Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 17 Big Bird

Chapter 17 Big Bird

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If it is a weekday, Lu Qingjiu will probably think seriously, but the brain that has been eroded by alcohol can't think for a while. He keeps his state of dizziness, gazing at the ceiling, and it didn't take long to sleep. Free full novel (

The next morning, Lu Qingji was awake from the state of hangover. The first thing he did after getting up was to go to the yard and make a turn.

Baiyuehu started earlier than Luqing, and it seems that he is planning to go to the ground to water.

"Moon Fox." Lu Qing wine suddenly opened.

Bai Yuehu looked at him: "Well?"

"Last night..." Lu Qingjiu said, "Is there anything happening last night?" Although he was drunk, he also vaguely remembered something.

Baiyue Fox Road: "Nothing."

Lu Qingji sighed in the heart and thought that Bai Yuehu didn’t want to say more. Who knows his next sentence is: “It’s not a big deal, I added a meal.”

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Bai Yuehu saw Lu Qingji’s face shocked and thought about it. He added a sentence: “There will be outsiders today.”

Lu Qing Liquor battle: "Is it a guest?"

Bai Yuehu said: "Guest?" He was silent for a moment, and seemed to be thinking about whether the word was suitable for this person. Finally, he said, "Look at the situation."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." miraculously, he actually understood the meaning of Baiyuehu. Looking at the situation is probably to see if this person is really good or not. It is not good to be a good guest, if it is delicious... ...the next estimate is the same as the big bird last night.

Baiyue Fox took the bucket and walked away. Lu Qingji looked at his back and silently returned to the kitchen for breakfast. Waiting for a while, Baiyuehu poured water back to eat.

Today's breakfast is the dumplings of Lu Qingjiu. The glutinous rice made from the dumplings is bought from the village. After being powdered, add water and mix well, then add the rice balls to the inside. The core is bought directly from the town and is sesame stuffing. Wrap the core into the glutinous rice, put it in the boiling water, boil it, add some rice wine to it, and then make an egg. A bowl of dumplings is ready.

Baiyuehu solved the most troublesome vegetable fields in the house, and Luqing wine was a lot easier, and he could spend more time on food. It is estimated that Baiyue Fox also thinks this way, otherwise it will definitely not be so active to plant land.

Lu Qingjiu made the dumplings, and Baiyuehu came back almost. He was also yawning with Yin.

Yin Xun took the bowl of dumplings and fed the chicken while eating in the yard. The chickens in their family also grew very fast. Under normal circumstances, the hens had to grow up for at least half a year, and their chickens were like hormones. It’s been a few laps. Yin Xun did not blame this. He did not mention this with Lu Qingjiu, and Lu Qingjiu had no experience in raising chickens. He did not notice the strangeness of his own chicken.

The chicks are surrounded by Yin, and Yin Xing occasionally picks a dumpling and feeds them. They also eat with relish.Baiyuehu is still very afraid of hot, eat a dumpling, one bite, look at Luqing wine tongue pain, although the dumpling core is bought, but also very fragrant, bite open glutinous rice after the black sesame stuffing, with a roll of tongue, Then slipped into the stomach.

But in the end, the glutinous rice was very hungry. Lu Qingji was full when he ate a bowl. Yin’s appetite was not big, so the rest went all into the belly of Baiyuehu. After he finished eating, he walked to his chair in the yard as usual, and began to doze off after sitting down.

Lu Qingjiu: "Yuehu, I will buy you a rocking chair?"

White Moon Fox Road: "Shake the chair?"

"It is the kind that can be shaken, very comfortable..." Lu Qingjiu said.

Although Bai Yuehu didn't seem to understand it, he did not refute it. He nodded and agreed.

Lu Qingjiu first went to the pigsty to feed the pigs. He was planning to go to the ground with Yin Xun to pick up the dishes needed for lunch, and he heard the sound of the car at the door.

The village is very small, and there are two cars. Lu Qingjiu heard the sound of the car and knew that there were outsiders. He immediately remembered what Bai Yuehu had said before. - Is it a guest, it depends on the situation.

With a slamming door, everyone's eyes fell on the door that was pushed open, and a slightly familiar face appeared at the door. Lu Qingji immediately recognized the identity of the man: "Mr. Chao?!"

Yes, the comer was the one who bought the tomato all the money that Lu Qingji had bought in the market yesterday. Although he said that he would come to visit Lu Qingjiu, Lu Qingjiu did not expect him to It’s coming in two days, and from the point of view of the expression, it seems to be faint with some anxiety.

Chao Qianyu said: "Mr. Lu, I am bothered." He stood at the door, no intention to go inside, his eyes stalked in the yard for a while, and finally fell to the white moon fox that seemed to have fallen asleep.

"Yeah." Lu Qingji, "Are you coming so soon?"

"Yes." Chao Qianyu said, "Do you mind if I come in and talk to you?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Yes."

He was relieved when he heard the words of Qian Yu. He walked a few steps to Lu Qingjiu. When he passed the center of the yard, his nose was pumping his breath. He seemed to smell something, and his face changed greatly. "Mr. Lu! ”

Lu Qingji Road: "Ah?"

Chao Qianyu said: "I don't know Taishan, I want Mr. Lu to let me pass my bird!"

Lu Qingjiu was shocked by this development. He stunned for three seconds, still did not understand the meaning of the Chaoyu: "What do you say?"

Chao Qian’s face is blue and green. It seems that Lu Qing’s wine is in a mess. He said: “Mr. Lu, what are your conditions? I can promise to meet it.

! ”

Lu Qing wine seems to think of something, he coughed aloud: "Your bird refers to the big red mouth, white feathers ... bird?"

Nodded to the thousand feathers solemnly.

Lu Qingjiu said: "Hey..." He quietly glanced at Baiyuehu, and saw that Baiyuehu didn't even open his eyes from beginning to end, and he was even more guilty. Facing the sharp eyes of thousands of feathers, he had the illusion that his pet accidentally killed someone else's pet...Chao Qianyu saw some clues from the expression of Lu Qingjiu and called: "Mr. Lu?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "This...this is the case, I, although I saw the bird last night, but it flew away afterwards."

Chao Qianyu: "..."

The smirk of Lu Qingji’s guilty conscience: "Really."

Chao Qianyu’s face was more gloomy. He said: “Let Mr. Lu answer me a question.”

Lu Qingjiu: "Well?"

Chao Qianyu said: "Since it flies away, why do you have the smell of blood belonging to my bird in Mr. Lu’s yard?"

Lu Qingjiu: "You smell it wrong..."

His words have not been finished yet. The white moon fox, who was sitting and resting, suddenly opened his eyes. It is still the black scorpion. He still has no special feelings. However, the body of the thousand feathers suddenly trembles. It seems as if the eyes of the White Moon Fox are a terrible sight.

"I know where your bird is." Bai Yuehu said, "Do you want to see it?"

Chao Qiang smiled: "I don't know if this is..."

"This is my friend." Lu Qingjiu, "called Baiyuehu."

Chao Qianyu: "White Moon Fox..." He chewed the name thinly, his eyes were full of doubts, and he whispered aloud, "No..."

Bai Yuehu interrupted him coldly: "What's wrong?" He stood up and walked over to the front of the thousand feathers. He said again, "Do you want to be with your bird?"

Chao Qian Yu seems to finally understand what Bai Yuehu said. He instantly rounded his eyes and shook his body twice. He immediately turned and walked away, but he was held down by the white moon fox.

"So what to do in a hurry." Bai Yuehu cold and cold.

Even Lu Qingjiu didn't know what happened, but he obviously felt that he was very afraid of the thousand feathers. He was afraid that he would not look at Baiyuehu's eyes. He opened his mouth and muttered: "Mr. Bai..."

"Are you not coming to buy tomatoes?" Bai Yuehu said.

It’s obvious that it’s a thousand people’s faint color. It’s obvious that Baiyuehu actually came out like this.

Baiyuehu sees the thousand feathers and does not speak. It seems that he is not happy. He said: "Why, you are not going to buy it?"

Don't buy tomatoes = no money to buy meat = no meat to eat = will be hungry... Baiyue Fox's eyes are gloomy.

"No, no, no, I buy and buy." A thousand spirits, a loud voice, "I bought it all!"

White Moon Fox was satisfied with the release of the hand holding his shoulder and turned away.

Chao Qian Yu suddenly sighed a big breath, he was powerless and said: "Mr. Lu... I have all the tomatoes..."

Lu Qingji found that his deafness had flowed down two lines of water stains. It looked like a cold sweat that was scared. He didn’t know how to say it.

"You can take the liberty to ask a question." When Qian Qianyu slowed down from the tense state, he seemed to think of something. He whispered to Lu Qingji. "Is that tomato Mr. Lu you planted?"

"Tomato? No." Lu Qingji shook his head.

"Who is that kind of?" asked Qian Qianyu.

"It is Baiyuehu." Lu Qingji honestly said.To the thousand feathers, the expression is difficult to describe, because this expression is too complicated, Lu Qingjiu does not know what it means, but the horror inside is very obvious.

"Buy, I bought it." Chao Qian said, "How much I want... You, don't be polite with me!"

Lu Qingjiu: "...this, you are not reluctant?" He was afraid that the thousand feathers would be bought because of the relationship between Baiyuehu. Who knows that he just finished this sentence, and he is excited to the thousand feathers: "Not reluctant, not reluctant! After the trouble, the tomato sells me, whoever dares to rob me - I killed him -"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." Hey, people today are really difficult to understand.

The author has something to say: White Moon Fox: either buy a tomato or die.

Chao Qianyu: I buy! ! !

Mr. Lu Qingjiu, who was watching the whole process, said that he did not understand you.

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