City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c68

City of Sin v9c68

This is not an unsolvable answer. Most of the nobles are intelligent people. In the twinkling of an eye, the key to the problem is the location of Floating Island.


Archeron occupies the 3-1 Floating Island, and this layer of Floating Island can’t be robbed, only step by step, that is, Richard has enough authority in Faust to make the Creation Rule unconstrained. he.


Sacrificial Offering, the core is also Sacrificial Offering.


The nobles were all bright and saw a new rays of light road.


Richard glanced at the moment when he suddenly cried and suddenly laughed at the Duke of Turan, snorted, and turned to the transfer array, where Archeron followed their king.


Looking at the Duke of Turan, many old aristocrats sighed secretly. They knew that the Turan family was finished. Richard not only destroyed Turan’s spiritual symbol, but also killed more than half of the family’s younger generation.


The Faust giant has always had the tradition of training outstanding young children on the Floating Island, a tradition that ruined the young generation of the Turan family.


Moreover, Archeron is still in a state of war with Turan. Even if Archeron loses a lot, even if the army is completely annihilated, as long as Richard is there, he can only kill his opponent if he is single-handed.


The breaking of any old pattern is accompanied by blood, and the breaking of any old ideas is also true.


Counting Norland’s strong, from Hidden Sword, Gelan, Phillip, Indefiniteness, which is not out of the mountain of corpses and sea of ​​blood, with the endless Slaughter to achieve his reputation.


It is the surname of the family, like the big girl’s Sharon. In the great races of the polar continent, it is also a generation of killing gods. Deepblue is built on the bones of countless gray dwarves and Orc. Later, the parliament of the polar continent would rather go. The fortress that attacked the Sacred Alliance was not willing to take Deepblue down, it was because of the fear of being killed by Sharon.


Now there is another Richard.


Defeating Indefiniteness is not enough to convince everyone. For some confident people, only the body and blood can wake them up and understand that there is another person on Norland who can’t be provoked.


Richard did not stop, left Norland and returned to Faelor. After he left, the major families received a letter saying that the missing Raytheon was a ban, once Archeron found someone using the new Raytheon, Without being able to explain its source, Archeron will be punished.


As for how to punish, Richard did not say it, and it is not necessary to say that the 6 layer of Floating Island giants of the Turan family, the people will understand the punishment.


Richard left Asiris with two hundred night elves and thirty Rune Knights. He will use this force to sweep the territory of Yaya Turan. As for the young Earl himself, his fate is destined.


If he refuses to stay in the territory and fights, and he will die like a dignified righteous aristocrat, then Richard will place a huge bounty of more than two million on his head, and the Assassin from the underground world will be endless. Chase to death.


On the third day after Richard’s departure, a group of people in the valley on the western border of the Sacred Alliance was trekking.


A carriage window in the middle of the team opened, revealing Wells’s young face. He looked at the scenery outside the window and looked at the time. He asked impatiently: “How long will it take?”


The old Mage came over and said, “Young Master, turned over the mountain in front, and we left the Sacred Alliance and entered the territory of the Sacred Tree Empire. When we got there, we were safe.”


Wells looked at the front and his face was ugly: “The mountain in front, isn’t it going to go to the middle of the night.”


“Young Master, for the sake of safety, we are better to leave soon. Archeron’s bounty on your head is huge, and many people will take risks.” Old Mage advised.


Wells gnashing teeth said: “Damn Richard, one day I will come back and uproot you and your Archeron. As long as I am still alive, you don’t think too much.”


Old Mage sighed, didn’t say anything.


Wells has a bitter hatred against Archeron. He has always been so proud of his name. He was forced to leave his hometown and flee in the night, but Richard even slaughtered Turan’s Floating Island. It is said that the troops of Wells are being chased. Already on the road, so the old Mage convinced Wells to flee to the Sacred Tree Empire.


How do you say this thing is also picked up by several Great Lords over there. If Wells has an accident, they will also bear the corresponding responsibilities.


On the one hand, facing Richard’s anger, on the other hand, he has to face Heatings, even the several Dukes of Sacred Tree Empire will feel a headache.


The old Mage was about to urge the team to speed up. Suddenly there was a murmur in the mountains: “I used to escape here. I said how to make it empty.”


Old Mage complexion big change, drink order: “Local defense.”


From the forest in front, slowly walked out of a dark-skinned man, he had a pair of amber eyes, his eyes were a strange erect, the full head was made into a small squat, and the back was carrying two long knives.


When I saw this person, the old Mage suddenly burst into tears and cried: “The ghoul is actually you.”


Gloomy and cold, the nickname of the ghoul, said: “Since you recognize me, you still want to resist, just rely on your two Saint Realm in addition to an Archmage.”


Old Mage’s face is dignified: “Edge of Dark Night should also be involved, you are not afraid of the anger of His Royal Highness. If you know this thing under the Highness, what are the consequences? You should be clear, Archeron can give you, we are black. The Si family can give it.”


The corpse showed a sly and cruel smile and said, “The same can be given. There are not a few giants on the entire continent who dare to say this. You won’t say how much Richard’s Highness put on the cute little brat. Bounty.”


At this moment, a rough voice sounded: “There is a lot of bounty, even I am tempted.”


The corpse complexion big change, suddenly screamed: “Blood axe, you actually came.”


A sturdy silhouette flew from afar, then descended from the sky and landed behind the team, blocking Wells’s retreat.


This is a bald man, wearing a leather vest and exposed scar criss-crossed on the outside arms. I can imagine how many injuries have been lost in the body.


He set foot on the ground, this is the ghoul said while laughing loudly: “Even the Edge of Dark Night are tempted, we are still under the blood disaster rankings, how do you mean it.”


Wells looked angry and whispered to the old Mage: “What are the origins of these two guys, first drive them away and call back to pick them up.”


Old Mage looked bitter and ignored Wells for the first time.


The Edge of Dark Night and the Blood Disaster are the third and fourth Assassin organizations. They have always been known for their sorrowful grievances.


Both the ghoul and the blood axe have been famous for a long time, all of them are Sky Saint Realm. No one is able to cope with the escort power of this team, not to mention two more.


From the abnormal attitude of the old Mage, Wells also understood the current situation, his face anger gradually faded, and gradually turned pale, his hand held by the window was also slightly shivering because of too nervous.


The ghoul and the blood axe squatted across the team for a while, and the corpse suddenly said: “This bounty is huge enough, that is, two people are enough. If we want to cooperate, we want to bring this little brat back alive. I am afraid it is not an easy task.”


The blood axe used the battle-axe to lick the head, said with a nod: “Good idea, just do it.”


However, a cold and pleasant voice suddenly sounded: “I don’t think this is a good idea.”


From the mountain on the right, a beautiful silhouette appeared.


It was a woman wearing a blue-gray leather armor. Her face was mostly hidden in a dark gray mask, showing only a bottle eyes. Her eyes were blue on one side and gray on the other, and gray. There are no pupils in the eyelids, just a stream of fog.


The sudden appearance of this woman, the corpse and the blood axe complexion big change, the blood axe even stepped back two steps, posing a fighting stance, his body muscles ups and downs, very nervous.


The corpse’s hand reached for the double knife behind him, and forced to let it go down, screaming: “natural disaster.”


At this moment, the old Mage also recognized the woman, a heart sinking to the bottom.


The Scourge is the number one Assassin organization. It is extremely mysterious and extremely powerful. This woman, the blue-grey dual-colored eyelid is the most obvious feature. Her name is also called natural disaster. The natural disaster organization is her. And named.


The Scourge was known as Assassin decades ago. Her ashes are said to be able to see the traces of energy flow, so that they can see the darkness and the shadows, and see all the invisibility. Since she is personally present, the ghoul and the blood axe are not joined together. Her opponent, and escape can not escape.


The blood axe smiled and said: “I didn’t expect that you also took a fancy to this single business. Since this is the case, I give up and let me go.”


The eyes of the natural disaster swept through the blood axe and the ghoul and said, “You can’t go.”


The ghoul’s face was bleak, and the backhand pulled out a double knife and said, “That’s nothing to leave you with some wounds.”


The natural disaster snorted, said: “Do you both come for the bounty?”


“Otherwise.” The blood axe was a little confused. “With such a large sum of money, it is one third, and it is worth two or three years.”


The ghoul is also nodded.


Assassin’s money is not so good. High-value bounty often means high risk. It is also likely to offend some big forces. Like such a list, even if the bounty is rich, there are few people.


For example, in the underground world’s bounty list, there are often assassinations against Archeron. However, with Richard’s momentum, only the fool who just debuted or some of the brains who have entered the water will pick up the list.


Such people are not without, but so stupid, the power can be imagined, when their mission failed, and died under Archeron Warrior, Richard did not even know, because of this small matter, followers think that there is no need to bother Richard.


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