City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c8

City of Sin v9c8

Richard stared at Indefiniteness and suddenly said in a word: “The humiliation you gave me that day, I will return it to you now!”


Indefiniteness is just a sneer, not a word.


But Richard did not continue to exert his strength, but the breathing began to be heavy.


The two men have not had the strength of the body until now, except for the Divine Artifact level equipment, all equipment and clothing are destroyed in the battle. It is now completely ** state. Indefiniteness is extremely beautiful, and it has extra richness in its slender body. This is a near-perfect ratio of body, with a regular atmosphere in every inch of skin.


This breath is particularly damaging for Richard, who is approaching the Great Lord of the Abyss. Suddenly there was a man’s reaction, and the impulse was so intense that it hit the hidden part of Indefiniteness’s legs.


Richard gave a very pleasing **, while Indefiniteness opened his eyes and shouted: “No, don’t! Ah!! !”


This is the first time Richard has seen her horrified, and it is very different from the bloody madness of killing a surname. The strong contrast has spurred Richard, who has rushed forward and has penetrated deeply into the depths of Indefiniteness!


Indefiniteness The body was stiff and awkward, and his hands were crucified on Richard’s back, leaving a few bloody wounds. But the pain actually provoked Richard’s fierce surname. He pressed her firmly, hitting her most tender part like a storm, and the wild impact made the Indefiniteness unbearable. It always made a hoar from the depths of the throat. Shouting!


This makes Richard even more excited! The weaker she is, the more she can’t stand it. The more Richard is forced to rush, the last point of resistance, and the final dignity is completely crushed!


Indefiniteness Suddenly the body is working hard, it is necessary to fly Richard out. However, Richard’s physical strength has been restored a little at this time. When the next sneer, the body suddenly multiplied several times, thumped, and firmly pressed Indefiniteness below.


“I see how you move again! Move! Move!” Richard squats like a wild beast, and at the same time harder.


Indefiniteness is like a boat in the wind and rain, and it suddenly falls into disarray.


Just as Richard was sprinting, Indefiniteness whipped up his last strength, and the lower abdomen was smashed, and he wanted to force Richard’s weapon to be twisted! As a result, she only felt that she was twisted on a steel column that was burned red, and she continued to force several times. She couldn’t get the steel column, but it was hit by a few times, completely smashing the last point of condensed physical strength!


But her strangulation was not fruitless. Richard suddenly made a burst of low screams, and suddenly tightened the Indefiniteness. The murderer penetrated into the deepest part of her body, and then the Blazing torrent spurted out.


Their perceptions at the moment were all concentrated on each other, and they did not notice that Turbidflow was standing there outside the door of the dormitory.


Turbidflow originally wanted to break into the door, but heard the strange sounds in the hall, especially occasionally Indefiniteness could not tell whether it was painful or pleasant hoarse, Turbidflow originally rushed to the ground and stayed in the air. !


He listened to his ears for a while, and his face suddenly showed a look of joy and sorrow, and then slowly retreated.


At this moment, the intact building on the entire Royal Island of Floating Island, except for the transmission array, left only the lonely temple.


Everyone on Floating Island has been evacuated, and even the transmission line is unguarded. No one can intervene in the battle between Indefiniteness and Richard, even if it is close to the battlefield is extremely dangerous.


If Indefiniteness and Richard were consciously using the ultimate power battle that Plane could withstand when fighting in Norland, this Floating Island was completely destroyed.


Turbidflow took a small step and sat down with a large stone at the transfer array. Then he took a beautiful silver jug ​​from his arms and opened a drink. Then I began to sing a little song, a leisurely look.


At this point, the rays of light in the array were surging, and Tol, the president of the Royal Mage Association, appeared. He didn’t know how many layers of magic protection on his body. He held an ancient magic staff with his hands and bowed his cat steps. He was as careful as a mouse that wanted to steal rice.


Thor just stepped out of the transmission array and saw Turbidflow, suddenly scared almost into the air.


Waiting to see Turbidflow, Thor patted his chest and glanced at the lonely hall in the distance and asked, “Is the battle over?”


Turbidflow smiled and said, “Of course not! Just that was just the first half.”


Tolton was shocked: “There will be a second half?!”


Turbidflow chuckling, said: “Yes! The second half is more intense!”


Thor was obviously panicked: “That, that… this Floating Island…”


“It’s okay! Floating Island is ruined, Faust can regenerate one. Go back first, and you won’t want other people to watch it next time. Go back and tell others, whoever dares to step on it without permission.” Floating Island, killing!” Turbidflow said with a smile.


Old Thor’s face was awkward at first, and he had to nod his head and left the transmission. He is very aware of the surname of Turbidflow. The more he smiles, the more he kills his heart.


In the bedroom, Richard and Indefiniteness lay side by side, looking at the ceiling, even though there was nothing to decorate. The ancient dome painting was long destroyed by the aftermath of the battle between the two sides, and the decoration of the four walls was completely erased.


Neither of them moved, Richard didn’t want to move, and Indefiniteness couldn’t move.


After a long silence in silence, Indefiniteness broke the silence of death and said, “Why don’t you kill me?”


Richard smiled and said after a moment: “Let’s do this, let me start?”


“I am not killing Sharon’s murderer?”


Richard sighed, “There is a reason for you, but it should not be all, not even the main part.”


Indefiniteness turned his head and asked, “What are you going to do next?”


“Go to the place where Stoneman might appear and see if there are any clues from the teacher. No matter what she is… what I am looking at, I will be willing to see it!”


Indefiniteness silently said, “I will go with you.”


Richard startled, turned to look at her and asked: “Why are you going? In addition, even if you are willing to go, I am afraid to take you. Can’t always guard against your sneak attack? Even if you are wary, prevent it. Can you live?”


“Of course there is a reason. That’s because I… that, Sharon… ah! Do you understand?” Indefiniteness suddenly became incoherent.


Richard is naturally confused: “I understand? How can I understand this? Wait, you, you should not want to play the teacher’s idea?”


Richard immediately sat shocked and sat up.


Being said to be through the mind, Indefiniteness has restored the true character of a generation of heroes.


She gathered purple short hair and struggled to sit up and said slowly: “This is normal. The most attractive thing for us is not appearance, not background, not even surname and race, but The regular taste of the real strong. Just like you just can’t control yourself, give me the same. In addition, for the same reason, I don’t hate you. But I have to say, you just went to me. Before, the excuses for myself were a bit bad.”


Richard’s face was red, and the momentum immediately weakened a few points. He said, “I was thinking…that…”


“First kill and kill?”


Richard suddenly didn’t know how to proceed.


When the two met, they started playing without saying a few words. Richard originally wanted to ask things clearly. As a result, under the stimulation of Indefiniteness’s killing intent, it evolved into a battle of life and death.


And on the edge of life and death, I have been swimming for a long time. Once I relax, I can’t control myself. Just like Warrior after the war always wants to look for venting. In addition, Indefiniteness also said that the rules of attraction between the two sides are very strong.


Seeing that Richard was speechless, Indefiniteness did not continue on this topic, but sighed, saying: “For Star Race, Stoneman is the key to evolution. By chance, I got Stoneman’s Whereabouts, but I can’t get in that place, I can only tell Sharon the location of that place. The reason why I painted other creatures was to prevent Blatter…”


Richard listened silently and gradually understood the whole thing.


After Sharon’s disappearance, Indefiniteness immediately ventured to the location of Stoneman’s location. As a result, she did not go far, and she encountered several sinister dangers. She was seriously injured and had to retreat.


When I came back to Richard, Indefiniteness was actually in vain, holding a mentality of death. It’s just that no one else has thought of it. At the end of the game, it will consume both physical strength and then become a melee.


Now, when seeing Richard’s three power systems of chaos, order, and neutrality, Indefiniteness hopes to rekindle. The place where Stoneman lives is both chaotic and orderly, and perhaps only Richard has the ability to explore it in depth. And Indefiniteness can be attached to Richard, as he goes deeper.


Richard put out a long breath and said, “How did you get Stoneman’s whereabouts?”


Indefiniteness is also a very smart person, wearing this startled, in the eyes of cold light flickers, said: “You mean…Scholar Mage?”


Richard said with a nod: “Most of them are them. They have been staring at me and the teacher for a long time.”


Indefiniteness gradually gloomy’s face, and restored the bloody nature of bloodthirsty, saying: “Then I think they are all tired. I heard that Scholar Mages has a lot of ways to reincarnate, it seems necessary to take their The whole family is killing, so I can see how they are reborn!”


Indefiniteness glanced at Richard and said, “Isn’t it going to cure me? You have been doing this, are you planning to come again?”


Richard immediately smiled and packed his mind, placing his hand on top of Indefiniteness, and then the azure beam of light descended from void, enveloping the two.


The huge vitality constantly repairs the injuries on them. After a while, the two men are basically healed, but the physical strength and energy consumed need to be slowly supplemented.


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