Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 26 Son

Chapter 26 Son

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Lu Qingji was aiming at Hu Shu’s head with a gun. At this time, the distance between the two was only two meters. Even if Lu Qing has not used a gun, he can easily hit Hu Shu, not to mention Hu Shu’s dodge* *nothing. (free full novel

"What are you looking forward to?" Lu Qingji stared at Hu Shu. "You are expecting me to shoot?"

In the face of Lu Qingjiu’s questioning, Hu Shu was already impatient. He spit out the smoke in his mouth and said: “Don’t bother me with the fun of the game. If you don’t want to play, then I will announce the game now. End."

Lu Qingji Road: "After the end?"

Hu Shuyi opened his mouth and smiled. The scarlet tongue licked his lips: "After the end, of course, it is time to taste the food."

Lu Qingjiu: "Okay." He took a deep breath and seemed to be trying to pull the trigger. Hu Shu saw the movement of Lu Qingjiu, and a black scorpion revealed a mad excitement. Lu Qingji opened the gun - The bullet/bomb slanted out from the muzzle. The huge recoil made Luqing wine a step backward. However, after the gunshot, Hu Shu was still standing opposite Lu Qingjiu. There was no scar on his body. Instead, he had one more under his feet. A bomb/hole that is smoking.

"What the hell are you doing?" Hu Shu didn't expect this scene, and he was angry and angered. "I told you to shoot at me, where are you fucking!"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Sorry, I didn't fire the gun, and suddenly I slipped my hand." Only then, he just deliberately hit Hu Shen's foot, and the fierce god who wanted him to shoot was obviously not good, though I don't know why he did this, but Lu Qingji still grasped a key element - he seems to be seeking death.

Hu Shu looked at Lu Qingji with a bad look.

"That... come again?" Lu Qingji was somewhat uncomfortable with his staring, and he could only make a proposal.

"When can I have time with you again, OK, since you don't want to play, even if it is." Hu Shu sneered, "Go to hell!!" After he finished this, he rushed over Lu Qingjiu, I don't know when. In his hand, he had a bright dagger, and at this time he was unceremoniously rushing toward Luqing.

Lu Qingji reacted very quickly, and turned to climb to the small truck, but Hu Shu had already arrived behind him, grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the small truck.

The strength of Lu Qingjiu and Hu Shu are not at all a level. Almost one face falls under the guise of a face, and Hu Shu slammed his neck on the ground.

Hu Shu looked at Lu Qingji with a malicious look and continued to use his hand: "The game is over."

Lu Qingji’s painful open mouth could not help but want to break free from Hu Shu’s hand. His hand touched the ground next to him, and then he touched a cold thing... Hu Shu’s hand was thrown next to him. dagger. Did he throw the dagger? It is reasonable to say that the brain lacking oxygen should not be able to think, but at this moment, the consciousness of Lu Qingjiu is exceptionally clear. He grabbed the dagger and stabbed him with the dagger on Hu's arm.Hu Shu screamed and screamed, but did not relax his strength, but was even more excited. He giggled in the ear of Lu Qingjiu. The voice seemed to be personal, low and evil: "You found it? Choose it, today. Either you die... or I die..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Deceased liar, the death is obviously Hu Shu..."

Hu Shu heard a word and laughed. He said, "What about that?"

Lu Qingjiu came to Hu Shu’s arm again, and wanted Hu Shu to let him go. But obviously, Hu Shu, who was controlled by the fierce god, was completely unaffected by this minor injury. Relax.

Lu Qingjiu began to appear black spots in his eyes, and his consciousness gradually became blurred. He did have a choice at this time, that is, he directly wanted the life of the person in front of him, but he did not want to do this. The last reason told him that Hu Shu might Not dead, but if you cut it down, Hu Shu is really dead...

At this critical moment, the small truck behind him made two slaps, and actually turned around and slammed directly toward Lu Qingjiu and Hu Shu.

Hu Shu did not expect that the small truck was actually strange, it seemed to be shocked, but he quickly calmed down. He was not angry at the small truck that hit him. He let go of the hand that smashed the neck of the wine, and spit out two words: "Interesting." Then he stood up from the ground, facing The pickup truck opened his arm. "Come on, I have to look at it. Can you kill me?"

The small truck lights flashed, a long "beep", and then issued a special snoring on the gas pedal, Lu Qing wine did not have time to block, they saw it rushed toward Hu Shu.

"No-" Lu Qingjiu shouted.

Just when Lu Qingji thought that the small truck would directly kill Hu Shu, the front of it opened an ice blue flower. Hu Shu saw that the face changed greatly, but he had not had time to react before he was This ice blue flower is wrapped up.

"Fuck--" did not know what the flower was. Hu Hu, who was wrapped in it, made a terrified and angry scream.

After the small truck wrapped Hu Shu, a bunch of black smoke was ignited in the carriage. After the smoke dispersed, the white moon fox appeared in the carriage.

He looked a little different from the past, his face was extraordinarily white, his lips were red and scary. He left the carriage and went to the front of Lu Qingji and reached out to him: "Is it okay?"

"Nothing." Lu Qingji took his hand. He noticed that there was a red stain on the side of Bai Yuehu's lips. "What is your mouth?"

Bai Yuehu heard a light touch with his thumb and licked his lips: "Nothing."

Lu Qing Liquor:"

......" He seems to faintly smell a bloody taste, and then contacted the white moon fox's sullen expression, Lu Qing wine guessed that he may have just had a meal.

At this time Hu Shu was also wrapped in the blue flower, Lu Qing wine went into a look, only to find that this flower should be part of the body of the small truck, is a blue meat flower.

"Let it out." The white moon fox cleaned the blood on his lips.The small truck released Hu Shu, and Hu Shu fell to the ground, but it seems that he has lost consciousness, his eyes are closed, and there are wounds from Lu Qing wine.

"Is he okay?" Lu Qingji asked a little nervously.

"Nothing." Bai Yuehu said, "Can't die."

Lu Qingjiu: "What about the fierce god?"

Bai Yuehu replied: "I have eaten it, and I have some thoughts left. It may take some time to clean up, but it won't be a big climate."

Lu Qingjiu originally planned to help Hu Shu, but was stopped by Baiyue Fox. He said, "Don't help, he will have a little skin injury in his hand. He will wake up later. If you don't feel relieved, you can call 120." ”

Lu Qingji nodded: "Good." He took out his mobile phone and hit 120 and reported the location.

Hu Shu has some strange mucus, which seems to be left by the small truck. Lu Qingji said: "I haven't found out that our small truck is so powerful."

Bai Yuehu’s expression was slightly strange, and he said: “Hey... is it amazing?”

Lu Qingjiu said: "If it weren't it, I might die."

"Can't die." Bai Yuehu said indifferently, "It is God, it can't kill people by hand. If you move your hand, your body will be bloody and your power will be greatly reduced."

"Right, what is it God?" Lu Qingjiu remembered the point.

"Have you ever heard of a corpse?" asked Bai Yuehu.

Lu Qing wine stunned, "It is actually a luxury than a corpse?!" Since the squid incident, Lu Qingjiu has studied the mountain and sea, and has an impression of all the monsters. The Shan Hai Jing recorded not only the strange, but also various kinds of gods. Extravagance is a kind of God. Legend has it that he is also a god, but he was killed for various reasons, but his body and soul have not disappeared, and he continues to survive with the state of the body. This kind of god animal is human face, and there are two green snakes hanging on the ear. But I don't know why. It seems that his sense of existence is very low. At least before reading the Shan Hai Jing carefully, Lu Qingjiu has never heard of this word.

"Yeah." Baiyue Hudao said, "The phoenix is ​​not as good as a chicken. It means him."

Lu Qing wine smiles.

With the progress of the times, people's beliefs are becoming more and more thin, not to mention the little gods like the corpse. Besides the transcripts, he seems to have no other believers. Bai Yuehu said that he was forgotten. God is not even as good as it is.

"Have you eaten him?" Lu Qingji asked.

"God is immortal." Bai Yuehu said, "I only eat a part of his faith. If he is patient enough to continue to build up his strength, he will always find the carrier of strength again." He said here, laughing. Laugh, "But you don't have to worry, it's not that easy to continue to find faith." Especially for a forgotten God.

Lu Qingji nodded.

When Hu came to pick up Hu Shu, Hu Shu had already woken up. After waking up, he looked at Lu Qing wine with a stunned look. He didn't seem to understand what happened before.

Lu Qingji said to him: "You go to the hospital first, and wrap the wound on the handle of the hospital. Let's find another time to talk slowly."

Hu Shudao: "Well... I don't remember anything, right. Who is this wound?"Lu Qingji calmly replied: "Non-human."

Hu Shu: "Oh."

After Hu Hu was sent to the ambulance, Lu Qingjiu and Bai Yuehu drove the small truck in the direction of the home. On the truck, Bai Yuehu knocked on the steering wheel and whispered coldly: "Do not use the wrapped sake."

The small truck screamed with a horn. I don’t know why Lu Qingji actually heard a trace of sadness.

The body of the small truck, Lu Qingjiu, has basically been guessed, but what is this purple flower? Does it have unique skills? Originally, Lu Qingji didn't think much about it, but after listening to Baiyuehu's embarrassment, Lu Qingjiu had a strange feeling in his heart, so he sneaked out his mobile phone and opened the search bar, and entered two words in it: Hey.

After the page was refreshed, Lu Qingjiu entered the column to search for the column. Then, he found that people could not be too curious. I saw the two plaques on the page, and they were covered with an ice-blue succulent flower. The picture below is: 蛞蝓 □ —— —— —— —— —— —— What the blue flower is, he has fully understood.

Lu Qingji silently put down his mobile phone and tried to cover his face. No wonder that Baiyue Fox just let him not touch Hu Shu. He thought that Bai Yuehu was afraid that Hu Shu would be hurt twice. Now I want to come... I don’t want him to touch Go to Hu Shu’s subtle mucus.

Lu Qingji put down his mobile phone and put his hand on the steering wheel again.

After a day of tossing, Lu Qingjiu was also a little tired, especially the wound he had been Hu Shuzheng had swollen at this time, and the traces of bruising were particularly conspicuous on his neck.

Yin Xun came to the Lu Qing liquor house and saw the traces on his neck stunned: "Sake, what's your neck?"

Lu Qing wine is vague: "Is there something unexpected?"

"Unexpected? What accident can leave such a wound?" Yin Xun's eyes walked around Lu Qingjiu and fell to the white moon fox behind him. "It's not that he hit you!"

White Moon Fox

Looking back, Yin Xun was stared at by his eyes: "I am joking... But if he really hits you, you must say it!"

Lu Qingji Road: "Speak it out then?"

Yin Xun said: "Isn't it good to accept this point? Come here, I will see you didn't come back and smashed the pot porridge. Come and try it."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." You are really a dog.

However, Yin seeks porridge, no one wants to eat, Lu Qingji will go back to noodles. After Yin Xun finished eating, he returned home. Lu Qingjiu and Bai Yuehu sat in the yard.

Bai Yuehu sat back in his beloved chair, and Lu Qingjiu helped him shake and shake.

Shaking his mobile phone rang, Lu Qingji took it up and found it was Hu Shu. It seems that he has handled the wound in the hospital and the wound has slowed down.

"Hey, Lu Qingji, are you okay?" Hu Shu's tone was a bit nervous.

"I? I'm fine." Lu Qingjiu, "How about the situation?"

"I am fine." Hu Shu replied.

Lu Qingjiu said: "You told me before that I found a body next to the police station. Is it true?""The body? There is no such thing." Hu Shu said, "How do you say that?"

Lu Qingjiu was relieved, because the fierce god said on the phone that there was a body next to the police station. At that time, Lu Qingji thought it was Hu Shu. Now it seems that Bai Yuehu did not say anything, Hu Shu also said no. I know that this thing should be fake, and the new victims did not appear.

After being possessed by the corpse, the extravagant corpse manipulates the possessed person to attack other people. Once the counterattack kills the possessed person, the purpose of the extravagant corpse seems to have been reached, and the attacker seems to Will also be implicated in...

Fortunately, Lu Qingjiu found the same thing at the time, and did not directly kill Hu Shu.

Otherwise, even if the white moon fox arrives in time, Lu Qingjiu may not be able to forgive himself.

"This case should be like this." Lu Qingjiu and he explained, "The fierce god seems to have been disposed of."

"Ah?" Hu Shuyi said, "Really?"

"Really." Lu Qing wine looked at Bai Yuehu when he said this.

His family foxes are in a good mood this evening, and their eyebrows are all with a slap in the face. It looks like a fascinating taste.

Although it is a male fox, it is also very good to see, Lu Qing wine secretly thought about it in the heart, of course, did not dare to say this, just smile and let Hu Shu do not have to worry.

Hu Shu was confused, but when he saw Lu Qingji, he did not answer it in detail. He sighed and said something in his tone: "If it really ends, it would be great." The tail did not understand what happened. He was only called out by a boss, and then lost his consciousness. He was already lying in the hospital ward when he completely recovered his consciousness.

But although the memory is vague, but he vaguely feels like he has seen something terrifying scene, so that he has deliberately forgotten that memory. For this reason, he did not carefully ask what happened to Lu Qingjiu. The desire for human life and curiosity at this moment is the desire to survive.

Knowing more, it is not a good thing, especially about another world.

Hu Shu did not hunt down to find the truth, but let Lu Qing wine sigh of relief, he did not know how to explain with Hu Shu, can not let Bai Yuehu blew himself.

Moreover, since the corpse has been eaten by the White Moon Fox, it is a paragraph.

Lu Qingji thought, he was too lazy to go deeper.

After this incident, Lu Qingjiu had been injured for several days, and the bruise on his neck gradually disappeared. Although Baiyuehu gave Luqing a plaster during the period, it was said that the plaster was applied to the wound for a while. . After Lu Qingjiu was accepted, it was useless, because after he used it, he couldn’t explain it with Yin Xun. It’s just a matter of blinking his neck. It’s just that there is no special impact on the wound. It's a bit subtle."Hey, sake, make a girlfriend?" The first one to ridicule him was a small flower. This pig scorpion began to skin after exposing himself to speak, except when Yin Xun was present, he would be quiet, usually It’s like a sparrow.

"You are so much, the man in this room, where is my girlfriend?" Lu Qingjiu.

"My sister, my sister is beautiful." Xiaohua smashed the little black sitting in the back and happily licking the corn cob.

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Xiaohuadao: "She is really beautiful! Right, little black?"

Xiaohe suddenly looked up and gave a pig called: "Hey?"

Xiaohua heard the pig's squeaky pig's hoof passed: "I told you not to play with the little white pig next door. You don't listen, you learn what pigs call, we are the beasts, although they look like pigs. That is also a beast -"

Xiao Hei was crying and crying: "Hey, my brother, you are so fierce."

Lu Qingjiu was crying and laughing. He did not pay attention to these two little black pigs and continued to do his own thing.

The previous case, there will soon be a result, Lu Qing wine saw the news of the local news when watching the news.

It is said that the murderer chose to commit suicide after murder to escape the crime. Naturally, there are no unnatural factors mentioned.

Hu Shu was also discharged from the hospital very quickly. He also reported peace to Lu Qingjiu. He only gave some hesitation in the tone of peace, saying that the above people seemed to have noticed the case.

"The people above?"

Sake asked.

"Oh... it’s dealing with some special cases." Hu Shudao, "I don't give you any information for the time being, just don't know if they will find you,"

Lu Qingji thought about it and thanked Hu Shudao.

Hu Shu said: "You are too polite, if you are not, I may be dead."

Lu Qingjiu heard some words and laughed. After all, the extravagance was forced to kill Hu Shu than the corpse, but I didn’t know why the luxury would choose him than the corpse, and it might have something to do with Baiyuehu.

After this incident, it has been calm for a long time and the weather is getting hotter.

The watermelons planted by Baiyuehu in the ground were cooked. Lu Qingjiu had the biggest return. He wanted to be chilled in the well water, but he thought of the female ghost in the well water and finally chose the refrigerator.

Watermelon and hot pot are perfect match. Lu Qingji thought that everyone had not eaten a big meal for a long time, and then went to the town to buy a lot of hot pot special ingredients, and then licked a soup pot of bone soup, thinking Everyone has a good time at night.

The hot pot is different from other dishes. If you don't eat enough, you can add it to it. Bai Yuehu usually likes it.

Lu Qingjiu smashed the bottom of the pot, then placed an induction cooker on the table, and the three people ate around the hot pot. Although it is hot this day, there is air conditioning in the house, which is not very difficult.

Yin Xun’s sweat is full of sweat. His favorite food is the halogen beef made by Lu Qingjiu. The beef has been marinated before it is put into the pot, and then it is once again in the hot pot. It is not only delicious, but also more. A spicy taste.

"It's delicious." Yin found tears and ate it.White Moon Fox is sitting next to Lu Qingjiu. He is not afraid of hot. Chopsticks have never stopped. The most amazing thing is that although it is very hot, there is no sweat on his forehead, except that his lips are slightly rosy.

The most favorite thing about Lu Qingjiu is the potatoes in the hot pot. The noodles cooked, one bite down, spicy and soft, very tasty.

The three people ate for one night, and finally took the iced watermelon out and cut the food. It must be said that since Bai Yuehu came home, there was no more leftovers, and almost everything could be eaten.

After Lu Qingji was full, he squatted. Baiyuehu and Yinxun were responsible for washing the dishes. After a while, Luqingjiu felt that it was so strong that he stood up and walked a few laps in the yard, just walking and listening. There was a kind of faint scream near the yard.

This voice is not a chicken call. It is like a wild animal cub. Lu Qing wine pushes the door of the yard along the sound. When he walks to the nearby path, he sees something in the grass that is constantly twisting. move.

Lu Qing wine bent down and fiddled with the grass, but when he saw something in the grass, the movement stopped for a while - I saw the depths of the grass, lying a white little fox, the little fox The size of the palm is squatting, and there is a layer of white fluff on the body. The eyes are beautiful blue, which looks very cute. It’s just that Lu Qing’s head was just over, and the little fox shivering in the grass was scared after seeing the stranger. He screamed a few times and wanted to flee in the other direction, but it didn’t I noticed the hidden stones in the grass beside me. In a hurry, I slammed into it, and I stunned myself directly.

Lu Qingji saw this scene, and there was an incredible thought in his mind. He cried in horror: "White Moon Fox, you come over and see! Is your son coming to the door!!!" - Otherwise, where is the fox scorpion! Gd1806102

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