City of Sin

By Misty South

City of Sin v8c41

City of Sin v8c41

Sharon coldly said: “Then you can try it, are you planning to run away?”


Indefiniteness said while laughing loudly : “This time I can’t escape.”


“Very good.” Sharon no longer talked a few times, sketched out a Plane Transfer Gate, then folded it and turned it into a huge ball of light, throwing it into Indefiniteness.


Indefiniteness converges in the air, making a bow shot, one arrow after another, and then thousands upon thousands of gray arrows, like a waterfall, welcoming Sharon’s space burst.


Another huge Fireball ignited in the sea, but this time the ball of light was not hit by the predetermined position and was detonated by the gray arrow in advance, so the formidable power was also greatly reduced, and the flame energy of berserk was still gray. Although these gray gases are faint and weak, they are exceptionally tenacious. Each gray gas consumes several times or even tens of times the flame energy to Annihilation. When the burning huge Fireball expands to the extreme, the edge distance is not even indefiniteness. To the hunting meters.


Indefiniteness really did not retreat, she was completely curled up, around the body with a gray ray of light, resisting the erosion of high temperature and storm, only a thin layer of gray light, being blown up and down It seems that Annihilation will always be there, but this thin layer of protection is tenacious beyond imagination, no matter how meager, it is not extinguished.


When the giant Fireball turned into a harmless mushroom cloud, Indefiniteness relaxed her body and smiled at Sharon, but she just smiled and her face changed again, because another glare Fireball had already arrived.


“Sharon, you haven’t finished yet.” Indefiniteness screamed and fled.


“Of course not finished.” Legendary Mage Two small eyebrows have been standing upright, and a new Transfer Gate is outlined.


One after another, a huge mushroom cloud is constantly appearing on the Floating Ice Bay. The flames of the storm are raging around, like a doomsday scene that makes people look stunned. Every attack by Sharon is impacting the entire Norland space barrier, and Indefiniteness The attack seems to have no sound, but only if she can compete with Sharon, she knows that it is never simple. In fact, the damage to Plane, the gray energy of Indefiniteness is not much worse than that of Suhai.


In the Void, those courageous will quietly begin to communicate.


“It’s a terrifying woman.”




“Two madmen…”


“The way they fight this will cause permanent trauma to Plane, we must stop them,” said a voice of justice.


“…will be besieged.”


“Since it is your proposal, or is it you go…”


“…” The voice of justice chose silence this time.


Such a world-shaking battle made Turbidflow also shocked. He realized that if he accidentally provoked Sharon, then I wouldn’t even have time to save him from Indefiniteness. Seeing that Indefiniteness was chased by Sharon, Turbidflow was even more It was trembling in fear, worried about Indefiniteness, he was distracted here, but Richard was dedicated to it, chasing him to kill, and recruiting all the same way, and actually turned Turbidflow into a dog, all at once Falling in the wind.


Being chased, Turbidflow couldn’t help but scream: “You are a madman, don’t you worry about His Royal Highness Sharon.”


Richard said bluntly: “You can kill her before you can help her.”


Turbidflow roared: “I still want to kill me, wait for my clone, wait for me…”


Halfway through, Turbidflow suddenly froze, almost being cut across from Richard, because Turbidflow saw the Faceless knight flying out of the other side of Deepblue, but his three clones were gone.


What happened, it goes without saying.


After the Faceless knight came out of Deepblue, he flew directly to Waterflower. Waterflower instantly understood and began to move closer to Faceless. As soon as they approached, Faceless immediately took a Level 18 Turbidflow clone and then started running away. This clone is much faster, but the speed of Faceless is also improved, and it is still not to be caught up by this clone. The two are in a circle and circle around Waterflower and another clone. .


On the other side, Turbidflow suddenly remembered something and exclaimed: “Which war madman you are, it is not over yet.”


The war madman can pull Level 19’s Richard to Level 21. This formidable power is so powerful. Turpidflow has never heard of it before. It is reasonable to say that the more powerful, the shorter the duration. , can be such a terrifying war madman, how could it last for so long.


In fact, Richard is also wondering about this problem. However, the war madman is there.


At this moment, Richard understood the true meaning of Faceless’s phrase “If you can’t beat it, it must be too weak.”


Waterflower suddenly screamed with amazing power. Shepherd of Eternal Rest brought a whistling whistle, and the three knives came out. The simple work alone cut the clone of Turbidflow into several pieces.


Faceless just flew in front of Waterflower, and another Turbidflow’s clone was chased after the weekly meters, and passed by in front of Waterflower. The girl did not think about it, and the instinct swung out, and the clone was cut in two pieces. After that, Waterflower also smashed startled, completely unexpectedly expected to have such a victory.


Turbidflow also licked, and then slammed a large mouthful of blood.


All clones were destroyed, and Turbidflow was immediately hit hard, and the strength was permanently reduced by Level 1.


Richard is silent, chasing Turididflow with great concentration, a knife is faster than a knife, and a knife is more difficult than a knife. At this moment, Turbidflow truly feels the threat of destruction.


Between life and death, Turbidflow inspires fierceness, and does not evade retreat, but is madly attacking Richard.


Instantly blood mist spews.


The two men joined together and stared at each other, gasping like a cow, and countless wounds were bleeding.


Waterflower wants to rush, but stops. She knows that the battle is too subtle. Richard and Turbidflow are too close together and hurt too much. If Turbidflow wants to die in desperation, Richard can’t hide, so Waterflower is condensed. Stopped in the air, did not dare to move, but I was shocked to Turididflow.


Faceless’s mask changed slightly. She suddenly fluttered around Waterflower and whispered in her ear: “Now is the opportunity, go up and kill Turbidflow.”


The girl panicked and shook her head: “No, he will kill Richard.”


“Will not.”


“Will do.”


“Will not.”


“You give me a roll,” Waterflower suddenly screamed at Faceless, and both Turbidflow and Richard turned to look at her.


Faceless just shrugged as if he had never said anything.


Richard and Turbidflow are like red-eyed cocks, staring at each other, so dry for a moment, Turbidflow suddenly said: “Bad boy, your liver is coming out, don’t roll back to dress up, put your mother here. hero,.”


Richard replied: “Your grandfather, you are not so vulnerable, but what I am seeing now is the lungs. Do you know what Absolute Execution is now? It tastes bad.”


Turbidflow gritted his teeth and tried his best to get closer to Richard. He squeezed a few words from his teeth: “You think that Turbidflow is afraid of death. I will show you this, who is not afraid of death.”


As it was, Turbidflow raised his hand with difficulty and punched him on Richard’s nose. On the spot, Kacha screamed, Richard’s nose had broken. When he punched this fist, Turbidflow didn’t mean to protect himself. If Richard wanted, he could directly The handle is inserted into the core of Turbidflow.


But Richard is confused, not inserting the heart of Turbidflow, but taking a slap in the face and pumping it on Turbidflow’s face, drawing his left face and backing his right face. He said, “You This is courting death, do you think this is loyal to your Indefiniteness?”


“The only thing I am afraid of is that I can’t be a good dog under Indefiniteness. What are you going to do, kid,.”


“The dog is not like you.”


With a bang, Turbidflow slammed into Richard’s face and said, “You don’t know how to be a dog.”


With a bang, Richard also punched and said: “You fuck really don’t understand.”


Turbidflow cursed in a small piece of his mouth, raised his foot, and went to Richard’s chest, but smashed empty, Waterflower slammed from the side, hugged Richard, flung him aside, then looked back at Turbidflow I said one word at a time: “I killed you.”


The girl mentioned Shepherd of Eternal Rest and flew directly to Turbidflow.


Turbidflow couldn’t be flashed, avoiding it, just shrugging, quietly waiting to die, and even throwing a kiss to Waterflower.


However, the knives that Waterflower must kill are equally stabbed.


Indefiniteness swept through the wind, caught Turbidflow’s back neck and took him away, letting Waterflower’s knife pass, Indefiniteness still had the embers to catch Waterflower’s short hair, lifted her alive and then on her lips. He took a sip and smiled and said “good taste”, and the girl was thrown far beyond the kilometer.


The next moment, Indefiniteness appeared in front of Richard and took Richard directly in his arms. He actually kissed him in his mouth, said with a smile: “What about Sharon, her man is not being played by me. pass.”


In the distant sky, Legendary Mage uttered a world-shaking scream, screaming at the boundless powers.


Indefiniteness patted Richard’s face and twisted it hard before throwing Richard out and the silhouette disappeared quietly.


Sharon suddenly stopped, and his heart was filled with uneasiness. It seemed that something very bad was going to happen. Indefiniteness appeared ghostly behind Sharon, smirked in her ear, and then gently blew. Heat, then, Indefiniteness’s hand went down…


On the Floating Ice Bay, a huge Fireball was ignited.


Sharon’s face was blue and green, and the little hand went to the buttocks. He was forced to take it back halfway, and his face was a casual expression, as if nothing had happened.


It is a pity that Indefiniteness will never give her face, and her voice is heard from afar: “Sharon, your ass is very flexible, oh Hahahaha.”


Legendary Mage suddenly felt that his life was so weak for the first time, even the strength of the middle finger has been lost.


PS: Suddenly I can’t sleep. I always feel that I haven’t done anything, so I climbed up and continued to code. I have this fourth one. This is more 3003. The number of words is a bit. Let’s forgive me. Think about the code word career. It’s almost ten years. After ten years, I wrote four books. There are too many people who owe me, I don’t know when I can pay it back.


However, what I promised must be done. I want you to be more excited about the two. I can’t just send everyone out.


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