City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c102

City of Sin v8c102

Seven days are fleeting.


Inside the altar hall was dead, and Richard stood on a platform that stretched out from the mountain wall, looking down at the blood pool of the altar below.


The sky above the cold iron throne is overcast, and the color of the lead is pressed against the city. However, there is no terrifying phenomenon in the return of Gao De Ori on the day. Norland leads the Faelor in the Plane transmission for more than a thousand years. The summon transmission array of the Asiris transformation will naturally not Like the original law matrix, it makes a big move.


The blood pool is already boiling, and more and more black space ripples begin to appear above the altar. When the black ripples are interwoven to a certain extent, the two faint silions leaping out of the space ripples and appearing above the altar.


When they came out, the blood pool was completely boiling, and even the blood waves of severe meters were picked up. The two silhouettes were not eager to enter the blood pool, but looked around and talked a few words.


“This return is very smooth, Rios, I never thought that the coordinates would be so clear.”


“Yeah, Hill, don’t you think it’s a bit strange? The strength of our descendants should gradually decline. How can we send such clear coordinates?”


Hill didn’t care to say: “We haven’t been back for a few hundred years. It’s been a long time for a few geniuses to be normal. It should be a good thing for us. It’s just God. The waste of Kingdom is nothing but the situation of the war.”


Rios silent for a while and said: “I hope so, this time the enemy looks very troublesome, Gao De Ori has no news, and the descendants have sent out a rescue signal, which always makes me feel very worried.”


Hill sneered a few times and said, “We will not be able to cope with the troubled enemies. Since we both come back, we must let the people who are in trouble pay enough price. You said, how did they destroy their country?” kind.”


Rios Said solemnly: “Be able to hit the cold iron throne, most of them have some shadows behind the gods, we find out who is intervening, and then wiped out their descendants and churches.”


Hill said with a smile : “This can be a few million lives.”


Rios said quietly: “Since we are enemies with our descendants, how many lives are just numbers, I will let the invaders taste the burning of hot iron in the internal organs, and the descendants should evacuate the core members. “”


“Well, let’s go into the body and talk about it. As long as the bloodline is still there, there will always be ants. I hope that the body prepared by the descendants will not be too bad. Let us stay for a few more days. Rios, I have just seen it. Yes, there should be no problem below.”


Rios nodded, and Hill sank into the blood pool.


The boiling blood pool suddenly calmed down, and then the blood surface quickly fell, revealing two young people. They examined the physical condition and felt very satisfied. Then they floated up and wanted to fly out of the blood pool.


However, just as they had just emerged from the top of the altar, countless black runes suddenly emerged from the Void, such as a large net, covering Hill and Rios head-on, and branding them on them.


The two suddenly screamed with anger, and the body was branded with black Divine Symbol. They couldn’t keep floating and fell into the blood pool. Countless black Divine Symbols swarmed into the blood pool like a bee colony and continued to burn. To Hill and Rios.


In the blood pool, a very strong silver brilliance emerged, and one piece of convergence, at this moment, the subsequent densely packed Divine Symbol was completely dispersed.


Then Hill rose into the sky, violently glanced around and yelled: “Who is it? Give me out, come out, you guys who dare to hide in the shadows, dirty rubbish.”


Rios also slowly lifted off, said solemnly: “Hill, calm down, I think, this time we met the guests whose power is not under us. For the real strong, we need to give enough respect.”


At this moment, Richard reached out and opened the space barrier in front of him, while letting go of the atmosphere that had been converging. In a flash, Hill and Rios’ eyes fell on Richard, and both Hill and Rios flashed. After doubts, the face became dignified.


Hill, who was originally in anger, suddenly calmed down and said, “Who are you descendants, call out your ancestors, I think, we have no reason not to know him.”


Hill has seen that Richard is not a Legendary Powerhouse, but has stood outside the legendary gate, and that Richard is so young, there must be a formidable power behind him, and a huge force, such a character, even if Gods All counted, the entire Faelor history is also very few, so Hill said there is no reason not to know.


However, Richard said faintly: “This is my decision, it has nothing to do with my ancestors, and you can’t know them. Now, the two are still thinking about their situation. You are now in the wrong place.” It is already inseparable from Faelor.”


The whole body of Silver has a silver rays of light, a silver wire oozes from the body surface, and waves constantly, while Rios returns to the altar and hands fall to the ground. The entire altar hall immediately vibrates and sounds from the underground. The sound grows with a strong metal texture.


There was a one by one bulge on the ground, and soon a few steel-cast giants broke out. The hard granite floor of the altar became loose like mud, and the steel smashed out of the head opened their eyes one by one, struggling to Climb out of the soil.


Only for the first time, Rios summons out more than ten steel shackles. This is because he is sinned and the power is damaged. It seems that the Cold Iron Throne is really suitable for Rios. power.


However, Hill’s silver line only extended beyond ten meters and no longer grows. According to his original strength, the silver line can be easily spread over the entire altar space.


Richard met, lightly smiled, and as expected, this is the result of the power conflict between the Friends of Silver and King of Iron.


Although the two powerhouses each embark on different paths, their strength is based on metal rules. In a limited space, the power of rules that can be mobilized is also limited. Rios wants to exert the greatest strength, and Hill must Concession, and vice versa.


If they are allowed to leave the altar space, then the restriction nature does not exist, but now, the power of the two strong powers can not be fully exerted, and the results of mutual restraint may not be as good as the strength of Rios alone. .


The altar itself is not only built in the mountainside, but also under the imperial palace, it is also located at an important node of the cold iron vein, so the surrounding space not only uses a solid and barrier-like material, but also adds an ancient magic effect. This is to protect the core secrets of the empire. At this time, the two kings could not break the altar space.


Richard is condescending and smiles and says, “I have a gift for you here, I hope you can be satisfied.”


As a result, Richard reached out and sketched a few times in the air, and immediately a Transfer Gate was created out of thin air.


Hill glanced over and immediately sneered and said: “Shadow Summon, a Level 8 magic wants to give us a surprise, even if you have a special ability on summon, you can summon three or four shadows of Warrior. Not a few hundred thousand cockroaches, no, hell!!”


Hill’s ridiculous words have not been finished, and they are stared wide-eyed.


In front of him, the newly formed Shadow Summon Transfer Gate changed rapidly and expanded and solidified. In a flash, it became a giant door near ten meters high. The door frame and the ordinary magic door are all different from light and shadow. Majestic, each side is surrounded by a shadow snake, and the top is smashed with countless shadows of Warrior, guarding a huge gem that emits faint green light.


The giant door is dark black, emitting metal rays of light. Just like the essence, there is no magical creation. The door is engraved with mysterious rune and Magic Array, and its complexity is far beyond Hill’s cognition.


The door slowly opened, just opened a gap, and the countless shadow Warrior sprayed out from the door.


That is why hundreds of shadows Warrior is simply a shadow frenzy.


Not only Hill, but Rios also complexion big change, King of Iron immediately tried to tear the space to prepare to escape, but with the body of countless crimes at the same time, like a rope tightly bound to Rios Spirit, so that it can not be separated from the body.


At this moment, Richard has placed an insulative light curtain in front of himself, quietly retreating from the already set space barrier, behind him, is the mountains call, the seas roar-like energy explosion, and the sound of Hill and Rios. Trench.


Richard shook his head and walked out of the channel from the other end. At the exit of the passage, a layered Magic Array was placed, and all the followers were waiting, and in a little outside, two hundred Rune Knights formed the second. Line of defense.


At this moment, the mountains under the feet of everyone are trembled, and all the followers are faintly discolored. They did not expect Faeror’s Legendary Powerhouse to have such terrifying power to shake the power of the mountain, which is to be placed in Norland. Legend.


The appearance of Gao De Ori once gave Richard a strong impact on the followers who were above the top. Now, the power fluctuations in the altar of the mountain are still above Gao De’ao.


Seeing that Richard walked out of the mountain, some followers, including Asiris and Faceless, had a slight change in their attitude. No one knew what Richard had placed in the mountain inside stomach. He actually had the ability to interact with two Legendary Powerhouses. The ability to counterbalance, only from the degree of tremor of the mountain, can be known that the battle situation is absolutely fierce, the two strong players have already made full efforts.


If Richard’s approach is not one-off, it means that Richard now has the strength to compete with the legend, even if his Mana is still at Level 20.


Tiramisu’s attitude toward Richard will never change. In Ogre’s two heads, Richard is always the best. He waved ten tons. Weng asked: “Hey, those two guys will not. Will rush out.”


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