Buer's Grand Dao

By Wen Dao Shou Yu

The heaven, actually this is why!

The heaven, actually this is why!

The giant palm falls loudly, the entire vast forest falls into one piece to put out a hand not to see the five fingers immediately , as static as extreme strange darkness.

Has not known how long, sky cleared suddenly, the darkness giant theater curtain was received instantaneously.

raised the head then the obvious cloudless day, the giant palm and ice phoenix that but that blocks the sky, actually baseless disappeared.

West the vast forest, giant tree remnant piles on the ground unstably, built several feet high.

Suddenly, several blue light across disorderly giant tree straightly shoots.

Following close on, „bang” a loud sound, the hundred zhang (333 m) giant tree was exploded disperses, sways back and forth in the midair, is thin crash-bang crashes in all around, built a high wooden pile, the middle vacated bulk land.

The land center, had the integer zhang (3.33 m) is large cave of diameter, cave entrance covers with blue light seals up meticulously.

Little, that blue light cover flashes blurred, reduced several thousand times quickly, „” after urgently called, has drilled into large cave, in crystal that a blue light manpower held.

The blue night pushed to the front to leap from the big hole, blue fox and blue Wei and the others followed.

The people look to all around, the great tree that lies down horizontally, the burned black corpse, everywhere is the aura of dispirited deterioration.

In the midair is flying to escape in the snow fine person who in the disaster fortunately survives at this moment flustered, does utmost to rescue the wounded person.

Looks the west side, the green light coats the crack that piece of iced phoenix hits, at this time also restores unexpectedly such as beginning, cannot see sign that the least bit damages, thinks that is the Master behavior of that giant palm.

„Sir, the vast forest already lives this great change, the opportunity is really rare, I and others how, when to handle affairs?” The blue night asked hastily.

Blue fox keeps silent.

Blue Wei actually opens the mouth to say with a smile: „Naturally must look for blue.”

Saying, him was showing a faint smile, Chen Zhu in the appearance of chest, secretly thought in one's heart: „Blue management, always appropriate discrete, the trace, the depth of city mansion, might as well much lets compared with blue fox. Perhaps, this little while that corner/horn clan female and has human race man been without a fight?”

Blue fox actually deeply looked at one to the big opening that tree palace split, does not know that was thinking anything.


The green light covers beside, in pothole that Buer is, that edge has been twisting the change cave entrance, vanishes to disappear quickly.

demoness stands in the side of cave entrance, a face is looking inconceivable, the surprised sentiment is indescribable.

Just now, on the instance that giant palm soon the racket will fall, this cave entrance appears suddenly, Wei Buer stands in that head of hole, extends take action from the hole, will have drawn, will evades this to die the tribulation.

All these were too inconceivable.

She cannot bear look to Wei Buer, asked with amazement: „Is this cave entrance you make?”

Buer has gawked, the reason that this cave entrance presents, is having the responsibility with own sea suppressing beast greatly, how could to tell other people easily.

He slightly does hesitant, shook the head difficultly, the forced smile said in a low voice: „My where has like that the big skill, just now here is hiding, no one knew how it emerged out of thin air.”

That demoness snort/hum, secretly thought in one's heart: „If so?”

Looks at that cave entrance again, clearly is a quite stable small space channel. Must want to turn on this grade of channel, if not for the talent makes it so, then must grasp extremely for the profound space principle.

Regarding human race cultivator, if no special formation to assist, at least is Celestial Realm peak time above cultivation base big divine ability cultivator, may accomplish.

This space channel indeed should not have what relations with Wei Buer.

However, if this channel and are sea suppressing beast related?

She had already heard, sea suppressing beast in minority human race cultivator inner sea, quite somewhat strange ability, even can help cultivator break through own cultivation base and natural law, realizes some inconceivable divine ability.

Perhaps, opens this space channel, precisely that sea suppressing beast grants Wei Buer divine ability?

Slightly makes the consideration, she shook the head, secretly thought: „Not is quite right, reasonably, is not only then has Spirit Connection Realm, been able to gain sea suppressing beast divine ability?”

Considers repeatedly, can not its solution, suddenly discover that Buer empty closes right up against the side, the facial color is standing palely. Does the body sway, wants the tumbling ground shortly.

She desperate, one step stepped, supports by the arm Wei Buer, this discovered his whole person soft is the same with the cotton, as if did not have including the least bit strength.

„How have you become this appearance?” Mood that in her tone the obvious belt worries.

The Buer forehead perspiration, only thought that whole body soon collapses.

Measures at heart, returns to say as if for real: „Just now experiences a fierce battle, if not for that ice phoenix suddenly appears, only feared that I crossed the road to Hades, registered to the Yama palace.”

That demoness listened to his words, in the heart to begin to have suspicions unavoidably, but saw with own eyes his appearance at this moment, thought that was very uncomfortable: „He collapses this scene, the strength of where a moment ago coming catches me.”

Then in this time, above the pothole faintly heard the howling of snow beast, the probe head looked outward, saw only the innumerable snow beast from all directions to well up, the enormous and powerful imposing manner, compared with the sea tide uplifting, the strong winds excessively was only wild.

Drags seriously!

That demoness heart one startled, without delay, is holding the hand of Buer, carried his whole person.

„Goes?” The Buer state of mind some were not quite clear.

„First returns to the vast forest to take a look.”

That demoness rubs stamps the feet, covers to go toward the green light.

The Buer weak breath touches to scratch in her ear, the heartbeat that carries on the back does not know that is whose.


Sets up in the palace, has made a mess.

Numerous guards are busy rescuing the wounded person, idealist and four wizards assume personal command to direct, but where the Lord of tree palace actually did not know.

The people seek everywhere, throughout has not actually seen that person. Deals with disaster, then fell into a group of people without a leader condition.

„Everybody, rides out the storm time.”

Spoke these words idealist, then received all in a terrified way and restlessly, directs self-poise.

Shortly, the pass on message, rescues wound, supports the front, ships sends additionally, is busy at work.


To that hall of critical spring , the atmosphere is much more peaceful.

A wall splits a huge opening, dozens guard corpses are lying down lying this way and that the blood stump residual limb scattered everywhere, wants to come to be iced the shade of phoenix that violently to strike to affect.

Suddenly, the business hall virtual light flashes through together, the Nan Qiuci form emerged out of thin air.

He all around will have sized up probably, found the critical spring to be at cautiously, opens that door gently, gradually walked.

Found that crystal compass directly, tries to find out above, finds a round button, presses downward gently.

That crystal compass to, has then resounded the slight fricative, under the floor lifts together slowly, reveals a little side five colors light pond.

„Is this then fine stone pond who that Nha said?” He muttered asks.

That abstention people sneers: „This also has anything to be inquisitive, only looked that inside full the fine stone energy did not guess correctly.”

Nan Qiuci also said: „Best quality goods fine stone Yuanchao who we this time obtain needs, does not know how many invests to be appropriate toward fine stone pond in?”

That abstention people slightly hesitates: „This, I did not say certainly. But wants to come, throws slightly, is good.”

Saying, hehe was saying with a smile: „Can you bring back to Grand Truth World that snow fine clan princesses seriously? Takes such child in such an arrangement, is really greatly troublesome.”

Nan Qiuci said ill-humoredly: „If cannot erase her about my memory, at present also can only the good this bad plan. Is good is extremely long because of snow fine clan inborn life, does not fear her in some inside buckle lives.”

That abstention people another sneers: „Womanishly fussy, hard to bring about great talent.”

Nan Qiuci actually does not pay attention to him, pulls out several best quality goods fine stones, threw into fine stone pond, thought that these generally compared to also want many, must be absolutely safe.

Then, stands up, re-enters in front of crystal compass, then finds that green light that compass center projects to move slowly, soon then bridges over sorcerer, big week academy, nether world clever clan, great Confucian scholar, has allocated for the Grand Truth World position.

next moment, sees only in fine stone pond the five colors ray to surge crazily, the five colors ray sticks out suddenly together suddenly, enters in the critical spring following the floor.

„Whish!”, full pond the water has seethed with excitement, gurgle gurgle braves the innumerable air bubble, the azure bluish violet tricolor magnificence glow flashes alternately, more dodges is quicker, more dodges is brighter, fuses together gradually, presents one type does not talk clearly, an unclear singularly varied color.

He pokes head to look to the spring, obviously the change of similar spatial warping, is under the spring water is carrying on alternation of space channel mostly.

Passed roughly hemiprism fragrant time, the critical spring regression is tranquil, the tricolor magnificence glow separate, return to the slow alternate condition.

He turns head to look, the facial expression stagnates, the vision as if passes through the present wall, takes bearing great Ice Cold World, the taking bearing thousand li (500 km) frozen, ten thousand miles snow floating broad wilderness.

Has all here, fast charging in mind.

Little, he paces to arrive at critical spring, stretches stretches out the arms, pours into the spring slowly.

Had not actually discovered, above the crystal compass, that green ray compared with grew slightly little, has found out the Grand Truth World name slightly, has referred to outward......


In an eternal darkness, the myriad things all are the chaos, innumerable galaxy as if in does not know outside the far horizon, like extremely uncertain lights.

Suddenly, in the darkness shines one not to know the beginning, does not see the termination circular arc ray.

Following close on, this ray is broadening gradually, gathers slowly, imitates, if a giant mouth opens slightly, shut.


Grand Truth World.

In human race domain, Outer Mongolia.

The great desert, the sand storm dance, all over the sky is the yellowish gray color, the line of sight is inferior to three zhang (3.33 m) far.

In such weather, the mood of person will be always very bad.

But Lin An lacks is more excited much, the wild with joy facial expression be outspoken hangs on the face.

At this moment, he is also a dirty appearance, the ear, the mouth, in the nostril, in the whole body clothes, is the sand.

Clenches teeth gently, is one type the feeling of chewing the sand.

An empty shade of red great gate, floats slowly in his at present.

Such scene, he is familiar.

Each inch of this red front door, he remembers clearly.

On first, is here, he obtained the lifetime most important chance, hence has awakened Reincarnation Gu, stepped the true grand dao thoroughfare.

„After the untold hardships, I returned to here finally.”

He has had tears streaming down the face, the sandstorm stirs about in the tears, has delimited dark gray traces on the face, like misery scar.

Along with the circulation of time, the empty shade of that red front door is getting more and more clear, is getting more and more solid, even has been able to resist the sandstorm attack.

Lin An thought oneself as if have been able to touch the knocker of front door, a heart plop plop crazy beat......

Then in this time, together the limitless ray fast dodges, has delimited that red great gate quickly.

next moment, realification great gate shadow rocked fiercely, little then changed to the sand dust to be billowing, melted in the storm......

He looks at all that is having at present dumbfoundedly, whole face unbelievable facial expression.

The whole person rushes to the position that the front door presents totteringly, opens the arm to wave crazily, attempts to prove just now sees is the illusions.

What a pity, that red front door vanished.

Has not known how long, he has layer on layer knelt on the ground, raised head to look at the day blurry, the sandstorm his eye:

„Heaven, actually this is why!”

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