Fantasy Farm

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 4 White Moon Fox

Chapter 4 White Moon Fox

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The rooms that need to be used in the old house are basically taken care of, but there are still a few houses left in Luqing. The rooms are old and the roof is broken. Moreover, he usually does not use it. Wait until you are free and find someone to completely repair the entire house. (free full novel

After Lu Qingji came here, it was almost a bed, and the insomnia that plagued him in the past disappeared.

The air in the countryside is good, especially in the morning. Luqing wine is more than seven o'clock. After simply eating breakfast, I took out the beans that had been soaked in the night before, and took a large bag of beans to the village. Grinding disc.

Today, he and Yin Xun said that it was better to grind the beans and eat the beans. The beans were still taken from his home yesterday.

Most of the people in Shuifu Village know the news that Lu Qingji came back from the city. On this way, the villagers greeted Lu Qingji with enthusiasm and were very affectionate. They seemed to like this college student who came back from the outside. Lu Qingjiu also In response, he still has to live here for a long time, and it is not a bad thing to have a good relationship with the villagers.

When he arrived at the mill plate, Yin Xun was already sitting next to the mill plate. He was holding the fried winter melon seeds in his hand. When he saw Lu Qingjiu, he stood up and said hello to him: "Come on?"

"Yeah." Lu Qingji, "Are you so early?"

"Yesterday, my head was swollen and I didn't sleep very well." Yin Qiu said, "It's better to get up in the morning."

Lu Qingjiu looked at Yin Xun and found that his face was really swollen. Then he let go of his heart. He said, "Let's put the beans, let me grind."

"Yes." Yin Xun did not compete with Lu Qing.

So the two division of labor, quickly grinding the beans.

This mill has been in the village for decades. Lu Qingjiu had a memory of being crawled on the plate and playing with the twisted buttocks. When he was a child, he was able to hide, followed by a group of small friends who ran across the mountains and almost ran across the village. Every corner. It’s just that the little friends in the village are almost gone, and Yin Zhi is still waiting for a small one to stay in the village.

The beans are grown by Yin Xingjia. The quality is very good. The soymilk that is ground out is white and fine, and it exudes the fragrance of a bean. Bring it back to boil later, then order the brine, and wait until the soy milk condenses into pieces. The bean flower is ready.

A pot of beans has turned into milky white soy milk, and Yin seeks to put the bean dregs into the bag. This bean dregs is a good thing to feed the pigs, but it can't be lost.

After the two men in tandem, Yin Xun took the bean dregs, and Lu Qingji took the soy milk and returned to the old house.

"I am going to feed the pig." Yin sought out something in his hand.

"Go." Lu Qingji thought about it, but he said, "Yes, the children of the neighbors yesterday gave the two wild boars a name."

Yin seeks: "Li Xiaoyu? Did he give the pig a name?"

"The big one is called Xiaohua, the little one is Xiaohei." Lu Qingji replied.

"Why is it called Xiaohua?!" Yin said, "Do you want to mention my sadness!"

"It was taken by a child, and I am not good at fighting with him." Lu Qingji was helpless and explained with Yin."Oh." Yin Xun did not say anything after listening to it, but the face of the vicissitudes came: "The big one is definitely better than the little one..."

Lu Qingjiu: "..." I beg you to shut up.

Taking advantage of Yin Xing to feed the pigs, Lu Qing wine pours the soy milk into the pot, then puts on the fire. After the fire is boiled, the small fire is slowly cooked. While cooking, add the brine to the inside and compact it with a spoon. Point bean flower is a technical activity, crushing the bean flower too old, pressing the bean flower can not form. Lu Qingjiu had also been at home before, so I still have experience, a pot of soy milk has begun to slowly become solid.

I was making beancurd, but there was a shout from Yin Xun in the yard: "Sake! Someone is looking for!"

"Who?" Lu Qingjiu said, "Who is looking for me?"

"You will know when you come out." Yin Xun replied.

Lu Qingjiu pressed the fire down and turned to the yard. He saw Yin Xun standing in the yard, but the man who attracted his attention was the man next to Yin Xun.

"You... hello." Lu Qingjiu wanted to say hello to him, but he still had a spoon in his hand, so he could only wave his hand in the spoon.

"Hello." The man opened his mouth, his voice was very light, but he could hear it very clearly.

"Do you have anything?" Stared by a man, Lu Qingji was inexplicably cramped. The man is very beautiful, still the kind of lazy appearance he has seen in the past few days. His eyes are unique Danfeng eyes, his nose is high, and the whole person is full of ink-like classical beauty.

"I said I will come to you." The man said, "I am coming."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

He remembers that the man's name is Baiyuehu, and he remembers what the man said when he met in the market, but he did not expect that he would really come to the door.

"Why, have you forgotten?" Bai Yuehu stared at the eyes of Lu Qingjiu.

"No, I haven't forgotten it." Lu Qingjiu, "Come on, come here, eat beancurd?"

Baiyue Fox Road: "What is Beancurd?"

Lu Qingjiu: "Good food... Do you have luggage? Put it in the room first?"

Bai Yuehu nodded.

Lu Qingjiu led him to the room that had just been cleaned out. When he saw the white moon fox, he was relieved.

Yin Xun was stunned by the side and looked at Lu Qingjiu. He said, "Hey, you just invited people in?"

"He is a good person." Lu Qingji Road.

"You 咋

know? Yin searched for an eye.

Lu Qingjiu: "Because he looks good."

Yin Xun: "..."

Lu Qingji is of course joking. In fact, he dared to call this white moon fox into the house because the bag that Bai Yuehu gave him. The gecko tail in the bag confirmed some speculations about Lu Qingji, everything that happened that night. It is not a dream, but a fact that exists. If there is no man, he may have become the dish of the huge gecko.

"You don't have to worry about me, I am a big man, what can I do?" Lu Qingji shot the shoulder of Yin Xun and comforted his good friend.Yin searched for the sake of the sake, and glanced at the man in the house. He muttered: "What happened to the man, this year the man is not safe, although the unsafe one is not necessarily you..."

Lu Qing was shocked: "...What do you mean?"

Yin Xun: "If you got it wrong, I didn't say anything."

"I am too lazy to tell you, the bean flower is still in the pot, you go to cut the meat, and I will cook it back later." Lu Qingjiu took Yin to the kitchen.

This meat was bought by Yin Xun in the morning, and the authentic pig five flowers were used to stir the pot of meat. Lu Qingjiu ordered the beancurd, and cut the pork belly into a uniform three-finger width. After the hot oil was added, the garlic seedlings were fried. After the meat and oil contact, the rich aroma of meat is released. The white fat is partially fried and turned into a tempting golden yellow. The whole pork belly is curled up and the taste is not known. Definitely not bad.

Yin can't wait to clip a piece with chopsticks. When he chews twice, he sighs: "It's delicious, this meat is too fragrant."

"When you go out, I will cook a cabbage and egg soup." Lu Qingji rubbed his hand on the sweat on his chin and said, "Give the rice and the beancurd. Let me play a beancurd." ”

"Well." Yin Xingmei’s work has gone.

Lu Qingjiu made the rest of the things, and the two outsiders were sitting in front of the table, waiting for him. Yin Xun is nothing, Lu Qingji actually saw the taste of expectation from the face of Bai Yuehu.

The things in Lu Qing’s hand were placed on the table and said, “Eat.”

Yin Yin and Bai Yuehu, who were next to each other, picked up the chopsticks and went to the meat.

Lu Qingjiu also took a chopstick and returned to the pot of meat. He tasted that the taste was really good. His cooking was actually quite ordinary. He just didn’t know if it was the reason for the ingredients. The special flavor of the pork was made, and the fat on the pork belly was fried. Not too greasy, but it is very soft and soft, and the fragrance is incredible.

Lu Qingjiu tasted a little beancurd, and the beancurd was also very successful. It was soft and solid, and it was very prepared with a special preparation. Lu Qingjiu could eat a big bowl.

He ate two bowls of rice, and he was almost full. Yin Xun also ate almost the same, but the posture of Bai Yuehu was not intended to stop. The most surprising thing was that his meal was quite elegant, as if he was not eating anything. Small dishes, but what to eat exotic treasures.

Yin Xun touched his belly and said: "I am full."

"I am also full." Lu Qingjiu, "moon fox, you will wash the bowl later."

Bai Yuehu nodded in the natural movement and seemed to have fully integrated into this collective family.

Lu Qingjiu didn't think it was wrong to let him wash the dishes. Although he didn't know why he wanted to live here, he would have to get used to doing these things since he came in.

When Yin Xing was full, he got up and said goodbye, saying that he would go home to take a nap.The White Moon Fox picked up the tableware and picked up the sleeves and went to the kitchen. Lu Qingjiu also prepared to sleep for a while, then moved a chair to the yard, ready to basking in the sun to sleep. This early spring is much more gentle than the summer, and it shines through the clouds and only feels warm.

When Lu Qingji was sitting on a lounge chair and was about to sleep, he felt something dripping on his face. He suddenly woke up and found that when the head of the original bright sun disappeared, only the rest remained. A black cloud of black clouds. The tiny raindrops fell from the clouds, and the dripping drops on his cheeks.

It is going to rain? Lu Qingji touched his nose and felt a little wet. He got up from the chair and was about to go to the house, but he heard a weird sound... touching, touching, touching, as if someone was using it. The stone is heavily licking something, it should be meat, because Lu Qing wine clearly heard the sticky sound of the meat after being chopped.

The footsteps of Lu Qingji slowly moved. He bypassed the corner and saw the backyard shrouded in the rain. A man was facing him, holding a heavy stone in his hand. The stone was covered with bright red blood. He bent over and looked at it again and again, slamming the things in front of him. Although Lu Qingji is far away, he also sees what he is swearing. It is a person who is already bloody, the face of the person is already invisible, and the long hair and the smashed meat are mixed together. That person is absolutely impossible to live.

Seeing such a horrible scene, Lu Qingji breathed a moment and shouted: "What are you doing!"

The man’s movement was obviously heard by Lu Qing’s shouting. He slowly turned his head and let Lu Qing wine see his face. It was not a face at all, and it was covered with dense The black hair can only be seen faintly in the five senses. The man screamed after seeing Lu Qingjiu, and then the black hair became longer and longer, and eventually the man who was covered in blood was completely wrapped up.

噗通! It was also the sound of a heavy object falling into the water. Lu Qingjiu was like a dean, and the whole person was instantly awake. He discovered that he was still lying on the bench, washing the white of the bowl.

The moon fox stood beside him, and he looked at him with a blank expression.

"I seem to have a dream." Lu Qing wine said vaguely.

"Yes." Bai Yuehu said, "You have a dream."

Lu Qingjiu said: "Dream there is a dead person in the backyard."

Bai Yuehu watched him not talking.

Lu Qingjiu: "Is there really?"

Bai Yuehu was silent for a moment and did not answer: "What are you going to do here?"

Lu Qingjiu Emei: "I just feel tired in the city and want to come back."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Just like this?"

Lu Qingji closed his mouth. In fact, he did not want to mention the reason for his return. Because it is too absurd, the absurdity seems to be a joke.

Lu Qingjiu did not say, Bai Yuehu did not ask, he looked at the sky, and said that it was going to rain, then he turned and went back to the house.

Lu Qingjiu looked around the yard and suddenly felt that the spring was bitter.He stood up from the chair and walked to the backyard, but saw a black well standing in the empty backyard. Lu Qingji saw the scene and nodded and went back to the house.

Sure enough, as Bai Yuehu said, the sky began to float a little rain.

The spring rain is as expensive as oil, especially for the farmer. Lu Qing wine looks at the rain and moistens everything, and feels like a Zen.

But the white moon fox sitting next to it obviously didn't think so. He reached out to Lu Qingjiu and said, "Give me some seeds."

Lu Qingji screamed and divided the melon seeds into half of the white moon fox.

Bai Yuehu said: "You just saw the yard, what's the idea?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "The timing is not enough."

Baiyuehu scorpion sinks: "When are you waiting?"

Lu Qing Liquor: "Summer!"

Baiyue Fox: "What about waiting for the summer?" He was trying to say that everything in the well would come out in spring and summer, and he would sigh with Lu Qingjiu: "You don't understand this, you can plant watermelon in summer, grape. Class, that yard is too small, you can only plant these vines."

White Moon Fox: " just think about dumping the yard?"

Lu Qing wine is inexplicable: "Or not?"

White Moon Fox: "..." He continued to eat melons in silence.

Lu Qingji supported the chin and spit the melon skin into the trash can next to it. He sighed: "I am joking, or I will report a policeman first. There must be something in the well."

Baiyue Fox Road: "Well."

After a quiet moment between the two, Lu Qingjiu took the courage to turn his head and stared at Baiyue Fox: "I still have a problem..."

"I am a fox." Before he asked the question of Lu Qingjiu, Bai Yuehu opened his mouth with extra seriousity. "It is the kind of monster that you humans like most!"

Lu Qingjiu: "..." He hasn't asked yet.

I don’t know what Lu Qing’s expression made the Baiyue Fox misunderstand. He stood up and brushed his back and said, “I’m really a fox.” The words fell, and a few furry big tails from the white moon fox. The clothes stretched out underneath.

The tail is pure white hair, soft and fluffy, looks very good touch, Lu Qing wine hand is a little itchy, but did not dare to extend, just said: "Oh, I know."

I don't know if it is the illusion of Lu Qingjiu. After he feels that he has finished saying this, Baiyue Fox is very subtle and relieved, as if he is relieved.

How can the fox show his identity so straightforwardly that he is not afraid to scare himself? Lu Qingjiu felt a bit strange at the same time. He always felt that Bai Yuehu’s performance was a bit strange, just like... I was afraid that he would not believe that he was a fox.

Oh, but he didn't pretend that he was a fox. Lu Qingji explained to himself.

Perhaps Lu Qingji’s desire for the white furry tail was too obvious. After seeing Lu Qingjiu with a brow, Bai Yuehu’s eyebrows came to the sentence: “You can touch.”

Lu Qingjiu did not respond.

"You can touch." White Moon Fox repeated again, and the few furry tails shook gently.When Lu Qingji listened to this, he immediately put it on his hand. After touching the furry tail, he even heard the pleasant sigh of his soul. The big tail was hairy and smooth, and the touch was like soft satin... The sake of the sake was awkward, and after a while, I reluctantly took back my hand: "Thank you, Baige." This is the first time in his life that he touched the tail of a fox, and it may be the last time.

Bai Yuehu saw Lu Qing wine with a happy face, nodded and got up and went back to the house.

Lu Qingjiu did not move, he actually encountered many strange and strange kinds of creatures many times.

For a long time, he was a little used to it. If he changed the average person to meet Bai Yuehu, he would not be scared to death.

But to be honest, like the white moon fox, the humanoid is still conscious and clear-minded, Lu Qingjiu is the first time to see that most of what he has seen before is something that is not self-conscious, such as one at the door of their unit will repeat others. The big tree of gossip that has been said...

After that dream, Lu Qingjiu determined that there must be something dirty in his backyard, and he picked up his mobile phone and reported it to the police. Of course, he did not say that he was dreaming. He just said that there was something in the well water. He suspected that someone accidentally fell into it.

After listening to the police, he said that he would come over as soon as possible and let Lu Qingjiu protect the scene. There is no police in the village. The police have to drive from the town. It is estimated that it is dark.

Lu Qing wine goes to the kitchen

I got some flour, beat a few eggs, branded a big omelet, cooked a pot of sweet potato porridge, took two cucumbers, and prepared a dinner.

The three people sat on the side of the well for dinner. Yin Xun was a little confused and said, "What are you doing, what are you doing at the wellhead, and what are the things in the well?"

Lu Qingjiu: "There are ghosts."

Yin searched for a bite, vaguely said: "You can't find a policeman with a ghost? Are they still managing this?"

Lu Qingjiu said: "There is always a reason for ghosts. If the ghost's body is in the well."

Yin Xun: "..." He felt that the cake in his mouth seemed to have a bit of other taste... He silently put down the cake in his hand.

Near ten o'clock, the sound of the siren sounded at the entrance of the village. The siren drove all the way to the door of Lu Qingjiu's old house, and then there were two policemen in the car.

"Is it your policeman?" The young policeman knocked on the door of the old house.

"It's me." Lu Qingjiu.

"You said that you have fallen in your home?" the policeman asked. "Are you sure?"

"It is just that you are not sure about the police." Lu Qingjiu said, "I just heard something in the well."

The two policemen looked at each other and the old one said, "Let us take a look at it first."

So the group went back to the backyard. The young policeman took a flashlight and took a photo inside, then frowned and muttered: "It seems like something floating inside."

The old policeman did not speak. After careful observation, he took out a rope from the bag. There was an iron hook on the rope. He threw the rope into the well and then stirred it in the water. He said, "Hook up."

"Can you pull it up?" asked the little policeman."I try." The old policeman tried hard, but the things in the water seemed to be very heavy. There was no way to hook it up. He shook his head and his expression became serious. "No, it is heavy."

"It won't be an individual." The little policeman began to get a little nervous.

"I will call the bureau and let them send some people and equipment to confirm it." The old policeman looked at Lu Qingji with a subtle look. “Maybe it’s really an individual.”

In the face of the police's suspicion, Lu Qingji thought that it would be useless to see you. This matter really has nothing to do with me. Of course, he said that the police would not believe it, after all, he alarmed that someone in the well had fallen.

The author has something to say: Bai Yuehu: I am really a fox.

Lu Qingjiu: Have you repeated so many times because your heart is still guilty?

White Moon Fox: No matter, I am a fox.

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