City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c22

City of Sin v8c22

The entire Great Temple, and even the temple community are shaking, and in the Void is ringing the excitement of three Goddess.


Richard was shocked and flashed outside the Great Temple, and saw the source of the cockroach at a glance.


God Kingdom In the blue sky, I don’t know when a huge crack appeared. Terrifying energy storms are constantly flowing in. The fissures are surrounded by violent electric fires. A path of lightning spans several kilometers and God will Kingdom land and sky cracks are connected together,


Those lightning-like formidable power, even Richard is also shuddering, even if it is the Legendary Powerhouse, in the face of the power of the Plane storm, will feel their own small,


Richard instantly flashed a thought in his heart: “God Kingdom Crystal Wall is broken.”


At this time, three huge beams of light were raised from the ground and bombarded on the space crack.


In the light column, the true bodies of the three Goddess are all lifted up, rushing to the cracks that are full of kilometers, they continue to blast the light, dispel the storm energy that flows into God Kingdom, and make up for the damage on the Crystal Wall.


Fortunately, the three Goddess are in the God Kingdom of Forest Goddess, and they quickly blocked the defects of God Kingdom Crystal Wall.


But in just a few minutes, the energy storm has caused tremendous damage to the God Kingdom of Forest Goddess. The forest that was originally connected is now a scorched earth of severe hundred meters, which was hit by lightning.


The assembled Kingdom Kingdom Warrior was also bombarded by lightning. A total of tens of thousands of God Kingdom Warriors were turned into fly ash, and even the soul could not escape.


After the Crystal Wall was repaired, the three Goddess shrank the body and stepped on the three streams of light in front of Richard.


Forest Goddess first said: “His Royal Highness, my God Kingdom has just been attacked inexplicably, and the final landing of the attack seems to be here.”


As soon as Crystal Wall is done, Richard and Broodmother’s conscious connection is cut off.


After understanding what was going on, Richard couldn’t help but smile. He said: “It’s just not a deliberate attack. It should be a special follower of mine. If you want to contact me, I will contact them through the soul link. It just woke up from the golden stage and couldn’t find me for a while, so I tried to get through the obstacles between us.”


“Then I broke down my God Kingdom Crystal Wall.” Forest Goddess also smiled.


“It’s almost like this,” Richard said.


“Your follower is really special. I never thought that God Kingdom Crystal Wall would be so fragile.” Spring Water Goddess said there was still a trembling in the voice.


Richard sighed, said: “It is really special.”


How God Kingdom Crystal Wall may be fragile, but it seems to be impossible to withstand a single blow before the impact of Broodmother’s soul. Of course, Broodmother’s soul impact itself is exceptionally strong, but it is impossible to reach the extent of a hole in the God Kingdom Crystal Wall. Even the Main God of Greater Divine Power can’t do it.


The phenomenon at hand can only explain one thing, that is, Gods’ Divine Power-based defense is extremely vulnerable in front of Broodmother.


Broodmother is the natural enemy of Gods.


In order to get in touch with Broodmother, Richard had to leave the God Kingdom of Forest Goddess and return to the Giant Dragon Valley.


“Master, I just didn’t know that you were in the God Kingdom of Forest Goddess. I vaguely felt your call, but it seemed to be behind something, so I tried to attack it.”


“You attacked this and directly smashed the God Kingdom of Forest Goddess, which helped Cenai a lot.” Richard said with a grin and laughter.


“I’m sorry, but” But after that, Broodmother looked a little hesitant, but still couldn’t resist the temptation, saying: “But her defense is very fragile, it will collapse when she hits hard, and the pieces are very delicious, it comes to me. Said to be one of the best nutrients.”


“You mean Divine Power.” Richard said, passing several Divine Power breaths.


“Yes, that’s the taste.” Broodmother’s voice immediately shook with excitement. “It’s much better than those of God’s Obligation.”


“Of course, this is the purest Divine Power.” Richard said with no anger, he is now a bit worried, how to feed this big guy in the future,


“Broodmother, the weapon in Zonghu’s hand can absorb the power of the opponent. If so, then Divine Power, can you absorb it?”


“You mean”


“I just attended War of the Gods. There are enough Divine Power in the Kingdom of Cena. We can find a way to take it. Although it is a way to burn Divine Power, it is too wasteful. “”


“Please wait”


Broodmother was silent for a long time, and there was a mess of noise coming from it. Obviously, Broodmother has fully started to develop the solution.


Entering Rainbow 11’s Broodmother, the computing power is comparable to that of Level 8’s smart Richard, but Richard’s Wisdom Blessing has no chance but to advance to at least a few years, and Broodmother is different, as long as the resources are sufficient, you can always advance. ,


In addition, Broodmother can greatly increase the number of thinking nodes in a way that greatly enlarges the body, thereby improving computing power, which is a capability that Richard does not have.


Finally, Broodmother sent a new design: insectivore,


This is a strange creature with eight tentacles and a large abdomen. Its food is almost endless. It is made up of all kinds of energy, especially Divine Power, which is their favorite food. When it devours enough energy. It will form a corresponding high-energy crystal in its abdomen and then die.


This scavenger-like bug is what Richard wants. It converts the discrete Divine Power into a stable crystal, which is energy and can fight against Cenai.


“What is the use of Divine Power Crystals for you?”


“Divine Power is one of the highest forms of energy. It has a lot of special names that are not available in pure energy. The biggest feature is that it can be added to the power of rules. For me, Divine Power is very versatile, first of all Can be my food, to maintain all my activities, in addition, it can supply energy for Hive, flesh, etc., which is much faster than eating, and finally, in some special combat units, it can become an attack The energy of the system.” The information passed by Broodmother is still in such order.


Richard now understands what Divine Power means to Broodmother, which is the cornerstone that can support a new system.


Richard had a bit strange how Divine Power could do so much, but after thinking about it, Divine Power like Cenai is enough to sustain a million God Kingdom, what is the battle unit of Broodmother?


Immediately, Richard asked about the harvest of Broodmother. In addition to the normal promotion, Broodmother developed a brand new template named ‘Goblin English’.


This set of templates actually changes the internal organs and digestive system of the combat unit. The combat unit equipped with the Goblin English template will no longer have the common bio-digestive system, but instead eat high-energy nutrient solution made by Hive Forest and Drone. ,


Through special organs, this nutrient solution can be directly converted into the energy needed for action. With only a small cup of nutrient solution, you can maintain an Elite Dark Vanguard Knight three-day event.


By removing the old digestive system, you can save a lot of internal space for muscles, defensive layers, bones, or other combat-related organs, and your combat power will increase dramatically.


After loading the Goblin English template, the power of the Broodmother Combat Unit will increase Level 1 accordingly. The highest level of combat units made by Broodmother is Level 15. After loading Goblin, it will become Level 16, which is equivalent to the normal elite unit. But the number of Goblin English will not be less,


“How many highest-level battles Goblin English can support now.” Richard asked.


“The current is 10,000, but I can greatly increase the number of Drones and expand the area of ​​Hive Forest, so this number is unlimited in the future.”


“Very good, the new force is produced in proportion to ten wars of Goblin and a common elite.” After the order was issued, Richard cut off Broodmother’s contact and went to deal with the Giant Dragon Valley and the territories.


Nowadays, there are quite a few of the territories that belong to Richard. The business is complicated, and it takes a whole day to review the things that must be handled by oneself.


In the early morning of the next day, a strange creature slightly smaller than the ordinary Griffin was on the roof of Richard. It was somewhat like a wind dragon, but there were two rows of anti-gravity organs on the sides of the body.


After Richard untied a backpack from its spine, the animal was lifted up and quickly flew away, lightning fast.


This is the latest research by Broodmother. It is called a messenger. The messenger can fly for ten hours without rest. The top speed is close to 500 kilometers, using Mana and his own physical strength.


Now in Faelor, the area of ​​Richard’s territory is getting bigger and bigger, and the distance is getting farther and farther. This is created by Broodmother in order to quickly transmit information and deliver special supplies.


Richard opened the backpack and saw a row of small cells. Each small cell was filled with a blue-white, fist-sized egg. These are the eggs of the insectivore, about a few dozen, it seems that Broodmother A batch of production is insectivorous,


With these things, Richard felt that it was time to give Cenai a big surprise.


Richard closed the backpack and returned to the God Kingdom of Forest Goddess by transmitting the array.


When Richard reappeared in God Kingdom, the most natural affinity Forest Goddess suddenly chilled, and the springs and Goddess of the Hunt’s reaction were a little slower, but then it was pale.


Divine Power’s strongest Spring Water Goddess and even the gods are shivering, the biggest of the three Goddess reaction.


It’s an unspeakable feeling, cold, evil, and extinct chill, so that True God, who has not been afraid of the heat, feels fear.


For a time, the three Goddess lost their ability to communicate with each other. They suddenly shrank their Divine Power, and the perception quietly sprang out, carefully detecting the surroundings, cautiously like the most timid squirrel, fearing some terrifying Attention,


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