City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c184

City of Sin v8c184

Broodmother’s soul has no reaction, obviously still sleeping.


This will be the best result, the souls of both sides will merge, and Cruise will take absolute control, so that all the secrets of Broodmother will be owned by him.


Seeing that you’re done, Cruise’s heart is filled with ecstasy that is hard to suppress.


However, at this moment, in the Void suddenly appeared a faint red line.


As soon as it appeared, Cruise suddenly chilled, as if facing the Senran knife and sword forest. When the first red line appeared, a path of red line constantly emerged from the Void, and instantly woven into a secret. The big net through the wind, and Cruise is investing in the center of the big net,


The soul couldn’t help but shudder, and the clear comprehension from where he came from made him suddenly realize that these red lines are not to capture anything, but have an irresistible cutting force on the soul.


It’s too late to come up with a second thought. The instinct has begun to automatically retreat. However, the soul continues to pounce in the uncontrollable direction, as if it were an illusion. There is an eye opening behind the dazzling ball of light, which is then returned to nothingness.


“This is a trap.” Cruise just emerged from this idea, and he couldn’t help but hit the big net. The soul was instantly divided into hundreds of fragments.


Cruise’s body staying on the spot suddenly fell down. A root of the tree sticked out of the ground and wrapped around his body. In a short time, he would become a nutrient and truly become part of the Hive forest. ,


In the middle of the Hive Forest, Broodmother is still asleep quietly, waiting for the end of the Golden Steps, and waiting for new prey to come to the door.


While waiting for Broodmother to advance, Richard is waiting for Rune to finish.


In the magic workshop, several senior Mage received a new task.


In the reading work area, the sound of ding ding dang dang is constantly heard. Mages taps the blank that has just been refining under Magic Power, and it is turned into a desired shape by hand-assisted magic.


This is the work of Alchemy craftsmen, and senior Mage is knowledgeable, and everything will be involved. A Mage that can draw Rune is occasionally a guest of Alchemy.


One of them, while waving a small Mithril hammer, said, “Damn, I have never heard of the accuracy of a component. You said that this thing will be used, even if it is legendary armor. No need for such high precision.”


In front of another Mage, there is a metal component that has just been formed. He controls the floating liquid metal between his hands, and sprays a cloud of mist from the inside. It falls into the metal component and becomes a very thin and extremely uniform layer. Coating,


Hearing the complaint of the first Mage, he shrugged and said: “The drawing is very clear. This is a base component of Rune. Have you ever recognized the Norland magic word?”


While speaking, the metal Rune is thrown to the next Mage, which is a forty or so Mage, and a design drawing on the workbench in front of it.


He looked at the design, looked at the components in his hand, and couldn’t help but join the conversation: “I have studied Magic Array for forty years and also made Rank 1 Rune, but I have never heard of it. Rune is to be drawn on this kind of thing, I can’t think of it, how can this thing be integrated with the user.”


At this time, a majestic old Mage came over, coldly said: “Do your best, if you can think of it, you will not always be a Rune apprentice.”


When the old Mage left, the middle-aged Mage, who was reprimanded, said: “What is the spirit, but it will be more than two Rank 2 Rune.”


After a small storm, the three Mage continued their work.


After the components are formed, a very thin material is applied to the surface, and then a different Magic Array is engraved, and then another layer of material is engraved, and then the Magic Array is engraved, if it is to cover the 7-Layer different matrix and Magic Array, it is processed,


At this point, the processed components will be sent to Richard, where he will draw the real Rune: King of Angels Midalun. The complicated processes in front are just the processing of the material.


7-Layer material, 7-Layer Magic Array overlay, makes Midalun’s components more complex, enabling greater amplification, more features, in fact the accuracy of the components, the multi-layer material covered, and the engraving on the substrate. Magic Array is relatively simple, and a trained Mage can do it.


But Richard saw a direction from what he had thought before, Stereo Rune,


With the overlay overlay of a multi-layer Magic Array, you can combine many functions on one Rune to achieve a powerful power beyond imagination.


Of course, this will also bring huge demands on the carrying capacity, but for the strong players close to the super strong, their carrying capacity far exceeds the ordinary legend. Most of the time they face the main problem is that Rune is not enough. Powerful, not bearable,


A Midalun, which brought countless Enlightenment and inspiration to Richard, Richard remembered it silently, and he continued to build Midalun according to the established design.


This set of heavenly arms is one of the three sets that are ready to be delivered to Saint Martin. The process is now beyond imagination and can be completed in about a month. The next two sets of Runeset are only one and a half months old. Maybe not used,


With the Super League 5’s Midalun battle version as a contrast, Richard’s understanding of Midalun is actually above Saint Peter, but the more research, the more doubt Richard is.


Not because of anything else, but because the Rune of the Super Rank 5 has a soul, this is a true and complete soul. Through this soul, Richard vaguely sees the shadow of the real Midalun, he is wise, knowledgeable, delicate and rough, he With powerful power and redemption, there are so many shining brilliance, how can it be gathered on one by one body,


Perhaps because of his perfection, his rays of light, Midalun is called King of Angels.


Richard cleaned up the thoughts of distraction and re-entered the production of Rune.


During this time, the Legendary Powerhouses who went to the Giant Dragon Plane hunted back to the Giant Dragon Valley, and they all appreciated Richard’s thoughtful preparations.


Of course, they also heard that Richard simply defeated Sorento’s record and saw the entire one hundred and sixty Mounted Rune Knights stationed in the Giant Dragon Valley, so no one of Legendary Powerhouse would be stupid enough to force Richard. One end,


Today’s Giant Dragon Valley is booming. Everyone is happy and the strong meets. The common topic is how much to harvest in the Giant Dragon Valley. This has become a disguised way to compare, even if there is friction, it will be agreed to the Giant Dragon Valley. Going outside to compete,


However, this situation is very rare. Most of the Legendary Powerhouse know each other well. Even if they are not clear, they have a judgment of general strength. Therefore, if there is no conflict of interest in the fundamental surname, there will be very few cases of life and death.


As the high-end force of the entire Plane, the Legendary Powerhouse will not only explore the depths of Plane, but many people will enter the various Extinction Area Battlefield and the record of the Foreign Plane Legendary Powerhouse from time to time in order to sharpen their combat power. ,


Richard spends most of his time in the magic lab, rarely showing up.


Legendary Powerhouse also expressed their understanding that if Richard is not so focused and desperate, he will not achieve such success in a short period of time, and the more Richard is focused, the faster he will make the next Rank 5 Rune, no one will be. I feel that the Rune on my body is strong enough.


So many Legendary Powerhouses gather in the Giant Dragon Valley. In addition to the huge benefits of the Giant Dragon Plane, they also have a good relationship with Richard. They are familiar with each other. At least at the next press conference, Richard can remember to send them a copy. Invitation letter,


With just over 20 Legendary Powerhouses, Richard is able to make a Rank 5 Rune every six months, which means that up to ten years later, the Legendary Powerhouse will be able to get at least one Rank 5 Rune.


This is already a huge hope. Most of the strong people are reluctant to give up hope, especially those who are reluctant to enter the legend. Rune is the simplest and most realistic way to improve their combat power.


Time is like this,


On this day, Richard carefully mounted a silver-white component on Midalun on the armor frame, making Midalun look like a beautiful silver white armor, elegant and majestic.


In the hands of Richard is the last component. When it is placed on the Rune, the whole face of the armed forces of the heavens has a layer of shining brilliance, just like alive, giving off a light and majestic atmosphere.


Richard relaxed, this Midalun is finally finished, he looks to the side, suddenly startled, leaning against the wall and two armor racks, each with a complete set of Midalun


Richard patted his forehead, and then remembered that he had already done two sets of Midalun. Unconsciously, the third set of Midalun was also completed. The world of Rune is so charming that it always makes people forget the time.


Richard walked to the magic clock, wiped the mirror, and glanced at the top of the calendar. The two sets of Midalun added together for only two months and three days. A very good speed, even Richard himself was very satisfied.


Three sets of Midalun have been made, and Richard has completed the agreement with Saint Martin. After calculating the time, Norland has only been half a month. Looking at the three sets of Midalun, Richard can’t believe his eyes. The legendary heaven is the most embarrassing. The pearl of King of Angels Midalun is actually born again in his own hands, and it is still three sets.


Richard at the moment is not legendary yet.


Richard is not in a hurry. He hopes to sharpen himself to perfection, and then gain a satisfactory legendary ability. It does not necessarily need to be a legendary ability like Magic Transmutation. As long as it can effectively improve the combat power,


Thinking of this, there was a flash of lightning in Richard’s mind.


Ability, he already has enough power,


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