City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c1212

City of Sin v8c1212

Thousands of Drones are already busy in the ancient battlefield deep underground. They diverted the river into a new water storage lake.


On the original hill, a huge castle is being built.


A Drone hurried across the Plane Channel and ran to the castle.


However, at this moment, the calming Plane Channel suddenly rang a wave of spurts from it. Then a huge black hoof sticks out of the Transfer Gate, stepping out, landing, and hehely stepping on the Drone and crushing it into a bolognese.


A four-meter Demon walked out of the Plane Transfer Gate, looked around for a moment, then took a deep breath and said in Demon: “It’s a really good place, it’s too cold. Oh, it really didn’t. Wrong, the breath of the Great Lord has disappeared!”


It made a surprise roar and just wanted to explore the surrounding environment. As a result, it was seen that a team of human knights suddenly emerged from the castle that was only halfway built in the distance, and the horse rushed over.


Greater Demon heavily snorted, said: “Small humans!”


More than a dozen knights in the district are still not in the eyes of Greater Demon. It took a big stride and headed for the knight.


When the two sides were also separated, the knights suddenly bursted into the Battle Aura rays of light, and then a lance with a Battle Aura attached was shot.


Greater Demon suddenly gave birth to an extremely dangerous feeling, screaming, and immediately waved his arms and barely blocked the head and chest.


With a bang, the first javelin slammed into his arm and blasted, almost taking half of the Great Demon’s forearm. Several other javelins with additional armor piercing effects were deeply immersed in the body of Greater Demon, and two even penetrated directly into his body.


This is not the end, the follow-up javelin followed. The defensive state of Greater Demon is stunned in such a concentration, and the fragile is like a bad shield, which is smashed in a blink of an eye.


This Greater Demon obviously doesn’t know what the Rune Knight is, and he dares to harden the fire attack of the two teams, Rune Knight. Even the Legendary Powerhouse has few positive fronts. The Great Demon of the Abyss is also at the level of Sky Saint Realm, and the result of hard resistance is being killed in one fell swoop.


Greater Demon still doesn’t know that when he just stepped out of the transmission channel and slammed the Drone, he was already perceived by Divided Mind. Divided Mind immediately notified the guards here, and mobilized the two teams, Rune Knight, to annihilate the enemies across the border.


The Rune Knights fanned out and slowly surrounded. Greater Demon has always been cunning and has a strong life and must be careful.


A Rune Knight used lance to poke the Great Demon’s body, took a few rounds of the back of the Battle Aura’s gun, and found that it was dead.


Several Mage immediately boarded and went down to check the body of Greater Demon.


These Mages are obviously experienced and will be sent here to have an in-depth study of the Demon department.


A moment later, a Mage said: “It is only the Greater Demon, and it is quite mature. It is customary to rely on the body to fight. But it seems that the Demon equipment of this system is very poor.”


Another Mage was struggling to open Demon’s head and pulled out a hot crystal from inside. He felt it in his hand and said, “It’s awful, it seems that it has sent the news back to the abyss. I think It will not take long for us to face the army from the abyss.”


“This is a major event. Let’s return it to the top. As for the army of the abyss, I don’t think I need to worry. There are so many people who want to earn points. They probably only don’t have enough Demon.”


“It’s a pity that we, as people in the family, can’t get points.”


“This is not necessarily the case. I heard that His Royal Highness has considered implementing the points exchange system within the Archeron family. Some of our regular salary will be paid out by points.”


“This is really good!”


Several Mage chatted and completed a spot check of Greater Demon. They then let Rune Knights carry the body of Greater Demon back to the castle.


Like Giant Dragon, Demon is also a mobile treasure house. The high-quality Demon is a valuable magic material almost all over the body. Therefore, although the body of the Greater Demon was so smashed, it could not be wasted.


Several Saint Realm strongmen then rushed in and walked into the Plane Channel. He found that there were already many Great Demons on the abyss, and more Demons were assembling, and a Demon army had already taken shape.


The powerful Saint Realm smothered a few of the demons that were thrown up and returned to the Plane Channel.


Richard knows that Demon will sooner or later discover that the Great Lord has died and then flooded into the initial place. So he has already set up castle fortresses on the ancient battlefield and arranged troops. The castle’s defense system is powered by the concentrated Plane power, which can be said to be endless.


The castle is now only half completed. The main project is not complicated, but the core of this castle is similar to the Mage tower. The main time spent is the setting of various large defenses and attacks on Magic Array.


Soon, Demon appeared in the initial place, and the news that the Demon army began to assemble on the other end of the channel was placed on Richard’s desk.


When he got the report, Richard was slightly undetected, and Demon appeared much faster than he expected. This is not good news. And from the size of the Demon army in intelligence, it is likely to include a Lesser Lord level Demon.


Richard now needs to strengthen the defense system of the original place. The first thing he did was simple, but it was also the most effective: publicly announced the opening of the second points theater, the area is the ancient battlefield of the initial place, the goal is to fight the abyss Demon.


As soon as this news came out, many of the strong players boiled again.


Some of them are skills that are controlled by Giant Dragon races, while others are good at dealing with Demon. The happiest is undoubtedly the majority of the ordinary Saint Realm strong.


Demon is different from Giant Dragon, and their average unit strength is much lower than Giant Dragon. Ordinary Saint Realm are not very useful in fighting Giant Dragon, at least Sky Saint Realm can hold the Giant Dragon in front, and then these ordinary Saint Realm swarm up again and slammed from the side back.


But dealing with Demon is not the same, a Saint Realm can barely block a Greater Demon, those ordinary Demon and Little Demon can sweep. I heard that Archeron opened up a battlefield that connects the abyss. They are naturally excited and plan to do a big job.


Adding a new battlefield is not as simple as it seems.


In order to consume the rapidly increasing points, Richard must expand the production base on a large scale in order to convert the massive Giant Dragon and Demon materials into materials, sacrifices and equipment, Rune. And now in the secondary Plane such as Deepblue and Faelor, nearly a thousand Mage are playing for Richard. But this is just a battle for the Giant Dragon Plane.


So Richard decided to raise the treatment of all Mage, artisans and Alchemists again, and their rewards increased directly by 30%. This treatment has already made Mages, who works for Archeron, earn half the income of other wealthy colleagues, and the appeal has suddenly increased.


The news was just spread in Deepblue, and more than 50 Mage registrations were preparing for Archeron. This trend of human growth has made Richard feel at ease.


And as the news spreads out on the continent, it’s conceivable that there will soon be more Mage willing to work for Richard. At the same time, Richard has once again expanded the size of his weapons workshop and is ready to double its production capacity directly.


Now, Richard has been less concerned about the fact that some of his low-end Rune product technologies have been stolen, making the scope of the workshop’s recruitment expandable and able to cope with demand.


After scheduling the expansion plan, Richard took a few followers and sent them to Yanjing of the Millennium Empire to prepare for Sacrificial Offering.


When the material handling and equipment production capacity can’t keep up, the equipment obtained from the Sacrificial Offering is a good complement to the redemption plan. And this time, Sacrificial Offering, Richard’s purpose is not so simple, he has other ideas.


Prince Bumin still sent Micks to receive Richard and accompanied Richard to the Temple of the Eternal Dragon Sacrificial Offering.


When Richard walked into the Dragon Temple, several High Priests immediately greeted them with enthusiasm and surrounded Richard.


Richard remembered Faceless’s words. When she was laughed, she pointed to a young and beautiful High Priest, confirmed that she was the host of her own Sacrificial Offering, and then asked: “Dragon Temple Palace Lord? Why don’t you come out to see me?”


These Priest faces suddenly look awkward.


Dragon Temple Palace Lord has a very good relationship with the chief High Priest. The chief High Priest is equivalent to being expelled from the Temple of the Eternal Dragon by Richard. How can the Palace Lord, who is hosting the Dragon Temple, give Richard a good look? If it wasn’t for her to estimate that she had no way to take Richard, I would have used the power of Temple of the Eternal Dragon to kill Richard directly.


In desperation, she could only avoid it. I didn’t expect Richard to think about her, and asked her to come out. I am afraid that this is not only a simple lack of etiquette, but another purpose behind it.


Richard’s last eviction of the chief High Priest, for the first time let these big Priests understand what is called the privilege level.


Richard’s authority is much higher than their ordinary High Priest, so he can do almost anything in the Temple of the Eternal Dragon. Even the act of expelling God’s Obligation is also recognized by Dragon of Eternity and Time.


Of course, Richard also pays the same price, and the ability to use the authority has to pay the corresponding price. At this point, the old dragon is always the most impartial. How much Divine Favor does Richard need to pay to eliminate his opponent Divine Favor.


As for where Divine Favor disappeared, the problem was simple. Naturally, it was recycled by Dragon of Eternity and Time. So in that conflict, the old dragon was the biggest winner.


In terms of privilege level, the big Priests are not much different from each other, and no one can help.


This is true even with the Palace Lord and the Chief High Priest. They are divided into high and low strengths, mainly based on the Divine Power level and Divine Favor accumulation, and the other is a political factor. So the difference between Dragon Temple’s so-called Palace Lord and these High Priest is nothing more than Level 21 and Level 18 that’s all.


Seeing these Priests is silent, Richard sneered, and asked: “Palace Lord, does she think she can’t escape for a lifetime?”


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