I've Possessed the Demon Sovereign's Body August Eagle

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Chen Luoyang feels that his transmigration situation isn't right.
After transmigrating he unexpectedly possessed the highest expert in the world, the Master of the Demon Cult who is respectfully addressed as the Demon Sovereign.
Generally, aren't most of the cases about a supreme expert who had an accident and left behind a tenacious wisp of soul that won't scatter, which occupied the body of a miserable low level youngster in order to resurrect and after that they retaliated their entire journey, thus making a comeback?
Or perhaps transmigrating in the body of a miserable youngster and obtaining a cheat that will open the road to becoming a God?
But why is my rhythm wrong?
Currently, my environment is full of big shots and I feel like I'll quickly be exposed.
What to do? I'm waiting. It's urgent!

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