City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c38

City of Sin v9c38

Anyone who has flesh and blood withered will die very painfully.


Unlike the flesh-and-peel stripping in Necromancy Magic, this is a range of magic, and as chaos control increases, it can ignore most magical and physical defenses.


In the history of Norland, when Demon invaded, there was a experience of killing all the creatures in a small town with the flesh and blood with a surname. Since then, the flesh and blood has become a terrifying ability to talk about, and Undead The natural disasters are the same.


If it is a Demon Great Lord to cast bleeding meat, Mex is naturally not surprised, but the problem is that this ability is cast by Richard, seeing the ability to perform, is the purest flesh and blood, not magic simulation.


How Richard can get this ability, regardless of it, can use it, indicating that Richard has mastered the chaos rules to a considerable extent.


Meeks has seen Richard’s strong control over the rules of order, and now he sees control over the rules of chaos, so how much secret is there in this Highness.


Thinking about it, Mex suddenly discovered that all the flesh and meat Warrior had been processed.


Richard picked up the magic seal box filled with flashing metal and looked at it with satisfaction: “The harvest is good.”


Then Richard fired the blue Fireball and slammed it on the corpse of the wreckage of the bloody Warrior. The blue flame quickly burned almost everything to the Annihilation, leaving only a little silver metal.


These silver metals, like water droplets, were searched, fused, and finally turned into a fingernail-sized silver metal, which was collected by Richard.


“What exactly is this.” Mex asked questioningly.


Richard raised the magic seal box and said: “These should be the power source used by the Reaper beam weapon. It is very unstable, but the energy it contains is very large. It may be useful to us in the future. As for these silver metals. I haven’t figured out what they are, but it should be the core of Reaper.”


Mex was a little confused, but Richard didn’t plan to explain it in detail, but took her to the depths of the Reaper control area.


Along the way, Richard continually cleared the alert whistle under Reaper, and soon met another team, Reaper. This time Richard and Mex quickly cleared the team, and Mecks added some injuries. But it was much better than the last time, and she not only killed 30 flesh-and-mortar Warrior, but also seized the opportunity to destroy several miniature fighters.


This record is quite good, but Mecks knows that if Richard is not there, she will die long.


This time it was also the source of Reaper’s power, and then handed the wreck to Richard to refine the silver metal. When Mex saw the power source, there was always a creepy feeling. This thing was too unstable and the formidable power was great. Let Mex instinctively want to stay away.


The two continued to move forward, but this time the luck was not so good, and they encountered a formation with a medium-sized warship.


At the beginning of the battle, Mex, according to Richard, was desperately maneuvering and defending, and did not want to fight back. She is now able to skillfully condense the mirror wall, reflect and weaken Reaper’s high-energy beam, and whenever it feels dangerous, She will immediately condense a mirror wall, which has saved her life several times.


Although Mex felt that his nerves were quite large, but the high-energy beam of the medium-sized warship with the thickness of his arm almost passed over her scalp, Mex’s heart almost jumped out. At this moment, death She is so close, as long as her reaction is a little slower, this high-energy beam can completely evaporate her head.


At this moment, Mex saw that Richard appeared on the medium-sized warship. He bundled hundreds of power sources, photographed on the hull of a medium-sized warship, and then played a blue fire on the power source. Then you hide the void and go away.


The sky suddenly lit up with a dazzling array of fires. The violent hurricane not only blew the Reaper’s fighters around, but even smashed Meeks outside the single hundred meters.


The medium-sized fighter has long since disappeared. Several small fighters and nearly 100 miniature fighters around it have also evaporated at the same time. Meeks struggled with violent pain and strong dizziness, and the golden epee waved. Several small fighters that fell to her side were smashed.


She slammed clear roar, rushed out of the sword, and smashed the severe dozen meters in a moment. A sword slammed a small fighter that was about to fly back to the ground. The small fighter screamed like a beast and changed constantly. Form, one barrel after another, popped out of the body with the body, and they aimed at Mex.


Meek only felt scalp numb, screamed, hysterically slammed the small fighter, until he cut it into hundreds of small pieces, still dare not stop, a sword madly killed.


At this point, Richard’s hand suddenly came out from the side, holding her hands, no matter how Mex struggled, Richard’s hand was steady, and never wavered.


“Okay, it’s already dead and can’t die anymore. It doesn’t make sense to cut it again. I want these parts to be useful.”


After listening to Richard’s words, Meks calmed down from extreme fear and then was a little embarrassed.


Richard shook his head and sighed: “I originally thought that you did a good job this time. The timing was good. I actually killed a small fighter, but looking at your performance, I decided that this judgment should be taken back.”


Mex’s face was red and she didn’t know what to say.


Richard glanced at the battlefield and shook his head and sighed: “This time the power source is used too much, nothing left, and the big loss, the next time you have to pay attention.”


Mex dragged his painful body everywhere and walked to the nearby flesh-and-war Warrior body, ready to clean the battlefield as before, but she just moved and was pulled by Richard.


“You will cure the wound first, and it will be fine to clean up the battlefield.”


Mex was nodded, but her wounds were all over the body. If she wanted to clean it, she couldn’t help but expose her body. She was still hesitant at first. Later, she surnamed her teeth and took off her light. She cleaned every wound in her body.


Richard wouldn’t avoid her. Instead, she would look at her from time to time. Soon Richard would clean up the battlefield. The surname was sitting opposite Mex and watching her deal with the wound.


From Richard’s point of view, just looking at Mex’s whole body up and down, Micks always clamored for Richard to do the work, but being stared at by Richard is also uncomfortable.


She gritted her teeth and said: “If you want to do it, come up quickly.”


Richard smiled and shook his head and said, “I don’t want to be half-timed by Reaper on the ass.”


Mex was so shy and angry that he asked the surname to ignore Richard, but concentrated on the wound. He put the armor on again and asked, “I am fine, then where are we going?”


Richard indulged and said, “Let’s go inside.” Then he should go first.


But while walking, Richard quietly opened the corner and looked inside. There was a bowl of scorch between his chest and abdomen. This was bombarded by a medium-sized fighter and Richard. cost.


Originally, this kind of wound can’t be considered, but the high-energy beam used by the medium-sized fighter actually contains a kind of deadly poison, which can destroy Richard’s wound and prevent the wound from healing. Even with Richard’s powerful body, it can’t. The toxicity of the wound was immediately removed, and it took so long that the wound was only a half.


Unfortunately, when Richard blew the medium-sized fighter, the energy metal was used too much, and the formidable power was too large. As a result, the entire medium-sized fighter was completely evaporated, and the opportunity to view the source of the deadly poison was lost.


Richard walked with Meek for about half an hour and stopped. According to the changes in the surrounding reconnaissance, Richard estimated that he could have at least half an hour of rest before the next wave of Reaper, so he stopped. He can continue to fight, but Mex’s physical strength and Battle Aura are overdraft, and there is an urgent need for rest.


Richard took out half of the box of energy metals, picked them one after another, then tied them together for ten, and carefully placed them back into the magic seal box.


The two immediately encountered a wave of Reaper, which is also a medium-sized fighter.


The battle lasted only a few minutes, and Richard destroyed the team’s Reaper, but in order to get the parts of the medium-sized fighter, Richard smashed its three energy cannons. The injury was heavy for Richard, and Meek. Sri Lanka was seriously injured again, and he had lost the power of fighting again.


After cleaning up the battlefield, Richard was keenly aware that the reconnaissance fluctuations around him were slowly increasing, just as the wolves were quietly surrounding the prey.


Richard is very hesitant at the moment, he still has the power of a battle, but Mex is not good. If you encounter a small warship-based formation, there is still a chance to win. If you are still a medium-sized fighter, Richard must get it. ran away.


In the end, Richard gritted his teeth and took Mex to the front of the Reaper control before the new wave of Reaper appeared.


At first, Meks wanted to keep flying, but the smile on Richard’s face suddenly disappeared. Tough and almost rudely grabbed Mex, and made a full-time transmission. In the blink of an eye, the messenger was in the position, the messenger The last two people went all the way.


A moment later, Richard and Mex had left the control area of ​​Reaper five hundred kilometers away. There was a valley, a cornice carrying a lot of supplies and nearly a hundred Drones just landed.


This is one of the scheduled supply points, but Richard is coming too fast, and the flying scorpion has just arrived.


Richard greeted the flying scorpion and went straight to the material to find out a group of life-recovering Potion, as well as a kit to repair the armor, throw it to Mex, and then said: “Really stay here to recover, and repair your armor. Don’t leave without permission until I have a new order.”


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