh, little friend, what do you mean by that?" The priest said to him, "I have come to visit you in the next thousand miles. How do you feel this attitude?"

"Mom, Wan Yuquan, I am going to die, can you talk well?" Pang Ziqi listened to the way his colleagues spoke in an instant.

Wan Yuquan shook his head, and a pair of Pang Ziqi was incorrigible. Standing next to Lu Qingji strongly suspected that Pang Ziqi’s leg was injured. I am afraid that when I stand up, I will start to call this Taoist named Wan Yuquan.

"Then you talk slowly, I will go first." Seeing the situation is not good, Lu Qing wine grabbed Yin Xun and turned and slipped.

They really slipped in time, because almost the forefoot stepped out of the ward door, and there was a fierce quarrel in the back foot room, accompanied by the sound of throwing things.

Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun sat on the small truck and slowly swayed back home.

After they got home, they described the situation on the hospital side and the White Moon Fox. After the White Moon Fox listened, it was just a sneak peek: "The things in Tanggu are quite delicious."

Lu Qingjiu: "...Do you mean Shandong specialty?"

White Moon Fox blinks: "Is it?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Well, they are definitely not the same thing.

"I don't know if they can handle the corpse of Yu Shi." Yin Xun showed great concern about Pang Ziqi's situation. "If it can't be dealt with, then Pang Ziqi is estimated to be gone."

Lu Qingjiu did not speak, but reached out and touched his back. He didn't want to be followed by the woman. If he couldn't see it, the problem was that he saw it clearly, and he was so close, he took a shower. It’s not a big deal with a woman’s big eyes.

Bai Yuehu looked at the sky and said: "It may rain tomorrow, I will pass the day after tomorrow."

Lu Qingjiu did not expect Baiyue Fox to be willing to take the shot. He was a little worried and worried: "Don't you say that it is very troublesome?"

Bai Yuehu: " very troublesome." He thought for a moment. "You are going with me."

Lu Qingji Road: "Where?"

White Moon Fox: "In the tomb."Lu Qingjiu did not speak yet, Yin Yin next to him excitedly patted his thigh, saying that he thought that the life of Lu Qingjiu was this kind of Tianwen. As a result, he did not expect hidden secrets. After this campaign, Luqing Liquor would definitely be famous on the road. Head, go to the tomb to live a thrilling and exciting life.

Lu Qingshui looked at Yin Xun, and Guopu said: "The ancient cultural sites and ancient tombs with historical, artistic and scientific values ​​are stolen, and they are sentenced to imprisonment for three years or more and ten years or less."

Yin Xun: "..."

Lu Qingjiu: "Friends are awake, now it is a legal society."

Yin Xun finally cried out and said that he did not listen to him not listening, which is different from the script he wrote. Listening to Lu Qingjiu just want to give him a few heads up - Yin search is unreasonable and more like a bear child.

After the trouble, each family went to find each mother, Lu Qing wine went to bed, and suddenly fell asleep.

Although Bai Yuehu said yesterday that it will rain in Shandong, it is a sunny day here. Lu Qingjiu soaked the seeds bought a few days ago with salt water, and gave him a preparation for going to the ground.

The weather in early September has gradually turned cold, and the osmanthus trees planted in the yard have also produced small flower buds. Standing far away, you can smell the sweet fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus.

Luqing wine is ready to wait until the sweet-scented osmanthus is ripe, pick some sweet-scented osmanthus to make sweet-scented osmanthus cake. The sweet-scented osmanthus cake he made is especially delicious. The sweet-scented scent is sweet and sweet, and it has the unique aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus. It is Luqing wine. One of the favorite snacks in memory.

Coincidentally, Zhu Xi, who had not been in contact for a long time, called Lu Qingjiu and said that she would open the lake in a few days. She got a good batch of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and asked Lu Qingjiu whether she wanted it or not.

Lu Qingjiu is weeding in the yard, holding the phone with his shoulders: "Well, I will give you an address, you will be there."

Zhu Xi said that he would find a time to send him over and let him eat it earlier. It is too wasteful to kill the crab.

Lu Qingji nodded and said good.

Hang up the phone, Lu Qingji asked Yin Xun and Bai Yue Hu like not to eat crabs, like steamed or spicy.

"Crab?" Yin Xun scratched his head. "I haven't eaten it." There is no water in Shuifu Village. It is far from the lake. There is almost no aquatic product. Of course, this is not the main reason for not eating crabs, or because No money - poverty, let Yin find no desire.

Bai Yuehu replied: "I have seen it, I have not eaten it, it looks bad."

Lu Qingjiu heard a moment of incomparable compassion for the two lives. Crab is a good thing. It doesn't need to be said after steaming. If the taste of steamed is too light, it is also very good for making spicy crab.

Lu Qingjiu has to buy dozens of teeth for himself every year. This year's things are a bit more, forgotten.

Lu Qingjiu is calculating how to eat crabs. The Yinyin next to him is a little unhappy. He said, "Wine, you will go to the tomb tomorrow, don't you do something today?"

Lu Qingjiu: "...what do you usually do before going to the tomb?"

Yin Xun: "What equipment is ready, what does Luoyang shovel?"Lu Qingji looked suspiciously at Yin Xun: "Where do you know, will you not read the novel?"

Yin Xun’s smile.

"I don't think I should prepare anything." Lu Qingjiu said, "I am a messy one anyway." The most important thing is to look at Baiyuehu.

Yin Xun was angry with his indisputable expression, but he did not dare to speak in the face of Bai Yuehu. Bai Yue Hu did not object to Lu Qingjiu, basically equal to the default Lu Qingjiu is to make a soy sauce.

Although it was decided to solve this problem tomorrow, but Pang Ziqi's situation is not very optimistic, Hu Shu called to say that he had an accident last night, the infusion of the tube inexplicably into the air, if not the nurse in time I found that I am afraid that others are gone.

And the worst thing is that although I have known this situation, I have sent people in the past, but I have to deal with it. I am afraid I have to spend a few days. It is definitely not possible to hang Pang Ziqi at any time.

Lu Qingji thought about it, but he did not tell Hu Shu if he had to go to Baiyuehu. After all, this is his private behavior. It is also illegal to count it carefully. Hu Shu is still a policeman...

It took a quiet day to go to the third morning.

Bai Yuehu agreed with Lu Qingjiu in advance and said that they would leave after breakfast. Lu Qingji asked them how they passed, and asked him to book a ticket in advance. Baiyue Fox shook his head and told Lu Qingji not to worry about this. Just follow him and walk.

So after breakfast, Lu Qingjiu went out in the eyes of Yin Xun’s expectation and envy and Bai Yuehu.

"Go early and go back early." Yin Xun rushed at the yard with their beloved beckoning, "pay attention to safety."

“Yeah.” Lu Qingjiu said, “Look at the cooking in the pot, don’t paste it, we will come back soon.”

Yin Xun said: "Do not worry, I will be a housekeeper. I am not a three-year-old." After he said this, he always felt that the atmosphere was strange. After a while, he finally found out what was wrong. Sake, how do you feel like my grandfather?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Stupid Yin, I am not your grandfather."

Yin Xun: "..."

Lu Qingji: "I am your father."

Yin Xun’s broom next to the yard attempted to attack Lu Qingjiu, and Lu Qingjiu’s situation was not good enough.

Regarding how to go to Shandong in the end, Lu Qingjiu is still very curious. However, Baiyuehu did not have the meaning to explain. He always led the Luqing wine to the mountain. When he reached the uninhabited mountain top, Bai Yuehu suddenly extended his arm to Lu Qingji, indicating that he was holding his hand.

This is not the first time that the two have held hands together. Lu Qingjiu did not feel anything uncomfortable.

The temperature of the hand of the white moon fox is lower than that of the ordinary person. It is slightly iced. Lu Qingji holds his hand and sees a black dense fog around him. This thick fog wraps their body. Then Lu Qing wine was black in front of him, probably lost consciousness for two or three seconds. When he reacted, the black fog around him gradually dispersed... They reached a completely strange place.

This place is a wilderness, with weeds everywhere and no visible smoke."Where is the tomb?" Lu Qingji asked nervously.

White Moon Fox pointed to their feet.

At the foot of them was a solid soil, Lu Qing wine looked at the eyes, then turned his head and looked at Bai Yuehu: "Then we have to go."

Bai Yuehu thought for a moment: "We are still polite."

Lu Qingjiu: "Well?"

White Moon Fox: "Knock in the door."

Lu Qingjiu; "..."

Although it was like joking, Bai Yuehu was obviously serious. I saw him lift his feet and shocked the ground. After a loud bang, there was a huge pothole in front of them, but the most striking thing was the black stone door behind the pothole.

The eyes of Lu Qing wine were wide, but the things that surprised him were still behind. I saw Bai Yuehu stepped up to the front of the stone facade and raised his hand and knocked.

The atmosphere solidified, and Lu Qingji held his breath and watched the action of Baiyuehu.

After about two or three seconds, the closed tight stone door made a heavy noise, like someone pushed away from it, revealing a wide gap that could be passed by one person.

The old air in the tomb rushed down the open Shimen, which made Lu Qing’s wine cough a few times.

Baiyue Fox screamed and went straight into Shimen. Lu Qingji followed closely and went in.

Behind the stone gate is a long tunnel. The ground is covered with hard bluestone. The time does not destroy the tomb. On the contrary, except for some dust, everything else is well preserved. Luqing wine is even weak. The light source, seeing the colored murals painted on the walls, all of them are vivid, seemingly describing the long sleep of ancient sacrifices. White Moon fox can see things in the dark, but Lu Qing wine can't. Fortunately, the reminder before Yin Xun played a role. Lu Qingji took out a small flashlight from his backpack and finally saw it under his feet. The way to go.

Baiyuehu should have been here for the first time, but it seems to be familiar with this tomb.

Walking all the way forward, bypassing countless roads.

Although Lu Qingjiu had not eaten pork, he also saw the pig running, and he did not dare to go behind the white moon fox. He whispered to ask what the room next to it was for.

"There are some funerary objects, some are organs." Bai Yuehu said, "Follow me, or you will get lost."

Lu Qingji screamed, and it was even tighter.

All the doors in the tomb seemed to have been opened, and the White Moon Fox arrived at the center of the cemetery without any effort. Lu Qingji followed him and looked around, feeling that he seemed to have reached a place that was not the same as other rooms.

This room is particularly large and very empty. There is a rectangular pool in the middle, and there are several strange human figures in the corner. The most unusual thing is the messy footprints on the floor in this room. Apparently someone came here and trampled the dust on the floor, which was originally evenly distributed.Lu Qingji immediately thought of Pang Ziqi. They also went down to the tomb and saw the coffin. After touching the body, the body sank into the water. They could not fish out the body.

The room in front of me and the strange footprints on the floor are completely in line with Pang Ziqi's description. Obviously, here is where the body of the rain sergeant is.

Bai Yuehu’s footsteps also stopped, and he set his sights on the pool in the center of the room. He walked over to the pool and leaned over, seemingly observing things in the water.

Lu Qingji also followed the past and saw the situation inside the pool. It stands to reason that the mausoleum was buried underground for so many years, even if there is water, it should be dried up, but there is a clear pool of water in the pool in front of it. Lu Qingji took a photo with a flashlight and found that the water in the pool did not bottom out, and the wave that turned out shook slightly, as if there was any living thing in the water.

“Is the groundwater here?” Lu Qingjiu asked.

White Moon Fox shook his head: "The pool water is closed."

Lu Qingjiu: "It has been so many years, this water is not dry?"

Bai Yuehu said: "If the body of the rain sergeant is there, the water will not dry."

Lu Qingji screamed: "Then her body should be inside, can we fish it out?"

White Moon Fox smashed his eyebrows: "Try it, don't let me go into the water again." He obviously also disliked the water.

Lu Qingji took out a rope with a hook from his backpack. He had to praise Yin Xun again here. If he had been shattered in the ear of Lu Qingjiu, Lu Qingji would not bring these things. I didn't expect it to come in handy now.

Lu Qingjiu pulled out the rope and threw the iron hook into the pool. As the Baiyue Fox said, the pool was closed. It was about two meters deep. The rope went down to the bottom. Lu Qingji began to shake the rope. I want to hook the body that sinks to the bottom.

The rope swayed in the water. Soon, Lu Qingji felt the rope tightened. It seemed to be something heavy. He began to try to pull the thing hard, but after he tried it, he found the thing motionless.

"I seem to hook something up." Lu Qingji frowned and said, "It's too heavy, I can't pull it up - don't hook it up to the wall?"

White Moon Fox reached out and grabbed the rope and began to work hard with Lu Qingjiu. The difference between the two people was highlighted at this time. The ropes that Lu Qingjiu could not pull were very good in the hands of Baiyuehu. Even Baiyuehu did not even move hard. Pulled up the things that hooked the ropes.

When Lu Qingji saw that he couldn’t help himself, he simply let go of his hand and stood watching. With the action of the White Moon Fox, a black thing was hooked up by the rope. Lu Qingji looked at the water with a flashlight and determined what he saw. It was the body that sinked deep in the pool.

The body was wearing a blue dress. Although she closed her eyes, Lu Qingji recognized her exactly the same as the female ghost of Pang Ziqi.

After so many years, the body is well preserved, the skin is white and soft, not like a dead person, but it seems to just fall asleep.Lu Qingji stared at the body and the god, this woman is not particularly beautiful, but there is a magical power that is difficult to describe, people can't help but stare at her and look at it again...just some of Lu Qingji can't control himself. When he looked away, Bai Yuehu suddenly called his name: "Lu Qingjiu."

Lu Qing Liquor: "Ah?"

Bai Yuehu said: "She is so beautiful?"

Lu Qingjiu found that his status was somewhat wrong. He took his eyes and looked at Baiyue Fox: "What?"

White Moon Fox is very patient and repeats the words: "I said, she is so beautiful? Better than me - better?"

Lu Qingji laughed. He said: "Of course, you are not good." He was afraid that he would say that Baiyuehu did not believe it, and added: "You are the best fox in the world."

White Moon Fox just nodded with satisfaction.

The body was taken out of the pool by the white moon fox with a rope. He did not have the meaning of pity and jade, like throwing garbage, he had to throw the body to the side of the pool. The corpse looked soft, and it was actually hard and slammed on the ground, making a sound of gold and stone.

According to Bai Yuehu, as long as the corpse is destroyed and Pang Ziqi can survive, he does not have to worry about being caught up by her, but in the end what method is used to destroy it, but Lu Qingji has some headaches, he sees The white moon fox, Bai Yuehu also understood the meaning of his eyes, after a moment of silence: "Try with a knife?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." You are too unsure about this. But it doesn't matter if you try it. Lu Qingji took a deep breath and took it out of the bag.

A dagger.

"Just cut it down?" Lu Qingji asked.

Bai Yuehu nodded.

Although the woman in front of her eyes is a corpse, she also looks too much like a living person. Lu Qingjiu is really a little psychologically handicapped when she starts to work. But it is always more important to live than a dead person. She thinks of the half-dead Pang Ziqi lying in the hospital. Lu Qingji firmly held the handle.

"I have offended." Apologizing to the body, Lu Qingjiu squatted and slashed to the body. However, what he did not expect was that when the dagger contacted the body, Lu Qingji felt like he had cut it. Hard things, the arm flew out and flew out.

"Ah!" Lu Qing's hand was shocked by the numbness, and he could not help but scream.

"Can't cut?" asked Bai Yuehu.

"Yeah." Lu Qingji sank his face. "It's too hard, can't cut it..."

"Trouble." Bai Yuehu spit out three words.

When I heard that Baiyuehu actually said that trouble, Lu Qingji suddenly became nervous. He said: "How trouble? Moon Fox, are we in trouble?"

The eyes of the white moon fox are slightly gloomy: "There is no disaster."

"What about the corpse?" Lu Qingji rubbed his own arm and said with a brow. "Is Pang Ziqi only waiting to die?"

Bai Yuehu sighed: "I am coming."His sigh was too sad, and the worry in Lu Qing’s heart was even worse. He was asking what was going on, and he saw a black fog rising under the white moon fox. The black fog soon shrouded. The entire room covered up the dim light. Although Lu Qingjiu did not know what happened, it was clear that Baiyuehu would not harm himself, so he simply retreated to the side.

Soon after the black fog rises, Lu Qingjiu heard the woman’s sharp crying in the vicinity of the pool. This crying has resentment and hatred, making the scalp numb, and when the crying is getting louder, Another rattled roar of the beast, this roaring sound made Lu Qing wine directly froze, and did not dare to move.

"Oh." The chewed sound of the meat eventually replaced the woman's crying, the crying gradually weakened, and finally stopped completely, and the whole house was filled with the sound of the beasts eating meat.

Lu Qingjiu is not difficult to guess what happened... Baiyue Fox turned into a prototype and ate the badly treated body.

Through the thick black mist, Lu Qing wine saw a pair of huge red eyes, and the eyes noticed his gaze and cast a look at him.

The two men looked at each other, and Lu Qingjiu barely pulled out a stiff smile: "Well... is it delicious?"

The chewing sound stopped, and the voice of Baiyuehu came: "It’s hard to eat."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Will you have any sequelae when you eat this way?" The thing is so hard, and I don’t know how many years, the shelf life is definitely over.

The white moon fox didn't scream and smashed again. After the smashing, the black fog gradually dispersed. Lu Qingji saw him sitting on the edge of the pool and looked unhappy.

Lu Qingji went over and whispered: "Moon Fox?"

White Moon Fox Road "Hmm?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Are you finished?"

White Moon Fox: "Yeah."

Lu Qingjiu: "What... tastes?"

Bai Yuehu thought for a moment and said, "Have you ever eaten mud?"

Lu Qingjiu: ""

Baiyue Fox Road: "Then you imagine, a piece of mud that has been for more than a thousand years."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." He felt that he still shouldn't imagine it. The taste of the rainman was obviously beyond his imagination. Otherwise, Baiyuehu would not be grievous after eating, as if he was really forced to squat. A mouthful of mud. Gd1806102

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