City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c158

City of Sin v8c158

Chien then clenched his magic staff and said, “Richard, you dare to beat the future Oracle at the Temple of the Eternal Dragon. You are Dragon of Eternity and Time.”


With a bang, Richard’s feet forced him to smother Ryan completely, then looked up at Chien, and his eyes were cold and said, “Oh, yes, I hit your Oracle again.” He is at Your “this possession has aggravated the tone, and it seems that ridicule and contempt,


Richard spread his hand and said coldly, “But, why don’t I see the Divine Punishment of Dragon of Eternity and Time, Chien, do you think about the meaning of the word Divine Favor.”


Chien paled and suddenly raised his voice and shouted: “The guards killed the people of this Dragon Temple.”


The surrounding Dragon Temple Knight was surrounded, but hesitated. They all recognized Richard and instinctively felt that Chien’s order seemed to be inappropriate.


Now Nowlan took a big step forward and shouted to the knights: “If you want to do anything, give me back. No one can point the weapon at Lord Richard. Who dares to point the weapon at Richard, who is the blasphemy.”


The Dragon Temple Knights are in a dilemma. They don’t know who to listen to, they’re on the spot.


Chien looked pale and looked at the other two High Priest and asked, “What do you say?”


But both High Priest sneaked back and opened the distance with Chien.


At this time, Richard looked at Chien and said in a light way: “Chien High Priest, you still don’t remember the meaning of Divine Favor’s diversion, do you want me to help you remember the memories.”


When he heard Richard, Chien’s face suddenly became pale. She finally remembered the true meaning of Divine Favor’s diversion. Divine Favor led the flow. Richard could not only distribute the Divine Favor generated by his own Sacrificial Offering, but also influence other people. Divine Favor’s acquisition,


Having the distribution rights of Divine Favor, even if it is incomplete, means that Richard’s important surname in the Dragon of Eternity and Time is far more than the big Priests of Chien.


And after she reacted, she discovered a very important thing that I just ignored. Those Divine Favor will be promoted to Level 1 if it is acquired by Chien, but Nowlan will directly hit Level 20. What does this mean, Chien? I feel an ice flow from the top of my head through the heart to the soles of the feet.


Whether it’s Richard’s patronage or Nowlan’s patronage, it’s just one thing, that is, Dragon of Eternity and Time’s position, Dragon of Eternity and Time has always been the most fair, who is more useful, it will stand Whose side,


Richard wasn’t in a hurry. He raised his hand and pointed to Chien. He only heard a light sound. Chien suddenly had a time hourglass on his head and then shattered. Most of it turned into nothingness, and only a small part remained on the top of Chien. Then slowly disappeared,


This time, Chien’s face’s blood color faded completely, pale like a dead person, and his voice trembled: “What have you done to me?”


“You know very well, aren’t you?” Richard’s smile looks like Devil at this time.


Chien’s body is shaking, biting her lower lip, her lips are pale and meaningless. She certainly knows what Richard did. Richard used Divine Favor’s diversion on her and it worked. Since then, Chien has hosted Sacrificial. Offering Divine Favor will be greatly reduced,


And Nowlan is now High Priest of Level 20, and the position in Dragon Temple is bound to increase dramatically, and will definitely be the first of the four High Priest. At that time, Chien will have less chance to host Sacrificial Offering. The upgrade path of Chien has become far away.


Chien’s eyes were full of despair and resentment. She grabbed the magic staff’s finger joints and became a little blood color, but did not speak because she knew clearly that nothing was said at this time.


In any case, she didn’t think that Richard’s title would actually be raised to the space lord. At least she had never seen this speed in the Temple of the Eternal Dragon for decades, and the Dragon of Eternity and Time actually preferred him. The Divine Favor diversion ability given to the Priest is unheard of, and even the Oracle of the temple has never heard of the right to have this near-Dragon of Eternity and Time spokesperson.


This may be the only loophole in her plan, but it happened. In the past few years, the number of Richard Sacrificial Offering has been too large, accounting for almost half of the entire Temple of the Eternal Dragon, such a huge Divine Favor. All were taken by Flowsand and Nowlan. Now that Ferlyn and Flowsand have left, Chien and the other two High Priest are no longer willing to watch Nowlan’s exclusive Divine Favor of Richard, so they have today’s forced palace.


Richard walked over to Chien, lifted his hand, and stopped in the air, slowly reaching Chien’s chest. Chien clenched his teeth, his body trembled, and some wanted to hide, but he stood still. Puten by Richard’s hand, Richard touched her chest and praised: “It’s not too small, so, although you just want to force me to the dead end, I am very tolerant, I am willing to give you a Opportunity, if you are willing to accompany me to bed, then I have not happened in these things, Divine Favor diversion will be restored, how, of course, if you don’t want it, it doesn’t matter, you will stay in Level 18 forever. Well, if you still want to do something further, it is possible to be driven out from here, so don’t do more stupid things, but I have already reminded you.”


Richard didn’t wait for her answer, just walked outside the Dragon Temple. Nowlan looked at Chien, but suddenly saw her renewed hope in her eyes. Suddenly, Nowlan immediately chased after Richard, with him. Walking side by side,


Nowlan walked and asked: “Is the request you just mentioned is serious.”


Richard shrugged and said, “Of course it is serious. I can’t really kill her here. In that case, maybe the old dragon will be angry. Just now, many people have seen it. From now on. She doesn’t want to look up again in the Temple of the Eternal Dragon. As for the upgrade, she doesn’t even think about it. Anyway, she can’t really go to bed with me. This requires her to never finish.”


Nowlan eagerly said: “That’s not necessarily, I think she will probably promise you what you just asked, and will come to you soon.”


Richard is startled: “This won’t, she is High Priest.”


Nowlan at the moment, Chien’s eyes just came out, and he said, “Yes.”


Richard has only had a bitter smile.


I have to say that Dragon of Eternity and Time is really responsive to the people it chooses. The additional skills that Divine Favor uses for Priest are originally a last name, and there is no way to restore it. Maybe Sacrificial Offering, Richard’s intention is To make Chien go no further, it will not cause trouble in the future.


He would never go to the bed to find the old man’s Sacrificial Offering to get rid of Chien’s restraint. The request to go to bed is just to humiliate her, but if she really puts down the shelf, Richard is equivalent to circling himself. Although in other people’s eyes, going to bed with Chien should be a very enjoyable experience, both mentally and physically.


“I will return to Faelor as soon as possible.” Richard felt that the best way to do it was to hide.


“What about Ryan and the other two High Priests.”


“The other two High Priest know the truth, I don’t plan to pursue it. As for Ryan, a little Cleric, let him go with his own life,” Richard said.


Nowlan frowned. “But Ryan had some Oracle harbingers before, so Chien would put a heavy bet on him.” She hesitated for a moment, not sure, “maybe there are other people in Chien.”


Richard said with a slight smile: “It doesn’t matter. He may have been a possibility to become Oracle before, but Dragon of Eternity and Time has just made it clear that Ryan definitely has no chance to become Oracle.”


Nowlan silent for a moment, solemnly said: “Congratulations, thank you.”


This is her heartfelt words. It is obvious from the consequences of today’s conflict that Richard’s position in the eyes of Dragon of Eternity and Time is already above their High Priest, perhaps second only to the real two of Flowsand and Ferryn. Oracle, younger Cleric like Ryan, who has the potential of Oracle, is also defeated. Even the future is lost. Without the full support of Richard, Nowlan’s future in the Temple of the Eternal Dragon must be very sad.


Richard didn’t have much joy and sighed: “This is nothing remarkable, but in the old longan, I am more useful.”


Such an important Sacrificial Offering, and the various episodes that follow, will be limited to the secrets of a small circle.


When Richard returned to Floating Island, a young Mage from Deepblue was already waiting. He brought a dark black suitcase and knew the price was only a matter of material work.


Richard opened the suitcase and looked at it. The space was clearly used in the box. It had two cubic meters of space and had a good magical effect.


Inside, there are all kinds of magic instruments and tools that are extremely well-made. They are designed with precision and space for expansion. All instruments and equipment are cost-effective. They only need to be able to reduce the size. This suitcase is the Dragon Blood Gnome Master Tion. The masterpiece, called the pocket of Legendary Mage,


It’s essentially a mobile magic lab, designed for use in the Legende Mage, which can be used to explore the Plane space and can’t carry too much money. Each Legendary Mage pocket is priced at more than three million coins. For sale, Richard also passed the Fayr Master relationship and waited for a whole year before getting a set.


There is about half a cubic meter of space left in the pocket of Legendary Mage for some magical material. After Richard left the Deepblue Mage, he placed the material after the Sacrificial Offering one after another, and then buckled it. suitcase,


Then Richard left the old Steward with a list to buy the magic material on the list, and at the same time wrote a letter to Niris, then rushed to Faelor.


Shortly after Richard left, there was a mysterious guest on Floating Island. She was a woman, but she was all hidden under a deep hat and hat. When she arrived at Floating Island, she directly presented a Marquis recommendation letter. Asked to see Richard, after learning that Richard had left Faust, she took a moment and then left quietly.


After Richard left, the undercurrent of Norland continued to surge.


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