Buer's Grand Dao

By Wen Dao Shou Yu

Old person and 1 clandestine activities of doing one's best

Old person and 1 clandestine activities of doing one's best

Since with Hidden Clouds Sect to great power camp, open/stretch Mei has not rested one to be good to think.

great power camp has the female to cultivate to be missing unceasingly.

This sounds is very no doubt fearful, but vanishes is these appearance elegant women.

open/stretch Mei had self-knowledge she not to need this worry very much.

The footsteps of war are imminent day-by-day, lets she fearful restless root.

In Hidden Clouds Sect moves shortly after great power camp, she heard that the Ice Grinding Courtyard squad was arranged to the sequence of logistics supply.

Following close on, great power camp is also clear about Hidden Clouds Sect to be determined integrates the formation energy output sequence.

Hears this news, opens eyebrow as if to be struck by lightning.

The huge dropping variance made her regret break the intestines.

She also heard that has a Moon Forest Sect female to cultivate lives in Ice Grinding Courtyard now, has benefitted from Wei Buer, team that was also integrated the logistics supply.

This obviously is her position.

She so will be how stupid, how to give up on own initiative.

How such easily to believe words Li Yunjing who other people shows absolutely no concern Wei Buer. Even, some people added, Wei Buer cannot say including half a word words before Li Yunjing.

Facts showed, she made a mistake. Is much more wrong.

She is intertwining repeatedly and in the regret, returned to Ice Grinding Courtyard. But Wei Buer has rejected her request.

She has to meet one's fate with resignation, is dragging the heavy body, returns to great power camp.

Soon, because of the reason of Azure Border that phenomenon, Sect Alliance leaves to recruit the command once more, requesting various to continue to additionally appoint to enter the war the service personnel toward the northwest.

Because Hidden Clouds Sect repeatedly makes the huge mistake, mentioned by name to recruit nearly three-fourth disciples.

Hears this news time, the Li Qingyun whole body is stiff, is similar to is struck by lightning.

In order to strive for better point result, he looks for the relations that all has been able to look.

Especially in great power camp these took the method of Hidden Clouds Sect advantage.

But this time recruits the command is under Sect Alliance, more than 30 Dao Comprehension Realm cultivator have agreed. cloud Hefeng signs the order personally, who dares to be Li Qingyun speaks in this crucial point.

He runs the leg, spoke the asking others for help word of praise completely, finally also only then Earth Bridge Realm of great power camp is in charge tells him reluctantly, is Hidden Clouds Sect strives to arrange one in the battlefield as far as possible after the position.

As the matter stands, the disciple of Hidden Clouds Sect larger part arrived in the northwest battlefield.

In other words, if in the battlefield lived any accident/surprise, Hidden Clouds Sect might be hit by the total destruction very much.

During that time, open/stretch Meixian, Li Qingyun day by day obviously old, was day by day thin and pale.

Yes, Hidden Clouds Sect 1100 legacy may in his hands ruin very much.

This task is heavier than Kunshan.

In his heart should uncomfortable, rebukes oneself, is anxious.

The disciples in the legend, Sect Master Li always have not given up in secret diligently, has been finding the way to make Sect Alliance change the decision.

open/stretch Mei also indeed finds, Li Qingyun leaves the station frequently, then whole face disappointed coming back.

But carried on that day of army mobilization until great power camp, the Hidden Clouds Sect's situation has not had the least bit new face.

The destiny, must give to ascend the sky probably. open/stretch Mei thinks.

After army mobilization, open/stretch Mei with Hidden Clouds Sect, enters to Tull wood with the army of great power camp.

Arrived the Tull wooden city, great power camp quick has encircled the entire city.

Every day keeps attacking, attack, attack.

She and Hidden Clouds Sect's fellow apprentices in battlefield in the square formation of third sequence, cultivator magical power of front square formation consumes light time quickly, they must force up.

Attacks the formation revolution time, she stands under the magical power light covers, in a terrified way upward looks.

Endlessly Primordial Sect commanding on the battlefield cultivator stands in the law circular cylinder top/withstand, both hands are holding high the red great power flag, back and forth brandishes, like fanning the wing, the butterfly that actually cannot fly.

Li Qingyun escapes in the top of the head of Hidden Clouds Sect people directs.

In the Hidden Clouds Sect's formation has a big disc, cultivator stands on the disc.

The formation column leaves rumble the sound time, big will absorb magical power.

Li Qingyun is divided into seven groups Hidden Clouds Sect also remaining seven branch courtyard, stands on the disc in turn outputs magical power.

He flutters in the people top of the head drinks to shout loud: „Wine Immortal Courtyard removes the candidate position!”

„Compliance Courtyard, 1st position advance!”

„Bitter Ark Courtyard 2nd position preparation!”

„Revives the institute......”

He shouts to shout loudly every day like this, the face bulge red, the eye stares the Boss, has subverted the image of polite scholarly completely.

open/stretch Meiduo in dense and numerous crowds, looks at loud call Sect Master, looks at the top of the head dazzling light cover, behind the light covers is the dim sky.

The Fire Dragon, fireball, ice rain, earthquake and thunderclap, various giant magical technique in the city wall, coat blasting open in the light.

The ear is sound that magical technique explodes, the attacking a city mechanical bellow, the slogan of commander, slogan of strange beast and soldiers, the pitiful yell sound.

These make her have a dizzy spell, the whole body trembles.

She remembers herself to pass, when performs duties wildly how lucky.

Is one's turn her time, Sect Master and fellow apprentices make her stand in the big disc edge. As the matter stands, formation absorption magical power little.

But this is unable to prevent her meager magical power to drain unceasingly, makes her think that until only the remaining finally little this own life is passing.

The change after the disc gets down, she sees stars, the whole body is soft, the strength of void, continually standing does not have. Wished one could dead on the disc a moment ago.

If by any chance recovers consciousness slightly, in gulps breathe air time, she incomparably longs for living.

Every day had the fellow apprentices dead in battle.

Has magical power to exhaust the sudden death, has to the bang is affected by shock-wave of formation.

The corner/horn clansman can get up to counter-attack frequently.

Even, they will flush fiercely from the Tull wooden city, under the shield of giant beast and formation, charges into the square formation of great power camp.

At this time, which sect land wheel if there is to change to the first square formation very much unfortunately, then waited for that their was the frigid fight and huge damage.

Hidden Clouds Sect is very unfortunate, twice encounters such situation.

In the first impact of corner/horn clan, they lost more than 80 Gate Opening Realm disciples. A Spirit Connection Realm disciple, is Wine Immortal Courtyard Du Courtyard Lord son Du Ze.

After the corner/horn clansman leaves, Li Qingyun is looking at a corpse of place, the eye is red, the expression is stiff. Even, is somewhat fierce.

The second impact, is mountain clan horned demon clears the way, they lift up high the hill same stone to throw, pounds the crack the earth, from the sky pounds soil block to flutter, the Hidden Clouds Sect's magical power guard shield that pounds „bang” one blasts open.

After the giant stone has thrown, skin coarse meat thick awl shield clan horned demon flushed, a Chek Lap Kok takes the lead to front.

This time, Hidden Clouds Sect ate enough the lesson, made fully the preparation.

Li Qingyun, sword edge and dog hoopoeing to front, three people spheres Chek Lap Kok.

Each branch courtyard disciple already prepare small long-distance attacked formation, ices the arrow, lightning and fireball, the noisy crowd throws to the corner/horn clansman.

They put forth the skills to fight, the deactivation gets down, protects the Hidden Clouds Sect's disciples to live.

But the final result is, they lost more than 200 Gate Opening Realm disciples, more than ten Spirit Connection Realm disciples, Li Qingyun disciple eldest disciple and revival institute squad teams leader sounded together also died.

Dog hoopoeing to shield the people evacuates, almost crashed in the square formation red horned demon to kill was seriously injured finally.

open/stretch Meishou a minor wound.

What is more important, the wind blade edge of her almost dying corner/horn clansman scratched her back to fall, nearly set upright deducted two halves around her, this let her cast the huge shadow at heart.

In such battlefield, individual ability is not worthy of mentioning.

Especially the Gate Opening Realm disciple in lowest level, her spider web divine ability can some being ahead of time sensation attacks, horned demon magical technique that but dense and numerous, cold Zhao comes up in great numbers and from all sides, keeping her from dealing.

Hidden Clouds Sect removes after the first square formation, they restrain died in battle the corpse of disciple, is digging a pit to bury, pays silent tribute for the dead.

open/stretch Mei sees Li Qingyun to look at the corpse of sounding together dull, is looking at the spiritless Hidden Clouds Sect disciple.

His form is old and frail, is tiny and despairs.

open/stretch Mei does not know that Sect Master, elder and Courtyard Lord, the Hidden Clouds Sect's disciples do have to regret to arrive at great power camp, but open/stretch Mei must initially decide to regret for oneself every night.

This is the war first five months of complete matters.

Such day really experiences one day like a year.

Arrived the sixth month, situation started to be improved.

The instruction that great power camp issues is no longer crowded, clearly is also weakening to the Tull wooden attack.

open/stretch Mei wants to know why very much this is.

Tull's wooden horned demon perhaps also in curious, but they as if happily see this sentiment, the offensive of counter-attack also correspondingly reduces many.

The Li Qingyun effort finally saw result.

Days, he unexpectedly receives a secret instruction, great power camp gives a Hidden Clouds Sect brand-new duty.

The elder of assignment instruction said to him: „You must come to be tired of me every day, I had feared really you took this token a bit faster to get the hell out, I do not want to see you here.”

From that point on, Hidden Clouds Sect's cultivator henceforth was divided into two groups.

A wave of soldier continues to treat in square formation attacks Tull wood.

Another group of people shifted rear area, with cultivator that other sect reassigned, in fourth rank hid in the shield of formation, has dug a giant hole, then deferred to the formation blueprint that Sect Alliance matched, the partition arranges formation.

Because open/stretch Mei had arranged the principle and operation of formation with clear/pain Yuexue in the past, was adjusted here very much luck.

The later several months, she does not need to go to the frontline again, only needs to complete the big components build in large cave.

Has built after some time, she cannot bear some be curious, this formation makes anything.

The corner/horn clansmen who in Tull wooden city is used to deal with?

As if not big elephant.

If wants to pose the substantive threat to defense formation of Taer Temple, must attack formation of higher level, this obvious need very be very long very long time. If spends that long angle of view , the corner/horn clansman already should be presently unusual.

Moreover, according to the formation knowledge that open/stretch Mei masters, formation that they build now, simply has not reserved to shoot the energy the track, that possibly was not offensive formation.

She has made many guesses, but perhaps is only the futile effort.

When that day of big revolution, the truth will become known.

Since Hidden Clouds Sect receives the new instruction, the Hidden Clouds Sect's day felt better.

But the Li Qingyun complexion is not good.

open/stretch Mei guessed, this is reason that because the crisis has not relieved truly.

In fact, so long as Hidden Clouds Sect most cultivator still in the northwest, extinguishes the possibility of sect to exist.

open/stretch Mei has to note, Li Qingyun has not given up throughout diligently.

These days, some of some of his as if also time, does other matter.

But what lets open the eyebrow accident/surprise is, change of Li Qingyun.

This change, subtle, small.

Other people realize certainly difficultly.

But opens the eyebrow, or her spider web. This is thousand items of spiders is in sole possession of divine ability.

One night, her unexpected happening has put a spider web in the entrance of large cave.

Also was hit by Li Qingyun of process exactly along the way.

In that flash, opened the eyebrow to realize a change keenly.

This change has nothing to do with the appearance.

But the makings from person, air/Qi the field, or is the soul of person. Right, is the innermost soul.

In the Li Qingyun body, in the soul, were many one type, the deviation gloomy special characteristics that was hard to state clearly. As if a black whirlpool, must all approach his matter to draw inside. Immeasurably deep, is immeasurably deep.

Stood has called out in alarm one in a not far away eyebrow.

Li Qingyun stops the footsteps, asked her: „How?”

„Anything,” open/stretch Mei quickly is not calm, is pointing at some direction, „I good to see any thing one to flee from that side......”

The Li Qingyun knitting the brows head, looked at a while following the direction that she pointed, anything has not seen.

Then asked her: „Do you have to see Gu Ningxiang.”

Gu Ningxiang?

open/stretch Mei thought that this Gu Ningxiang, in everybody ordinary day called him Wan'er.

„She from not being able to come here.” open/stretch Meihui said.

Li Qingyun nods, suddenly will have turned around, asked her: „uncle master is incompetent, making these many disciples be buried in the foreign land, don't you blame me strangely?”

In a flash, open/stretch Mei thought oneself were sad.

„Sect Master uncle master,” she said: „Extremely do not rebuke oneself. We know, you pay for sect were many enough. You looked, our situations aren't are being improved little? We thought, later will be good, Hidden Clouds Sect will have that day of good.”

The Li Qingyun look has shone fiercely, flashes through faint trace warm light. This makes open/stretch Mei feel, she used the spider web to feel a moment ago is the misconception, Sect Master actually has not changed, is that the old person who is Hidden Clouds Sect does one's best.

„Do not be afraid,” Li Qingyun said: „Has me.”

After that open/stretch Mei duplicates every day to build the work of formation.

Although arid, but does not have the sorrow of life.

The female in great power camp cultivates is being missing. Start is one month is missing one, afterward for half a month, afterward 2-3 days must lose one.

great power camp sect person stares at investigates passed/lived specially in secret, but cannot catch the ringleader calamity throughout.

This is going to war time, cannot send out a huge amount of manpower to make this specially.

cultivator of great power camp presently missing is these appearance elegant females cultivates, simply concentrates them, does not let the go it alone.

Opens the eyebrow naturally not in this row, the thief could not be interested to her obviously.

The war starts the tenth month some day, formation of great power camp pains arrangement finished finally.

In the evening, great power camp or is responsible for the elder convening various Sect Master secretly in the same place, held an emergency meeting.

After Li Qingyun comes back, calls the Hidden Clouds Sect disciple.

He said: „sect receives a new duty, everybody is ready, tonight leaves.”

The hoopoeing elder asked that actually he is any duty.

He smiles bitterly saying: „This is top-secret.”

Only urged all people, tonight 11 p.m. to 1 a.m in his tent entrance set.

Arrived 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, all people came.

Li Qingyun leads people to walk toward armed forces behind.

open/stretch Mei thought that this road is quite familiar.

Soon, they arrived at beforehand open/stretch Mei in arranging formation that large cave unexpectedly.

At this time, many other sect cultivator also came.

All people in Chancellor sect under person's leadership, walk toward large cave.

Sect Alliance military governor cultivator directs various to arrive in the assigned location in the hole orderly.

Hidden Clouds Sect's cultivator was arranged in hole by in place.

open/stretch Mei looked under the foot, seeing a mesh wire that exposed from the place bottom she to know, the regions that after their were formation started, can cover.

Actually can great power camp make what?

Quick she knew the answer.

Celestial Realm cultivator of great power camp flies into the hole, stops in the people top of the head, he said: „Double-hour arrived. everyone, we leave!”

Saying, his even lift/move both hands, the palm is upward, a monster empty shade of illegal alien body is separated from his body, fast rises in a big way.

The monster empty shade is making the similar movement with him, in two palms shines two white glow, white glow to all directions projects the innumerable light beam.

The entire tunnel and big start to vibrate, open the eyebrow to feel obviously huge magical power in bit by bit upward inundates to well up from the full bottom.

Originally urges big, must depend on the top of the head this Celestial Realm cultivator sea suppressing beast divine ability.

Roughly after one column fragrant double-hour, Celestial Realm cultivator drinks one high: „Close your eyes!”

open/stretch Mei has closed the eye subconsciously, as if together dazzling the extremely white light from the full bottom upward, flashes past.

She felt that the earth of under foot vanishes to disappear.

Greatly pulls the strength to affect suddenly on her body, a while must collapse her probably, a while must ripping several half.

Passed the time of tea on such suffering generally, she fell the ground, making her pull the strength also to vanish sorrowfully does not see.

When opens the eye, they still in a large cave.

Sect Alliance direction cultivator shouts: „Everybody listens to my instruction to walk toward outside in turn, first, Hidden Clouds Sect, second......”

open/stretch Mei does not make clear the condition completely, follows the people muddleheaded outward.

Has arrived before long at cave entrance.

Is the night, does not have moon, star is few, jet black piece.

„You look at the south side!” Some people said.

open/stretch Meiwang looks, a city of obvious belt impact angle clan style is partly visible in the distant place.

This city, is not quite same as Tull wood. She muttered.

„kā, kā!”

Some people have lost one's voice to call out: „This is kā city!”

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