City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c1881

City of Sin v8c1881

Niris wanted to close the door, but the door was blocked by Turbidflow.


“Sorry, Your Highness, Niris, I have to make sure you are in my sight.” Turbidflow said with a smile.


Niris was deep took a deep breath, went back to the room, looked around, and found that there was nothing he wanted to keep, or wanted to carry it. He took out a piece of paper and laid it on the table, trying to write something, but several times. Raise the pen, put it down a few times, and finally suddenly smashed the paper into pieces and shattered it.


Turbidflow patiently stood on the spot waiting, not at all anxious,


It wasn’t until Niris shredded the paper that he said, “His Niris, this is useless. There are still some time and opportunities. You should do something meaningful and find someone who is useful. Maybe It will help.”


Niris, a useful person, seemed to think of something, but shook his head and drove his thoughts out of his mind.


Turbidflow coughed twice and decided to understand the words: “His Royal Highness, there should be some useful people around you, such as the lady in Millennium Empire, or our all-in-one Patriarch on a floating Island. If you stay tonight, success depends on how much they are willing to do it for you.”


Niris suddenly smiled. His pale cheek suddenly became a bit color. He said slowly: “Do you mean Mex? If it is her, what is the difference with the present, as for others.”


“Well, that’s a pity, please go with me.”


Niris didn’t hesitate this time, nodded, followed Turbidflow through the sheltered courtyard and walked to the Queen’s palace.


Turbidflow pushed the door open and stopped, saying to Niris, “I am here, you go in.”


Niris walked in slowly, jingling, and the temple door was closed behind him, Niris startled, looking back at the closed temple door, suddenly biting his teeth and striding into the palace.


If the big palace is hollow, there is no silhouette, and Niris turns a few laps inside. The more he walks, the more he is afraid. In a moment, it feels like he is left in the world.


At this moment, the very distinctive voice of Indefiniteness suddenly sounded next to it: “You are afraid.”


Niris suddenly turned around and saw Her Majesty sitting next to the window, her feet high on the window sill, holding a bottle of wine in her hand, and slamming a few mouthfuls from time to time, she was sitting there, but Niris could not perceive it. Her existence,


Niris stood up and said loudly, “How can I be afraid of you?”


Indefiniteness sneered at the corner of his mouth and asked, “You know why I am looking for you.”


“Not for my bloodline yet.”


“Then why don’t you agree with Mex, if you promised, I might consider letting you go.”


Niris said with a sneer : “It’s all mating, is there any difference?”


Indefiniteness’s smile began to have a cruel taste: “There is a difference, I often play with toys, and Mex may have to use it for a long time.”


“Play freely.”


Indefiniteness smiled lightly, even a little flattering, said: “You are going out, but now you can also tell you the real reason, what bloodline descendants are dogs / farts, I summon you, because of your Mother.”


“My mother.” Niris has a bad premonition,


“I had a big fight with Phillip and Ferryn in the past. This battle has a big reason for your mother. At that time, I was still very young. After being challenged by the goods/goods, I ran to find Ferlyn to fight. It became a decisive battle with Phillip. After the war, I went to the Outland, but I didn’t expect that when I came back, the smuggled goods became the Phillip’s emperor, and you have this hybrid.”


Niris suddenly shouted: “You don’t know how many men’s women are the real stocks.”


Hey, Niris has a healthy slap in the face on his face.


Indefiniteness still sat on the spot, Niris didn’t know how the slap in the face was drawn.


Niris Su surnamed Leng laughed and didn’t wipe the blood from his mouth. He just said, “I was fooled by my mother and I can only say that you are too stupid.”


After a word was not finished, Niris was suddenly caught in the air by Indefiniteness, and the Indefiniteness spurt out of the purple fog. It is obviously extremely angry.


Indefiniteness watched Niris calm and even like a relaxed expression, suddenly smirked, reached out and grabbed Niris’s front squat, forced to tear, the piece of clothing cracked,


The Queen looked coldly at Fourth Prince, who was caught in her hands like a doll. “It seems that I have to play with you. I thought you were still smart.”


Niris’s clothes all turned into slap-sized pieces of rags, and the pieces scattered, leaving his body **/露露, but Underdefiniteness was very close, but it was very accident/surprise, saying: “You are actually”


Niris suddenly relaxed his body and closed his eyes, just sneer, a portrait of Indefiniteness.


Indefiniteness suddenly Hehehehe smiled and said, “You think this is all right. No matter what you become, I have a way to clean up, come, give me a struggle, resist.”


Said, Indefiniteness whispered something in Niris’s ear. Niris suddenly opened up the bottle eyes, screamed and exclaimed, and began to struggle and struggle, but Indefiniteness thrown the Niris on the bed and then stepped on it.


Niris struggled like a fish caught in the water.


In the early morning, Turbidflow opened the door to the palace on time.


When the door opened, Niris had already stood there. I had no idea how long it stood. His blond hair was scattered before the forehead, the eyes eyes were red, and there were still dry tear marks on his face. The attractive lips had long lost blood color. The empty booth eyes seem to be a dead world.


Niris wore the casual dress of the Indefiniteness empress. Compared with his original clothing, the style of the Indefiniteness uniform also pulled Niris in the direction of the middle name.


Turbidflow seems to be startled, and then put on a humble smile, slightly squatting, and asked: “His Royal Highness, where to go now.”


“Go back to my place.” Niris’s voice was weak and empty.


“As you wish,” Turbidflow said.


For the next three days, the Queen of Indefiniteness locked herself in the palace, and she couldn’t close her door. No one would see it.


However, Niris suddenly returned to normal, what to do, and even began to pack up and assemble people. It is said that he is going to go to his own Private Plane to operate.


During this time, Niris found the representative of the Millennium Empire in Faust, and simply refused the marriage contract with Mex, and gave no reason.


The representatives of the Millennium Empire could hardly believe their ears, because not long ago, Niris had already agreed to the marriage contract, and Mex returned to the Millennium Empire to prepare for the wedding.


This is a major event, which has long been known, but Niris suddenly broke the contract, which is tantamount to taking a slap in the face on the face of the Millennium Empire, and Niris’s attitude is almost rude.


This will definitely have consequences, but Niris is not going to manage what happens next, and he is willing to arrange his life.


The Queen of Indefiniteness didn’t show up until the twilight of the fourth day. When she pushed the door of the dormitory, she saw that Turbidflow was waiting there. In fact, Turbidflow stood there for three days and three nights, never moved.


“I am hungry,” Indefiniteness said.


Turbidflow immediately showed a bright smile and said: “The kitchen is always on standby.”


After a few moments, Indefiniteness sat down in the restaurant, the table in front of her was full of food, and more meals were coming up.


Indefiniteness The knife and fork fluttered and kept eating. Her stomach was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much food was left, there was no reaction. Until the thirty-fifth main dish was served, the Queen could stop and stop.


She sat for a moment, suddenly a mouthful, spit out a flame of purple, and then said: “Eat enough.”


She picked up the napkin and rubbed the lips of deep purple and said slowly: “Turbidflow, so far, all the games are not fun.”


Turbidflow was a little surprised and asked: “It also includes Niris.”




Turbidflow frowned: “No, no.”


Indefiniteness suddenly smiled and said, “You don’t have to think about it anymore, I think, I have found the reason.”


“Oh, that’s why.”


“Because I have a more fun game.”


“What do you need me to do.”


Indefiniteness shook his head and said, “Nothing is needed. You are optimistic about the palace. In addition, I have to leave for a few days. What major event, you know how to contact me.”


“As you wish.” Turbidflow’s answer remains the same.


Indefiniteness stood up and jumped straight out of the window, forcibly tearing open space in the air and disappearing into the gap.


Turbidflow straightens up and looks at where the Indefiniteness has disappeared, for a long time,


Just then, Archeron Floating Island’s ray of light flashed, and Richard came out from inside, followed by several Dark Vanguard Knights, all carrying huge magic seal boxes.


When Richard sat down in the study, the old Steward who got the news rushed in.


“Is there any major event for the recent agenda and continent?” Richard asked as usual.


Old Steward gently shakes the magical brass bell on the table, the door of the study opens, and Coco walks in with a stack of prepared documents and gently puts it on Richard’s desk.


Richard looked at Coco with a look, but didn’t say anything, just took the file and watched it intently.


In addition to the continent dynamics in the document, there are also information on the income and expenditure of the territories, branch family movements, etc. Although these are not core secrets, they are also quite sensitive data. According to past practice, this part of the content is also confidential. Delivered by the old Steward,


These awkward things are very simple for Richard. He only reviewed all the documents in a quarter of an hour, and Coco took the signed documents away.


When Shut the door, Richard looked at the old Steward and asked, “This is what you arranged.”


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