City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c111

City of Sin v8c111

It’s hard to say now, losing control of the soul. Richard doesn’t know what Broodmother wants to do. Perhaps he is also a delicious food in the eyes of Broodmother who likes to eat strong food.


Richard’s eyes shimmered in the depths of his eyes, scanning the surroundings quietly and looking for a way out. Fortunately, the surrounding environment has been completely transformed by Broodmother, the metal content is extremely low, and it can be said that the Hive forest is Broodmother. At home, in such an environment, the role of King of Metal is limited to a minimum.


The existence of the Hive forest has caused space anomalies, and Richard has also found that the airborne belts that have been towed are also a means of protection for the Hive forest, flying in the sky above the Hive forest, which becomes extremely dangerous.


After reviewing the surrounding environment, Richard looked up at Broodmother again, but from the appearance of Broodmother, he did not feel any hostility.


As if to know what Richard was thinking, Broodmother moved the huge body, causing the surrounding ground to sway gently, and the sound from the mouthpiece seemed to fluctuate.


It said: “Every broken soul is eager for completeness, but after the completion, it hopes for the days of the past.”


Richard startled, I didn’t think that Broodmother would say such a sensible word. In his impression, Broodmother was born as a war machine for the purpose of pursuing more powerful power. Seeing everything as raw material, it seems to be filling up the soul and awakening. After the True Name, everything is changing quietly.


It’s just what the words of Broodmother mean.


Broodmother waved its ridiculous blade and continued: “When I got the full soul, the first emotion I felt was not satisfied, but confused. I suddenly couldn’t find the meaning of my existence. I don’t know what I want to do next.” It paused and more humanely emphasized, “I want to do it, not to do it.”


“Even if I wake up True Name and have more powerful power, I am still plagued by confusion. The instinct allows me to devour everything that can be swallowed up, keep on stepping, and keep going strong. I can clearly see this. The end of the road, when the entire Plane will be occupied by my combat units, my will is the will of Plane, however, this is only the end of Plane, not my end, I don’t know, when I occupied everything can occupy What do you want to do next is to find another Plane and repeat this path.”


“My first dream was a nightmare. I saw the end of the road. When the infinite Plane was willing to be one, the entire Crystal Wall was dark, lonely and ultimately destroyed.”


Having said that, Broodmother lowered his body and leaned over to Richard. He said, “I remember that once you were by my side, I was so drunk. Since then, I have tried to get drunk, but from Unsuccessful, until I had a complete soul, I was drunk for the first time. It was a very strange feeling. There were many thoughts that would not appear at all, that is, in that hangover. Let me be able to examine myself from other angles, and I will have a meeting with you today. I found that when a person is drunk, there is absolutely no precaution. At that time, you have full confidence in me.”


Richard suddenly had a strange feeling that Broodmother seemed to be expressing closeness, just like in the past, when he shared some souls with Broodmother, essentially interdependent and living together, if the relationship is intimate, no more than this. .


Richard reached out and tried to reach the position of Broodmother’s head. The huge Broodmother, at this moment, the mouth is up to a high level, and Richard’s action is like putting his hand into the mouth of Broodmother.


Broodmother then lowered some of his body again and closed the mouthparts.


When Richard’s hand touched the body of Broodmother, an all-round warmth was instantly uploaded from the hand. This warm flow is familiar, and it is the soul communication that I used to do every day.


At this moment, the soul connection between Richard and Broodmother was re-established, and Broodmother’s voice once again sounded in Richard’s consciousness: “Master, this communication is more suitable for us.”


Richard laughed and laughed and said, “You still call my master.”


“This title is very familiar and very suitable.”


Richard asked: “So, what kind of relationship do you hope to have in the future?”


Broodmother said softly: “I can’t be sure before you arrive, but after seeing you, now I have the exact idea. I hope that the relationship between me and you is the same as in the past. Planning and guiding my development path, so I will still call you a master, and unlike the past, the relationship is two-way. In human terms, um, exactly, this is Solomon. An invention of Stronghold Scholar Mage, that is, a partner, I hope that you can stand firm on the road to the peak. If your pace becomes slow and you can no longer lead me, then our cooperation will be suspended. Even, you may become my prey.”


Richard smiled and said: “It doesn’t sound very pleasant.”


Broodmother said: “There is a precedent for this relationship, it is with you.”


“The precedent around me.” Richard somewhat uncertain.


“You and Faceless are examples.”


Richard frowned: “But I am purely cooperative with her, and it may not become your prey as it is with you.”


Broodmother said: “Master, you may not understand some things. You have insight into the real power of the world. In the world of the strong, this ability is invaluable, and if you devour your soul, you may get this power, though The chances are small, perhaps less than one in ten thousand, but the hope of renewing is better than no hope, and I believe that with the ability and means of Faceless, there must be a way to increase the chance.”


Richard silently asked, “How do you know it?”


“When I wake up True Name, I naturally know that these are the experiences and memories that are stored in my True Name.”


Richard suddenly laughed and said, “It sounds like I have no choice.”


“This is the best choice.” When it comes to this, Broodmother’s voice is softer and deeper. “I believe we will stand at the peak of each Plane, you and me.”


“But what does it mean?”


“The point is to put your destiny in your own hands, the meaning is freedom!” said Broodmother.


Richard knocked on Broodmother and smiled and said, “Okay, I will succeed.”


“You must succeed, otherwise you will become my food.”


“Well, I will finally ask you a question. After you wake up True Name, you should have finished the soul. Why do you want to tell me the True Name?”


Broodmother said without any concealment: “The core Divine Language of my True Name is Sillo. It means change hundreds of millions. If you bind me with my True Name, you will find that only one of me is in touch. The clone of the seed state only controls my subject.”


“It turned out that this soul-filling plan is really amazing.”


Unexpectedly, Broodmother said: “The original intention of this plan is not to release my freedom. Solomon Stronghold Scholar Mages has laid a few ingenious traps in the plan so that they can have limited control over the use of planners in the future, but with True Name’s awakening, I realized these traps, and made targeted corrections. If Solomon Stronghold Mage tries to control me, his body and soul will become my captives, and then for him, for the rest of his life. It will be an endless nightmare.”


Broodmother The pair of small blades swayed over the head and said: “According to the original design, after performing the soul-filling plan, I will have a special magic mark on my body. This mark should only be Solomon Stronghold Scholar Mages. Only then can I perceive that when I see the mark, they will know that I have implemented the soul-filling plan. At that time, I think that few people can endure the temptation and not try to control me, so I kept this magic mark so that Solomon Stronghold Mage, which may be around, may be hard to find and detect if they are hidden.”


At this time, Broodmother suddenly gave a genuine sigh. “In contrast, Raymond is still too proud. The real Solomon Stronghold Mage has the purest spirit of exploration. In their dictionary, there is no bloodline, family, or country. s things.”


Richard can’t help but put a breath out, only the bitter smile, and Broodmother has the independent soul for such a short period of time, and has used the crafty plots and machinations of smart life so well, perhaps this is the character of the Silro True Name. .


Richard said: “Since we have already negotiated, then I will go back. There is still a lot to do on the road to the peak.”


“Wait a minute, I have something to show you.”


After a few moments, a few flying dragonflies floated onto the platform and placed some of the arms that Richard had never seen before on the platform.


The first thing that attracted Richard’s attention was a tall warrior with a black helmet and black armor. He was three meters tall and covered with dark armor with a blue armor. His head was covered with a sly helmet. The angles of the extended and curved corners are covered with barbs, and the sharps are shining with the blue rays of light. Obviously, it is not a simple ornament. Several samurai blue rune will appear on the samurai’s chest armor. It looks strange and mysterious.


Richard picked up the hole and couldn’t help but startled. The warrior actually had the power of Level 17. The armor of the samurai was made of biological tissue mixed with cold iron. Under the surface of the nail piece, it was all similar to the tendon. The armor is firmly integrated. These organizations are connected to the samurai’s back through several interfaces. The samurai supplies nutrients, and the armor can be controlled when needed.


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