Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 12 Zhu Xi

Chapter 12 Zhu Xi

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Although it is better to leave soon, the three can never find the right path. (free full novel

The clouds in the sky are getting thicker and thicker, and the sound of raindrops is starting to sound everywhere. Although the sound is small, it is particularly harsh in the stillness of the jungle.

The three people stopped talking and their attention was all on the way. Because the sky was too dark, Lu Qing had to turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone to illuminate. He whispered: "Yin, do you know the way around?" ”

Yin Xun shook his head, because he walked in front, Lu Qing wine could not see his face, but from his tone he could not detect his mood is not very good: "I have never seen here..."

As night fell, the familiar forests became unfamiliar, as if from the future.

Just when Lu Qingji thought about what to do, he saw a beam of light in the depths of the jungle, and the light flashed like it was like greeting them.

"There is light there!" Zhu Xi cried in surprise.

"Wait, don't go." Yin Xun reached out and stopped Zhu Xi. He said, "I heard the old man say that when the ghost hits the wall, he can't rush to see the light. It may be a trap set by dirty things. ”

Zhu Xi was even more afraid when he heard it. He trembled: "Sake, is the place where you live so exciting?"

Lu Qing wine helpless: "I am also the first time..."

The three are talking, the light is getting closer and closer to them, and a blurred figure is faintly visible next to the beam. Lu Qingji said: "Who?!"

"I." The voice of Baiyuehu came over.

"Moon Fox, how come you?" Hearing his voice, Lu Qingji was relieved with a big sigh of relief. He knew that Baiyuehu was not an ordinary person. Since he could find them, there must be ways to take them from this black. Take it back in the forest.

When Bai Yuehu did not answer Lu Qingjiu, he passed through the dense trees and appeared in front of Lu Qingjiu. Because he didn't have an umbrella, he was a little wet, and his figure was a little fuzzy in the rain. He waved at the three people and signaled them to the past.

Lu Qingji nodded and grabbed Zhu Xi’s hand and walked toward Baiyue Fox. Unconsciously, a shallow otter has been accumulated on the ground, and the foot is stepped on it, giving a subtle squeaking sound.

"Let's go." Bai Yuehu saw three people coming over and turned and led the way.

“How did you find us?” Lu Qingji whispered.

Baiyue Fox Road: "I am hungry."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

White Moon Fox turned his head and glanced at him: "I have finished eating lunch, no one is doing dinner."

Lu Qingji thought that no one would do dinner, otherwise they would not have to get lost in the mountains for a night...

Under the leadership of Baiyue Fox, they gradually returned to the familiar road from the strange forest. Yin Xun greatly relieved that this was the second ghost wall he encountered.

Lu Qingji said: "Have you ever met before?"

"I have encountered it." Yin Xun replied, "I went fishing with my friends at the time, and I met..."Lu Qingji always felt that it was not right when he heard this, but he couldn’t think of it for a while, so he could only give up.

After about twenty minutes, they finally saw the lights in the village. The rain at this time is already a bit big, and several people are soaked, even the White Moon Fox is no exception.

It’s hard to get home, Lu Qingjiu first let Zhu Xi go to the bathroom to take a bath and change clothes.

Zhu Xi nodded and took the clean clothes and went into the toilet. She seemed to be scared. She didn't say anything along the way back.

Lu Qingjiu took the dry towel and wiped the hair first. Yin Xun said that he was tired and wanted to go home to sleep. Lu Qingji handed him an umbrella and watched him disappear into the door.

In the house, there was only Lu Qingji and Baiyuehu. The white moon fox was half-dipped, and it was still a lazy look. Lu Qingjiu wanted to ask him something, but he still felt that some things still didn’t know. Good, so the two kept silent until the sound of the water in the toilet stopped.

Lu Qingji heard the sound of the water stopped, but for a while, Zhu Xi was not seen from the toilet. Lu Qingji felt a little strange, and he yelled outside: "Hey? Have you finished washing?"

There was a silence in the toilet, and no one responded to the question of Lu Qingjiu.

"Hey?!" Lu Qingji gave birth to a bad premonition. He stood up from the chair and rushed to the toilet door and patted the wooden door. "Hey? Are you inside?"

Still no one answered.

Lu Qingjiu felt that the situation was wrong and broke the door with force. Fortunately, the lock of this old house was already old. Lu Qingjiu smashed the door without much effort, but he was stupid after hitting the door. Zhu Xi, who should have been taking a bath in the toilet, was missing. There was only an empty bathroom left in the room, and water stains everywhere.

"Hey!!" Lu Qingji suddenly panicked, turned and rushed to the living room, shouting, "Month Fox, not good! I have disappeared!"

The white moon fox lifted his head and his voice was peaceful and there was no difference: "Is it gone?"

"Yes, I am gone." Lu Qingjiu rushed to the forehead and floated a layer of cold sweat. He said, "I just took a shower in the toilet. There is no one in the toilet!"

Baiyue Fox heard that it was standing up from the chair and heading for the toilet. He walked to the door of the toilet, stopped in a footstep, and revealed a doubtful color to the exit of the toilet.

"What's wrong?" Lu Qing asked.

"Water." White Moon Fox pointed to the ground, "the

There is no water here. ”

Lu Qing wine looked down and breathed almost all of it. I saw that when I had two water stains on the ground, the shape of the water stain looked very strange. It was like a person being forcibly towed. The two hands attempted to grab the ground, and finally they were dragged away by the hard-won.

"Hey!!" Lu Qingji was a little panicked. "Moon Fox, what was it caught?"

Bai Yue Hu is not anxious at all. He said: "Do you know her birthday?"

Lu Qingjiu: "I only know the new calendar, I don't know the old calendar."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Which is the name in her name?""The one of the three waters." Lu Qingji, "What is the impact of this..."

White Moon Fox: "Oh, that's not surprising," he said as he walked to the yard outside the house. It was raining at this time, and the chickens all hid in the chicken circle, so the yard became extraordinarily quiet. He said, "The name is very important. There is so much water in the name. It is no wonder that the thing likes it."

Lu Qingji Road: "What should I do?"

Bai Yuehu looked down at the water in the yard and said after a moment of silence: "I want to eat beef stew tomorrow."

Lu Qingjiu was almost not picked up by his own saliva. He thought that Baiyuehu would say something. The result came out like this, so he could only say like a child: "Eat and eat, I will give you tomorrow." Buy beef and buy ten pounds!"

Bai Yuehu nodded, then he bent down and reached into the thin otter in the courtyard. The otter should have been shallow, but the hand of Baiyuehu seemed to reach a deep pool. In the middle, until the water has not passed the elbow, it will move.

Lu Qingji looked nervously beside him. He saw Baiyuehu’s brow slightly picking up, then his arm was forced to grasp something.

Then, Lu Qingjiu heard the crying of the child. When he saw the white moon fox arm rising, he grabbed an indescribable thing from the otter. This thing looked like a monkey at first glance, but it was a human being. The face and the hair on the body are all stuck together. At first glance, it looks like a smoky gouache painting. It is blurred and the person watching is very uncomfortable.

"What about people?" Bai Yuehu asked the hand of the thing.

The thing was groaning, but he refused to answer it. Until Baiyuehu opened his mouth slightly to it, the thing stopped and struggled. The body began to melt like the sun-dried ice, and the body kept going. Dropping water, and the water fell to the ground, but gradually formed a human shape, Lu Qing wine at first glance, it is Zhu Xi!

Zhu Xi’s body shape was from light to thick, and finally it was condensed into a human form by water. Her eyes were tightly closed and in a coma, and she did not know what happened to her.

When I saw this thing, Zhu Xi was handed over. When Bai Yue’s fox slammed it, he took it to the ground in the yard. When it touched the ground, it melted instantly and became a deep bottomless otter. .

Lu Qingjiu promptly thanked Baiyuehu, and then he took the Zhu Xi lying on the ground and took it into the house.

Bai Yuehu stood still in the yard and didn't go in. After Lu Qingjiu settled Zhu Xi, he saw that he hadn't moved yet. He wondered: "Moon Fox, why don't you go in?"

Bai Yuehu said: "I am thinking."

Lu Qingjiu: "What do you want?"

Baiyuehu looked at Lu Qingji with a faint look: "I haven't eaten dinner yet."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." He seems to understand something.

Sure enough, Bai Yuehu’s next sentence is: “Would you like to use it to feed your hunger.”

I don't know if it is the illusion of Lu Qingjiu. When Bai Yuehu said this, Lu Qingjiu seemed to see the water surface of the water in the yard shaking slightly.Lu Qingjiu said: "Don't, don't eat that, don't you say it's not good? You wait a while, I will give you a bowl of noodles."

Bai Yuehu heard the words, and he nodded with satisfaction and turned into the house.

Lu Qingjiu sighed with a slight sigh of relief, knowing that his family's fox was not the idea to play that strange thing.

The author has something to say: Lu Qingjiu: Don't eat that strange thing, I will give it to you below.

White Moon Fox: Really?

Lu Qingji: Really... Hey? ? Wait, what are you taking off my pants?

Insomnia is getting more and more serious. Only catching cute readers every day can attract strength.

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