City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c129

City of Sin v8c129

This young man has already entered the range of Dragon City, which means that every Giant Dragon can hit him! Does he know what kind of situation he is, and is he still standing there so big?


All Giant Dragons were eager to move, and even Tiamat quietly opened his eyes. But when it struggled, it fell back to the ground and continued to sleep.


The evil dragon has long been able to touch the rules and control the part. It is beyond the power of the ordinary Giant Dragon that it feels an unusually dangerous feeling. Tiamat decided not to take risks anymore. Since Sharon experienced several desperations of dying, his heart soaring in the sky was much lighter.


Richard is standing in the Dragon City and playing with the Blue Soul Scroll in his hand. The Giant Dragons are able to see what they are, and he is naturally very clear. This Scroll is what Sharon left for him to control the numerous Giant Dragons in Dragon City.


Apparently Legendary Mage had already arranged everything, and as soon as Richard entered Demi-plane, the control was automatically transferred to him. The triggering condition is also very simple. When Sharon loses contact with the soul of this Demi-plane, the handover process will start. When Sharon helped Richard to build Demi-plane, it was probably already set up.


This soul scroll, more verified the guess in Richard’s mind, Sharon has an accident.


Richard couldn’t imagine what happened to Sharon?


The body strength of the Legendary Mage itself is more terrifying than the current Richard, and the attack by Indefiniteness cannot break her defense. And with Deepblue Aria, the Mana Furnace array, she never has to worry about Mana’s lack, so that a powerful enemy will also drink under her endless Giant Dragon summon.


And Sharon is the real master of space, she can freely shuttle in any space, even the abyss hell is coming and going. She is the most powerful superpower to be trapped. How could it happen?


But Richard also knows that the so-called power is only relative. In the depths of Plane, I don’t know how many dangers there are.


No one is eternal Undead (not dead).


Thinking of this, Richard is only sighed, looking up at the Giant Dragon in the Dragon City, and holding the Soul Slave Scroll in his hand, saying, “Control your contract is here, who is coming?”


Richard’s voice was calm and his expression was calm, and even the action of Mana Battle Aura was not. But the more he does, the more uneasy the Giant Dragons are. They still remember the devastating smell that came out when Richard fired a blue fire! Now what they can rely on is that Richard is in the Dragon City range, and they can be surrounded by siege.




Many Giant Dragon suddenly had a sudden heart attack. Real powerhouses, such as Sharon, are never afraid of siege!


The Black Dragon, who lives next to Tiamat, suddenly remembered something and turned to look at the dragon’s nest.


But see the hole is empty and deep, how can there be the shadow of evil dragons? It apparently hid in the deepest part of the nest. And the voice is constantly coming from its lair, as if it is a very sleepy look. But when is this all the time, the evil Giant Dragon can still sleep?


This Black Dragon has lived for thousands of years and has long since crossed the legendary mark. It is naturally also smart. It immediately understood what it was, and then recalled the blue flame that Richard had just ignited, and suddenly it was a chill. Then he said nothing, quickly retracted his nest, and in a twinkling of an eye, he made a sound.


The Giant Dragon, which can be turned to the Dragon City by Sharon, is very smart. Not so smart, I died early and died. In addition to Tiamat, it is the most powerful of the Millennium Black Dragon.


Now that the two most powerful Giant Dragons are shrinking, the rest of the Giant Dragon will of course know what to do. Most of them immediately retracted their nests and learned to sleep like Tiamat. And a few more shameless points flew to Richard’s side, screaming at the ground, constantly shaking his tail, to please the new owner.


Richard didn’t bother to pay attention to the charming Giant Dragon. Seeing that no Giant Dragon dared to resist himself, he opened the soul control Scroll and activated it.


A group of blue rays of light shot into Richard’s eyebrows, and immediately added a mantra to his consciousness, which was used to build a Transfer Gate to Dragon City, which could then be used to make Giant in the Dragon City. Dragon is delivered to the designated location.


The other is Sharon’s legendary magic Giant Dragon summon. However, Sharon also has summon Master’s innate talent, but Richard does not have this innate talent bonus, so if you want summon magic Giant Dragon, it will be two ends at a time.


Richard sighed, continue to review the entire Demi-plane.


As you step into the palace, a scroll pops up from the Void, which records how to activate the sprite.


Although these elves are not strong, they all have the wisdom of the higher elves, and they are the most outstanding works of the elves. With these dozens of elves, Richard no longer has to spend the effort to manage this Demi-plane. What he wants, the elves will naturally be careful for him.


In the palace is Sharon’s private treasure, even with Richard’s current wealth, it is a bit shameful.


In the treasure house, there are as many as five pieces of material that can be used to make the core of the Midalun battle version, and even a Great Lord level material!


It was the core of a void Giant Dragon, sealed by the Human Magic Array. Even so, you can see that countless symbols of the gods form a strip of light, which is worn in and out of the core, so you can imagine how powerful it is!


When Richard saw it at first sight, he was almost stunned. The light bands made up of gods are not just beautiful decorations, it is the realization of the power of rules! Seeing these bands is almost equivalent to reading the rules directly!


Richard stood in front of the core of the void behemoth and quietly read the rules on the light belt. But he stood for an entire hour, and the rules that flowed past him still had no duplication, and didn’t even allow Richard to build a complete analysis system.


So Richard knows that this rule is very high-end and complex, and I am afraid that it will take a lot of time to reach the initial establishment of the analytical model.


He temporarily put down the core of the void behemoth and turned to look at other things in the warehouse.


Sharon seems to have the same hobby as Giant Dragon. She especially likes to collect some crystals and ores that contain powerful energy. Naturally, they all have brilliant colors and flawless rays of light. Many of them are not named.


These rare materials account for about two-thirds of the warehouse. In the last two, Sharon was not equipped with equipment.


The collection of equipment in the arsenal is varied, and there are all kinds of occupations, all of which are fine. Richard Light has seen more than a dozen pieces of Legendary Equipment, countless Quasi-Legendary Levels, and even three Divine Artifacts. Although it was just the first Divine Artifact, it was shocking enough.


Relatively speaking, the proportion of equipment in Sharon’s collection is very low. This is also related to her fighting habits. Legendary Mage has a powerful body that can crush Giant Dragon. When it comes to war, it likes hard punching and the equipment damage rate is very high. So over time, the Legendary Mage of some little miserly surnames gradually got rid of the dependence on equipment, and more relied on their own strength to fight.


But what most Richard looked at was the private library built by Sharon. The library uses space technology, and the interior space is much larger than the exterior looks. It is a square.


The library is not an ordinary layout, but hundreds of stone platforms are placed on it, and a magic book of different styles floats on the stone platform.


It is said that the book is somewhat reluctant, some of them are slab, some are metal plates, and some even simply a light, directly presenting the power of regular power!


The stone platform is mostly empty, and there are fewer than a hundred books in the library.


There is a layer of magic protection on the outside of each book. To break the rules of protection, you can see the books inside. According to the original design, this is the mechanism set up to protect the reader. If you can’t break the rules that make up the magic shield, it means you can’t reach the minimum requirements for reading the books inside.


Almost every book here carries the power of rules. If you read it forcibly, you can’t see anything. If you are serious, you may be directly obliterated by the rule power inside.


This library has not been known for many years. It is not the creation of Sharon himself, but the Divine Artifact that has followed her since she remembered it, somewhat similar to Archeron’s family cemetery. The collections in the library have not increased or decreased, but Sharon himself is only able to see more than a dozen of them.


The construction of the Dragon City on this Demi-plane, the search and cultivation of the energy-absorbing tree, is the knowledge she has learned from the book. And she surpasses the powerful space capabilities of all the strong, and many of them also benefit from this.


This library is actually the inheritance of her ancient race. But looking at the distribution of books in the library, it should be clear that there are still a lot of content missing. There is no doubt that any book is a gem at the level of knowledge recorded here.


The essence of the library is undoubtedly the light that floats at the top of the highest stone pillar in the center. When Richard approached it, he even found that he couldn’t look directly at his power. The power of the rules it contains is too pure and too powerful, that is, light, pure light, and nothing else.


Richard couldn’t describe its power at all, and the power of the rules of Lord of Radiance was immediately bleak.


Richard hesitated for a moment, try to reach out and touch the shield.


There was a ripple on the shield. In Richard’s eyes, the light waves formed by countless tiny symbols were spreading in all directions! This is a different symbol than Divine Language, it is smaller, more compact, and contains more power.


At this moment, Richard saw tens of thousands of symbols, but they are all different!


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