City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c91

City of Sin v9c91

After a while, the quiet forest was awakened by the fierce battle, and the wind sent the sound of the battle to all corners of the quiet forest.


A famous elf Warrior walked out of the tree house where he lived, listening to the sound coming from the wind, then they returned to their hut, quickly dressed in armor, dressed in long sword, picked up the longbow, and bid farewell to his wife and family. Leave the quiet village where you live and quickly head towards World Tree.


Great Elven King Siaud Sungod is calling his Warrior to fight powerful and evil enemies.


Tens of thousands of high elves Warrior assembled from all corners of the quiet forest to World Tree. Only the High Level Warrior above Level 10 will hear the call.


Around the World Tree, a large group of horned eagle is hovering. They are the mounts of the high elves. The guards of Siaud Sungod will take the horned eagle and go with the Great Elven King to the shoreline to meet the ferocious enemies.


Siaud Sungod put on a gorgeous glass-like armor, carrying his famous legendary two-handed sword, and then stepped onto his mount, a white peacock with several streamers and long tail feathers. This white peacock also has Legendary. The strength of Level is one of the top ten Divine Beasts in the Elven Wang Ting.


Under the leadership of the White Peacock, a large group of horned eagle circled around World Tree for a week and flew away to the East.


Koh Samui is the second largest port on the east coast of the Elven Empire. It is also the base of the Elf King’s Third Fleet. The Third Fleet stationed here is responsible for the coastal defense of the entire northeast, and there is also a nearby prison in Koh Samui. .


Koh Samui is only a few tens of kilometers from the mainland, and it is opposite the White Sand City, a city named after the beautiful white sand beach.


But now, the entire island of Samui is a panic, the third fleet that played the battle has no news. On the contrary, a fleet of seven giant ships appeared outside the Soviet Union.


The guards of the port were easily defeated. All the remaining warships were either captured or sunk. The ship had extremely terrifying shooters. They could shoot the formidable power powerful magic tracking arrows by nearly a thousand meters away, even if it was Saint. The high-level elf of Realm Level flies near the battleship and is instantly shot as a hedgehog.


Richard spent an hour cleaning up and occupying Port of Samui, making the occupation of White Sand City easier, and there was no decent defender in the city.


After the spoiled rebellion was suppressed, the high elves quieted down and silently watched Richard’s army receive a strategic location. The same silent night elves force made the high elves fearful and a little more Curiosity, this is an army with a minimum level of Level 16. Which Warrior can be used as an elite officer in the [***] team.


The night elves are of high rank and well-equipped, and even overwhelm the Guardian of the Elf Wang Ting, which is a real big man of Wang Ting, such as Siaud Sungod, whose Personal Guard team has such a level, but Great Elven King’s Personal Guard team is only a few dozen people, and there are at most hundreds of people. How can it be like Richard, a pull is thousands of night elves.


Richard and Goshawk, Mina and others walked around in Port Samui.


The buildings here are all in the style of the Elven Empire. The whole building is slender and high. The city is full of ancient trees and flower beds. Like a forest, the houses are spires, covered with green or blue glazed tiles, and the borders are often It is made of golden or dark gold, and silver. This kind of gold, or the combination of silver and blue, is the mainstream aesthetic of the elf empire.


The higher elves are taller and more coordinated and robust than their distant relatives in Norland, such as the Prairie Elves and the Wind Elves. The heights of the male surnamed Gao are close to two meters, a little higher than Richard, and the female surname is also Often around 1.8 m, the tall and coordinated shape allows the high elves to combine speed and strength, and they also have a natural magical affinity, a close relationship with World Tree, and a high elf with Druid, which is between Priest and A unique profession between Mage.


The emergence of Druid does not only mean the addition of a powerful caster. Their most important significance is to make up for the shortage of Moon Temple Shaman and Priest, so that the high elf army has superhuman assistance and recovery.


Richard made a round trip in the port city of Samui. He looked at the whole city and looked at several shops. He returned to the port and boarded his own battleship.


“What’s the harvest.” Goshawk asked.


Richard said: “Have you discovered what the most shops in the city are.”


Goshawk also has an unforgettable memory. When I recalled it, I said, “The bookstores are the most, and there are many other shops selling all kinds of artworks. I also count the shops that make art processing.”


“There are a lot of weapons processing shops here, but most of them are decorated for weapons, not to increase lethality, such as this sword.”


Said, Richard showed a fairy long sword, this sword is freely drawn from a weapons processing shop, is the most common weapon in the high elves, long sword sword edge slender sharp, work is quite good, but most What attracts people is the elf text engraved on the ridge of the sword, and the beautiful sword shaped like a bird’s wings.


The elf is a famous verse. The beautiful shape of the sword is just to make the whole sword look more complicated and gorgeous. There is no other function. This sword light should cost more than the magic weapon, but it itself. But there is no enchantment, no weapons of enchantment, no matter how hard it is and the magic weapon’s killing effect on equal terms.


Now the size of the industry under Richard’s name can be compared with the entire kingdom, and his grasp of the value of goods is unparalleled.


Richard bounced the blade and said, “That is to say, two-thirds of the cost of the sword is used in places where it has nothing to do with the lethality itself. This sword is a window, let us see The Elf Empire is not as powerful as they think.”


This is a very ordinary long sword. Almost every adult high elf will wear it. It is not only a symbol of identity, but also a practical weapon.


The adult high elves are all good Warriors, and their elite units have reached the level of Level 12. This is the foundation of the entire Elland and the contingent of the continuation of the empire, but later the ranks of the various ethnic groups far overwhelmed the elves. The army, this overthrew the rule of the elf empire.


Looking at the long sword in the hand, the Goshawk also reached the same conclusion and couldn’t help but sigh.


In the memory of the Goshawk, the weapons of the Elves of the Elves were not so flashy. The weapons of that period were still luxurious, but they were very sophisticated from the material to the enchantment. It was indeed a powerful magic weapon because of the fertility of the high elves. Limited, the number of troops is small, so you can use expensive magical weapons as standard equipment.


On the continual continent, it is clear that magical weapons are still scarce, because the number of elves Mage and craftsmen is limited.


Back on the Dark Blue Moon, Richard looked at the time and ordered the entire fleet to leave the port and prepare for the battle. The defenders stationed in Baisha and Koh Samui also gathered in the fortifications and prepared to strictly observe them.


Richard said to the Goshawk: “The Elf’s reinforcements are coming. We are likely to see a Great Elven King this time. No, this is the document that was just found in the port. We killed it at sea, but Elf Wang Ting third. fleet.”


“If the elf is coming, you are ready to talk or fight.”


“Of course it is to fight.” Richard said without the slightest hesitation.


“Why.” The Goshawk frowned and asked, he was from the Millennium Empire, his bloodline and growing background always had an indescribable emotion to the Elf Empire.


In front of him, Elven Bloodline did not seem to smile than his thin young lord: “You must let these high elves know how powerful we are, they will put on the right attitude, and the modest modesty is cowardice.”


When the Goshawk wanted to persuade Richard, he suddenly felt the tyrannical momentum in the distance. Immediately, the complexion was slightly changed. He turned to look to the west. On the sky, there was a black crushing of a bird group. The first beautiful white peacock was exceptionally beautiful. Eye-catching.


When the goshawk felt the unscrupulous killing intent on the white peacock, the heart immediately sank, knowing that there is no possibility of peaceful resolution.


Three days later, a news that shocked the entire continual continent passed to the Elf Wang Ting, who guarded the northeastern empire, and Siaud Sungod, one of the top ten elites of the Elven Empire, died.


Killing Siaud Sungod’s Richard himself, he led the 5,000 ships to land, and captured the quiet forest. Then he went all the way to the Elf Wang Ting.


Until Siaud Sungod died, a message that had been detained in the East was sent to Elf Wang Ting. The invader named Richard, who is said to carry the golden World Tree, wants to exchange with Elf Wang Ting. One thing, what is specific, the other party did not say.


The Elf King Court is located in the depths of the green continent. It is not built on the World Tree, but stands on the top of a white peak. The mountain is very prominent on the earth, pulling up the kilometer, but the peak is still Under the shade of the World Tree crown.


The nature planted in the Elf Wang Ting is the Golden World Tree. After thousands of years of cultivation, it has already entered the gate of the World Tree.


Only Wang Tingzhong will know the true meaning of the golden World Tree twig that Richard brings. If this twig is absorbed by Wang Ting’s World Tree, it may lead to the final transformation of World Tree. Breakthrough becomes the real world tree, even if it is not enough to change, Wang Ting’s World Tree will evolve.


Every step of the World Tree is a big step forward for the entire empire for the high elves.


This is the real secret. Only the Elven Emperor, Moon Temple Great Shaman, and the Elves of St. Druid know that the Great Elven King, such as Siaud Sungod, is not qualified to know the secret of this level.


At the moment, in Wang Ting’s conference room, the Elf Empire is truly in charge of several people, and the five Great Elven Kings in Wang Ting are gathered here to discuss the situation that has never been seen in the past hundreds of years.


In the center of the great hall of the chamber, a magical image is being played, which is the record of the defeat of the Battle of the Third Fleet of the Royal Court and the image of the death of Great Elven King Siaud Sungod.


The magical image is extremely ambiguous, as if it were strongly disturbed, and only barely able to see the silhouette.


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