City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c35

City of Sin v9c35

One by one followers, unless there are other tasks, they slowly move.


They are either murderous aura, or face serious, and some people lazily get up, even revealing a somewhat perverted smile, Zonghu and Phaser are the latter.


When they stand together, they are absolutely amazing, and they can’t tell who is more beautiful. Some Saint Realm can’t help but secretly watch them, but as long as they have seen them fighting, they will deliberately Look away from Phaser and Zonghu.


These two people are completely aimed at Slaughter. They don’t care whether the means are fierce and bloody. In many cases, they even intentionally kill bloody. The single method is very ruthless, and Phaser and Zonghu are no worse than Reaper.


The Legendary Level’s Assassin was originally terrifying, and an unscrupulous legendary Assassin was more terrifying.


Richard quickly made an order in consciousness, and the followers of the opponents were grouped into groups, each group arranged a different activity area, and each group was just right to sit in a new type of messenger.


Richard gave each group an extra messenger, just in case, the only exception was Tiramisu. The Ogre Great Lord was too big and had two messengers to be able to drag, so his group was equipped with four messengers.


Richard ordered, while walking outwards, a new type of messenger had gracefully descended and landed in the square in front of the mansion, but when Richard passed the outside, Mex suddenly stood up from the sofa and said, “Bring me up. “”


Richard glanced at her and said faintly: “You are too weak.”


Mex gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t need you to take care of me.”


“But you are dead, who gave me information about the dark side of the world.”


“Take me, and promise me that I will fulfill your promise. I will give you the information now.” Meks shouted.


Richard’s eyebrows wrinkled and then eased and said, “Well, if you are not afraid of death, then come with me.”


Meek leaned into Richard’s ear and whispered: “According to the records of the Elf Empire, they found a natural passage to the dark side of the world, the passage in the deepest part of the world, the battlefield of eternal bloody battle, the Abyss abyss “”


Richard’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch. He knew it would be difficult to go to the dark side of the world, but he never thought it would be so difficult.


Don’t say that Richard doesn’t know how to get to the Abyss abyss. Even if he is there, there is an ancient bloody battlefield where strong Deer and Devil are screaming everywhere. How can he find the dark side that leads to the world? aisle.


In that place, Richard, a human being, would be as bright as a beacon in the dark, and whether Demon or Devil would definitely kill the alien.


At that time, the Elven Empire was extremely strong, and its national strength was far superior to that of the three major human empire. The high elves gathered the power of the country to create a super Divine Artifact: Seven Moons Gate, relying on this super Divine Artifact, directly crossed the myrias of abyss and hell. The Transfer Gate was opened to the Abyss Bottom of the Abyss before the passage to the dark side of the world was discovered.


But the elves who were sent to the Abyss of the Abyss were besieged by countless Demon and Devil, and they were close to the entrance to the dark side of the world, but they could no longer cross and had to return to the Elves.


This is an unprecedented expedition, and it is also the first time the surface race has tried to approach the dark side of the world.


The price paid by the Elf Empire is also extremely heavy. The team of the top nine superpowers, Sacred Elven King, and nearly 100 Legendary Powerhouse teams have fallen in the Abyss abyss. In the end, there are only two superpowers and four legends. Live back to Norland.


The fiasco of this battle directly led to the great decline of the national power of the elves, and it was also the root cause of the elves’ empire being eventually overthrown by the various tribes.


Richard took a deep breath, patted Mex’s shoulder and said, “Follow me, but when fighting, I won’t care for you.”


Mex said proudly: “As a bloodline successor to Empress Gelan, do I need you to manage it.”


Richard laughed and said, “A little lion.”


“You.” Mex was furious, but when she saw Richard striding away, she had to keep up.


A messenger flew into the sky and went to the north. On the earth, the army of Broodmother also entered the intended place, and the huge flying stork was taken off, carrying a large amount of materials to the predetermined area to establish One by one replenishes and rehabilitates the base, and in the future, these bases will also become the supply base for the strong players participating in the points battlefield.


This time, Richard played with followers. The weakest is Sky Saint Realm. It is to overwhelm the power of some of Reaper with the power of overwhelming the name, to disrupt the layout of the opponent, and to find out what the Reaper will look like. The arms of the army, if several of the ultimate warships evolved in the last mark are also present in this Plane, then there is no need to fight this.


A team of strong players entered the area controlled by Reaper from different locations. Richard and Mex went to the northernmost route. He originally intended to be the most in-depth. If this time I encounter a medium-sized warship, Richard is ready. Trying to knock it down, but now that Mex is more, Richard’s plan has changed accordingly.


Richard didn’t idle this way, but explained to Mex in detail about Reaper’s firepower and arms type, and how to deal with it.


Richard also taught Mex a simple fighting ability, that is, light microscopy, Mex can use his own Battle Aura to simulate the rules of light to form a light mirror at a specified location, this ability is very simple, Richard said it was in place, and Mex quickly learned and used do as one pleases.


However, Meeks immediately remembered that complexion changed and asked: “How do you know my ability so clearly?”


Richard just shrugged and didn’t answer.


When Mocks thought about it, he finally understood why Richard was so clear. On the night of customizing Rune for her, Richard could say that she was all in and out of her body, and Richard was now The strength of Saint Runemaster and the super-powerful, it is a simple matter to design an exclusive ability for her.


Wanting to understand this, Mex no longer asked, but the messenger flew in the air, she suddenly rushed to Richard, kneeling on his shoulder and took a bite.


This Mex put a lot of effort, completely wanting to bite Richard, but she went down, but like a bite of steel, almost broke the white teeth of a mouth, suddenly hurts tears It’s coming down.


“How can your body be so hard,” Mex angered.


Richard shrugged again and was not prepared to answer the question.


The messenger finally flew to the intended position, and Richard let it land, then jumped to the ground, greeted Meeks down, and let the messenger be withdrawn a hundred kilometers away.


Looking at Mex, who was still angry, Richard shook his head helplessly and said, “The next thing is the real battle, Missy.”


“Of course I know, if you look down on me, we us.” Meeks wanted to say the same thing, we just tried it. This sentence she used to say often, but now she is shocked. No, forcibly swallowed the second half.


Richard defeated the super power of Indefiniteness. With Mex’s strength, Richard tied his hands and turned her to the ground in a few rounds.


Meek wisely stopped talking, and walked behind Richard to the depths of Reaper.


Richard is like walking, but every time he takes a step, his silhouette will flash. Micks only thinks that Richard is flickering in his own perception, as if he can work hard to catch it, but it is worse. So a little bit, no matter how anchored Richard’s whereabouts, Meeks subconsciously wants to keep up with Richard’s pace, the result is only a little while, she is dizzy, a strong feeling of vomiting.


Richard then turned back and said to her, “Don’t try to lock me, just when I don’t exist.”


Mocks immediately did what Richard said, and it was a lot better, but Mex also faintly felt restlessness, just as there was something in the dark that stared at her.


She said this feeling to Richard, and Richard said faintly: “Nothing, this is Reaper’s reconnaissance fluctuations, you can’t feel it, and there is no way to evade it, so that’s it.”


“Can you avoid it?” Meeks widened his eyes.


“of course.”


Richard walks and forms a special layer of protection around the body. Reaper’s reconnaissance volatility will be neutralized and absorbed after it encounters this layer of protection, so in the Reaper network, Richard It simply does not exist.


The two walked, and Richard suddenly flashed onto a piece of snow, kicked and kicked, and the detector under the snow flew out.


Richard held the reconnaissance in his hand and flashed the blue flash between the fingers. He melted the detector into the most precious metal of Primordial. Even though the metal was barely visible, Richard refused to waste it. It was put into a Potion bottle in the air.


Feeling that the scouting volatility in the air suddenly became dense, Richard immediately said, “Be careful, Reaper is here.”


A group of small black spots appeared in the distant sky. They were so fast that they arrived in front of Richard and Mex.


In Reaper’s detection, Richard is just a dispensable existence. On the contrary, Mex’s energy reaction is extremely powerful, so dozens of Reaper fighters are whistling to Mex. Only a few miniature fighters dive to Richard. .


Two transport planes were sagged at the rear, one carrying a mechanical beetle, and the other carrying hundreds of flesh-and-war Warrior. The transport ship fell to a low altitude of more than ten meters above the ground, and the flesh-and-war Warriors jumped from the cabin. Next, then bouncing, rushing to Richard and Mex at an incredibly high speed.


The team’s flesh Warrior still rushed to Mex, but there were more than a dozen to Richard.


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