[351] Each word

[351] Each word

The squad leader took the video of the big horn and watched the video for a while. The face was immediately covered with a layer of frost.

Without further ado, I can't go past the squad leader and look at it. I have to take out my own mobile phone and quickly open the website that the big horn said, searching in front of the video leaderboard.

The second one is! "Heads in the top, the power of the world"! Awkward name! The video content is as cumbersome as the name! I and Xu Shaoguan masters show their magical powers, "Pants flow, mad warrior mode" war "true panties flow Taekwondo", the fight is called a sun and moon no light!

Netizens have commented below the video:

"I am going to go! The guy in the jacket, the leg method is catching up with Donnie Yen!"

"The opposite is also very nonsense! Use your fist to hit the other's knees hard!"

“Is it a student at the martial arts school? It’s better than trying it. Why do you have a panty over your head?”

"You don't know? This is what happened in our winter city. These two people are underwear thieves who have been mad for months, because they are not evenly divided!"

“Where is Dongshan City? I have never heard of it, it’s a small third-rate city!”

"It’s good for your city! You are all snobbery in the north!"

"I am not from Beishangguang, I am from Hangzhou! North and Guangzhou are heavily polluted, how can we compare with us!"

"The southerners are all face-to-face, believe it or not, come to our northeast, kill you in minutes!"

"Do not attack in the area, I hate people who attack in the area, and you are a Northeaster!"

"There is another terrorist attack in Xinjiang. Fortunately, I don't live in Xinjiang."

"There are all the problems in the trough! Let me discuss the video and discuss the video!"

"I heard the relatives of Dongshan City say that the school uniform that is good at using boxing and wearing a private school may be a rich second generation..."

"In the end, he still won, and he didn't have long eyes. Why didn't he be kicked to death?"

"That is... all said that the rich second generation will be martial arts, and the rogue can't stop it..."

I rely on, beg you not to push the video up again! Shame broke through the sky! After a few more days, maybe it will be passed to Japan and the United States, let people all over the world come together to laugh at the abnormalities of our two tops!

In addition, at this time the squad leader has turned his head and looked at me with the eyes that can freeze the dead!

Although this video uses a low-pixel mobile phone camera, it is taken from a very distant place, but it is the back of the Xu Shaoguan main, and it is my front!

Although the eyebrows are unclear, it is not enough for the big horn to recognize me, but mainly the clothes of the Qingzi Academy have interfered! I first thought that I was a student of the Qingzi Academy!

But the squad leader is different! The squad leader saw me wearing this set of school uniforms in Qingzi Academy! I also handed over the buttons for me! The most important thing is that I used to wear this suit, in front of the squad leader, to open the mad warrior mode, and 瞎B Li, second, Zhao Guangtou died!In the video, I also started the Berserker mode! The squad leader’s eyes don’t lick the sand. Just by the same action, I can recognize it as me! The squad leader now thinks that I am an accomplice of the underwear thief, and because of the uneven distribution, the top of the panties and the other side played a life and death duel!

Also, the squad leader was stolen by Shu Zhe a few months ago, ready to get the underwear to sell at the school, Shu Zhe also pushed the blame to the underwear thief! Now the squad leader may think that her underwear is stolen by me!

Oh! Although the underwear really fell into my hands, but I later gave it to the first tidal wave, there is no clean underwear to wear the little celery! Didn't you see her wearing it at Xiaoqin's house? (although I think I just bought the same style by chance)

not good! The black squad of the squad leader slipped slightly along the eyelids and immediately clenched his lower lip! Want to understand something! Do you think that the underwear worn by Xiao Qin is the same style as the underwear he lost, not a mere coincidence, but my conspiracy as an underwear thief!

After careful recall, it seems that Xiaoqin and the squad leader said, "This underwear is given to me by others." The first suspected goal of the squad leader is me!

The logic of the squad leader is gradually pieced together, and the resulting "truth" is probably like this:

The underwear thief is a two-person combination, it is me, and the person wearing the jacket in the video.

The underwear she lost was stolen by me. Not only was it stolen, but it was also taken to Xiaoqin by me. After I got the taste of Xiaoqin, I tried to get it back.

Finally, you can get the same pair of underwear that the two girls passed!

Then, if you use that kind of underwear, you are not insulting two girls in your own delusions!

Very perverted, very shameless, but for underwear thieves, it is also very fulfilling behavior!

what! Come over to me! I already guessed that I was watching the video, so I returned the phone to the inexplicable big horn and walked over to me empty-handed!

I am planning to use my empty hands to cover my neck!

I quickly paused the video of my mobile phone, then lifted my collar with both hands, narrowed my neck, and made myself like a turtle.

"Squad leader... you, what are you doing? Don't come over!"

The squad leader is like the teacher who checks the value of the discipline. One hand presses on my desk, the other hand akimbo, looking at me sitting on the stool.

In the beginning, it was in a very disappointing tone:

"Ye Lin, everyone suspects that you are an underwear thief, I am still defending you. When the underwear thief is seen several times, you are sleeping in the classroom, there is no proof of absence..."

"It turns out that you are two people! Separately commit crimes and provide each other with proof of absence. It is no wonder that you have not caught you for more than two months!"

"You said, why do you want to be an underwear thief? The underwear you stole from me, where is it now? You will not give it to the third girl again?"

I finally left a face for me, not particularly loud, otherwise the class

The rest of the people are all heard.

"Squad leader, you really misunderstood! The underwear is stolen by your brother..."Now, I don't want to hide it for Shu Zhe.

The long hair of the squad leader, like the raging waves of the sea, fluctuated.

"In fact, I still shamelessly, pushing my guilt to my brother!?"

The squad leader's eyes are a bit red.

"Is so much like the girl's underwear? Still on the head? My underwear, you... you have taken it and managed it!"

"You will not be allowed to step into our house again in the future!"

I was so anxious that I couldn't know how to explain. Xiong Yaoyue didn't know when it appeared in Xiaoqin's position. While eating a popsicle, she listened to me and the squad leader's conversation without hesitation.

"How come you come back, Xiaoqin?" I asked.

"Xiao Qin, she was lucky to meet a math teacher. She was called to the office and asked her why math is so bad. Isn't it interested in mathematics? I am afraid to be beaten together, I will run back first. !"

Really have a foresight! Your math score is not much better than Xiaoqin!

"Right, Ye Lin, what are you quarreling with the squad leader?"

"You ask him!" The squad leader picked up his arms.

Xiong Yao bowed his head and saw the video paused on my mobile phone.

"Ah, this is it! I saw it yesterday!" Xiong Yaoyue laughed. "Speaking of it, one of them is a bit like Ye Lin! But how can Ye Lin wear the school uniform of Qingzi Academy? Hahahaha~~ ~"

The squad leader snorted. "The man is Ye Lin! He has a school uniform in the Qingzi Academy. I saw him through!"

Xiong Yaoyue opened his mouth and forgot to eat even the popsicle.

After a while, I woke up: "Don't you know that Ye Lin is an underwear thief?"

"Not who he is!" said the squad leader.

"No! The underwear thief is obviously your brother..."

When Xiong Yao’s words were halfway through, she saw the squad leader’s eyes that wanted to kill, and immediately stopped.

"That's also, look at the comments in this video, saying that these two people are more reliable than underwear thieves..."

Xiong Yaoyue frowned and thought about it, but finally concluded, but said:

"Yes, but Ye Lin may not be an accomplice of the underwear thief, but is blocking him!"

I, I am so touched! Xiong Yaoyue, I want to worship you as a brother! Now only you will believe me!

The squad leader was unmoved. "If he is brave enough, why should he put his underwear on his head?"

Xiong Yaoyiu scratched his face. "Is it possible to be an accident?"

"Unexpectedly? Every year, there are so many underwears that have been blown down by the wind. Which passer-by has been turned into Ye Lin like this accident! It is obviously a metamorphosis! Those underwears must be stolen for use! ”

"Squad leader, you are wrong to say this." Xiong Yaoyue looked up and said righteously.

"I can't guarantee that Ye Lin must be brave in the righteousness, but I dare to take the chest to ensure that he is not going to steal the underwear to go back!"

When Xiong Yaoyue said that she really patted her chest, her serious look made the squad leader have to be silent.

After a long while, the squad leader whispered: "Little bear, what evidence do you have?"Xiong Yaoyue looked at the sky with both eyes. "I have evidence, but it is not convenient to tell you! In short, I guarantee that Ye Lin did not steal the girls' underwear and go back to the tube! If this is what I said casually, let me not marry later!"

Girl, I am very grateful to you for believing me, but don't use this to curse yourself! You are so old and warm, you can marry a good family!

The squad leader was still skeptical. At this time, the big horn had already shown the video to more people. Some people found that the person wearing the school uniform of the Qingzi Academy was like me, but he did not dare to raise it.

However, Xiong Yaoyue’s voice was too loud to see, and it was impossible to keep the secret. Just when I was suspected of being an underwear thief by the whole class, Cao Gonggong suddenly stood up.

"The master did not steal other people's underwear! The master is not an underwear thief!"

"Not only the master is not, the one who fights with him is not an underwear thief!"

“The master is making a movie with my dad! It’s all for the sacrifice of art!!”

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