Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 18 Stepping

Chapter 18 Stepping

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The tomato in the house was sold like this, and even the land was not cooked. Lu Qingjiu wanted to stay at the Qianyu for lunch at home, but who knows that Qianqian excuses that there is something in the house, and he hurriedly left. Lu Qingjiu stopped without stopping. Free full novel (

After going to the Qianyu, Lu Qingjiu also understood that it was estimated that it was directed at the tomato of the White Moon Fox, but I don’t know what the benefits of this tomato compared with the ordinary tomato.

But watching the White Moon Fox did not mean to explain, and sat down on his chair and went to sleep.

Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun went in the direction of the vegetable plot. The two planned to pick up the dishes and go back to lunch. Walking forward, Lu Qingjiu received a call from Zhu Xi, on the phone, Zhu Xidao: "Sake!! You have money to earn!!"

Lu Qingjiu: "Well?"

Zhu Xi said: "Do you remember Zhang Chuyang, the boss of our partner company!"

"Remember, what happened?" Lu Qingjiu.

Zhu Xidao: "He asked me where my hair was! I said that I would go to a friend's house and have a rest for a few days!"

Her previous hair was sparse and almost scalp could be seen. The result was that the hair was black and dense, which was more beautiful than the model in the shampoo advertisement.

When she said this, Lu Qingji immediately understood: "You told him?"

Zhu Xidao: "Which can, this thing is too mysterious, I just said that your family has the recipe for hair growth..."

Lu Qingjiu: "Ah, but I can't let him come to worship that well?"

Zhu Xi said: "Why can't you? I told you, you do it..."

According to Zhu Xi’s statement, it is to take other things to cover the well water. For example, let Zhang always eat something, and then let him go to worship, telling him that what he eats is the key to hair growth.

Lu Qingjiu said: "It’s OK, but why didn’t he plant it?”

"He went to plant it." Zhu Xi said, "But the problem is... and it has lost. He is only thirty years old. He is quite handsome, but the handsome guy who is handsome is also finished." It’s a handsome guy, and the top hairstyle in the Mediterranean is dead.

Lu Qingjiu has seen Zhang Chuyang. This person has a strong and capable ability, but he is as habitual as wearing a hat. As usual, it is still good. It is always inappropriate to meet formal occasions.

"I will ask and say." Lu Qingji said, "Don't rush to give him a reply."

Zhu Xi agreed.

Lu Qingjiu and Yin Xun picked up some fresh vegetables in the field before they started to go home. After arriving home, Lu Qingjiu said this to Bai Yuehu.

"Yes." Although Baiyuehu looks pretty fairy, it does not resist the worldly things. After all, there is no meat to eat without money. But it is very clear. "There is nothing in the well, but you humans. Not all afraid of the dead?"

"It's okay." Lu Qingji, "He doesn't know."

Bai Yuehu nodded.After receiving the news of Baiyuehu, Lu Qingjiu returned information to Zhu Xi, agreed to the things she brought people, and told her not to tell others about this. Zhu Xi agreed, in fact, she is also worried that Lu Qingjiu, who has resigned, has no source of life, only to think of giving him a income. After all, he has never done farm work since he was a child, who ran to grow vegetables who knows the harvest is good.

"Then I will find someone to take him over." Zhu Xi said this on the phone and paused. "Is the White Moon Fox living in your home very powerful?"

"How do you say?" Lu Qingji asked.

"My neighbor's child has something wrong." Zhu said, "It is always bad to send to the hospital. His mother suspects that he is evil. Does Bai Yuehu understand this? Can you help me ask him?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "What happened? What?"

"You know the school next to our company." Zhu Xi said, "He is there to go to school."

Lu Qingji certainly knows the school. In fact, the school is very famous among them. There are two reasons for the famous. One is that the quality of teaching is very good, and the other is that the school is famous for its haunting.

Yes, it is haunted.

Because the school has a large area, the address that is usually chosen will be a cheaper place. In the center of the city, there is only one kind of cheap place, that is... the cemetery.

Therefore, most of the schools are built on the cemetery. Apart from superstitions, it is not because of economic reasons. Of course, if only this is the case, the problem is that there are many weird phenomena after the school is built. For example, at night, girls are crying in the toilet, and the security guards find that there is noisy in the dormitory where no one should live. There are so many incidents, such as snoring, that cannot be explained by science after verification.

However, despite these things, there has never been a human life, so everyone has closed their eyes and pretended to have nothing to happen, but the things in the school have spread more and more, anyway, now they are students. In the self-study class, the school is not allowed to enter anyone.

Before Lu Qingjiu scared Zhu Xi, the reason why this school was used was because the spiritual events in the school were too famous.

"What happened?" Lu Qingjiu picked up a plum from Yin Xun and began to lick. This plum was just chilled, sweet and crisp, very delicious.

"The child won't walk," said Zhu Xi.

"Can't walk?" Lu Qingji said strangely, "Is the leg broken?"

Zhu Xi said: "No, it is like this.

One day when he came back from school, his mother found that he was not right. He always padded his feet when he walked..."

Lu Qingjiu: “Put your feet?”

"Yes." Zhu Xidao said, "It seems that the heel can't be put down. At first, his mother thought that he was scolding him in a mischief. Later, he found that the child was not right, he went directly to the hospital."

"Check out what?" asked Lu Qingjiu.

"The doctor did a detailed systemic examination and said that there may be problems in the brain, but the problem could not be found." Zhu said."Would it be transferred to hospital?" Lu Qingjiu said.

"The mother also thought about it, and it happened that night." Zhu said, "When the nurses patrol the house, I always hear a woman crying in the ward. When I saw it, I saw that the crying was actually the child. The child said that he I am not willing to die, I am not looking for a ghost."

Lu Qingji would be amazed if he heard this before, but now he has experienced the white moon fox and the female ghost in the backyard. He was not particularly surprised when he heard Zhu Xi’s words. He said: “After that?”

"After that, other patients said that the child is evil." Zhu said, "The mother told him to observe the hospital for a while, but did not find the problem, the situation of the child is getting worse... even In the middle of the night, I tried to jump over the window and jump."

Lu Qingji felt that this was a bit of a mystery. He said: "Is the child okay?"

"Nothing is fine, but the situation is getting worse." Zhu Xi said, "In fact, I don't know. I went out to dump the garbage yesterday. I saw his mother standing in the corridor and crying. Then I asked what happened. Then I immediately thought of you..."

Lu Qingji indulged for a moment: "I will help you ask."

"Good." Zhu Xi said, "The child is very poor, and his academic performance is particularly good. If he is gone, his mother will be sad."

Lu Qingji said it well, and then hang up the phone.

After he hung up the phone, he went to find Yin Xun and told him about it. During this time, he felt that Yin Xun seemed to understand some things in this respect. It seems that it should be the commonality of the villagers.

Yin Xun originally came to the room and used the computer of Lu Qingjiu to watch the movie, Li Zi. After hearing the words of Lu Qingjiu, he sat up straight and said: "You said he walked with his feet?"

Lu Qingjiu: "What's wrong?" He saw Yin find his face wrong, and quickly asked, "Is it very serious?"

Yin Xun said: "How long has it been?"

Lu Qingji counted the time Zhu Xi said: "It should be almost half a month?"

Yin seeks: "The child is hanging."

Lu Qingji was shocked to hear this: "How do you say?"

Yin Xun said: "In our countryside, there is a saying that it is a ghost, which means that the human body is invaded by ghosts. The ghost pulls the soul from behind, and people are forced to pick up their toes to walk."

Lu Qingjiu: "Really? What should I do?!"

Yin Xun: "Look for a goddess..." He said that the words of Goddess paused and muttered, "Oh, sorry, I forgot, the goddess of our village resigned and got married."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Yin Xun: "But there should be other gods there. Look for a reliable point, and let the town be a town."

Lu Qingji Road: "What kind of goddess is reliable?"

Yin seeks: "The first condition, not much hair."

Lu Qing wine blinked: "... Are you serious?"

Yin seeks a hand: "Haha, I am joking."

Lu Qingjiu suddenly felt that his hand was a little itchy, and wanted to give Yin a look at his head.

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