Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 9 Friends Visiting

Chapter 9 Friends Visiting

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"Animals? How can this be an animal?" Yin Xun looked at his head and looked at the water. (Free full novel.

Bai Yuehu ignored him and lazily removed his eyes.

Lu Qingjiu said: "I don't know... let's go, don't worry about this thing." He instinctively the animals in the mouth of Baiyuehu are definitely not the same as the animals they understand. They continue to ask questions. Who knows what Baiyuehu will say? The words come.

So the three men circled the little otter and carried a basket of mushrooms down the mountain.

According to the normal situation, the mushroom is best dried after eating, so it is safer to eat, but there is a white moon fox, he said that the mushroom is not poisonous, then it should be okay.

Lu Qingjiu washed the mushrooms with water and let Yin Xun mention the chicken he specially bought to stew the mushrooms. Of course, the chicken is not a chicken, but a small cock that has not yet grown up. The meat is tender and tender, and it is very fragrant after being stewed with mushrooms.

Yin Xun took the knife and quickly slaughtered the chicken and squatted on the ground to give the chicken hair.

Lu Qingjiu is planning to take some food from the house to feed the pigs in the pigpen. The phone rang. He picked up and found that he was the number of his colleague. Hesitated after a while.

"Hey, Zhu Xi, is there something?" Lu Qingji asked.

"Sake, you can't go back and let us do it." There was a cry of sadness from Lu Qing's colleague Zhu Xi. "We all miss you."

Lu Qingjiu: "Overtime?"

Zhu Xi: "Gaga is dying. The worst thing is that no one can be recruited. The people who have been recruited will not go out for a month. They say that the wages are not high enough, and they will die."

Lu Qingjiu said: "I definitely can't go back." He rubbed his head, spoke with his mobile phone, and dug the piglet's food from the bag and put it in the bucket.

"Ah!" Zhu Xi screamed.

Lu Qingji Road: "Is there anything else?"

"Where did you go? I see that the house you rented has been retired..." Zhu Xi asked.

"I told you, I went back to my hometown to farm." Lu Qingji replied, "I took a bunch of mushrooms up the mountain this afternoon."

"Where is your hometown? I have been with the boss for a few days and want to come out and play." Zhu said.

"Leave off? Can you still take a vacation?" Lu Qing was shocked.

"What's wrong, he refused to leave, I resigned, and finally did not agree." Zhu said, "Don't say, I also want to pick mushrooms..."

Lu Qingjiu said the address of her hometown. When she arrived at the county seat, she called herself and picked her up. Otherwise, he was afraid that she would not be safe to rent a girl. Zhu Xi promised to be good, and said that he would immediately buy the nearest train ticket.

Lu Qingji hangs up the phone and carries the feed to the pig pen. He has been raised in the house for half a month. The white pig is a long circle, but the small flower is still the same as the original, with the fluffy hair like the chipmunk. I don't see a long one. Lu Qingji looked at them with their heads down and cheerfully eating the feed, knocking on the door: "How do you eat meat without meat?"Xiaohua looked up and looked at Lu Qingjiu. The eyes were full of contempt, as if they were underestimating their IQ in Yiyi Luqing. This pig has grown meat and can have a good end...

Lu Qingji despised by a pig: "..."

"Oh, what I want is to wait until you grow up and put you back in the forest." Lu Qingji reluctantly said, "Can you compete?"

"Oh." The small flower slammed two times, and the things chewed in the mouth were put down. I didn't grow meat in one pair. I would rely on the rogue look here.

Lu Qing wine is speechless, and even wants to take this little black box out of the pig pen to get a meal. In the end, he still resisted and told himself not to compare with a pig.

The chickens that I bought at home are much more lovely than the two pigs. Every day in the yard, I ran east and west, and the stones and insects on the ground made the whole yard a lot more lively.

Lu Qingjiu cut the chicken that Yin Xun killed into chicken pieces. After cleaning, put it into the pot and fry it. Then add water and soy sauce, then put it into the mushroom that was just picked today, and cook it in a casserole for several hours.

Chicken and mushrooms are perfect match, the mushrooms are delicious, and the fresh chicken is full of aroma. Although you haven't tasted it yet, you have already had a mouthful.

Bai Yuehu went back to the ground and watered it back, telling Lu Qingji that the tomatoes in the house had already been the result, and they could eat it in two days.

Lu Qing was shocked. It was only over a month. How did he get the result? He said: "Is it true? Will others doubt what?"

"No." Bai Yuehu said, "I explained."

Lu Qingjiu: "How do you explain?"

Baiyue Hudao said: "I said that I used fattening pesticides."

Lu Qingjiu: "...they didn't say anything else?"

Baiyue Fox shook his head and yawned: "No, just tell me that the fattening agent is used on the dish and the taste is light, not good." Most of the people in this village are self-produced, so naturally It will not add pesticides and the like, after all, it is eaten at home.

"Oh." Lu Qingjiu didn't know what to say, he could only say, "It's hard, then you can eat more at night."

Bai Yuehu nodded and seemed to be quite satisfied with Lu Qingjiu.

The chicken was stewed for two hours and was completely soft. The mushrooms inside completely absorbed the chicken broth. Lu Qingjiu also fried a green pepper shredded pork and a vegetable, and dinner was done.

The three people are very satisfied, the white moon fox eats chicken

The bones did not spit, and after a few clicks, the white teeth chewed the bones and smashed them all.

Yin Xun whispered a small mouth and it was so good. Bai Yuehu squinted at him, and his eyes were very bad, like a beast of food.

Lu Qingjiu even suspects that if Yin Xun eats a little more, Baiyuehu will have opinions...

After the three people finished eating, Yin searched back to his home. Lu Qingjiu and Baiyuehu were sitting in the yard to rest. Lu Qingji took the fried melon seeds and the braised beef as snacks.

"I have a friend to play in two days." Lu Qingjiu said, "It is a girl, it is estimated to stay here for a few days."Baiyue Fox sounded. He looked up at the sky and said, "Call her not to run on the mountain."

“Why?” Lu Qingji is a bit strange.

"Don't go to the mountains recently." Bai Yuehu said, "In the spring, there are more animals."

Lu Qingji immediately remembered the puddle that they met in the morning called the animal of the white moon fox. He said: "What animal is that?"

"I didn't remember." Bai Yuehu said, "Because the taste is too bad."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." It seems that the things that are not good enough are not worthy of the name in Baiyuehu.

"It can remember people's appearance." Bai Yuehu said, "As long as you look at it." According to Bai Yuehu, water is like a mirror. When a person sticks his head out to look at the water, it has already remembered it. Live your appearance, and if you look at it exactly when you are alone, it will pull you in, killing you after you die.

Lu Qingjiu: "What will happen if it is remembered by it?"

White Moon Fox: "I will come to you."

Lu Qing was shocked: "...that Yin is not dangerous!"

Baiyue Fox Road: "It doesn't matter, this thing generally does not go downhill, the action is very slow, and it only appears in the spring, it is a waste." He underestimated the definition of this thing, and pinched a piece of beef into his mouth. In the eyes, the eyes are satisfied, and they say, "It's delicious."

Lu Qingjiu was relieved.

The two men ate the beef almost, and the sky was dark. Lu Qingjiu rushed the chickens into the chicken ring, and then turned back to the house to sleep.

The next morning, when it was not bright, it began to rain. The rain was not big, and the dragonfly fell on the ground, making people more sleepy. The road to the spring sleep did not know, Lu Qing wine cellar in bed for a while. When he got up, Baiyuehu also got up. He stood in the yard and didn't know what he was doing. He had to say that Baiyuehu was a landscape, and the rain fell on his hair, like plating his hair. There was a layer of shimmering silver, and he was stunned in the rain, as if the next moment would be feathered.

Lu Qingji took a photo on the mobile phone next to Mimi, but Bai Yuehu noticed what it was, and turned to look at Lu Qingjiu.

"Good morning." Lu Qingji put the phone in his pocket and calmly greeted Bai Yuehu.

"Good." Bai Yuehu said, "I fed the chicken."

"Oh, it’s hard." Lu Qingji, "What do you want to eat in the morning?"

"Let's eat noodles." Bai Yuehu said, "I want to eat eggs."

Lu Qingji nodded and was picking up the apron and turned to walk towards the kitchen. He heard the knocking of the door from the door. He thought it was Yin Xun, and he came in. He knew that the door was pushed open. It is the face that is exposed to the rain of Zhu Xi.

"Zhu Xi?!" Lu Qingji suddenly, "Why don't you give me a call in advance?"

Zhu Xidao said: "I said, I can find it myself." She entered the courtyard door, and at first glance she saw the white moon fox standing on the side with no expression, and rounded her eyes. "Lu Qingjiu, can you? I said that you are anxious to go back to your hometown, and actually secretly sneak out the Golden House!"

Lu Qingjiu: "I am not, I am not!"He thought that Baiyuehu would be angry. Who knows that he would turn away without changing his color, leaving the two people with a profound back.

Zhu Xi landed the sake: "Hey, scum, even a name is not given to others, look, people are angry."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." You are really not afraid of death.

The author has something to say: Zhu Xi: Who are you from him?

White Moon Fox: I am his fox.

Zhu Xi: Are you in love? ?

Lu Qingjiu: No, we are just ordinary friends.

Zhu Xi disliked his face: I didn't see that you were actually a scum man.

Lu Qingji: ... I am not, I am not!

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