Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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In fact, Lu Qingji has reason to suspect that he is also in the recipe of Baiyuehu. Of course, the fox has been widely documented as a long-term singularity. (Free full novel Lu Qingji believes that if he really wants to eat himself, I am afraid it will be done long ago.

Zhu Xi saw Lu Qingji's expression subtly. He said: "I am just kidding. The handsome guy won't be really angry?"

"No," Lu Qingjiu said. "He shouldn't be so stingy. How do you find it yourself?" Although he told Zhu Xi his own detailed address, she did not expect that she could actually find it herself.

Zhu Xidao: "Ha ha ha, I am lucky. The taxi driver called this address just knows the address. I came over directly. Oh, I am so hungry. I will cook for breakfast soon. I will be hungry." ""

Lu Qingji nodded: "Well, I will cook for you."

Zhu Xi and Lu Qingjiu are more like friends than their colleagues. When Lu Qingjiu entered the company, Zhu Xi was brought out by him. Zhu Xi can be said to be the teacher of Lu Qingjiu. Zhu Xi also knows the situation of Lu Qingjiu's family. So when Lu Qingjiu wanted to resign and return to his hometown, he repeatedly persuaded him. Of course, Lu Qingjiu did not change his mind. Now she is running in such a distant mountain village to see Lu Qingjiu. Although she is using the excuse of vacation, I am afraid that I am worried about Luqing’s bad wine.

Lu Qingjiu and Zhu Xi’s heart are clear, but they are not tacit.

Zhu Xi let Lu Qingji go to cook first, and he turned around in the yard. Lu Qingjiu told her not to be close to the well in the backyard, saying that the two dead people were pulled out of the well.

Zhu Xi was surprised: "Dead people? How long have you left the company, how can you live a so exciting day?"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." He didn't want to.

Zhu Xidao: "Well, you have breakfast, I look around."

After Lu Qingji finished her breakfast, Zhu Xi also read the entire yard. She said that the pigs in the pig pen are a bit cute, like two large squirrels.

"Cute is cute, it is very skinny." Lu Qingjiu, "Every day seduce the children next door into the pigsty to sleep with them, but fortunately not found by the parents."

"Ha ha ha ha." Zhu Xi heard loud laughter.

"Is your hat not wet? Pick it up." Lu Qingji, "I will help you wash it."

When Zhu Xi came, it was still raining outside, and the black baseball cap on her head was wet.

"No." Zhu Xi touched his head. "I will wash myself later."

"That can't be wet." Lu Qingji said this, paused for a moment, seems to think of something, he whispered, "Zhu Jie, is your hair loss more powerful?"

"Shut up, don't say it." Well, there is a strange stranger sitting next to him. Zhu Xi is a little embarrassed. "Mom's boss urges overtime every day, I can do it, I want to go to the hair." ......"

Lu Qingji thought of something and looked at Baiyue Fox.Bai Yuehu seems to have guessed what he thought in his heart. After he nodded slightly to him, he got up and left the place where he was eating. It was obviously the time left for Lu Qingjiu and Zhu Xi to be alone.

"He is leaving, let me see." Lu Qingjiu said, "Hey, both are so familiar."

Zhu Xi’s hat, Lu Qingji sighed, and saw that her head was really bald, and the hair there was very sparse, and the scalp was completely visible. Zhu Xi is actually very beautiful, but it is just a small amount of hair. In order to cover this, I can only wear a hat, a hat for a long time, and make my hair fall more powerfully. This vicious circle is simply not a head.

"Oh." Zhu Xi lived his face. "My hair is finished."

Lu Qingji thought: "I have a way, I don't know if it is useful..."

Zhu Xi said: "What is the solution?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "You are like this, you will find a time later, go and worship the well in the backyard."

When Zhu Xi heard this, he stunned: "By worship? You didn't say that the two people died in the well? I am going to worship... what is it?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "This thing is very complicated to say. I don't know if I can do it. You can try it first. If you can't, we will find another way."

Zhu Xi originally thought that Lu Qingjiu was joking, but watching him look serious, not like a fake, he could only nod with doubt.

Without further ado, Lu Qingji immediately went to the kitchen to take a bowl, put some sacrifices in the bowl, and then let Zhu Xi go to the backyard and put down the sacrifice and bowed down to the well. Although I feel that this is ridiculous, she still died as a living horse doctor. In my heart, I want to have long hair. I want to have long hair. I don’t know if it’s the illusion of Zhu Xi. After she finished, she felt her head. There seems to be a breeze blowing.

"Is this all right?" Zhu Xi returned to Lu Qingjiu.

“Yeah.” Lu Qingjiu, “Is there to see if there is any effect tomorrow.”

Zhu Xi touched his hair and sighed: "Is this effective? If you forget it, there is no loss anyway."

Lu Qingji smiled and didn't speak.

Yin Xun didn't come to the Luqing Liquor for a while. He had a bucket in his hand and two fish in the bucket. He said, "Lu Qingjiu, I put the fish in your pool!"

Lu Qingjiu: "What are you doing in the pool?" He walked over and saw two squid in the bucket. It looked very spiritual. I don't know where Yin Xun got it.

There is no river near.

"The outside of the cistern has to put fish, the rules of the village." Yin seeks, "to prevent water pollution is what."

"Oh." Lu Qingjiu, "Let's put it in."

"This is?" When Yin found the fish, he naturally saw Zhu Xi next to Lu Qingjiu.

"My colleague, Zhu Xi, came to the house to play for a few days." Lu Qingjiu, "This is Yin Xun, my hair is small, I grew up with my family in Shuifu Village."

Zhu Xi and Yin Xun greeted each other.

"What are we going to eat at noon today?" Yin said, "I have a guest at home, have to do well?"Lu Qingjiu: "Get the pork chops you bought last time and eat them, make a sauce ribs, and can you eat this fish?"

"Yes." Yin seeks, "This fish is Wang Cong from the reservoir side, and the taste should be good." Wang Cong is a friend in his village, and is not familiar with Lu Qing wine but has a good relationship with Yin.

Lu Qingjiu: "Let's get Li Bo to bring us some meat back when I am going to gather tomorrow. There are not many homes."

Yin Xun nodded.

Zhu Xi had eaten a farmer's meal, and felt that the quality of life of Lu Qingjiu seemed to be good. This was relieved, saying that it was beautiful, and she came here to live after she retired. Lu Qingjiu knows that she is playing, this village is very biased, not to mention the commercial street, not even a takeaway, buy meat has to go to the town, like Zhu Xi such personality can really live here It’s amazing.

But for a few days, it’s good to have a fresh time.

Everyone had a very good time on this day. The four people in the family just had a table of mahjong. Lu Qingji went to the big scorpion next door and borrowed mahjong. This was the only precious mahjong in the village, and then four people went to the table and opened it. .

Bai Yuehu didn't start at first, but he quickly got on the job. Zhu Xi is an old friend and easily washed the other three rookies. Lu Qingjiu could barely keep up with the rhythm, Yin Xing suffered a face, and finally did not figure out that he was so miserable.

After the end of the entertainment activities, everyone went back to sleep, Lu Qingjiu was a little tired, lying in bed and stupidly slept, still thinking about what to do tomorrow morning.

He had planned to sleep until six o'clock, and the result was more than five o'clock. A scream of screaming awakened him from his sleep.

"The trough, the trough!!" Zhu Xi slammed the door madly, and did not wear the shoes scared by Lu Qingji to ask what happened. When she opened the door, she saw her holding her hair with tears. "Lu Qingjiu, You are fucking my reborn parents!"

Lu Qingji was dizzy and didn't understand how he had had such a big daughter after one night.

"You are more than my relatives!" Zhu Xi pulled the scorpion. "Have you seen it? Have you seen it!!!"

Lu Qingjiu: "...Look, see."

Zhu Xidao: "I have long hair!! I have long hair!! A lot, good black, hard!!"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." always feels that there is something wrong with it.

Zhu Xi touched her hair, tears crossed her face, saying that she never thought that she would realize her dream in such a way. This black hair is so dark and bright, and it is more attractive than the most handsome man in the world.

Lu Qing wine looked at the time and said: "Are you so excited to sleep?"

Zhu Xidao: "Too excited to sleep!"

Lu Qingjiu said: "Then you feed the pigs and chickens, I will sleep for a while."

Zhu Xi: "..."

Lu Qingjiu said: "There is also hair to work."

Zhu Xi: "You have nothing to say about my hair?"

Lu Qing wine honestly said: "No."

"Goodbye." Zhu Xi said ruthlessly, "You lost a precious friend."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."Zhu Xi decided to turn around, gently stroking his own black hair, jumping to the yard to feed the pigs.

Lu Qingji yawned helplessly, turned back to the house and decided to sleep for a while.

The author has something to say: Lu Qingjiu: Who wouldn't want a long, black hair? You are really the most useful thing in my family.

Female ghost: You are right.

White Moon Fox: .........? ? ?

Fantasy farm means that the creatures that appear here are people's fantasy, not the protagonist is thinking, not doing the kind of writing that hundreds of thousands of words are all dreams.

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