City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c109

City of Sin v9c109

In Richard’s eyes, countless rules have tied him to the Devil Great Lord, which means that if you don’t kill the Devil Great Lord, it will keep on chasing Richard until you kill Richard. Dead until now. .


Although Richard felt that the battle with Devil was meaningless, he did not come to participate in the eternal bloody battle, but now he does not solve this Devil Great Lord, but he can’t get away.


Richard immediately shouted: “Ready to fight.”


When Devil Great Lord strode forward, Richard suddenly discovered that the regular forces of chaos around him were expelled in large numbers, and the power of order was rapidly increasing. He immediately understood that this was Devil Great Lord creating a more suitable battlefield environment for himself, after all, Devil All are order life.


Under Richard’s orders, Ogre and Freire bypassed the Devil Great Lord and intercepted the Devil Legion behind. The Great Lord brought out more than the hundred soldiers, and it was no small trouble to stop it. Both Ogre and Freire are good at a wide range of kills, and it’s best for them to deal with this regiment-level enemy.


Waterflower and Zonghu silhouette disappeared, and Hilo floated into the sky. The indifferent boss eyes stared at the Devil Great Lord and slowly filled the bow.


Richard closed the order, and there was no room for the Devil Great Lord. There was no need to waste it, and Faceless waved to Richard. A blood color light column fell on Richard, making him a wholesome person. Pick it up.


Where Richard’s red light shines, the order rules will collapse, and the chaotic rules will not work. The forces of various rules are entangled, appearing constantly, and continually destroying. Any strong person will be in this environment. It became extremely uncomfortable, and Richard was like a duck, and even Devil Great Lord snarled a little uneasy.


Destroy the projection and play the largest formidable power in this level of combat.


The Devil Great Lord in front of him is slender and has a deep purple armor. He doesn’t know what material to make. He has four arms, each arm holds a different weapon, and has a similar face to human beings. .


However, in the eyes of Richard, this Devil Great Lord of Level 30 is obviously not enough to look at it. Devil is a life of order. They rely on strict discipline and tacit cooperation with Demon. At the same time, Devils are often refining armor weapons. Master, however, in terms of individual combat power, Devil is slightly inferior to Demon.


In the battlefield of the eternal bloody battle, the battle takes place all the time. In this place, the advantage of a disciplined Devil army is undoubtedly obvious. If you don’t encounter the big Lesser Lord, you can eliminate the Demon much more than yourself.


Devil Great Lord has a vague doubt in the eyes of the purple, and the opposite Demon is unusually weak, and it initially thought that he had encountered a powerful Great Lord. When he approached, he only sensed that the other party only had Level 25. No, now Level 26.


But is there any difference between 25 and 26, but somehow, this reasonably said that Demon has brought him unprecedented pressure and danger, and those subordinates are also very strange, all races have, and they will cooperate.


In the eternal bloody battle, the cooperation is Devil’s patent.


The feeling of the Great Lord is extremely sharp. The Devil Great Lord feels right. Richard is not an ordinary Demon.


At this moment, Richard within the body Mana circulates, and naturally breaks into Level 26. This is not deliberate, but it is natural at this time. Richard without the slightest hesitation puts the legendary reinforcement on the body again, so his The skin has slightly increased luster, and the muscles, bones and even internal organs have become denser.


The more versatile body, the more carrying capacity, not only carrying the Rune, but also the power of the Great Lord’s heart.


Richard chose the three Divine Artifacts, and finally pulled out the ruling, and then injected the power of the rules into it. The ruling blade suddenly lit up with a smudge of purple, which wiped the luster in the eyes of Devil Great Lord, and immediately let him pupils shrank It seems that it has been acupunctured. With his current ability, of course, he feels that the ruling blade is all about the regular power of the hell race.


Richard’s silhouette began to flicker, approaching Devil Great Lord along a bizarre tortuous route. Devil Great Lord’s face suddenly changed, his eyes were amazed, because every time Richard flashed, he just avoided his scheduled attack route.


At this moment, Devil Great Lord is holding up four giants, but he can’t fall.


At this moment, Richard’s will suddenly appeared, extremely fiercely rushing to Devil Great Lord, when Richard was about to emerge, in the Void there was the roar of the ancient Demon.


Devil Great Lord has a bright eye. He doesn’t know how to fight Richard. Now Richard’s will appears, and the two Great Lord’s will is actually a competition between the spirit and Soul Power, which is equivalent to the soul level. Wrestling, there is no skill here, only absolute power.


The contest of will is the most common prelude in the battle between Demon and Devil. Demon is extremely strong, and Devil is determined. In this battle, Devil will often take advantage of it.


In the process of Devil becoming a Great Lord, I have long known how many times I have been contested with Demon. Now Richard is provocative, Devil Great Lord will not be afraid of it, and immediately snorted, the will is like a flood, slamming To Richard’s will.


For a moment, Devil Great Lord felt that he had entered a completely empty space. There was nothing but him and Richard’s will. This is a spiritual space and a battlefield for will.


Devil Great Lord flew to Richard’s will for the first time. As long as Richard’s will was ruined, Richard’s power would be affected. This is the first cornerstone of victory.


However, just in front of the Devil Great Lord, the original light-like Richard’s will suddenly expanded, and an incomparably huge three tetrahedron emerged from the Void and appeared in front of the Devil Great Lord.


Before the incomparably huge three tetrahedrons, the Devil Great Lord’s will is like a flying bird that crashes into the mountain.


When Devil Great Lord desperately slammed into the three tetrahedrons of the mountain, there was an innumerable face on the tetrahedron in front of him, and each face looked at him coldly.


The void of the eternal bloody battle suddenly trembled. The eyes of Devil Great Lord suddenly became sluggish and the movements were slow. In this level of battle, the momentary loss of God was a painful price, and Richard became a ray of light bundle. Passing the Devil Great Lord, the ruling made a deep wound on one of the Devil Great Lord’s arms.


Devil Great Lord regained his mind in a blink of an eye. He suddenly turned his head and stared at his arm, making a frightening call. There was a thin blood line on his arm. It was Richard’s wound, which was huge relative to it. The size of this small wound seems to be insignificant, but Devil Great Lord is as terrified as he wants to lick the wound, but he does not dare.


At this time of delay, its wounds suddenly burst like volcanic eruptions, spewing out countless flesh and blood, and the original thin wounds were so deep that you could see deep purple crystal-like arm bones.


Richard flew back again, and the huge will was once again overwhelming to Devil Great Lord. This time Devil Great Lord said that he would not fight hard with Richard. He immediately bowed his head and hid the past, but avoided the will. At the same price, the rules around Devil suddenly became turbulent and had been taken down by Richard.


Devil Great Lord A world-shaking roar, and the three hands that can be lifted simultaneously pointed to Richard. At the same time, a black light was emitted from the weapon, gathered together, and then turned into a light column of ten meters, smashing to Richard.


Around the light column, there are countless rules to break the rune in life, these are the order rune, but in the hands of this Devil Great Lord, it is transformed into the extremely terrifying Annihilation power, which is interpreted by Richard using the chaotic Divine Language. The ultimate destruction is also very similar.


Richard around the body appeared a huge regular tetrahedral reticle, black light beam illuminating the regular tetrahedron, actually broken down into countless rune, and then shocked all around the void, the rule of force in the light column turned out to be Richard broke the destruction of life with incomparable and delicate methods.


Devil Great Lord suddenly had a painful embarrassment, broken jaws on his knees, flesh and blood splashes, Waterflower and Zonghu appeared respectively. They hit the hand and immediately flew away at full speed. Devil Great Lord screamed and was about to chase the two fragile But with reptiles of sharp claws and fangs, suddenly the whole body was stiff, and an azure long arrow silently plunged into the back of its back.


A few kilometers away, Hilo was putting a second arrow on the longbow, and then muttering something in his mouth, shouted: “Must be.”


The arrow came out of the string, and it flickered in a strange way. Every time it disappeared, it would inexplicably cross the weekly hundred meters, and then through all the protection and interference, appearing in the heart of the Devil Great Lord, silently entering the middle arrow. The place immediately filled with a large piece of azure, and the Devil Great Lord trembled.


His body just turned halfway, suddenly turned back, staring at Richard, behind Richard, I don’t know when there was a huge blue moon, Richard seemed to fly from the middle of the month, holding up the ruling, separated by a kilometer. Knock down at Devil Great Lord.


Devil Great Lord suddenly stopped all the action, watching Richard and the huge blue moon hanging in the air, whispered: “Star of Destruction”


A blue light suddenly appeared in his eyebrows, and then the blue light moved down until there was no chest. The head of the Devil Great Lord was centered, and there were countless purple poisonous fires that were as thick as a viscous liquid.


Richard put away the ruling and looked at Devil Great Lord, who was still struggling, saying, “It’s over.”


Devil Great Lord Although the war died, but its legion reflects the hell style, and the battle is not retreating.


Richard asked the followers to kill two of the Leger Lord’s Devil generals in the Legion, but the Legion split itself into dozens of smaller corps, each led by the Greater Devil, which is the Devil Legion, almost impossible The defeat can only be completely smashed.


Richard didn’t plan to waste time on these low-level Devils, killing a black hole directly over the Legion, and cleaning the Devil Legion clean after a few minutes.


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