[304] The line in the heart

[304] The line in the heart

I don't know if Xiaoqin is implementing the "I am more staying" plan. In short, she is very clever and sticky in front of the squad leader. It seems to be the little sister who has been lost for many years. It is at least more likable than Shuzhe.

I know that if Xiao Qin and Shu Zhe are adjusted, let Xiaoqin and the squad leader live together every day, the squad leader will definitely shorten the life because of some inexplicable reasons.

Because Xiaoqin was also injured, the squad leader was embarrassed to let Xiaoqin help to cook, and asked to ask for a takeaway.

"Okay!" Shu Zhe raised his hand in favor, "I will Pizza Pizza Pizza!"

You know Pizza Hut, you know pizza, you are a ninja turtle!

Xiaoqin shook his head and showed two good hands of Yingying jade to the squad leader.

"It doesn't matter! I am very happy to cook for the squad leader, and Ye Lin will work with me!"

"This way..." The squad leader took the amount of help, as if the exhaustion of the day had hit her heart at this time, she was unable to sit on the sofa.

"Sorry, suddenly a little tired, since Xiaoqin will help me, then I will be cheeky, waiting for you to serve on the table?"

"No problem! Give it to us!"

Xiaoqin seems to have completely forgotten the pain on her knees. She is the sky blue apron used by her supervisor on weekdays (slightly larger for her), and takes my hand and goes to the kitchen.

It seems that at this time, Xiaoqin noticed Shu Zhe, a boy of similar age and standing, just standing a stone's throw away.

I thought that Xiaoqin, who was suffering from a boy's illness, would yell out "ah" and frightened the squad leader of the rest, but Xiaoqin slammed his head and studied Shuzhe with a strange look.

It’s like the last time everyone went to the movies, Shu Jie, who was put on a wig, let Xiaoqin mistakenly recognize the girl, almost the same situation.

Xiaoqin reached out and the five fingers pressed on the flat chest of Shu Zhe.

"What are you doing with Xiaoqin?" Shu Zhe is very embarrassed.

Regardless of Shu Zhe’s question, Xiao Qin’s height and the other’s closeness, she reached out and held Shu Zhe’s chin, which was like a young woman who was playing a good house.

Shu Zhe wants to resist, but Xiao Qin immediately squeezes Shuzhe's chin and holds the chin, forcing Shu Zhe's head to turn left and right. It is reminiscent of the ancient slave auction. Buyers should carefully observe the slaves. Phase.

After looking up and down, Xiao Qin was happy to take a picture on his shoulder.

"Sister Xiao Zhe, please take care of it later?"

Shu Zhe’s face was mad with a burst of red, "Little Xiaojie, what are you kidding! I am a boy!"

Xiaoqin continued to shoot Shu Zhe's shoulders, and the strength was great. Every shot made Shuzhe dwarf a point, and it would become Guo Jingming after taking another shot.

"Don't care about the details! For the little sister who is still younger than me, I will protect you in the future! Protect it like a giant panda! Let's unite to deal with the palace color stars!"

Feeling tired, the squad leader who closed his eyes on the sofa seemed to be a little asleep, and did not hear the conversation between us.Shu Zhe tried to get rid of Xiaoqin's play several times, but it didn't succeed. Xiaoqin pinched Shu Zhe's shoulder hole. I don't know if it was used in the way of picking up. In short, Shu Zhe was so painful that he had to ask for Xiaoqin. Road:

"Little sister, you... how is your strength so big? Are you not in good health? Ye Lin, you let Xiaoqin let me go..."

"Oh yeah~?, I don't have much strength!" Xiaoqin grinned and squinted. "It's Xiaojie sister, you are too weak!"

"I... I am not a sister, I am a boy!"

"It’s really a joke, how can there be such a cute boy? A child who is lying will be punished! Come and admit that you are a girl!"

After that, he added strength in his hand.

Shu Zhe screamed for help, because he was worried that he would wake up the squad leader who had just fallen asleep. I gave him a look.

Shu Zhe, who couldn’t stand the torture of Xiao Can, took two big tears from his face and grievously admitted:

"I... I am a girl..."

Xiaoqin just spread his hand and said hello to me:

"Come together to cook! Xiaozhe sister is familiar with the situation at home, let her help!"

I don't think Shuzhe will know where the pots and pans are placed, and why you are not afraid of Shuzhe! The character attribute of the boy, you can't say to abandon it and throw it away!

When I think about it, Xiaoqin said that she would be flustered when she saw the photos of Chun Ge and Zeng Ge. Judging from this, Xiao Qin’s so-called “fear of men” is mainly caused by vision. The true gender of the other party is not important. What is important is the other’s The appearance looks like a man or a woman.

Is Shu Zhe giving me a rope model for a while, wearing N women's clothes, is the appearance more feminine? Has it crossed the line that Xiaoqin used to judge, even if he does not wear a wig, will Xiaoqin be a girl?

In addition, I heard that people wearing women's underwear will be hinted at in behavior and behave more like girls. At this time, Shu Zhe wears "white rose" women's underwear, strictly speaking in the women's state!

Um... This is also good. If Xiao Qin’s fear of men is so confused, I use the pseudo-nseress Shuzhe as an opportunity, maybe I can completely cure Xiao Qin’s fear of men - then she is not Is it none of me?

It was called "Xiao Zhe's sister" by Xiaoqin, and she took a handful of Shuzhe and handed me a helpful look.

I will not save you! In the past, I came to my sister’s clothes and came to open my mouth. Today, let you have a good understanding of the hard work of cooking!

About ten minutes later, the squad leader woke up on the sofa, because she fell asleep when she came to the guest. She felt that she was very rude, so she ran to the kitchen to apologize to us and asked what could help.

"No need to use it!" I pointed to the crowded kitchen, and the squad leader was surprised to find that the younger brother was washing the mushrooms in front of the pool.

"If Xiao Zhe’s sister doesn’t understand cooking at all, she will not marry in the future!”

Xiaoqin said this when he directed Shuzhe to wash the mushrooms.

Compared with not getting married, Shu Zhe was even more afraid of Xiao Qin’s singer’s hand. When he saw his sister coming in, he gave his sister a helpful look."Squad leader, let Shu Zhe do a little bit of work." I stopped the squad leader before opening. "We don't let him touch the knives, just wash the dishes, you go back to the sofa and rest!"

The squad leader had nodded and prepared a napkin at the dinner table, as well as a small garbage box stacked with old magazines, which would be used to hold chicken bones.

From Xiaoqin's spoon, after several oil stars splashed, rolled out of the pot, and the flame smashed into the ceiling, the chicken stewed mushrooms were actually made by her.

Xiaoqin leaned on the wall tiles of the kitchen, and the appearance of a depleted skill was soaked in the cheeks of the smoke, but a little clumsy and cute.

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