Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 16 Uninvited

Chapter 16 Uninvited

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It’s a young man who speaks, but he’s only twenty years old, and should be about the same age as Lu Qingjiu. (free full novel

"What are you talking about?" Lu Qingji squinted and thought he had got it wrong.

"I said that I have to." The young man picked up a tomato on the Luqing wine truck and wiped it off on the clothes. Then he bit it in half, and his mouth was vague and clear: "Yes, it is this taste." ”

Lu Qingjiu said: "Are you sure you have to? There are hundreds of pounds here." A few hundred pounds or Lu Qing wine is estimated by mouth, he does not know how much.

"Yeah." The young man nodded and ate all the tomatoes in three or two. Then he took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Lu Qingjiu. "I opened the restaurant in the city. I have tasted it a few days ago." Your tomato, it tastes good."

Lu Qingji wondered: "Your friend said that the tomato is very good? But I have not sold it once..." He looked at the business card, the business card said the words Chaoyang Yu, the bottom position is the general manager of the hotel.

"Yeah." Chaoyang Yu said, "It was that time."

Lu Qingjiu: "Can you finish this lot of goods? There are still many in my house."

"There are still many at home?" Chaoyang Yu’s expression became a bit strange. He said, "Where do you live?"

"Shuifu Village." Lu Qingjiu did not conceal the address, the town is so small, everyone's news is very good, even if he does not say, Chaoyang Yu will find out sooner or later.

“Can I go and see?” Chaoyang Yu said, “If you can, I can contract your tomato.”

Lu Qingjiu: "Oh, ah." The food at home is contracted to the restaurant, which is naturally more convenient than the sale.

"The next time I find a free time, go to your home to visit." Chaoyang Yu waved his hand, and two people came out behind him and began to unload from the truck. "Let's say it."

After the tomato was over-reported, there were a total of more than 400 kilograms. Chaoyang Yu directly gave Lu Qingjiu a cash, and Lu Qingjiu took more than a thousand dollars into his pocket, thinking that they could have a big meal at night.

It was just the whole process of the transaction. Yin Xun, who had always had a lot of words, didn’t say anything. When Lu Qingji drove his car back home, he said: “Sake, so it’s not so good to let him go to the door. ”

Lu Qingjiu: "What's wrong?"

Yin Xun’s expression was a bit strange. He said, “Well... have you heard a legend?”

Lu Qingjiu said: "What legend?"

"It is the door of the family that is actually an enchantment. The dirty things outside can't come in casually." Yin Xun said, "Unless, you sent an invitation to it."

Lu Qingjiu: "...but."

Yin seeks: "What is it?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "But in our backyard, it seems that there are already dirty things."

Yin Xun heard this sentence, revealing a look like a thunder, his lips shaking slightly: "So you are not afraid at all?"

Lu Qingjiu: "I am afraid that I am afraid, but I have no money to buy another house."

Yin Xun: "..."Lu Qingji, holding the steering wheel, lamented regretfully: "I seem to understand vaguely what the main character in the movie is not willing to move away from the ghost house." Who is the mother who does not want to move, is not too busy, but fortunately for him. The female ghost girl in the backyard is very good. She doesn’t often go out on weekdays. Sometimes she can help her life. It can be said to be an environmentally-friendly female ghost.

Yin Xun’s beggar is beside him, saying, I really admire you.

Lu Qingji thought that I also admire myself.

Today, I made a lot of money. Lu Qingji decided to have a big meal, and Yin searched for a large pile of meat in the nearby meat market. He said that he would go back to barbecue at night.

After arriving home, Yin Xun volunteered to say that he was going to make a fire, and Lu Qing wine was responsible for the cured meat. Baiyuehu also came over, standing next to Lu Qingjiu and watching him cut the meat into small pieces and said: "Is the car easy to use?"

“Hmmm?” Lu Qingjiu said, “Is the car? It’s very easy to use.” This small truck is much more comfortable than the car he used to drive. The power is very good, even if it is steep climbing the mountain road is not difficult.

Bai Yuehu nodded, but after he finished speaking, he did not walk away. Instead, he looked up and down Lu Qingjiu and asked: "Have you met any strange people today?"

Lu Qingjiu made a move and turned back: "What do you mean?"

Bai Yuehu said: "The literal meaning."

"Weird people?" Lu Qingjiu put the beef on the chopped wood stick and passed it over in his mind. "No." What he thought of, the action paused for a moment, "but there is a big customer who took us." The tomatoes were all bought, so we came back so soon."

"Oh." Baiyuehu screamed and turned away. Lu Qingjiu couldn't understand what he meant.

After the pickled meat was put on, it began to roast. Luqing’s barbecue technique was general, but Yin Xun was quite good at the barbecue.

The meat of this barbecue must be half-fat and thin. The fat is roasted on the fire, and it will make a sizzling sound. The oil comes out of the meat and falls into the fire. The sound, the aroma of the meat filled the whole house.

Lu Qingjiu is slowly roasting his head down, but he feels that his trousers are being pulled by something. He looked down and saw two little black pigs sitting next to him and staring at him.

"The trough!" Lu Qingjiu was shocked. "How did you both come out?"

The little flower snorted and then made a jumping posture, indicating that he ran out


Yin Xun screamed beside him: "Wow, Lu Qingjiu, your family's pigs have to be rebellious, and even the pigsty can jump out."

Xiaohua heard this and rushed to lift his little short leg and looked for Yin.

Lu Qingjiu already knows that the two pigs in his family are of extraordinary origin. He said: "What do you do out, we roast pork, you can't eat it?!"

Small flowery straight.

Lu Qingjiu couldn't understand it. He simply took two corn cobs and handed them to the front of the two piglets. The little flower was happy. He used his head to lick the feet of the glutinous sake and ate it happily.Baiyuehu went into the house and took the spices. When he came out, he saw two pigs actually licking his corn cobs. His eyes were cold, and the very happy little black flowers that had been smashed in the blink of an eye, his brother was a little stronger, his sister was small. Black is straight to the ground, a pair of I have been dead and upturned.

"Hey--" Yin Xun, who was drinking water next to him, saw this scene directly squirting out of the water and was smashed and killed.

The florist succumbed to the corn cob in his mouth, biting his sister's leg, and going back a little bit, seems to be going back to the pigsty.

Lu Qingjiu can't smile, facing Baiyuehudao: "Well, don't scare them."

Bai Yuehu looked at Lu Qingji and frowned and said: "They eat my food."

Lu Qingjiu: "...nothing, today we bought a lot of meat, enough, the meat is yours, give them two corn cobs that they don't like." He said that he had just baked a plate of meat. Handed to the front of the white moon fox.

White Moon Fox was satisfied, let go of the two piglets, and went to the meat.

Yin Xun also bought a lot of chicken claws. After roasting, it was very soft and brushed with special seasonings. One bit at a time, there is no need to pick up the bones, and all the meat will come out.

Happy to eat, Lu Qingjiu also opened a few bottles of beer, and the three were very happy.

After eating, because they were too late, they did not clean them. They went back to their rooms and thought about cleaning up the next day.

Lu Qingjiu also drank a lot, lying in bed, his eyes were dizzy, but people were sober, how could they not sleep, the sky outside was dark, and the whole sky was covered by night.

I don't know how long it took, Lu Qingjiu suddenly heard a strange noise, which came from the yard, like something dragging on the ground.

Lu Qingjiu Shantou, not sure if this is the illusion that he was too drunk, he slowly climbed from the bed to the bedside and saw a strange white figure in his yard. It was like a huge animal standing on the ground. The animal was covered with white feathers. The face was also like a bird. The part of the mouth stretched out a bloody red dragonfly, but no bird would be so big, tall and full. There are about two meters, even blocking the moonlight.

Lu Qingji licked his eyes.

The thing seemed to have noticed Lu Qing wine's gaze, slowly opened his mouth, revealing a weird smile, then waved his wings and rushed straight in the direction of Lu Qingjiu. Lu Qing was shocked by the animal, but he saw a black mist in the sky, and instantly enveloped the bird.

"Ah--" Lu Qingjiu heard a scream of screams, his ears smashed and the meat was chewed. He saw a huge beast in the dark fog. These eyes made Lu Qingjiu is completely frozen. It is difficult for him to describe his feelings at this time. It seems that the instinct of human existence is telling him that if he moves, he will die here.

After a few minutes, the eyes disappeared into the dark fog, the dark fog gradually faded away, and the small courtyard returned to calm again.It was only on the ground of the yard, but there was more white feathers covered with blood. Lu Qing wine rubbed his eyes and found that the feathers were gone.

He lay back on the bed, thinking about whether he was drunk, or dreaming, or that the grotesque thing was real. He really entered a two-meter-high bird and was then Something... I swallowed it.

Is it a fox at home? But the beast in the dark mist, how to look, how is it not like a fox...

The author has something to say: shocked! Fantasy Farm actually drove in the fifteenth chapter! Readers have expressed their enthusiasm.

Small truck: sit up and move by yourself.

Lu Qingjiu:? ? ?

White Moon Fox: I think you are afraid to become a nightingale.

I really thought about the small truck. Hey, I’m afraid to say that you don’t want the protagonist to drive the van again _(:3”∠_

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