City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c81

City of Sin v8c81

Divine Spell is always the most disgusting enemy of Mage, because Divine Power has a strong rejection of the magical elements, which is in the battle, Divine Spell is often strong against surnames, and they use Divine Spell for Mage. Magic has a bonus effect.


On the battlefield, Priests’ dispelling magic has always been a weapon against Mage.


Under Michael’s pure radiance, Divine Power, even the blue fires of the past have become quite weak.


Richard is the master of war art. At this moment, it has been seen that without killing Michael first, then this war will be lost.


At the bottom, even Senma was greatly affected by the glorious kingdom. It was in danger of fighting with St. Thomas and was killed without any help. Even with the support of Richard’s strong financial resources, Senma is still in the equipment category. Above St. Thomas, Blood Paladin has long been killed by St. Thomas.


Even Senma can’t completely offset the impact of the glorious kingdom, and Rune Knight is even worse.


Richard’s face was cold, and Michael said: “I don’t care who you are, don’t want to courting death, just roll it to me.”


The power level of the Celestial is still above Norland, and Richard still doesn’t want to really be irreconcilable until the death of Heaven.


However, Michael sneered, and giant sword waved and said: “The heresy, you are going to die here today, no one can save you.”


Richard looked down and saw Archeron Warriors fall down by one by one under the siege of a massive enemy. The anger on his face faded away, and there was no calm.


He looked at Michael and said faintly: “If this is the case, then you can die.”


In Richard, suddenly the brilliance of the overwhelming glory, the blood of the red light beam went straight to the heavens and earth, and even the door of Holy Light was eclipsed.


At the center of the light column, a halo of blood color emerges and spreads rapidly until ten thousand meters, and the entire battlefield is covered with a layer of 朦朦blood color, as is Warrior’s vision.


Richard floated in the center of the beam, and several pieces of silver emerged from the Void and gathered on him, eventually combining into a full armor.


The top officials above the Cardinal in the church have seen the appearance of the Tianguo armed forces, so it is also extremely shocking at this moment, because this armor emerges and is equipped in the same way as the Heavenly Armed Forces. It is both armor and Rune.


In Richard, there is also the armed forces of heaven.


It is the common sense of the past millennium that the heavenly armed forces must have a devout faith. The three things that Saint Martin didn’t know where to get it from Midalun are good to say, after all, there are St. Warrior Chief above Level 18, their power of faith. Needless to say, but Richard’s body of heaven is what happened, and everyone knows that he can’t believe in Lord of Radiance.


At this moment, Richard has stepped out of the blood color beam. Now his armor lines are elegant and smooth. The base of silver is based on the blood color, and the red-colored base color of the red and silver looks very eye-catching.


On the armor’s helmet, a metal mask covered Richard’s face. This is Zhang’s face, eyebrows, like a living thing, aloof and remote overlooking the beings.


An elderly cardinal suddenly trembled, pointed finger towards Richard, and shouted: “Midalun, King of Angels Midalun.”


Another Midalun, the cardinal is also a Grand Runemaster when he was young. He has been studying the armed forces of the whole country for the rest of his life. He will never admit his mistakes.


A group of cardinals saw Midalun on Richard and finally understood who Manzanun of Saint Martin came from.


But another cardinal said in disbelief: “No, Midarun’s rays of light are not light golden, symbolizing holiness, nobleness, and compassion. It shouldn’t be red in front of us. Can Richard change the arms of heaven, but that is Saint Peter Master? Works that can only be completed after Divine Enlightening.”


The first old cardinal was complicated at this moment, muttering: “You forgot? In the legend, My Lord is under the seat of Midalun for King of Angels. It has many powers, three postures, one is normal. That is the posture of Midalun portrayed by Saint Peter Master, and the second is the battle posture. In the Holy Scriptures, when Midalun shows the blood color rays of light to the enemy, it is the battle posture.”


A cardinal exclaimed: “This is the Midalun battle version, and this is also the Rank 5 Rune.”


“No, I am afraid on top of Rank 5.” The old cardinal is like a boulder, heavily pressed in everyone’s heart.


Norland’s highest is Rank 5 Rune, but the church executives can access many of the core secrets and secrets of the continent. Naturally, there are some super-Rank 5 Runes. For example, Sharon is the legendary Rank 6 Rune.


However, the Rune of the Super Rank 5 is mostly flashed like a flower. Even if there are still some that have survived so far, no one can drive it. The Super Rank 5 Rune has a terrifying requirement for the bearing capacity, that is, the Legendary Powerhouse rushes to wear it. Once started, it will be sucked into a corpse.


There was silence on the battlefield, and the heavens and the earth, the Warriors who were still fighting in desperation, couldn’t help but slow down the movement. No amount of light gathered on Richard, watching the mysterious Crusade Angel, which had never appeared before.


From this armed arm of heaven, they feel the indescribable majesty and strength, as if all things in the world dare to block on the way forward, they will be ruthlessly destroyed.


Richard stood still, and the four interfaces of the Midalun battle version connected to his body were like the four gaps on the dam, which made him energetic with the body. In a blink of an eye, it was equivalent to a normal Legendary Mage. The energy is pumped in.


But the Midalun combat version is clearly unsatisfied, with irresistible powerful suction from the four interfaces, constantly squeezing every drop of energy on Richard’s body.


In Richard’s body, three hearts are already beating wildly, trying to pump energy all over the body, but every energy that comes out will be sucked out in an instant. The three hearts are over-loaded, and the surface has begun to seep out of the blood. Bead, that is a sign of subtle damage.


But the Midalun battle version is not yet available.


If this continues, I am afraid that Richard will be pumped into a corpse, but the battle version has not yet started. This is the terrifying of the Super Rank 5 Rune. Behind the superb formidable power is the terrifying requirement for the user’s carrying capacity.


Just then, at the center of Richard’s chest, the old Demon core finally woke up, and then slowly pulsed.


Throughout the battlefield, a huge heartbeat sounded suddenly, and everyone’s heart lost its rhythm at this time, following the heart and beating.


The pope stunned the big eyes, and the hand of the stick was a little trembling. He whispered, “This is the power of Main God, where is it, where.”


The Pope’s gaze swept across the battlefield and eventually fell on Richard, as the armor on Richard suddenly came alive and all the blood color patterns began to flow slowly over the armor.


The Midalun combat version finally started.


The core of the Demon from ancient Archeron was once again swayed after a pulsation, but only a pulsating, the energy produced not only met the requirements of the launch of the Midalun battle, but also filled all the energy of Richard instantly.


Richard raised his left hand awkwardly, as if he was observing himself. Then he looked up and looked at Angel, who showed six pairs of light wings, and said, “I said, you can die.”


As he said, Richard made a fist in his left hand and swayed in front of him. As he moved, the Midalun battle version of the rays of light rose, and six golden color wings were stretched in the back. These wings then gathered and put Richard. Encircled, then turned into a part of the bloodline on the armor surface.


When Richard opened his left hand, it was again a blood color aura, which swept through the battlefield and swept away Michael’s golden radiance.


At this moment, the glory of Michael’s original pavilion was only less than the hidden meters, and the edges were inconspicuous. It seems that the hunting meters are barely maintained, and the four Cruises Angel’s rays of light are lost, only the surface of the armor. There is also a layer of light curtains floating.

此时此刻, 米迦勒原本铺展千米的光辉就只剩下不足百米,而且边缘明暗不定,看來百米都是勉强维持,而四位圣战天使的光芒尽失,只有盔甲表面还能浮着一层淡淡光幕。

The three Midalun on the Saint Martin side are rising, and in the blood color rays of light that Richard has covered the entire battlefield, their brilliance has spread to more than 500 meters, far exceeding the previous ability.


And the three Midalun are absorbing the surrounding color color of the light, and some small damage is repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the twinkling of an eye, the three Midalun are restored to a new state.


Michael shocked and angry, shouted: “Heterodox, you dare to Deva’s citizen.” He screamed and flew to Richard, and giant sword fell to his head.


Richard took out the moonlight and waved Michael’s sacred flame, and sneered and said, “You can’t see it. I am the fighting stance of Midalun. You are a rebellious celestial being. What qualifications are for me.”


“Heterodox, I want to burn you completely on the stake.” Michael was extremely angry, giant sword heavily pressed.


The two sides began their first full-strength contest. A golden aura suddenly burst into the air and quickly spread to the surroundings. However, a blood color aura appeared from the battle center of the two men, and they immediately caught up with the golden aura and extinguished it.


The sky is underground, and it is the world of blood color.


On the ground, Richard’s Warrior constantly absorbs the blood color rays of light, and the body has different degrees of expansion. They are faster, more powerful, and even have some self-healing ability.


The Church Knights are also haunting the blood color rays of light. They feel completely different. They feel like walking in the water, they are all resisted in every move, and the blood color rays of light have a strong corrosive power, burning their skin. The tingling from time to time caused the knight’s attack to be greatly affected. Some of the attacks that could be hit, but because of the sudden tingling caused the body to shake, it fell empty.


Richard looked down at the entire battlefield and took all of this scene to his eye.


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