City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c4

City of Sin v8c4

In the rushing battle, Richard defeated the Legendary Powerhouse of the Millennium Empire and Sacred Tree Empire, and dispatched the entire army. He had exhausted Mana several times and added dozens of large and small scars.


Mana exhaustion is extremely painful, and it takes a lot of energy and even vitality for Priest to heal the wound. Even if Magic Potion is used in a large amount, it is only a cure for the problem. Richard has already overdrawn himself, and now he has entered the War Room. Really relaxed, and suddenly I slept.


Suddenly quiet in the War Room, followers and generals, look at me, I look at you, have a tacit understanding in silence, so quietly ready to leave, let Richard take a rest.


“It’s all over.” Richard suddenly asked, and the unusual silence awakened him.


Richard took a deep breath, barely cheered and asked: “Do you have anything to say?”


Alice asked the general question: “My Highness Richard, I still don’t understand this. The three empires just assembled troops on the border. They didn’t really invade our territory, nor did they formally show hostility. Why should we attack first?”


“For peace,” Richard said.


“For peace.” The general looked confused.


Richard smiled and said: “Real peace is played out.”


After several years, this general wait is not the revenge of the three empires, but the messenger.


The striking agreement between the imperial messengers was to negotiate a truce. At this time, Richard had already gone to Faelor, but assigned Alice and the emissaries of the empire.


Before Richard left, he confessed to the bottom line of the negotiations, and the three empires came for reconciliation. In the end, the two sides agreed not to demand compensation for each other, but also for the loss. At the same time, Richard also returned the land captured in three wars. Of course, the prisoners redeemed The standard of civil war is that it is simply a small amount of money in the negotiation conditions.


It seems that Archeron seems to have suffered a loss, but in fact the three great empires are the ones who are willing to swallow the bitter fruit. After the truce has been finished, it is logical to get to the draw and alliance.


Sacred Tree Empire and Millennium Empire have brought more favorable conditions, mainly focused on resources, they have produced a dazzling catalogue of items, and the attitude of the messenger is more enthusiastic and sincere, they even hinted that as long as Richard does not join If you go to the opposite side, you can get a lot of supplies and conveniences out of thin air.


The performance of the two empires of the empire has made many followers stunned, just as there has never been a war between the two sides.


Even the Sacred Alliance’s envoys couldn’t help but hint that as long as Richard is willing to return to the Sacred Alliance, there are many things to talk about, and even Indefiniteness is likely to make a small step.


As a follower of Richard, even Olar, who is in charge of the negotiations, is not predicting the performance of the three imperial envoys. Although Elven Bard knows some politics, most of them are in the midst of the noble lady, and there is the war of the founding of Faeror Plane. The pattern is completely different from the current one. He understands the meaning of Richard’s phrase “peace is played out.”


The nobility once again experienced the tradition of Archeron, a crazy family, with an attack instead of defense, and this time with an enhanced version of the Legendary Powerhouse and the massive Rune Knight.


The war with Archeron is costly and more likely to fail to produce a result in the short term. It also means pushing Richard completely into the arms of another empire, which is not an empire, including the Sacred Alliance. See the results.


In contrast, as long as Richard has not made a clear choice, it is still acceptable. If he is willing to let go of some resources on Rune, it would be better. In this respect, Richard is very open. Accepting either party’s Rune subscription, including fulfilling the Sacred Alliance’s royal royal offering this year, is like having never happened before.


In Faelor, the situation suddenly calmed down and Richard’s return did not provoke anything.


In the eyes of other countries in the continent, the wicked Crimson Duchy suddenly became calm and quiet, stopping all large-scale military moves, as if the estuary on the east coast of the continent was fully satisfied.


However, dozens of large and small Principalities in the vast coastal areas are uneasy. The intensity of this uneasiness is also reflected in the extremely tough territory declaration issued by Rishi Longtu.


This is not because of anything else, but Crimson Duchy’s 20,000-strong army is still in the local area. Although the Warrior of the Principality has suffered heavy losses, the Humanoid Knight and the Dark Vanguard Knight, which are really frightened by the coastal countries, still maintain their scale. After getting a new replenishment, the number has increased.


Gangdor has told people in practice that Crimson Duchy’s 20,000-strong army is enough to sway all the principalities of the coast, even though they still hold a few hundred thousand troops.


The situation in the Iron Triangle Empire also turned to calm. The nobles at least ostensibly recognized the dominance of Salenville, and the new emperor’s decree was also allowed to pass through the country. All nobles opposed to Salenville were not directly destroyed by Richard’s army, or the family lord was One night I lost my head inexplicably.


In the eyes of the Imperial aristocracy, this is the most naked high-pressure and terrifying rule, but this is not the case in the eyes of civilians and other countries.


In the previous war, the Iron Triangle Empire was defeated across the board. All the main corps were swept away. The strong men were also hit hard and so defeated. According to Faelor’s convention, the result was to destroy the country, but the Iron Triangle Empire eventually lost. However, it is a vassal Dukedom, and some insignificant territories on the border. Crimson did not slave or remove the population from the empire.


The new emperor, Salenville, had an impeccable royal bloodline, which allowed the royal rule to be maintained. In the end, the Iron Triangle Empire’s losses were incredibly small.


The Giant Dragon Valley is prosperous and peaceful.


Most of the Legendary Powerhouse and Sky Saint Realm have returned from the Giant Dragon Plane. Of course, with a rich harvest, the Giant Dragon Valley has established a perfect supply system. These powerful and influential big men can almost be here. Everything from the wine woman to the Rune gear is found in the valley.


Only 40 Mounted Rune Knights are stationed in the Giant Dragon Valley, guarding the Transfer Gate to prevent the unopened Giant Dragon from suddenly drilling out.


Their other task was to patrol guards in the manor area, which made a handful of manors become hot, even the Legendary Powerhouse, not all capable of taking Rune Knight as a guard.


Of course, no one is stupid enough to make trouble in the Giant Dragon Valley.


Richard has been able to beat Legendary Mage when he is not a legend. Now Richard has officially advanced to the legend. Although it is customary to take time to stabilize the realm, the level in the legendary level is also high, but No one has dared to challenge it at will.


Of course, there are reasons for Sharon and the Star Sage, but Richard’s own strength and status are even more critical. Now, the Legendary Powerhouse has regarded Richard as one of them, qualified to be on an equal footing with them and to be respected.


So Richard’s return, in the world of the strong, is a major event.


When Richard stepped out of the Transfer Gate in the Giant Dragon Valley, the strong sunlight made his booth eyes scream for a moment. He looked up at the sky, there was endless blue, far from the end, a round The red dragonfly hangs high and does not live with heat.


Richard lightly smiled, as if talking to himself, “a rare good weather.”


“It’s true, Your Highness, Richard.” A strange voice sounded next to him. “My name is Ai Luo.”


Richard turned his head and saw a strange Sky Saint Realm, who appeared to be leaving the Giant Dragon Valley through the Transfer Gate. It was a very handsome and handsome young man and a talented person.


The young strong man has a murderous aura and unconfident confidence and pride. Obviously, his confidence comes not only from strength but also from the record. This is not a space with no strength but no fighting power. In fact, In the Extinction Area Battlefield, Airo’s reputation is not much smaller than White Night.


“How to harvest.” Richard smiled and nodded.


“Very rich, beyond imagination.”


“This is good, cherish the opportunity.”


“I will, Your Highness, I will return immediately after handing the spoils to the family.”


Richard nodded, walking deep into the valley until Richard’s back disappeared, and Ai Luo suddenly discovered that he had been talking to Richard for a long time. This is a very respectful attitude, often only young Junior is facing the elders. This is the case, and Ai Luo used this gesture unconsciously.


He looked at Richard’s back, and his eyes were full of deep fear.


Richard returned to his place of residence, left the moonlight and ruling aside, and threw himself into the sofa.


“Come back.” Faceless didn’t know when it was at the door, and asked casually.


Richard is just un’ed, with his elbows on his knees and his hands on his jaws, thinking hard about anything.


Faceless lightly smiled, ask: “Why, have something to worry about.”


“Yes, I lost.”


“The loss is very bad.” Faceless seems to be interested.




Faceless was more interested. Going to Richard, kneeling down, his eyes fell on Richard’s face through the mask and looked at a long time/half of the day. He said, “There is a lot of meaning, how do I feel except me?” Besides, people who are free to flatten you are gone, saying, who is it.”


Richard deeply took a deep breath, actually smiled and said: “It is Indefiniteness.”


“Indefiniteness is her.” Faceless seems to be startled, then the mouth is slightly raised, and the voice is also flying high: “You actually challenge the super strong, which makes me say how you are, stupid or crazy, Complete defeat, not dead on the spot is already very good in her hands, what do you think is the super strong, is seven levels higher than you, XimonX is so simple, and you only entered the legend for a few days, Demi-plane has it, rule promotion Has Mana been stable and knowing how to use your legendary ability?”


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