City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v9c5

City of Sin v9c5

Turbidflow knows very well that the two people’s xìng grids with Richard and Indefiniteness are destined to die! Only after waiting for the war, may you have the opportunity to sit down and talk about it.


Turbidflow is not afraid of death, he is afraid that his death will not contribute to Indefiniteness. He couldn’t figure out why Richard suddenly became so powerful, but even if he was able to get Richard’s distraction in battle, Turbidflow felt dead without regret.


What made Turbidflow completely unthinkable was that Indefiniteness left the battle and sent him out of the battlefield. The flaws that emerged in this moment, in the battle between Richard and Indefiniteness, were enough to launch a deadly attack.


Although Turbidflow has always been a loyal dog of Indefiniteness, it has never been so hopeful in the depths of the heart. Unexpectedly, in the mind of His Majesty, his status seems to be much higher than that of the loyal dog.


So Turbidflow suddenly felt a little bit crying.


In the Imperial Palace, Richard did not move, so it was easy to let go of a good opportunity.


He looked at Indefiniteness and said, “I didn’t expect you to care about others.”


“I will kill people, especially those sitting in my bed.”


Richard smiled and said, “I also want to kill people. Especially a person who takes out the Stoneman map.”


Indefiniteness’s eyes have turned to purple, hooked his finger to Richard and said, “Come on, what are you waiting for?”


“Then I will be here.”


Richard stood up and threw it away, and the moonlight, the ruling, and the holy sword went to the corner of the great hall and were inserted on the ground. He himself went to Indefiniteness with bare hands.


Every step, Richard will have a piece of armor and then sneak into the body. When he walked in front of Indefiniteness, armor emerged everywhere, but all fell into his body.


Indefiniteness raises his eyebrows and asks: “Midalun?”


“Midalun that has been specially modified for you.”


“It looks like it’s not very good!”


“Do you know if you try?”


Peng peng peng !


Without warning, Indefiniteness and Richard started at the same time, and they immediately hit three punches!


There was a lot of space between the two people, but after the formidable power was large enough to break the space, Richard and Indefiniteness didn’t fall back!


Indefiniteness has been lingering on the big purple sè, and the next punch is coming to Richard’s heart. And Richard is not evading, the two fingers in the food, point to the eye of Indefiniteness!


Richard suddenly blushes on his fingertips and instantly captures the full attention of Indefiniteness!


crisis! Imminent!


She couldn’t think about it, and she hurriedly waved Richard’s arm. Just listening to the muffled sound, Indefiniteness slammed the severe dozen meters and almost hit the wall of the great hall.


She couldn’t take the horror of the terrifying power that Richard suddenly showed, and the bone eyes were just staring at the red line that was not condensed in the air. That is the trajectory left by Richard’s fingertips after the red glow moves, and it has begun to slowly dissipate.


In the eyes of Indefiniteness, when the red band dissipates, the space actually dyed by it is faintly trembled, and her tenacious soul is also shaking silently, which is a life’s fear of pure destruction.


“What is this?” Indefiniteness asked coldly.


“Absolute Execution. How, feel good? I have a full thirty 6-Layer!”


Indefiniteness flashed purple in the eyes, cold road: “Three hundred layers are useless!”


Richard is still saying: “If you have any use, you will know.”


Then the war will start again!


Richard did not retreat, and suddenly retreated to the corner of the temple, backhand up the moonlight, and slashed to the side empty space!


The silhouette of Indefiniteness happens to be there, just as it is sent to Richard’s blade. She snorted and grabbed her hand and grabbed it at the blade of the moonlight. However, her red light flashed in the field of vision, and the moon’s blade suddenly lit up with a bright blood sèred light!


Indefiniteness screamed and flashed back, but avoided Richard’s flying foot, only punched and punched, and hardened with Richard.


The fists and legs intersect, Indefiniteness and Richard are both groaned, one face is bloody, and the other is Purple Qi.


Richard shouted and slashed his knife. The moonlight slashed like a storm, and it seemed that there was no rule. But with a note of swaying, the red line on the blade continued to fly, and for a time the great hall was full of bright red lines!


Indefiniteness’s face finally began to dignify, and the silhouette began to appear in a random manner.


At this moment, she has not seen any signs of movement, but disappears in one place, appears in another place, and even appears in several places at the same time. This is how her speed has reached its limit. Even Richard’s perception can’t capture all of her movements, so the field of view will receive the afterimage of the film.


However, Richard is unmoved, and Truth Vision constantly captures the trajectory of the surrounding regular disturbances, and Wisdom Blessing strongly calculates the trajectory of the Indefiniteness movement, and at the same time, according to the prejudgment, killing with moonlight!


Richard’s every killing is with Indefiniteness, and as long as Indefiniteness makes a slight mistake, it can be cut in two steps. Similarly, Richard’s killing of formidable power is slightly insufficient, and the prejudgment is slightly wrong. Indefiniteness’s counterattack will also kill him in an instant.


Every second, they don’t know how many thousands of hits, the red silk has become a big net, and the densely packed covers every corner of the great hall.


Richard’s heart is like an icy lake, calm and waveless, just like instinct to wave the moonlight madness.


However, all of a sudden, with a knife falling, Richard actually felt that the blade was light and did not reach the track left by Indefiniteness! His heart sank, with a second thought, and he waved out behind him.


This time, the blade was clearly close to Indefiniteness, and Richard felt that the back was groaned by a Giant Dragon, and he took a few steps forward, which turned around.


At this moment, Richard only felt that the in the body was like a wheel of a spinning wheel that was spinning, cutting his internal organs frantically.


The power of Indefiniteness is extremely aggressive, and even if Richard doubles the force to encircle the interception, it must be cut and shredded by it, and then continue to be destroyed in Richard within the body.


Richard launched the heart of the Great Lord, pumping out a powerful energy, with an unrivalled number of advantages, which in turn slammed Annihilation’s Indefiniteness into the body. However, as a result, Richard was injured and wounded. Immediately, his cheeks were red and the lips were bleeding!


And Indefiniteness also appeared, sneered, watching Richard. There was a red line on her arm, which was slightly swept by Richard Moonlight, about the extent that it would be broken. This is the price she paid for Richard.


This kind of injury, don’t say that in Indefiniteness, ordinary people can ignore it.


However, Indefiniteness just sneered a few times, and the smile immediately turned into a horror. She looked down at the wound in her arm and saw that there was a pair of invisible hands. The wound was forcibly torn open, and then the flesh and blood burst and burst. A bunch of blood mist!


It was just a broken wound, and it immediately became visible!


The bones of Indefiniteness are also deep purple, with a rune on it. Richard recognized those chaotic Divine Language at a glance, and the face sè also became dignified.


Indefiniteness is able to control the power of the rules to such a degree that it is possible to reconstruct their bones directly with regular forces, which is far beyond Richard’s expectation.


Indefiniteness was even more surprised when he looked at the terrifying wound that almost blew his half-arm flesh. It was just that she took the lead, and Richard just tried to fight back. But the two are relatively opposite, but now her injury is heavier.


Richard sneered and said, “Is the taste of Absolute Execution superfluous? Your body is more fragile than I thought. It seems that as soon as I hit it, you are finished!”


Indefiniteness sneer: “Are you playing me?”


“Try it!”


Richard slashed again, and the silhouette of Indefiniteness turned into a virtual light. The two were instantly entangled, and the entire great hall bounced, and then it was the whole shock!


Richard and Indefiniteness each bounced off, and Richard threw back and sprinkled a blood line in the air. The blood on his back was blurred, and a piece of flesh was torn off by his life.


Indefiniteness’s fingertips are constantly dripping with blood, still sneer, looking at Richard.


Richard said nothing, put the moonlight on the ground, and immediately moved to the ruling, pulled up the fierce blade, and saw it is a knife, almost cut to the nose of Indefiniteness!


Indefiniteness stunned, bypassing the ruling with extreme speed, appearing behind Richard and grabbing it.


Richard is also stopped and mad, and every time the enemy is in the air, the Indefiniteness is also secretly scared. But Richard suddenly groaned, and there was another wound in his body, and Indefiniteness slowly emerged on the other side of the great hall.


Richard looked down at the fleshy wound on his abdomen, but his expression didn’t care. The ruling whirls in his hands, and in a moment dozens of red lines are staggered to fly to Indefiniteness, cutting her into dozens.


But that’s just phantom, the real Indefiniteness has long since left.


Richard ruling the spur of the void and took Indefiniteness out of the Void. And Indefiniteness grabbed the ruling knife in one hand and was about to force the knife. Suddenly, his face changed and he immediately let go.


It was this short-lived contact, and Indefiniteness felt that his soul was bitten by a bite, and the speed was a bit slower.


Richard immediately seized the opportunity, followed by Indefiniteness stopped, and almost succeeded several times. Although this battle was ended with Richard being hit, the face of Indefiniteness also changed slightly.


Just as she walked on the edge of death, the Absolute Execution with thirty 6-Layer was extremely terrifying. As soon as she was cut by Richard, she would be seriously injured. Richard has been hit seven or eight times in a row, but he can still fight.


Indefiniteness looked at Richard, his face was very dignified, and now she finally thinks that Richard is a rival to the war. It’s a pity that Richard is still a little bit worse.


Opposite her, Richard was in the air, and the whole body was full of flesh and blood.


PS1: Thanks to the new alliance lord, the adrian, although the wind. (I am very glad that I did not participate in the Shenma VIP bursting more weeks…)


PS2: In the ninth volume of the opening of the volume, I got the finished version of the ending song of the Momo Village. The ethereal and melodious, sad and not hurt, and the great interpretation is exactly what you want to express when you fill in the words. I am very grateful to the singer Tan Tan, the late loser, and the night owl that helps to contact.


PS3: Let’s have a rest early, then write for a while.


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